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Introduction to Business Research

Introduction to Business Research






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Introduction to Business Research Introduction to Business Research Presentation Transcript

  • LI KA SHING LIBRARY STAFF TRAINING Introduction to Business Research Ruth A. Pagell July 2010 Singapore Management University Research Guide
  • LI KA SHING LIBRARY Business Research
    • Course Outline for Business Research
    • Concepts, Context and Content
    • Introduction
    • Business Research
    • Information Resources
    • Journals
    • Books, Reports and Finding Aids
    • Contacts (people)
    • Business Websites and Business Researchers
    • Database
    • News
    • Availability
    • Introduction
    • Search and Retrieval – web and commercial databases
    • Companies
    • Accounting and Corporate Finance
    • Financial Markets
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Industry and Comparisons
    • Marketing and Demographics
    • Economics and Data
    • International Business and Foreign Trade
  • OBJECTIVES for Business Research
    • Introduce business research as a
    • process
    • Discover the scope of business
    • information
    • Identify major business information
    • providers
  • SKILLS OF THE Research Information Professional
    • Familiarity with business information
    • products and services
    • Ability to organize, access, retrieve and evaluate
    • business resources
    • Knowledge of business information pitfalls
    • Awareness of your organization’s strategy
    • and your users’ needs
    • Awareness of trends and issues in the
    • library/information profession
  • ROLES OF THE Research Information Professional
    • Reference Librarian – interviewing and answering questions
    • Consultant – Working with clients to meet ongoing research needs
    • Trainer – Teaching users and other staff members to use tools themselves
    • Marketer – Learning client needs and proactively informing them of your services
  • ROLES OF Users of Business Information
    • Faculty, researchers and analysts
    • Students
    • CI, KM professionals
    • Consultants
    • Investors
    • Journalists
    • Job seekers
    • Governments and NGOs
    • Lawyers
    • Business information professionals
  • BUSINESS RESEARCH as a Process
    • Delivery of more timely, more accurate
    • more focused organizational knowledge
    • Better interactions with your users
    • and more buy-in
    • More productive effort
    Business Research
  • WHY DO BUSINESS RESEARCH Business Research
  • BUSINESS RESEARCH TRIANGLE Country and Trade Resources Company Resources Industry Resources News Periodical Articles Research Reports People Data Business Research
    • Time value
    • Vocabulary
    • Number of commercial and free sources
    Business Research
  • RESEARCH Identify Types of Questions
    • Conceptual
    • Analytical
    • Historical
    • Data and Factual
    Business Research
  • RESEARCH Conceptual Questions Q: Explain the fundamental theories of TQM Q: What are the underlying assumptions for Porter’s 5 forces? Business Research
  • RESEARCH Analytical Questions Q: What effect do integrated resorts have on the economy of Singapore? Q: Does the Singapore real estate market behave like the economic theories of supply and demand? Q : How do Porter’s 5 forces apply to competitive intelligence? Business Research
  • RESEARCH Historical Questions Q: What was Singapore’s position in world trade in the early 20 th century? Q: Track the rise and fall of the U.S. steel industry in the 20 th century Business Research
  • RESEARCH Factual Questions Q: Who are Singapore’s Top 1000 companies? Q: Is it true that Singapore has more internet users then any other ASEAN country? Q: What companies are importing and exporting soybeans in Southeast Asia? Business Research
  • RESEARCH Data / Statistical Questions Q: List the monthly Sing$ / US$ exchange rate from 1990 Q: How many internet users are there in Singapore? Q: How many soybeans are being imported into Singapore? Malaysia? Q: What is Singapore’s GDP? Business Research
  • RESEARCH Evaluation of Questions Data - Is it answerable? I want monthly Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Data – is it correct? I want 2009 GDP data for Singapore Is it reasonable? I want free commercial market research reports How current is current? I want breaking news Is it from a reliable source? Business Research
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Used in Business Research
    • Journals – Magazines
    • Books
    • Finding Aids
    • Specialized Reports
    • Newspapers and Newswires
    • Data
    • Contacts
    • Directories. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
    • Web Sites
    Information Resources
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Which are Important?
    • KM STUDENTS (n=16)
    • Web sites
    • Contacts *
    • Data *
    • Special Reports
    • Journals *
    • Finding Aids
    • Directories, etc.
    • News
    • Books *
    • Library Staff (n=17)
    • Journals *
    • Web sites
    • Books *
    • Finding Aids
    • Special Reports
    • Contacts *
    • News
    • Data *
    • Directories, etc
    * Noticeable ranking differences between KM students and library staff Information Resources 6.38 6.00 5.94 5.75 5.56 4.75 4.25 3.25 2.94 7.50 5.35 5.29 5.28 5.19 5.06 4.82 3.38 2.88
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Timeliness of Business Sources Investment Bank Report CPI Unemploy-ment Journal to Database Trade Magazine Monthly Stock Quotes Press Releases Company filings Company Annuals Market Research Report Foreign Exchange GDP Quarterly National Annual Data IGO Compiled Data; GDP actual Website Indexing Working Paper Academic Article Academic Journal Media News News – paper Web Directory Trade Book Print Directory Academic Book Hourly to Real Time Monthly to Daily Less than a year 1 to 2 Years > 2 years
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Journals Top Business Publications downloaded from EBSCO or Proquest Business News Magazines Economist Business Week Forbes Fortune Newspapers USA Today (Top Download - >12,400) Wall Street Journal Eastern Edition Financial Times Trade & Industry Publications Advertising Age WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) Computerworld downloaded between January – April 2010
