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The Annual 7th Pharmaceutical Regulatory Asia conference is taking place this 26-29 August 2014 at the Parkroyal on Beach Road hotel, Singapore. A must attend event if you would like to get the latest updates and best practices in the pharma regulatory landscape in Asia!
What’s New in 2014?:
• Regulator address from the Shanghai FDA and Philippines FDA
• Hear practical experience in bridging studies and waivers in Asia
• Develop a global regulatory strategy towards effective product registrations
• Get guidance and perspectives on the post approval variations of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

More case studies for you to learn from!
• Hear OTC regulatory framework and its success stories
• Innovative Fixed Dose Combination products opportunities and challenges faced
• Key strategy and considerations when developing orphan drugs in Asia
• Unravel the complex Indian regulatory environment and get generics marketing authorizations
• Clear confusion on Japan’s biosimilars regulatory landscape and know what is needed to enter Japan
• Develop a global regulatory strategy for effective product registration

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Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Asia 2014

  1. 1. Produced by: International Marketing Partner: Media Partners: Life Sciences IBC LIFE SCIENCES PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore 26-29 August 2014 Part of: Special Regulator Address from: • Shanghai FDA • Philippines FDA • National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Malaysia Attain critical insights into China’s drug regulatory system and the recent biosimilars guidelines Meet and network with regulatory professionals from MNCs including Takeda, Baxter, Reckitt Benckiser, AstraZeneca, Daiichi Sankyo, Bayer, Pfizer and more! Learn from real regulatory case experiences and successfully overcome similar challenges faced Gain faster market access by understanding the regulatory approval pathways, trends and expectations in Asia 2014 Speakers Faculty Includes: Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss this Event!5Michel Mikhail Chief Regulatory Officer, Executive Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Fresenius Kabi, Germany, Member, Executive Committee and Board, European Generic Medicines Association (EGA) Joy Chen Director, Regulatory Affairs, Reckitt Benckiser, Singapore Ariel Valencia Deputy Director, Food&DrugsAdministration, Department of Health, Philippines Lejun Pang Senior Researcher, Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Safety, Shanghai FDA, China Stefano Accorsi Director, International Regulatory Affairs, Global Regulatory Affairs, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Italy 1 2 3 4 5 Pre-Conference Workshop: 26 August 2014 • 0900 – 1700 Preparing and Submitting Dossiers for Generic and Biosimilar Drug Approval Post-Conference Workshop: 29 August 2014 • 0900 – 1700 Medical Device/ Drug Device Combination Product Regulations in Europe and Asia
  2. 2. 8:00 Morning Coffee & Registration Opens 8:50 Welcome Address from IBC Asia & Ice Breaker 9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Premath Shenoy, Regulatory Affairs Director, AstraZeneca, India Asia Pharmaceutical Market Outlook & Regulatory Updates 9:10 Asia Pharmaceutical Investment Opportunities & Development • Where is the Asian pharmaceutical market heading towards? • What are the investment and market opportunities available in Asia? • How are pharma companies in Asia coping with intensifying competition and investment from overseas? • Selecting the best business model, communication and operations to maximize market share in Asia • How regional integration has affected product launch and marketing in the prescription and non-prescription market Jun Bao, Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer, Shenogen Pharma Group, China Billy Sarvanantham Urudr, Chief Commercial Officer, CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Dr. Narendra Vutla, Executive Vice President & Head, R&D – Wellness, Oral Health & Site Operations, GSK Consumer Healthcare, India Carl Firth, CEO, Aslan Pharmaceuticals, Singapore 10:00 Asia’s Evolving Regulatory Landscape & Development • Current initiatives and regulatory trends in Southeast Asia • International models, frameworks and standards for Asia to adopt • Regulatory trends and their impact on R&D investment • Recent pharma marketing regulations changes, expected new guidelines and compliance process under AEC • Are pharma companies ready for the implementation and the liberalization of health care services? • Current regulatory challenges faced and how they can be tackled • ASEAN harmonization and to what extent will it drive Asian innovation? Ariel Valencia, Deputy Director, Food & Drugs Administration, Department of Health, Philippines Koichi Miyazaki, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs Group, Asia