Consumer mobile and payments innovation colin kerr


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Slides from #DWF Colin Kerr Microsoft WW Industry Lead offers a perspective

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Consumer mobile and payments innovation colin kerr

  1. 1. Agenda Agenda • Trends and challenges • Envisioning the future of payments • Payments Platform as a Service • Windows Phone Wallet Hub Time magazine, Nov 22nd 2004
  2. 2. The Social FactorYears to Reach 50 Million “Users” 68 50 22 14 7 2Social & Devices @Work Rise of the social customer 65% of companies are Average of 4 44% of 20% expect a deploying at consumer consumers response least one social devices used complain via within 1 hour via software tool every day social media social media
  3. 3. The Internet of Things
  4. 4. Challenges for Mobile Phone Payments Race for wallet How to move control pits Who’s wallet is from cool participants in your pilots to real against each pocket? general other. acceptance? Must become more useful & Niche market convenient Mobile NFC is entrants. Who than your just a single to back? wallet slice of a (or to fear?) single channel.
  5. 5. Payments Are Transactional Glue The ability to Payments are transfer funds is Retailers Care ‘transactional Pharmacy Providers a natural Entertainment Health glue’ connecting extension of a Merchant/Biller Community people to each digital Community Public other. Health relationship. Tourist Venues Small business Parking Reach Municipal The information customers in all People Authority Friends about the aspects of life, Utilities Tolls payment is as Family through virtually Transport important as the any device. payment itself!
  6. 6. Consumers are Changing How They Buy Payments was a transaction business..... Research Share Offer/ Feedback Buy ...... but now it is an information business!
  7. 7. Every Screen Offers a New Shopping Experience
  8. 8. Payments is an Information Business..…... • Demographics, Spending trends • Geo-location • Big Data and Analytics • Sentiment Analysis • Targeted offers by customer by channel
  9. 9. Payments Platform as a Service Cloud Commerce Platform: Offers, BI and Analytics Integration Security & Tokenization Virtual Payments Offers Tickets Loyalty CCY Universal Access With End Point Localization
  10. 10. Microsoft is Uniquely Positioned• Consumers are more socially & digitally connected to offers while they shop.• Merchants want new and repeat Mobile business. Network Consumers Operators• Banks want to avoid disintermediation & offer more value to their merchants. + Partners• Mobile Operators see m-commerce experience as a growth engine. Retailers & Banks Merchants• Microsoft connects & enhances the commerce value chain.
  11. 11. Introducing SEEK By FreedomPay
  12. 12. Increasing The ValueAugmented Reality+ Cloud+ Wallet= Enhanced Value Nokia City Lens
  13. 13. Windows Phone 8Wallet Overview
  14. 14. 3 Pillars of Windows Phone Wallet Proximity NFC Wallet Hub Secure NFC
  15. 15. Closing Thoughts Is leather and NFC? More than Payments is plastic Think outside Apps. Think an easier? the POS! ‘Platform’ Information too. Business Microsoft Reaches the Consumer and the Enterprise, and supports the entire payments value chain
  16. 16. Contacts Colin Kerr Industry Solutions Director, Worldwide Financial Services Microsoft Andrea W. Waldin Vice President, Marketing FreedomPay
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