Net Smart - Pierce College Staff Training- Jan 2013


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  • Renee, feel free to add more bullets to this
  • Renee, feel free to add more bullets to this
  • Renee, feel free to add more bullets to this
  • Net Smart - Pierce College Staff Training- Jan 2013

    1. 1. Net SmartHow to Thrive Online
    2. 2. Introductions• Andrew Glass – Web Application and Development Manager• Renee Phoenix – Web Specialist – Adjunct Business Professor
    3. 3. Overview• ERP and CTC Link – More info goes digital – More sharing and collaboration – Better sharing and collaboration• Information and Content Management – Do you have a plan? – Sources of Information and Content – Ethics of Information and Content – Creating Information & Content – Web Changes and Updates
    4. 4. ERP and CTC LinkOur ERP system will be an Oracle backend thatwill be integrated by a company called Ciber. – Replaces the student management system, financial management system, and human resources systems. – Expected to take 5 years to get all 34 colleges onto the same system, and will – Grants faculty, staff and students 24/7 access to a full range of online services and tools.
    5. 5. ERP and CTC Link• Mobile application to access the new online services available to students, staff and faculty• Ability to manage much of their personal information and college business online• Staff can manage student services and student administration online in real time (no more 24 hour waiting games)• Online academic advising with real-time access to academic records and reports, including built in degree audit functions• Ability to capture and track data for prospective students, applicants, and current students• Full featured financial aid applicant processing with automated notifications, complete auto-packaging tool, with all state and federal compliance measures and reports built-in• Ability to manage student and third-party accounts in student financials all in one place
    6. 6. ERP and CTC Link• Online payment of tuition and fees• Manage and analyze all aspects of enrollment, catalog and class schedule maintenance, prereqs, wait lists, class start/end dates, transfer credits, transcripts, and more• A full featured purchasing system• Consolidated payroll processing. Employees will have online self- services features to maintain their own benefits, payroll and personal information• Ability to track recruiting and enrollment trends by program and determine the effectiveness of course/program offerings• Have a clear picture (in one place) of student financials to better understand the source and application of tuition funds
    7. 7. Riding the Information WaveImage CC License Some rights reserved by Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfer
    8. 8. Sources of Content and Info• Who made it? Who owns it?• Who updates it?• Where does it “live”? Internet – public facing Social media – very public facing Intranet – internal content. Essential to doing job and business of the college efficiently. Cloud? Office 365? Email and personal computers?
    9. 9. Web UpdatesRequesting updates to the public website orthe intranet, send email towebupdates@pierce.ctc.eduInclude the following information: 1. URL to the page 2. Update description or content 3. Any applicable files
    10. 10. Web Application UpdatesRequesting a new web application or enhancementsto an existing web application.1. If the update is a wording change or minor edit, send an email to wrk-web- services@pierce.ctc.edu2. If the request is for a new application, fill out a web application request on the intranet. (Web Application Request under Work Orders on the left hand side)
    11. 11. Web UpdatesWhat type of update you are trying to make? – If the URL you want to make an update to has www.pierce or intranet.pierce in it. send your update to – If the URL you want to make an update to has my.pierce or inetapps.pierce in it send your update to In doubt? Send request to wrk-web-services and we will get it sorted
    12. 12. Posting Document Files and PDFsHow linking to files work on our website – File name may be changed – File located in one spot • Example: Transcripts Request Form • Name: transcripts.pdf • Located: District Forms Page • Linked from: District forms, transcripts, vet tech, dental hygiene, student online services – Website is not a file archive • Add revision date inside document • Keep a copy of the original for future updates
    13. 13. File Naming
    14. 14. More About Files• Sending File attachments through email – Each attachment is sent individually to every person • A 1mb file sent to 50 people, uses 50mb of space on the server – Share drive a better option for large or multiple files. – Sending a flash drive or DVD by campus mail – Zip folder – compresses large folders with multiple files.
