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Pharmaceutical R&D Asia 2014

  1. 1. IBC LIFE SCIENCES Produced by: International Marketing Partner: Media Partners: 26-29 AUGUST 2014 S i n g a p o r e Featuring Expert Insights Part of: Why You Must Attend Hear from 25+ R&D Expert Speakers Gain Insights on Licensing, M&A, Regulations and More! R&D Investment and Funding Opportunities from Leading Venture Capitalists Craft IP Strategies and Ensure Formula Confidentiality in the Asian region New Interactive and In-Depth Formats: Panel Discussions, Roundtable Discussions, VIP Lunch Tables Jun Bao Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer, Shenogen Pharma Group, China Joe Zhang Executive Deputy Head, Center of Medical and Translational Sciences, Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical, China Kantharaj Ethirajulu Head,Research&Development, Technical- Drug Discovery & Development, The Biomedical Sciences Institute (BMSI), Singapore Ben Ni Head & Senior Director, Partnering & External Innovation, Sanofi R&D, China Dr. Narendra Vutla Executive Vice President & Head of R&D-Wellness, Oral Health & Site Operations, GSK Consumer Healthcare, India P A R K R O Y A L on Beach Road Pre- Conference Special Focus Day 26 August 2014 • 9am – 5pm Clinical Trial Development in Asia Post Conference Workshop 29 August 2014 • 9am – 5pm China R&D Peter W. Tsao Vice President Business Development, TaiGen Biotechnology, Taiwan Supported by: Sponsors: Life Sciences
  2. 2. 8:00 Registration Opens & Morning Coffee 8:50 Welcome from IBC Asia & Morning Ice Breaker 9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Asia’s Pharmaceutical Market Outlook & Regulatory Updates 9:10 Asia Pharmaceutical Investment Opportunities & Development • Where is the Asian pharmaceutical market heading towards? • What are the investment and market opportunities available in Asia? • How are pharma companies in Asia coping with intensifying competition and investment from overseas? • Selecting the best business model, communication and operations to maximize market share in Asia • How regional integration has affected product launch and marketing in the prescription and non-prescription market Jun Bao, Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer, Shenogen Pharma Group, China Billy Sarvanantham Urudr, Chief Commercial Officer, CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Dr. Narendra Vutla, Executive Vice President & Head of R&D – Wellness, Oral Health & Site Operations, GSK Consumer Healthcare, India Carl Firth, CEO, Asia Pharmaceuticals, Singapore 10:00 Asia’s Evolving Regulatory Landscape & Development • Current initiatives and regulatory trends in Southeast Asia • International models, frameworks and standards for Asia to adopt • Regulatory trends and their impact on R&D investment • Recent pharma marketing regulations changes, expected new guidelines and compliance process under AEC • Are pharma companies ready for the implementation and the liberalization of health care services? • Current regulatory challenges faced and how they can be tackled • ASEAN harmonization and to what extent will it drive Asian innovation? Joy Chen, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Reckitt Benckiser, Singapore ArielValencia, DeputyDirector, Food & Drug Administration, Philippines Koichi Miyazaki, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs Group, Asia Development Department, Daiichi Sankyo, Japan 10:40 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break Financing, Partnerships & Collaboration 11.25 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Jun Bao, Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer, Shenogen Pharma Group, China 11.30 Strategic Partnerships & Collaboration as a Key to Driving Asian Drug Innovation • Introduction to a multi collaboration and partnership model to drive innovation • Getting the best out of your partnerships • Approaches to incorporate partnerships into your R&D model Ben Ni, Head&SeniorDirector,Partnering&ExternalInnovation, Sanofi R&D, China 12.10 Strategic Licensing, Mergers & Acquisitions Trends for Pharma R&D Development • Evaluating recent licensing and M&A trends in Asia • What do these trends signify? • Different licensing trends for large and small companies, its challenges and how they can be tackled • Where is the Asian pharmaceutical market headed to? Yariv Hefez, Vice President Business Development, Portfolio Management, Strategy and Partnering, Biosimilars Unit, Merck Serono, Switzerland Peter W. Tsao, Vice President Business Development, TaiGen Biotechnology, Taiwan REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 27 CONFERENCE DAY ONE AUGUST 2014 | Wednesday VISIONARYKEYNOTE 12:50 Speed Networking 13:00 Networking Lunch Have a chance to have an informal chat withVIP guests during the networking lunch break VIP 1: Yuan Hua Ding, Senior Director & Head of External R&D Innovation – Asia, Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer, USA VIP 2: Ben Ni, Head & Senior Director, Partnering & External Innovation, Sanofi R&D, China 14:00 Venture Capital Opportunities for Drug Discovery & Development in