Development Department, Daiichi Sankyo, Japan Joy Chen, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Reckitt Benckiser, Singapore 10:40 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break Regulatory Pathways & Challenges 11:30 Gaining a Successful Regulatory Entry into Malaysia • Recent key updates on Malaysia’s drug registration guidelines • Updates and key points in Malaysiaís variation guidelines • What to expect and what to prepare for when seeking approval in Malaysia • Current and future initiatives of the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau Noorizam Ibrahim, Deputy Director, National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health, Malaysia 12:00 China’s Regulatory Updates, Pathways & Expectations • Key regulatory updates from China • Interpreting the recent biosimilars regulatory guideline • Challenges when seeking approvals in China and how to overcome them • Regulators expectations when evaluating dossier submission in China Lejun Pang, Senior Researcher, Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Safety, Shanghai FDA, China 12:30 Practical Difficulties in Filing for New Drug Application (NDA) in Asia • Clarifying the differences in regulations in ASEAN • To what extent is ASEAN harmonization easing the drug registration process? • Transparency, timelines and dossier requirements and the challenges faced • Strategies for a smooth NDA filing in Asia Shun Jin, Asia Regulatory Affairs Head, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Singapore Finny Liu, Associate Director, Pharma Technical Regulatory, APAC Regional Hub, Roche SingaporeTechnical Operations, Singapore REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 CONFERENCE DAY ONE 27 August 2014 Wednesday VISIONARYKEYNOTEPANELDISCUSSION 13:00 Speed Networking 13:10 Networking Lunch Have the chance to have an informal chat with VIP guests during the networking lunch break 1 Victoria Elegant, Vice President, Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Asia Pacific, Baxter Healthcare, China 2 Lejun Pang, Senior Researcher, Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Safety, Shanghai FDA, China Regulatory Considerations for Clinical Development 14:00 Conducting Multi Regional ClinicalTrials (MRCT) for Global Drug Development • MRCTs as a solution to drug lag in Japan • Tips in management of MRCTs in which Japan participates • Optimal development strategy in Asia • Consideration of differences in intrinsic and extrinsic ethnic factors • Effectively and efficiently managing MRCTs in Asia Koichi Miyazaki, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs Group, Asia Development Department, Daiichi Sankyo, Japan 14:30 Practical Experience in Bridging Studies and Waivers in Asia • Overview of the different routes and possibilities of bridging studies and waivers in Asia • What strategy was used in seeking bridging studies and waivers approvals • Difficulties faced and how they were tackled when seeking bridging waivers in Asia • Questions received from health authorities when seeking approvals on waivers Stefano Accorsi, Director, International Regulatory Affairs, Global Regulatory Affairs, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Italy 15:00 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Dossier Submission Best Practices 15:30 Regulatory Approach to Dossier Life Cycle Management in Emerging Markets • Approaches in efficiently and effectively managing dossier life cycle management • Getting support for dossier life cycle management • Regulatory outsourcing of dossier management Kevin O’Connell, Head of Dossier Management, Global Regulatory Affairs, UCB Pharma, Belgium 16:00 E-regulatory Affairs and eCTD Dossier Submission Best Practices • eCTD submission procedures and requirements in China ; • GIO (Global Integrated Operations) publishing model for Asia submissions publishing which covers 17 countries; • Automate manual tasks (building dossier structures, formatting) by developing plug-ins of Excel and Acrobat Andy Li, Publishing Team Manager, Pfizer, China 16:30 Leading Publishing Strategy Innovating Japan Regulatory Submissions • Japan’s Submission Overview • Japan New Drug Application – eCTD filing and publishing • “eVolume” projects ñ transformed paper publishing and printing strategy Bruce Sun, Publishing Manager, Pfizer, China 17:00 Interactive Round Table Discussions 1. Pharmaceutical and Biologics Regulations and Registration in India Bobby George, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Reliance Life Sciences, India___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. QualitybyDesign(QbD)&QuestionbasedReview(QbR) Considerations for New Drug Development PremnathShenoy, RegulatoryAffairsDirector, AstraZeneca, India___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Adapting to Different CTD Formats Efficiently Kevin O’Connell, Head of Dossier Management, Global Regulatory Affairs, UCB Pharma, Belgium 17:45 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day One VIPLUNCH TABLES KEYNOTEPANELDISCUSSION