    15. 15. Sensitive or Confidential Information and Content – Student information – Confidential college information – Staff/personnel information – Know what is public record – Cloud storage of college informationThe Internet and WWW significantly increase the SPEED ofsharing and the SCALE of sharing.
    16. 16. Copyright– Images • Look for Creative Commons images that allow sharing in exchange for author attribution. Google image search – filter for CC images • Photo releases/permission to use for web » Photo release form from MarComm– Scanned articles or other published documents, book excerpts, e-books, quotes and paraphrasing. » Nancy Butterfield in MarComm » Librarians at Pierce– Video and audio
    17. 17. We All Create Content• Images, text, video, audio• Apps are simple, inexpensive, efficient• Mobile, web, computer• Creating for Broadband, DSL and WiFi connections• Sharing, learning, job-related, participation in virtual groups/communities.
    18. 18. New Skills Required• Writing & formatting for the web – Journalist’s approach to information – Copywriting for a specific purpose – Format for quick scanning and browser compatibility – Audience, style & “voice” – Less is more – Seductive in-text links (keep the focus on your information) – “Calls-to- action” (what do you want people to do?)
    19. 19. More New Skills Required• Creating/formatting visual content for the web – Often asked to do some kind of desktop publishing – Images and documents with images embedded need to be “light” to be successful on the web. » Images/documents are optimized for web » Web viewing mostly vs. print – Windows 7 and later has the Snipping Tool » Use it instead of Print Screen to Word doc – Shift-Command-4 on a MAC
    20. 20. Social Media (Here Comes Everyone! )• Social media communications are integrated into the new LMS, Canvas• College uses Facebook and Twitter already• There is a big difference between personal use and use at the business and organizational level • Think about messaging and purpose for using the social media platforms.• Planning is most important • planning leads to confidence in your efforts
    21. 21. Social Media StrategyBest Practices: – Get Help: Involve MarCom in the conversation Guidelines for social networking are posted here: – Posting plan • Who, what, when, why, who is ultimately responsible for what is posted. • Account security and passwords • How to handle comments, complaints or trolls
    22. 22. Social Media Strategy– Objectives for each platform used • Should you use them all? • Which ones will be most effective for your purposes? Example: Colleges are beginning to use Pinterest for student recruiting.– Measure your efforts • Track staff time • Track user analytics
    23. 23. Social Media significantly increases the SPEED of sharing, theSCALE of sharing and the DURATION of the informationshared.“What Happens in Vegas…. stays on the Web forever”
    24. 24. Favorite Sites & AppsTech and Information Tech Related SitesMashable www.mashable.comEngadget www.engadget.comTechCrunch www.techcrunch.comChronicle of Higher Education: Campus campus/Educause
    25. 25. Favorite Sites & AppsSocial Media Tools, Tutorials, Basic Skills, Learning with Social MediaGrovo: video courses for hundreds of www.grovo.combusiness and social mediaapplications; free and premium levelsHubSpot : social media marketing www.hubspot.comconsultants; free e-books available fordownloadJane Hart – Learning in the Social Dashboard app for www.hootsuite.commonitoring, sending and measuringsocial mediaJoinMe: Web application for instant; create sessions easilyso others can see your screen
    26. 26. Favorite Sites & AppsContent Creation – Audio and VideoAudacity – free audio recorder www.audacity.comand editorYour smartphone! Your computer Get a headset mic and a webcamor other mobile devices and practice!Sliderocket – powerful video www.sliderocket.comeditor in the cloud. Pro level isfree for EducatorsScreencast-O-Matic – free http://www.screencast-o-screencast app for creating or informationvideos
    27. 27. Favorite Sites & AppsVisual Content Creation/Sharing :Images, flyers, newsletters, presentations, documentsPicMonkey easy, free online flyer www.smore.comand newsletter creationSlideshare: upload ppt www.slideshare.netpresentations for sharing,downloading and embeddingScribd : read, publish and share www.scribd.comwritten works and documents
    28. 28. Favorite Sites & AppsProductivityEvernote www.evernote.comGoogle Docs and Google Drive secure password storage www.msecure.comand creation. $20 for the app.Others you know?