Asia • Funding models and investment opportunities in Asia • Latest innovations and fields that are gathering interests among venture capitalists • What constitutes a good business model and presentation • Collaboration opportunities with venture capitalists • Key criteria for investment Goro Takeda, Venture Partner, Sofinnova Ventures, Japan Jun Wu, Chairman & Managing Director, Cenova Ventures, China Jason Mann, ManagingDirector, Fenex Capital Management, China 14:40 Discovery Outsourcing to Asia: Lessons Learnt • What are the challenges faced by a global western company when outsourcing to Asia? • Key concerns from the West • What approach was taken when tackling the challenges faced in Asia? 15:10 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Clinical Trial Development in Asia 15:50 Managing Risks in Clinical Outsourcing to Southeast Asia • Understanding regulations, clinical infrastructure and risks when conducting clinical trials in Asia • Handling ethnicity and cultural differences within Southeast Asia: What are the differences and similarities in risks? • Strategies to minimize and manage these risks • EstablishingstandardsandIPprotectioninclinicaltrialsinSoutheast Asia 16:30 Developing Clinical Trials in Oncology in Singapore • Difficulties faced in conducting oncology clinical research and how were they tackled • Advice in clinical trials design for oncology in Singapore • Tackling oncology clinical trials unique risks and managing them • Ways to carry out the trials efficiently without compromising on quality and safety Joanne Chio, Head, Clinical Trials, Haematology-Oncology Research Group, National University Cancer Institute (NCIS), National University Hospital, Singapore Intellectual Property Rights 17:00 IP Trends & Patent Strategies • Insight into compulsory licensing in India and Indonesia • Viewpoint of the compulsory licensing system in Asia • Singapore’s patent linking system for generics • What are the common issues in intellectual property and how can they be addressed? • Laws protecting and ensuring confidentiality when conducting research in Asia Debolina Partap, Associate Vice President & Head of Legal, Wockhardt Group, India SohKarLiang, ManagingDirector, EllaCheongLLC, Singapore Manh Hung Tran, Principal & Managing Lawyer, BMVN International LLC, a member of Baker & McKenzie International, Vietnam 17:40 Chairperson’s Summary of the Day & End of Conference Day One PANELDISCUSSION PANELDISCUSSIONPANELDISCUSSION PANELDISCUSSION
  3. 3. 8:30 Morning Networking & Coffee 9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Kantharaj Ethirajulu, Head,Research&Development,Technical – Drug Discovery & Development, The Biomedical Sciences Institute (BMSI), Singapore Generics & Biosimilars R&D in Asia 9:10 Biosimilars & Generics R&D in Asia – What Can We Do To Maintain the Lead? • Overview of the generics and biosimilars industry in Asia • A review of science and technology developments for making complex generic drugs • Strategies in retaining Asia’s stronghold in follow-on drug R&D to ensure Return On Investment (ROI) in sales • If not follow-on drugs, what’s next? Moderator Gene Ching-Hung Hsu, Senior Vice President, HEC Pharm Group, China Panelists Kasibhatta Ravisekhar, Vice President, Clinical Research, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, India Qiang Lu, Chief Scientific Officer, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, China Joe Zhang, Executive Deputy Head, Center of Medical and TranslationalSciences, Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical, China 9:50 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break Driving Drug Innovation in R&D 10:20 Biomedical Innovation & Pharmaceutical Growth • How is pharmaceutical growth in Asia fueling biomedical innovation in the region? • Potential and current growth areas of focus in Asian biomedical innovation • Challenges Asia is facing that could limit its growth potential and what can be done Yuan Hua Ding, Senior Director & Head of External R&D Innovation – Asia, Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, USA 11:00 Challenges in Drug Discovery & Development in Asia • Challenges faced in Asia and how to tackle them • Overcoming lack of fundamental knowledge for drug discovery • Streamlining drug development process for efficiency • Drug candidates discovered and developed in Asia Kantharaj Ethirajulu, Head,Research&Development,Technical – Drug Discovery and Development, The Biomedical Sciences Institute (BMSI), Singapore Scientific Advances Showcase 11:40 Aggregation in Biosimilars: Orthogonal Analytical Tools in Assessment of Monoclonal Antibodies • Developing analytical methods to study structural change in biosimilar monoclonal antibodies • Eliminating structural change due to change in process conditions • Minimizing structural modifications without compromising on potency of drug Dr. Kalyan Sundaram, Senior Research Scientist, Lupin, India 12:20 Networking Lunch 13:40 Drug Discovery from Natural Medicines by Novel Approaches • Post-absorption/metabolism drugs (PAMD ) concept • Discovery of active metabolite in ginseng which is currently in phase III clinical trials for anti-depression • Results of pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) studies of the metabolite and clinical trials • Future work and initiatives in areas of natural products drug discovery William Jia, Chief Scientific Advisor, SAPHRONTM Database Service Centre, Shanghai Innovative Research Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SIRC/TCM), China Infrastructure & Resource Development for R&D 14:20 Establishing R&D Infrastructure & Talent Resources • Current status of clinical and R&D facilities infrastructure • What are governments in the region doing to improve and promote clinical and R&D development? • Creating a quality and innovative facility in the Philippines: What is required? • Current R&D talent pool outlook in the Philippines • What can be done to further develop, attract and retain R&D talent? Rodel Sibulo, Director of R&D, Pascual Laboratories, Philippines Technology Transfer in Drug Discovery R&D 15:00 Ensuring Reproducibility during Knowledge &Technology Transfer in R&D Outsourcing • Determining the right conditions for technology transfer • Partnering and selecting the right organizations for collaboration • Advice and methods in ensuring data quality and reproducibility during knowledge transfer • Getting the maximum benefits out of the collaboration Qiang Lu, Chief Scientific Officer, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, China 15:40 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Interactive Round Table Sessions 16:20 Roundtable 1: Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) Guided Clinical Research for Generics Kasibhatta Ravisekhar, Vice President, Clinical Research, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, India ____________________________________________________ Roundtable 2: Inhouse vs Outsourced R&D Hwee Ching Ang , Head of Science Hub, Singapore Region Global External Innovation & Alliances, Bayer Healthcare, Singapore ____________________________________________________ Roundtable 3: R&D Strategies for an Innovative Pipeline James Garner, Head, Unit Operations, Sanofi-Aventis, Singapore 17:40 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & End of the Pharmaceutical R&D Conference 28 CONFERENCE DAY TWO AUGUST 2014 | Thursday REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 NEWDATA NEWDATAPANELDISCUSSION
  4. 4. POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP 29 AUGUST 2014, FRIDAY (0900 – 1700) WORKSHOPS 8:30 Registration & Morning Coffee 8:50 Introduction Naeem Noordin, Managing Director, Siara Pte Ltd, Singapore 9:00 Session 1: Clinical Trial Requirements & Regulations in Asia • Insights into clinical trials requirements and regulations in Asia Pacific • Preparing for a regulatory inspection and tips on what the regulators are looking for • Crafting and submitting what is required in a clinical trial application (CTA) Christophe Tournerie, CEO, ClinActis, Singapore 10:30 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break 11:00 Improving & Ensuring the Quality of Clinical Trials & Data • Quality standards in clinical trials • Strategies to ensure, monitor and improve clinical trials data quality during outsourcing of clinical trials • Creating a strategy to minimize risks for data integrity Emily Tan, Vice President, Clinical Operations Asia Pacific, inVentiv Health Clinical, Singapore 12:30 Networking Lunch Break 13:30 Clinical Site Management & Use of Site Management Organizations (SMO) • Selection and evaluation of a clinical trial site • Integration of a quality system, SOPs and training to ensure quality trial data in different clinical sites • Employing a risk based management to ensure clinical quality at site • Use of site management organization (SMO) Shashi Adsul, Head of Clinical Operations, South East Asia, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Singapore 14:30 Application of Digital Technologies for Patient Recruitment & Retention • Utilizing digital technologies for a patient centric and efficient patient recruitment procedure • Cutting costs and time through digital recruitment • Case studies and applications Ramita Tandon, Senior Vice President & General Manager, inVentiv Health ClinicalTrial Recruitment Solutions, USA 15:30 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break 16:00 Informed Consent in Clinical Trials • Informed consent implementation process, guidelines and the people involved • Systematic development of the informed consent form • Cultural issues and challenges to be taken into consideration Naeem Noordin, Managing Director, Siara Pte Ltd, Singapore 17:00 End of Clinical Trial Development in Asia Workshop 8:30 Registration & Morning Coffee 8:50 Introduction 9:00 China Pharmaceutical Market Outlook • Current pharmaceutical market outlook and progress in China • Trends and changes in R&D areas of focus in China • Is it still all about biosimilars in China? 10:00 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break 10:30 Creating Successful Partnerships in China • Key considerations when partnering with Chinese companies • Critical advice in getting the most out of your partnership 11:30 R&D Development Models for China • Crafting a R&D development plan • How to select a R&D model most suitable for your organization 12:30 Networking Lunch 14:00 Challenges of Selecting and Collaborating with China- Based Preclinical Contract Laboratories • Selecting pre-clinical contract laboratories in China • How to access the cost, facilities and labour skills before selecting • Tips in maintaining confidentiality and ensuring quality in preclinical research 15:00 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break 16:00 Integrating Regulatory Concerns with Drug Development in China • Recent regulatory changes in China • Overcoming the ever changing regulations during drug development 17:00 End of China R&D Workshop Clinical Trial Development in Asia This interactive multi-speaker workshop aims to acquaint the participant with the essential skills to develop a quality and regulatory compliant clinical trial in Asia. PRE-CONFERENCE SPECIAL FOCUS DAY 26 AUGUST 2014, TUESDAY (0900 – 1700) China R&D This workshop aims to introduce you to one of the world’s largest and highly competitive markets – the China R&D market. It will bring you through the important aspects on what is required, the investments, opportunities and key insights on entering and operating in the China R&D market. About Your Workshop Leaders Gene Ching-Hung Hsu, Senior Vice President, HEC Pharm Group, China Dr. Hsu is the Senior Vice President at HEC Pharm Group (China). He earned his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and completed his postdoctoral training at University of California at Berkeley. Prior to HEC Pharm, Dr. Hsu was the Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Shanghai InnoStar Bio-Tech Co. (China). His professional experience also includes executive and technical positions at TaiGen Biotech Co. (Taiwan), Merck & Co. (USA), and US Federal Government. Dr. Hsu has co-authored over 150 scientific publications, book chapters, and technical reports. He publishes books titled“Clinical Pathology in Experimental Animals”and“Cancer Risk Assessment” (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). Currently, Dr. Hsu serves on the Editorial Board of two international peer-reviewed journals and is the President-Elect of American Association of Chinese Toxicology (a special interest group of the Society of Toxicology, USA). He is board-certified by the American Board of Toxicology. Dr. Hsu is a recipient of the prestigious “Global Expert Award” by the China Central Government Joe Zhang, Executive Deputy Head, Center of Medical and Translational Sciences, Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical, China Dr. Zhang joined Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in February 2014 as the Executive Deputy Head of the Center of Medical and Translational Sciences, overseeing the entire preclinical (GLP tox) and clinical (Phase I to IV) development activities of the company. He also is the architect and a member of the company’s R&D Committee with responsibilities of reviewing and approving key milestones and associated budget for each R&D project. Prior to joining Shanghai CP Guojian, Dr. Zhang served quite a number of roles during his almost 20 years of professional career from scientist to vice president in a variety of organizations including China FDA, Covance, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Roche. Dr. Zhang is a pharmaceutical industry veteran trained in the United States and China with significant experiences in drug R&D activities. He received his Ph.D. in Toxicology from Indiana University and is a certified toxicologist by American Board ofToxicology. He also has a medical degree and a MPH from Beijing Medical University. Dr. Zhang has been very active in different scientific committees and organizations. He served as a group leader for RDPAC Preclinical Focus Group, a board member for Genetic Toxicology Association (GTA) and American Chinese Society of Toxicology (ACSOT) and is currently a full member of SOT, GTA, BioSafe, SAPA, and AACT. REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401
  5. 5. IBC LIFE SCIENCES 26-29 AUGUST 2014 S i n g a p o r e P A R K R O Y A L on Beach Road REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 IBC Asia’s premier Pharma R&D Asia conference aims to facilitate a better understanding of the complex Asian emerging pharmaceutical R&D industry, the opportunities, the challenges and the strategies that senior level decision makers are employing to get the best out of the region. Hear from pharmaceutical R&D experts on the investment opportunities, clinical trial developments, regulatory approval progress, technology transfer, IP protection and more, in this structured learning, networking and value packed four day program.You will no doubt, go home with new business relationships and strategies to successfully grow an innovative R&D pipeline in Asia. Sponsorship Opportunities RAISE awareness of your products and services to regional and international pharmaceutical professionals! Stand out from the competition with this branding opportunity Meet and develop new client relationships and also affirm existing ones with your presence at this event Are you launching new R&D technology or clinical trials services? Now is the time to showcase at this event Raise and maintain your corporate profile edge To check out our tailored sponsorship solutions, please contact: Yvonne Leong, Business Development Manager at Tel: +65 6508 2489 or Email: Who You Will Meet ■ Singapore 35% ■ Malaysia 15% ■ Indonesia 10% ■ Thailand 10% ■ India 10% ■ Rest of Sotheast Asia 5% ■ North Asia 10% ■ US/Europe 2% ■ Australia/New Zealand 3% ■ Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Generics 45% ■ Research Institute/Universities 25% ■ Government Agencies 5% ■ CROs 15% ■ Law Firms & Consultants 8% ■ R&D Software Solutions Providers 2% Partnerships and Collaboration Opportunities Licensing, M&A Trends in Asia Regulatory Trends and Their Impact on your R&D Pipeline Market & Investment Opportunities in Asia Intellectual Property Right Issues & Patent Strategies in Asia Outsourcing vs Inhouse R&D Clinical Trial Requirements & Development R&D Strategies for an Innovative Product Pipeline Key Conference Highlights: Part of: Showcase Your Research... Present a Poster If you have new results/data on topics relevant to this conference, we encourage you to submit a poster presentation. Any registered conference attendee may present a poster. Full payment of conference registration and poster fees must be received for the abstract to be included in the conference materials and a poster board assignment to be made (see the registration page for details on the poster fee). Only one poster presentation is allowed per registered attendee/author. For more information, please email:
  6. 6. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • Head of Medical Affairs • Medical Affairs Directors • MSLs • Chief Medical Officer • Scientific Directors • Medical Directors • Medical and Scientific Affairs Executives IBC LIFE SCIENCES 4 Successful Events Under 1 Roof! 26 - 29 AUGUST 2014 | PARKROYAL ON BEACH ROAD, SINGAPORE What is PharmaCon? The Pharmaceutical Congress Asia (PharmaCon) is the leading annual event that brings together Government, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers in Asia across: 4 Conferences 10 Workshops 4 Days of value-packed information Hours of networking opportunities The dynamic program and networking platform aims to enable companies to develop strong partnerships, drive innovation and growth, as well as winning products and services, in Asia’s growing pharmaceutical industry. Asia’s premier Pharma R&D conference is designed for professionals in the pharmaceutical R&D sector to find out the latest investment, partnership and collaboration opportunities, challenges facing drug discovery and clinical development and how to improve R&D innovation and productivity in Asia. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Senior level professionals from: Designed for regulatory professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to come together to discuss effective regulatory strategies for product access into Asia and also globally as well as to gain clarity on the complex and ever changing regulations in the region. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Professionals dealing with: • Global/Regional Regulatory Affairs • Regulatory Compliance • Regulatory Submissions & Publishing • Pharmacovigilance • Market Access Designed for senior executives from marketing in prescription and consumer health sectors, the conference pinpoints key success factors in strategizing pricing, distribution, advertising & promotion and product differentiation strategy in this competitive market.This event is Asia’s one and only platform to provide updated and in-depth evaluation on marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • CEO • Chief Marketing Officer • President/Managing Director/Vice President of Asia • Country Manager • Regional Marketing Director • Head of Corporate Planning • Head of Commercialization • Head of Marketing & Sales • Head of Market Access • Head of Business Development • Head of Multi-Channel Marketing • Head of Digital Marketing • Head of Product Development • Head of Packaging and Labeling • Head of Procurement & Sourcing • Head of Compliance MEDICAL AFFAIRS FORUM ASIA is the region’s longest running medical affairs forum where best practices are shared and common issues with like- minded peers are discussed. This event will bring insights on how to be more effective in enhancing your company’s scientific reputation and communicating the value of your products. • R&D • Drug Discovery • Clinical Trial and Development • Business Development • Partnerships & Licensing • Strategic Alliance Management • Strategy & Portfolio Management • Investment • Mergers & Acquisitions REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401
  7. 7. ENJOY SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS WITH OUR MULTIPLE BOOKING DISCOUNT! REGISTER NOW! FAX BACK TO +65 6508 2407 HOTEL INFORMATION DATA PROTECTION PAYMENT TERMS CANCELLATIONS / SUBSTITUTION IMPORTANT NOTE 6 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Email Customer Service Hotline +65 6508 2401 Fax +65 6508 2407 Web ❑ Yes! I/We will attend the Pharma R&D Asia 2014 | 26 – 29 August 2014, ParkRoyal Hotel on Beach Road, Singapore REGNO.200108203N PHARMA R&D ASIA 2014 ❑ I would like to purchase the conference presentations at SGD1000 + GST (SGD1070) per log in. RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY! CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS The best way to pay by credit card is through our secure on-line registration process, simply log on to the website at and click “Register On-line”. If you would prefer to pay over the phone please complete the contact name and details and our Customer Services Team will call within 24 hours to take payment. As we treat your credit card information in the strictest confidence, please do not send payment details by email. Credit card contact: Department: Direct phone number: Email: P46245 Payment Method (Please tick:) ❑ I enclose my bankers draft / cheque payable to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd ❑ I am paying by bank transfer (copy attached) ❑ Payment by Credit Card. (AMEX, VISA or MasterCard accepted) Payment must be received 10 business days prior to the event. To take advantage of discounts with an expiry date, registration and payment must be received by the cut-off date. • Payment by bankers draft or cheque in S$ or US$ should be made in favour of “IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd” and mailed to: IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd c/o Informa Regional Business Services 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #10-06 Singapore 238164 Attn: The Accounts Receivable Team • Payment by bank transfer in S$ or US$ made payable to: IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd A/C No.:147-059513-001 (S$) A/C No.:260-457866-178 (US$) The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited 21 Collyer Quay, HSBC Building Singapore 049320 Bank Swift Code: HSBCSGSG Bank Code: 7232 • Payment by Credit Card (AMEX, VISA or MasterCard). The best way to pay by credit card is through our secure portal built into the website. To pay by phone please indicate the contact name and details below and our Customer Services Team will call within 24 hours to take payment. 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Please quote the name of the delegate, event title and invoice number on the advice when remitting payment. Bank charges are to be deducted from participating organisations own accounts. Please fax your payment details (copy of remittance advice, cheque or draft to +65 6508 2407). Attendance will only be permitted upon receipt of full payment. Participants wishing to register at the door are responsible to ensure all details are as published. IBC assumes no further liability or obligation, beyond the refund of the paid registration fee, in the event of postponement or cancellation by IBC. MAIL the attached registration form with your cheque to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd c/o Informa Regional Business Services 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #10-06, Singapore 238164 Scan the QR Code with your smartphone and register today Early Bird Rate Register & pay on or before 20 Jun 2014 FEE PER DELEGATE Special Rate Register & pay on or before 18 Jul 2014 Group Rate (3 or more delegates) Normal Rate Register & pay after 18 Jul 2014 ❑ 2 Day Conference only SGD 3,895 SGD 4,095 SGD 4,295 SGD 3,795❑ 4 Day Package: 2 Day Conference + All Workshops SGD 2,595 SGD 2,795 SGD 2,995 SGD 2,495 • Multiple Bookings Discount pricing is applicable to groups of 3 or more delegates from the same organisation registering for the same event, at the same time. Fee stated is the discounted price PER DELEGATE. Only one discount applies; either the early bird rate OR special rate OR group rate. • All fees stated include luncheons, refreshments and complete set of documentation. It does not include the cost of accommodation and travel. • Registration fees are subject to the prevailing government tax Who is Head of your Department? Who is Head of Training? Company Information Company Name: Address: Main Business/Activity: Postal Code: Please photocopy for additional delegates FREE GROUPDISCOUNT Delegate 1 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 2 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 3 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 4 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: ❑ 3 Day Package: 2 Day Conference ❑ Pre-Conference Workshop OR ❑ Post-Conference Workshop SGD 3,295 SGD 3,495 SGD 3,695 SGD 3,195 PARKROYAL on Beach Road 7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591 Hotel mainline: +65 6505 5666 Contact Person: Teo Hui Ling Tel: +65 6505 5696 Email: GROUP BONUS – Register 3 Delegates from the same company and the 4th Delegate attends FREE! ❑ Present a Poster SGD100 for Industry and Free for Academic 4 Successful Events Under 1 Roof 180+ Attendees to Network With 4+ Days of Expert Knowledge Sharing 80+ Expert Pharmaceutical Stakeholders & Key Decision Makers 15+ Interactive Formats to Get To Know Your Peers & Customers 1 Joint Exhibition Area Part of: spex