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Accommodation assignment august 2012
Accommodation assignment august 2012
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Accommodation assignment august 2012


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Accommodation Assignment – August 2012The purpose of this assignment is to have you start thinking about your accommodations andhow you interact with your professors.You will schedule one 30 minute meeting with me to discuss your letter of accommodation.At this meeting you need to come prepared to discuss your accommodations, be able to explainhow your learning disability interacts with the academic environment,This assignment will break down as follows 1) Have a copy of your letter of accommodation with you or an IEP from your last year of high school 2) Have some notes about the nature of your disability which you can prepare from the documentation ( psycho-educational report, IEPs, etc.) 3) being able to describe your learning disability so that you focus on your strengths while understanding where it impacts you (i.e., “I can’t spell” is not an explanation of your disability)
  • 2. Memo to: Course Directors (or Practicum Coordinators where applicable)From: Maureen HaigRe: Student Student Number:Date: Friday August 24, 2012 Topic: Academic AccommodationsThis letter is valid from May 1st, 2012 to August 31st, 2013.The above named student is registered with Disability Services, a division of Counselling & Disability Services. Our officeoperates under the guidelines set both by York University’s Senate Policy on Accommodating Students with Disabilities as wellas the Ontario Human Rights Code.Based on our review of STUDENT’s medical/psychological documentation, we are recommending the following academicaccommodations:Exam Accommodations• Extra Time (Reading): 75% - 45 min/hour• Extra Time (Writing): 75% - 45 min/hour• Extra Time (Math): 75% - 45 min/hour• Individual RoomClassroom Accommodations• Permission for student to audiotape lectures• Access to Note Taking ServicesPracticum Accommodations ______________________________________________________________________STUDENT has given us permission to discuss these accommodations with you. Should you have any questions or concernsabout the academic accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact me. For more information about academicaccommodations, I also invite you to view the Faculty Resource Guide: Teaching Students with Disabilities the case where the Course Director feels that any of the accommodations recommended above will undermine the academicintegrity of a test/exam, a discussion between the Course Director and the student’s Disability Counsellor is recommended.Please note that there may be minor adjustments to the recommended exam or classroom accommodations based on furthereducational assessments that may occur during the course of the academic year.The scheduling of accommodated tests and exams is arranged by the Alternate Exams Office, Office of the Registrar( It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Alternate Exams Office in order to bookaccommodated tests and exams. The Registrar’s Office will notify the Course Director in advance of the student’s scheduledaccommodated tests/exam so that the necessary test/exam material can be forwarded to that office.Academic accommodations are meant to reduce or eliminate disadvantaging effects of students’ disabilities in order for themto demonstrate their level of academic mastery of the course material. Academic accommodations are meant to “level theplaying field” and are NOT intended to undermine the academic integrity or core requirements of a course or program of study.We have therefore advised the student to meet with you during your office hours to deliver this letter and discuss theaccommodation plan. Please respect the student’s right to privacy by not publicly identifying the student in class.Thank you for helping to make York University an accessible educational environment for all students.Sincerely,________________________________________Maureen HaigCounselling & Disability Services