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES JOURNALS Top Business Publications downloaded from EBSCO or Proquest or Science Direct Popular Business Journals Harvard Business Review (>11,000) Scholarly Journals Academy of Management Journal ( >1100 in EBSCO ) Journal of Business Ethics Management Science Journal of Marketing (>540 in EBSCO ) Journal of Financial Economics (SD) Journal of Asian Studies
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Books Characteristics of the Business Book Popular : “How To”, written by consultants; ephemeral for latest trends, basic understanding How to tell anyone anything Scholarly : Written by academics and researchers; often dated; for conceptual, historical and analytical questions The rule of three
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Books Characteristics of the Business Book Popular : “How To”, written by consultants; ephemeral for latest trends, basic understanding Scholarly : Written by academics and researchers; often dated; for conceptual, historical and analytical questions Reviews and the Business Book Favorable and unfavorable book reviews : A quantitative study (1995) “ Previous writers have consistently found a high percentage of favorable book reviews in trade and scholarly journals. “
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Specialized Reports Market Research Reports Investment Bank Analysis Industry Surveys White Papers
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Finding Aids Indexes & Abstracts Research guides FAQs
  • INFORMATION RESOUCES Directories, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
    • Companies
    • Associations
    • Professional Bodies :
    • Library Association of Singapore
    • Trade Associations :
    • Singapore Clock and Watch Association
    • Other people in
    • your office
    • your organization
    • your industry
    • your professional organizations
    • Social networks
    • Friends and family
    • People
    • Professional contacts - Linked In
    • Websites - Jigsaw ; ZoomInfo
    • LexisNexis> Legal >Reference>Directories
    • Zoom People Information
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Directories - People
    • Jigsaw.com
    LexisNexis Legal >Reference>Directories>Zoom People Information
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Business Librarianship
    • Mary Ellen Bates – columns in Online, E-Content (formerly Database)
    • Marydee Ojala –T he dollar sign column in Online, E-Content, Database
    • Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship ( EBSCO LISTA) embargo
    • Business Information Review ( Sage)
    • The Information Advisor’s BestBizWeb
    • Best of the Best Business Websites (Free Resources)(2009) Reference & User Services Quarterly Fall2009 49(1)52;63,64 First annual – very limited ( PQD ,EBSCO)
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Sources of Business Web sites
    • CEOExpress, the executive’s internet
    • Gary Price’s List of Lists (and link to Gary Price’s Resource Shelf
    • NOTE: While lists may be dated, they serve as a finding aid to sources
    • Scout Report and Archives is a database of over nine year’s worth of annotations to carefully selected Internet sites and mailing lists
    • World Bank Documents and Reports
    • Doing Business 2010 projec t arranged by country or region or topic (World Bank )
    • GlobalEDG E, from Michigan State’s CIBER initiative , with information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities
    • .
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES Key Business Database Providers
    • Dow Jones / Factiva
    • LexisNexis
    • EBSCO/Business Source Premier
    • Proquest/ABI Inform
    • EconLit*
    • Thomson Reuters/ISI Web of Science*
    • Thomson Reuters/ Thomson One/Research
    • Bloomberg
    • Euromonitor* (GMID)
    • Datamonitor –MarketLine
    • *
    • EIU /Economist * Intelligence Unit
    • OneSource
    • Emerging Markets Information Service (Internet Securities)
    • World Development Indicators (WDI from World Bank) *
    • International Financial Statistics (IFS from International Monetary Fund)
    • CEIC (data aggregator – from Internet Securities)
    • Standard & Poors*
    • Mergent*
    • Financial
    • Corporate finance; security markets
    • Economic
    • National accounts, “cost of living”
    • Demographic
    • People, income, education
    • Trade
    • Imports, exports, balance of trade
    • Characteristics of news websites
    • Frequency of update; currency of news –
    • Access rights – free, registration, fee-based
    • Headlines, lead paragraph or whole article
    • Selected articles?
    • Date range of available articles
    • Media- TV, radio, video
    • Number of languages for searching, reading, listening
  • YAHOO Google Straits Times
  • INFORMATION RESOURCES News 13:03 Singapore Standard Time, 12 June BBC Factiva
  • AVAILABILITY of Business Information Free Public Information A company phone number A listed company’s sales figures Information for a price: A private company’s sales figures/credit rating Proprietary Information - not available for any price - Coca-Cola’s formula * The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, June 26, 1999, Inspector Clouseau strikes again! Coke recipe found, Charles W. Holmes,
  • AVAILABILITY of Business Information Origin : Press release, government, internal document; private citizens on the web CONTINUUM Industry: Major manufacturing (textiles)…..wholesale/retail/service …..sector Organization Type: Listed company… Private company… SME…Partnership… Nonprofit Country of origin : US, EU, Asia / Group of 8 / developing Cost : Free… free with registration…commercial rates
  • Match the Questions
    • 1. What effect have strategic alliances had on the airline industry
    • 2.. Who invented Coca-Cola
    • 3. What is the population density of Singapore
    • 4. Trace the globalization of the Korean automobile industry
    • 5. Describe the Random Walk theory
    • Conceptual
    • Analytical
    • Historical
    • Factual
    • Data
    Questions Types
    • Disaggregation of standard resources
    • Lack of distinction between data, information, knowledge and opinion
    • Open access to scholarly information
    • Toggling between commercial and free sources
    • Research is interactive – go where it takes you!