  3. 3. 9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Greg Torre, VP of Regulatory Strategy Worldwide, Pfizer, USA Mahashabde Anu, Regional Regulatory Lead, APAC, Pfizer, USA Regulatory Strategy for Product Development 9:10 Asia OTC Regulatory Strategy Development • OTC regulatory framework in Asia Pacific • ASEAN pharmaceutical harmonization and its implication to OTC development • OTC innovation registration in Asia • Success story in OTC regulatory strategy factors Noppadon (Nhum) Adjimatera, South East Asia Regional Regulatory & Medical Director, Reckitt Benckiser, Thailand 9:50 Getting Approvals for Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) Products in Asia • Understanding the regulations and requirements for FDC drugs in Asia • Regulatory strategies in launching an FDC drug in Asia • Challenges and opportunities for establishing bioequivalence in FDC drugs • Opportunities and key elements for a successful FDC development May Wei, Global Regulatory Strategist, Bayer, China 10:30 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break 11:00 Regulatory Strategy and Considerations for Orphan Drug Development in Asia • Key orphan drug regulations in Asia • When, where and how to apply for orphan drug approvals • Overcoming the various orphan drug regulatory challenges • Risk evaluation and mitigation strategies and requirements Woody Tan, Director, Regulatory Affairs (Japan & Asia Pacific), Genzyme-Sanofi, Singapore 11:40 Obtaining Marketing Authorization for Generics in India • Overview of Generics in India • Regulatory pathway for obtaining a marketing authorization in India • Are Bioequivalence studies required? • Selection of reference compound • Common challenges and how to overcome them Bobby George, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Reliance Life Sciences, India 12:20 Networking Lunch 13:40 Biosimilars Development and Regulation in Japan • Updates and overview of the regulatory requirements for biosimilar development in Japan • Development strategy for biosimilars in Japan • Tips in establishing similarity of biosimilars • Points to be considered for market authorization in Japan Satoshi Koike, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Amgen Astellas Biopharma, Japan REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 CONFERENCE DAY TWO 28 August 2014 Thursday Crafting a Regulatory Strategy 14:20 DevelopingaGlobalRegulatoryStrategyTowardsEffective Product Registration • Global regulatory initiatives and landscape • Unique challenges in both matured and emerging markets • Key considerations when developing and implementing global regulatory strategies for global market access • Improve efficiency and ease of working with global regulatory teams May Wei, Global Regulatory Strategist, Bayer, China Mahashabde Anu, Regional Regulatory Lead, APAC, Pfizer, USA MichelMikhail, ChiefRegulatoryOfficer,ExecutiveVicePresident, Global Regulatory Affairs, Fresenius Kabi, Member, Executive Committee and Board, European Generic Medicines Association (EGA), Germany 15:10 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Post Approval Variations 15:40 Guidance and Industry Perspectives on Post Approval Variations of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) • Impact and hurdles of the draft ASEAN variations guidelines and ASEAN stability guideline • Spell out (ACTD) as a challenge to regulators • Sharing of common questions asked by regulators and practical difficulties when filing variations • Bioequivalence studies and waivers MichelMikhail, ChiefRegulatoryOfficer,ExecutiveVicePresident, Global Regulatory Affairs, Fresenius Kabi, Member, Executive Committee and Board, European Generic Medicines Association (EGA), Germany Arvind Mishra, Joint President-Corporate QC/QA and Regulatory Affairs, Cadilla Pharmaceutical, India International Regulatory Models & Best Practices 16:30 US FDA Current Priorities and Initiatives • Overview of the current US FDA regulations and registration procedures • Post approval variations and stability testing requirements in US • Proving bioequivalence in the US: How and what is required? • Future initiatives and areas of focus of the US FDA Duu-GongWu, DirectorofRegulatoryConsulting, PPD, former US FDA Deputy Director, USA 17:10 Chairperson’s Summary of the Day & End of Conference PANELDISCUSSION “The Asia-Pacific region will be the single largest contributor to global pharmaceutical market growth, accounting for approximately 46% of value growth through 2015.” ~ Pharmafocus, 2012 PANELDISCUSSION
  4. 4. REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 WORKSHOPS PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP • 26 AUGUST 2014, TUESDAY (0900-1700) Medical Device / Drug Device Combination Product Regulations in Europe and Asia This interactive workshop uses case studies, group discussions and presentations to illustrate to participants the critical aspects and key insights in getting a successful device registration in Europe and Asia. This workshop is suited for participants who are currently dealing with or are entering the medical device and combination products market in Europe and Asia. Topics to be Discussed Include: Understanding and interpreting the recent regulatory updates and expectation from the EU and Asia Success strategies in market access and registering medical devices and combination products in EU and Asia Clarifying challenges in product classification How is Asia/ASEAN adopting to EU medical device standards? Post marketing surveillance for medical devices/combination products Future initiatives and trends of medical device/combination products regulations Prof. Jack Wong, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Terumo BCT, Secretariat in Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) and Founder of Asia Regulatory Professional Association (ARPA), Singapore Duu-Gong Wu, Director of Regulatory Consulting, PPD, former US FDA Deputy Director, USA POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP • 29 AUGUST 2014, FRIDAY (0900-1700) Preparing and Submitting Dossiers for Generic and Biosimilar Drug Approval This workshop is a practical and interactive session and guide for dossier preparation to achieve successful registrations. The purpose of the workshop is to give participants a better understanding of the intricacies of dossier requirements and benefit from an industry perspective in preparing and submitting dossiers for both generics and biosimilar registration with a focus on US FDA dossier submission requirements for a wider view on what is required in a matured regulated market. Topics to be Discussed Include: Overview of the registration procedure and approval process for both generics and biosimilars in the US Critical requirements for a submission for clinical development Key inputs and critical success factors for dossier content and preparing for submission Current guidelines under discussion and variation submissions for dossier life cycle management About Your Workshop Leader Prior to joining PharmaNet in 2004 and then PPD in 2012, Dr Wu had worked at FDA CDER for 12 plus years, with the last position as Deputy Division Director, Division of New Drug Chemistry II. His career at FDA included extensive experience in biotechnological/biological products in both technical and regulatory science. He also represented FDA as a member of ICH Expert Working Groups for both Q5E (Comparability) and CTD-Q (CommonTechnical Document-Quality) and worked on many domestic and ICH guidances for biotechnology products. Dr. Wu also served as Chairman of CDER Protein Drug Products Technical Committee, and Follow-on Growth Hormone and Insulin Working Group responsible for an unpublished scientific and regulatory guidance which eventually was used as the basis for approval of Sandoz’s Omnitrope by FDA. He was also appointed as a member of FDA Follow-on Biologic Working Group and Ad Hoc Reviewer with the USP Biotechnology Committee. About Your Workshop Leaders Reinhard Berger, Senior Expert, Federal Office for Safety in Healthcare, Austrian Medicines and Medical Device Agency (AGES), Chairman, Compliance and Enforcement Group (COEN) of the European Commission, Austria Dr Reinhard Berger has over 20 years of experience in regulatory affairs and is currently a Senior Expert with the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Health Care in the Austrian Medicines and Medical Device Agency. He has been with the agency since it was founded in 2006 and before that he has also gained experienced in the medical device industry. Dr Berger holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Innsbruck, Institute for Applied Physics. He was also recently appointed the Chair of the Compliance and Enforcement Working Group (COEN) in 2012 which underlines his well- recognized position and expertise. Prof. Jack Wong has over 19 years of Regulatory, Clinical Trial and Pharmacovigilance experience in Asia with good knowledge in the field of Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional, Consumer Healthcare and Biological products. Externally, playing a leading role among all the Regional Regulatory professionals in AHWP (Asian Harmonization Working Party), and was invited to provide regulatory training to local universities and industry organizations. Prof Wong is also very active in ASEAN, APEC, ISO and WHO projects. In his professional career, ProfWong developed the First Asia Regulatory Affairs Certificate course since 2007 with more than 1500 students in alumni. He is also the founder of ARPA (Asia Regulatory Professional Associations) since 2010 with more than 1600 members and Asia GRP (Good Regulatory Practice) Research Centre since 2011 with more than 10 companies supporting. His is the author of First Asia Regulatory Book in Asia (Handbook of Medical Device Regulatory Affairs in Asia) and the book was launched in May 2013.
  5. 5. IBC LIFE SCIENCES PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore 26-29 August 2014 To check out our tailored sponsorship solutions, please contact: Yvonne Leong Business Development Manager Tel: +65 6508 2489 Email: REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 Asia holds many opportunities in the global pharmaceutical market. However, in order to tap into this potential, challenges such as opaque, complex and evolving regulatory guidelines, need to be addressed in order to be successful. IBC’s 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Asia Conference is the longest standing regulatory event in the region. By attending this conference, you will no doubt go home with extensive knowledge on the different regulatory trends, initiatives and on the ground, practical experience for getting drug approvals in Asia. Key regulatory trends, perspectives and their impact on R&D Opportunities and requirements for multi-regional clinical trials (MRCT) and bridging studies and waivers in Asia Post approval variations and its requirements in ensuring quality and safety Formulating a global regulatory strategy for efficient global product access Medical device regulations and clinical trials Topics Not To Be Missed!NEW Part of: SPONSORSHIP & EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES RAISE awareness of your products and services to regional and international pharmaceutical regulatory professionals! ✔ Stand out from the competition with this branding opportunity ✔ Meet and develop new client relationships and also affirm existing ones with your presence at this event ✔ Launching a new regulatory service? Ensure market awareness by showcasing at this event ✔ Raise and maintain your corporate profile edge with logo placement Who Should Attend ■ Regulatory Authorities & Pharmaceutical Companies 70% ■ Medical Device Companies 10% ■ CROs & Research Institutes 15% ■ Legal / Consultants / Service Providers 5% ■ Singapore 50% ■ Malaysia 15% ■ Indonesia / Thailand 10% ■ Rest of South East Asia 5% ■ North Asia 10% ■ US / Europe 5% ■ Australia / New Zealand 5%
  6. 6. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • Head of Medical Affairs • Medical Affairs Directors • MSLs • Chief Medical Officer • Scientific Directors • Medical Directors • Medical and Scientific Affairs Executives IBC LIFE SCIENCES 4 Successful Events Under 1 Roof! 26 - 29 AUGUST 2014 | PARKROYAL ON BEACH ROAD, SINGAPORE What is PharmaCon? The Pharmaceutical Congress Asia (PharmaCon) is the leading annual event that brings together Government, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers in Asia across: 4 Conferences 10 Workshops 4 Days of value-packed information Hours of networking opportunities The dynamic program and networking platform aims to enable companies to develop strong partnerships, drive innovation and growth, as well as winning products and services, in Asia’s growing pharmaceutical industry. Asia’s premier Pharma R&D conference is designed for professionals in the pharmaceutical R&D sector to find out the latest investment, partnership and collaboration opportunities, challenges facing drug discovery and clinical development and how to improve R&D innovation and productivity in Asia. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Senior level professionals from: Designed for regulatory professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to come together to discuss effective regulatory strategies for product access into Asia and also globally as well as to gain clarity on the complex and ever changing regulations in the region. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Professionals dealing with: • Global/Regional Regulatory Affairs • Regulatory Compliance • Regulatory Submissions & Publishing • Pharmacovigilance • Market Access Designed for senior executives from marketing in prescription and consumer health sectors, the conference pinpoints key success factors in strategizing pricing, distribution, advertising & promotion and product differentiation strategy in this competitive market.This event is Asia’s one and only platform to provide updated and in-depth evaluation on marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • CEO • Chief Marketing Officer • President/Managing Director/Vice President of Asia • Country Manager • Regional Marketing Director • Head of Corporate Planning • Head of Commercialization • Head of Marketing & Sales • Head of Market Access • Head of Business Development • Head of Multi-Channel Marketing • Head of Digital Marketing • Head of Product Development • Head of Packaging and Labeling • Head of Procurement & Sourcing • Head of Compliance MEDICAL AFFAIRS FORUM ASIA is the region’s longest running medical affairs forum where best practices are shared and common issues with like- minded peers are discussed. This event will bring insights on how to be more effective in enhancing your company’s scientific reputation and communicating the value of your products. • R&D • Drug Discovery • Clinical Trial and Development • Business Development • Partnerships & Licensing • Strategic Alliance Management • Strategy & Portfolio Management • Investment • Mergers & Acquisitions REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401
  7. 7. ENJOY SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS WITH OUR MULTIPLE BOOKING DISCOUNT! REGISTER NOW! FAX BACK TO +65 6508 2407 HOTEL INFORMATION DATA PROTECTION PAYMENT TERMS CANCELLATIONS / SUBSTITUTION IMPORTANT NOTE 6 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Email Customer Service Hotline +65 6508 2401 Fax +65 6508 2407 Web ❑ Yes! I/We will attend the 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Asia | 26 – 29 August 2014, ParkRoyal on Beach Road, Singapore REGNO.200108203N 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Asia ❑ I would like to purchase the conference presentations at SGD1000 + GST (SGD1070) per log in. RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY! CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS The best way to pay by credit card is through our secure on-line registration process, simply log on to the website at and click “Register On-line”. If you would prefer to pay over the phone please complete the contact name and details and our Customer Services Team will call within 24 hours to take payment. 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MAIL the attached registration form with your cheque to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd c/o Informa Regional Business Services 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #10-06, Singapore 238164 Scan the QR Code with your smartphone and register today Early Bird Rate Register & pay on or before 20 Jun 2014 FEE PER DELEGATE Special Rate Register & pay on or before 18 Jul 2014 Group Rate (3 or more delegates) Normal Rate Register & pay after 18 Jul 2014 ❑ 2 Day Conference only SGD 3,895 SGD 4,095 SGD 4,295 SGD 3,795❑ 4 Day Package: 2 Day Conference + All Workshops GROUP BONUS – Register 3 Delegates from the same company and the 4th Delegate attends FREE! SGD 2,595 SGD 2,795 SGD 2,995 SGD 2,495 • Multiple Bookings Discount pricing is applicable to groups of 3 or more delegates from the same organisation registering for the same event, at the same time. Fee stated is the discounted price PER DELEGATE. Only one discount applies; either the early bird rate OR special rate OR group rate. • All fees stated include luncheons, refreshments and complete set of documentation. It does not include the cost of accommodation and travel. • Registration fees are subject to the prevailing government tax Who is Head of your Department? Who is Head of Training? Company Information Company Name: Address: Main Business/Activity: Postal Code: Please photocopy for additional delegates FREE GROUPDISCOUNT Delegate 1 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 2 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 3 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 4 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: SGD 3,295 SGD 3,495 SGD 3,695 SGD 3,195 PARKROYAL on Beach Road 7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591 Hotel mainline: +65 6505 5666 Contact Person: Teo Hui Ling Tel: +65 6505 5696 Email: ❑ 3 Day Package: 2 Day Conference + ❑ Pre-Conference Workshop OR ❑ Post-Conference Workshop 4 Successful Events Under 1 Roof 180+ Attendees to Network With 4+ Days of Expert Knowledge Sharing 80+ Expert Pharmaceutical Stakeholders & Key Decision Makers 15+ Interactive Formats to Get To Know Your Peers & Customers 1 Joint Exhibition Area Part of: