Pharma Marketing Asia Pacific 2014

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The pharmaceutical sector continues to see significant changes with increasing competition, tightening regulations and demand for growth. …

The pharmaceutical sector continues to see significant changes with increasing competition, tightening regulations and demand for growth.

If you are looking for expert advice on how to take advantage of growth opportunities, to strengthen your brand and competitive edge as well as to customize effective marketing strategies in developing and emerging markets in Asia, IBC’s 4th Annual Pharma Marketing conference is an event you MUST attend to gain insights on both prescription and consumer health industries.
The key topics covered at this event include:
 Asia Pharmaceutical Investment Opportunities & Development
• A panel of experts from CCM Pharmaceuticals, GSK, Shenogen Pharma Group, Shanghai Innostar Biotech and Aslan Pharmaceuticals

 Pharmaceutical brand building and best practices
• Jamaludin Elis, Commercial Director from Pharmaniaga

 Tailoring product & market mix with consideration on market matureness
• A panel of experts from Pfizer, Hospira and Kotra Pharmaceutical

 Integrating social media and digital forms into marketing functions
• A panel of industry experts from Sanofi, Merck, Moleac, Healint and Beroe Consulting

 Marketing Strategy From Rx to OTC and Tracking the Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy
• Brijesh Kapil, Vice President - Health & Wellness, Ranbaxy Laboratories

 Achieving Late-mover Advantage in Pharma: Strategies to Outsell the Pioneer
• Dr. Mahender Nayak, Global Marketing Lead – Cardiovascular, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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  • 1. Produced by: International Marketing Partner: Supporting Associations: 26 - 29 AUGUST 2014 PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore Life Sciences IBC LIFE SCIENCES ASIA Media Partners: 26 August 2014 | 9am – 5pm Big Data – The Potential Worth in Product Pricing, Patient Support and Education 29 August 2914 | 9am – 5pm Digital Marketing – The Future of Customer Centric Marketing Asia’s One and Only Pharma Marketing Conference Manoj Saxena Country Division Head, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Vietnam Dr. Mahender Nayak Global Marketing Lead – Cardiovascular, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Singapore Brijesh Kapil Vice President – Health & Wellness, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, India Andy Prabowo Digital Marketing Manager, Merck Group, Indonesia Ragnar Gåseby Executive Director, Leader Global Multi-Channel Marketing Center of Excellence, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Norway Dr. Adidharma Sasanasurya Head of Product & Promotion, Global Operation, Kalbe International, Indonesia What’s NEW for 2014? 80% more product, brand and company marketing case studies Medical Affairs and Marketing team collaboration for commercial success In-depth evaluation on digital marketing trends Current updates on pharma marketing regulations, market opportunities and access 30% more networking sessions to get to know industry peers Tailoring product and marketing mix in Asia’s unique markets Workshops Part of: Register 3 Delegates & The 4th Attends for FREE!
  • 2. REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 ASIA CONFERENCE DAY ONE Wednesday | 27 August 2014 8.00 Registration and Morning Coffee 9.00 Welcome from IBC Asia & Morning Ice Breaker Asia’s Pharmaceutical Market Outlook & Regulatory Updates 9:10 Asia Pharmaceutical Investment Opportunities & Development • Where is the Asian pharmaceutical market heading towards? • What are the investment and market opportunities available in Asia? • How are pharma companies in Asia coping with intensifying competition and investment from overseas? • Selecting the best business model, communication and operations to maximize market share in Asia • How regional integration has affected product launch and marketing in the prescription and non-prescription market JunBao, SeniorVicePresident&ChiefBusinessOfficer, Shenogen Pharma Group, China Billy Sarvanantham Urudr, Chief Commercial Officer, CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Dr. Narendra Vutla, Executive Vice President & Head, R&D – Wellness, Oral Health & Site Operations, GSK Consumer Healthcare, India Carl Firth, CEO, Aslan Pharmaceuticals, Singapore 10:00 Asia’s Evolving Regulatory Landscape & Development • Current initiatives and regulatory trends in Southeast Asia • International models, frameworks and standards for Asia to adopt • Regulatory trends and their impact on R&D investment • Recent pharma marketing regulations changes, expected new guidelines and compliance process under AEC • Are pharma companies ready for the implementation and the liberalization of health care services? • Current regulatory challenges faced and how they can be tackled • ASEAN harmonization and to what extent will it drive Asian innovation? Joy Chen, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Reckitt Benckiser, Singapore Ariel Valencia, Deputy Director, Food & Drugs Administration, Department of Health, Philippines Koichi Miyazaki, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs Group, Asia Development Department, Daiichi Sankyo, Japan 10.40 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break Market Access & Expansion in Asia’s Hot Spots 11.25 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Brijesh Kapil, Vice President – Health & Wellness, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, India 11.30 Market and Portfolio Mix – The Profitable Expansion Approach in Developing Countries • Penetrate and foster access in emerging economies • Ensuring the achievement of top and bottom line targets • Hedging within the APAC region: High profitability market versus volume markets • Market entry strategy in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Indochina region Rafael Mendoza, Senior Regional Director – Established Products, Pfizer, Hong Kong 12.10 Vietnam’s Pharmaceutical Market Outlook: One of the Fastest Growing Markets in Asia • Considerations and uncertainties - analyzing the key factors deferring MNCs from entering the market • Business models that MNCs adopted in the country: evaluating successes and failures • Distribution versus local manufacturing of prescription and non- prescription drugs • Restrictions and limitation on product advertising Manoj Saxena, Country Division Head, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Vietnam 12.50 Speed Networking 13.00 Networking Lunch Have the Chance to Have an Informal Chat with VIP Guests During the Networking Lunch Break 1. Mohd Zamri Omar, Senior Manager, International Sales, Pharmaniaga Marketing Malaysia 2. Sheila Ocava-Borja, Head of Marketing and Commercial Launch Excellence, Sandoz, Philippines 14.00 Is there Growth in Thailand’s Pharmaceutical Market? • Opportunities to enterThailand’s growing prescription drug market worth approximately US 4.7 Billion • Assessing the political climate- factors to consider before entering the market • Growth forecast and demand/supply analysis • Pharma product registration: key factors for success • What are the common barriers in product launching? • Competitive advantages/disadvantages against local pharma companies in marketing products Achieving Competitive Advantages 14.40 Tailoring Marketing Strategy with Consideration on Market Matureness • Buying behavior and how market dynamics vary in developing versus matured regions: ~ Market access ~ Availability of distribution channels and infrastructure ~ Customer characteristics • Delivering suitable products to matured/developing / infant markets • Glocalization – Offering products to suit local customer’s preferences and characteristics • Case studies on achieving competitive advantages in Asia’s expanding pharmaceutical markets Panelists: Cheah Ming Loong, General Manager – Ethical Division, Kotra Pharma (M) Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia Rafael Mendoza, Senior Regional Director – Established Products, Pfizer, Hong Kong Ang Khai Meng, Vice President, Asia, Hospira, China 15.10 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break 15.40 How to Deliver Multi-channel Marketing at Scale • Working with internal teams to instill the multi-channel culture • Incorporating medical information into the multi-channel marketing • Selecting the sales and distribution channels to best suit your brand • From multi-channel to omni channel marketing: what are the differences and how it creates better purchasing experiences? Ragnar Gåseby, ExecutiveDirector,LeaderGlobalMulti-Channel Marketing Center of Excellence (CoE), Merck Sharp & Dohme, Norway 16.20 Achieving Late-Mover Advantage in Pharma: Strategies to Outsell the Pioneer • Recognizing the unmet demand and breaking through the met demand • Are late movers able to gain advantage? • How can you effectively establish your position against your competitor? • Formulating a marketing strategy to outsell the pioneer • Best practice case studies Dr. Mahender Nayak, Global Marketing Lead – Cardiovascular, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Singapore 17.00 Roundtable Discussions 1. Is There a Disconnect Between Marketing Strategy & Effective Implementation? Salman Bokhari, Founder & Managing Director, Sidrapex Pte Ltd, Singapore 2. Are Social Media and Digital Pharma Marketing Fundamental to the Pharma Industry? Ravi K Reddy, Research Domain Lead – Marketing Services (Targeted Audience), Beroe Inc, India 3. How to Achieve Sales Force Effectiveness by Applying Predictive Data Analytics in Pharma Marketing Dr. Gabor Benedek, Business Development Director, Lynx Analytics Pte Ltd, Singapore 17.40 Chairman’s Summary of the Day 17.50 End of Conference Day One PANELDISCUSSION PANELDISCUSSION VISIONARYKEYNOTES VIPLUNCH TABLES
  • 3. ASIA CONFERENCE DAY TWO Thursday | 28 August 2014 8.30 Morning Networking & Coffee 8.55 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Bruno Senouci, Managing Director, Drcom, Vietnam Medical Affairs and Marketing Collaboration 9.00 Medical Affairs and Marketing Collaboration for Commercial Success • What are the common barriers between medical affairs and marketing teams? • What are medical affairs teams looking for when aligning marketing campaigns with business goals • Best practices in internal and external communication to address the correct needs of patients and prescribers Dr. Narendra Vutla, Executive Vice President & Head, R&D – Wellness, Oral Health & Site Operations, GSK Consumer Healthcare, India 9.40 Bridging the Gaps in Engaging with Internal Stakeholders • Cross functional opportunities and challenges: where are the conflict points? • Where are the gaps that lead to misalignment between marketing and medical affairs? • Ensuring continuous feedback to improve communication • How do we link synergies and reconcile differences? • Managing different priorities and expectations to create synergy for win-win • Best practice in achieving effective A&P strategy Moderator: Salman Bokhari, Founder & Managing Director, Sidrapex Pte Ltd, Singapore Panelists: Ajay Tiku, Regional Medical Director, Cardiovascular Disease, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Bristol Myers Squibb, Singapore Kamlesh Patel, GeneralManager,Medical, Abbott Healthcare, India Dr. Narendra Vutla, Executive Vice President & Head, R&D – Wellness, Oral Health & Site Operations, GSK Consumer Healthcare, India 10.30 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break Sales Force Effectiveness Strategy 11.00 Developing a Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Strategy and Greater Product Engagement • Aligning territory according to target customer and coverage • Equipping your sales force with negotiation skills, product knowledge and creativity • Assessing different sales models to fit your organization’s business strategy • Streamlining marketing, communication and IT processes to support sales force performance • Educating physicians, payers and clients to achieve greater product engagement Allan Marx Ancheta, Director,BusinessDevelopment&Strategy, Commercial Innovation & Alliance, Merck, Sharp & Dohme (MSD), Philippines Branding and Pricing 11.40 Branding Significance and Keys to Long Term Success • Differentiating products from competitors with both tangible and intangible benefits • Creating an emotional connect with the target audience • Brand management to ensure relevance to the target audience • Keys to brand protection and having your brand live longer in the market • What are the key attributes of a successful brand • Reinforcing your brand with innovative package design and labeling • Case study: best practices in developing and implementing successful brand building strategy Jamaludin Elis, Commercial Director, Pharmaniaga Berhad, Malaysia 12.30 Networking Lunch 13.40 RX to OTC: Marketing Strategy,Tracking and Effectiveness • Brand building challenges from RX to OTC • How can marketers promote switched products to physicians? • Changing dynamics of consumer, patient and health care provider relationships • How pharmaceutical companies can juggle Rx and switched products at the same time • How to fine-tune strategies in the midst of a campaign • Measuring the ROI of marketing campaigns and impact on revenue • Moving beyond ROI to real marketing effectiveness Brijesh Kapil, Vice President – Health & Wellness, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, India 14.20 Marketing High Quality & High Price Products in Emerging Markets and Other Pricing Strategies • Why traditional mechanisms like patient assistance programs are not viable for high price medicines in a developing market • Designing supplemental commercial insurance with local insurers • Rebates and patient assistance for greater patient volume • Challenges in innovative approach and experiments for bridging the affordability gap • Regulations and limitation on retail prices for reimbursed drugs • How to work with pharmaceuticals to gain greater pricing differentials • How to differentiate your product offering and justify the premium pricing Dr. Adidharma Sasanasurya, Head of Product & Promotion, Global Operation, Kalbe International Pte Ltd, Indonesia Digital Marketing 15.00 2014 and Beyond – Engaging your Audience with Social Media and Digital Marketing • Current digital marketing and communicating information via medical portals • Trends in social media and digital forms – how it helps to retain customers and brand building • Harnessing the power of patient engagement through social channels – innovative programs that engage patient/physician relationships • Discover how to use engaging platforms to gain customer insight • Tradeoffs and issues with bridging the gap between the world of digital and world of marketing strategy • Does the industry need digital marketing to stay afloat? • What are the risks of not including them into your business portfolio? Moderator: Karthikeyan Mahalingam, Senior Research Analyst, Marketing Services, Beroe Consulting, India Panelist: Andy Prabowo, Digital Marketing Manager, Merck Group, Indonesia Francois Cadiou, CEO, Healint, Singapore David Picard, CEO, Moleac, Singapore 15.40 Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break 16.10 Delivering a Digital Marketing Strategy and Culture within Pharma to Deliver Optimal Patient Healthcare and Treatment Awareness • Realizing how social media can be used for a better understanding of patients, including: unmet need, new adverse events and patient compliance • Evaluating available opportunities within social media for drug marketing • Understanding how to effectively market your drugs via social media • Deciphering how the various popular mediums can be used – Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook • Preparing for the challenges of drug advertising compliance within social media Xavier Olba, Digital Business Strategy Manager, Sanofi Iberia, Spain 16.50 e-Commerce: Going Beyond the Traditional Visibility of Pharma Products • How to set up online retailing and what are the considerations? • Is it applicable to Asia and what are the benefits and restrictions? • Success story of an online pharmaceutical store – branding, marketing and advertising and promotion campaigns • How to deliver messages to your market effectively and achieving targeted results • Best practices in implementing new platforms David Picard, CEO, Moleac, Singapore 17.30 Engaging your Target Market with Healthcare and Medical Apps • Current trends in healthcare apps and how apps are vital in the digital healthcare revolution • Meeting customer requirements • Fine line between providing a service to the patient and product marketing • Is the pharmaceutical industry ready to be customer centric focused? • How apps add value to your organization • Measureable performance indications and effectiveness of the tool Francois Cadiou, CEO, Healint, Singapore 18.00 Chairman’s Summary of the Day & End of Conference PANELDISCUSSION PANELDISCUSSION VIRTUALPRESENTATION REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401
  • 4. Rajesh Kumar, CMD, Aaum Research & Analytics Private Limited, QT&T Partner, India Rajesh is an entrepreneur with robust experience in quantitative & qualitative data analysis, business intelligence, project management and IT process consulting working for several clients in Finance, Information Technology, Marketing and Operations domain. Rajesh holds rich consulting experience with Fortune 100 organizations. He has B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras and MBA from IIT Kanpur. Raghavan Vasudevan, CEO, QT & T Consulting (Asia), Singapore Raghavan is the co-founder and Director of the company QT&T Consulting Asia (Pte) Ltd Singapore and graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has secured many Industrial accreditations to his credit. He has a total of 24 years of industry experience and served several years in a senior managerial capacity in several MNC's which includes P&O Neddloyd Ltd, BPL Sanyo, Canadian High Commission, to name a few. He is a self-starter with an outgoing personality, adaptive to change and excellent relationship, presentation and communication skills. Proven consulting and venture experience. Mr.Raghavan’s objectives are to drive business growth and value for the organization through leveraging the assets of the organization, and continuously improving on the execution, and achieving cost- and operational efficiencies, Raghavan strive to make a mark on the competitive differentiation of the products and services the organization offers. He is an expert in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) including Cloud and Bigdata Analytics, Project Management, Process Management (LEAN SIX SIGMA) domain. He has been featured in Asia's CIO magazine and was ranked within the top 100 CIO’s for the Asian region in 2003. ASIA Pre-Conference Workshop: Tuesday, 26 August 2014 9am – 5pm Big Data - The Potential Worth in Product Pricing, Patient Support and Education As society adapts to new activities and technologies that generate ever greater quantities of data relevant to pharma, it is fast becoming a marketing tool that cannot be overlooked. Exactly how best to use big data has yet to be established, but recent research indicates its potential worth in market research, product pricing, patient support, customer education and more. Big data isn’t just about the amount of data, it’s about having the means to analyze the data and gain knowledge and insights from the whole dataset. Thus, it is important to evaluate how big data support pharma marketing and challenges inherent in big data. About yourWorkshop Leaders: Post-Conference Workshop: Friday, 29 August 2014 9am – 5pm Digital Marketing - The Future of Customer Centric Marketing About your Workshop Leader:The days of pushing a product in a one-size-fits-all approach are over. Providing the right information, at the right time, in the right format to the right customer is the future of Customer Centric Marketing. During this workshop, we will share the latest insights, experiences and trends regarding digital marketing and innovative communication tools relevant to customer needs. Participants will be given a deeper understanding of the components and process to draw clear differences between the new world and the traditional marketing model. A practical and hands-on approach will provide an overall understanding of how digital marketing can be leveraged to significantly improve communication impact and business with customers. iPads, e-detailing, mobile applications, e-mail, conferencing, remote detailing Paper vs interactive detailing Customer insights and CRM Content and building interactivities Process and collaboration Available multichannel technology Importance of training for the managers Bruno Senouci, Managing Director, Drcom, Vietnam Bruno Senouci started his career in 2001, pioneering the first digitalmarketingprojectsande-detailingpilotsoftheEuropean pharmaceutical industry. Since then, he has been leading digital marketing and Sales Force Effectiveness(SFE) projects internationally for major pharmaceutical companies (AstraZeneca and P&G to name a few) for the last 12 years. He settled in Vietnam in 2007 to start and build-up Drcom in-house development and digital production capabilities. As the head of Drcom operations in Asia, and with the support of a very diverse team of 100 employees located in Singapore, Vietnam and China, he has been strongly involved in digital marketing projects in Asia, mainly for regional digital marketing and SFE projects. Bruno Senouci is now APAC Executive VP & Managing Director of Drcom in Singapore and has been living in Asia for more than 12 years. Drcom is an international digital and consulting company specializing in SFE and digital marketing, working with top pharmaceutical companies for more than 16 years. Drcom’s headquarters are in Paris and our company includes offices in North America (NewYork), Europe (Geneva, London) and Asia Pacific (China, Singapore, Vietnam). Introduction – Growth, opportunities and challenges with big data in Pharma Building big data organization – Skills, people, process, infrastructure, culture, etc Big data meets cloud “Hadoop” – The elephant to the rescue! Case studies of big data analytics in Pharma – I Case studies of big data analytics in Pharma – II The “Big” road ahead Parvathy Sarath, Director and Data Evangelist, Aaum Research & Analytics Private Limited, QT&T Partner, India Parvathy is a data evangelist with extensive experience in finance, retail, social media, human resource and government. Her forte is in the field of data mining, machine learning and statistical modelling. She actively researches in social media to derive actionable insights using advanced analytical models. Parvathy topped her Masters in Econometrics from University of Madras. REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 WORKSHOPS
  • 5. 26 - 29 AUGUST 2014 PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore IBC LIFE SCIENCES ASIA Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Position your company as a market leader at this event! Our customized sponsorship and exhibition package offers prime exposure to key decision- makers and exceptional branding in the pharma industry. To explore the range of thought leadership, speaking, branding and marketing opportunities available, please contact: Yvonne Leong | + 65 6508 2489 | With an aging population and increasing consumerism, it is apparent that the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more strategic in formulating marketing strategy to access investment opportunities in Asia as well as to grow market share. IBC’s 4th Annual Pharma Marketing conference will examine key concerns on market entry, achieving competitive advantages and implementing marketing strategies for prescription and non-prescription drugs in Asia's unique markets. Apart from gaining the latest information on pharmaceutical marketing practices, this conference is a platform to network with key decision makers and executives from sales and marketing teams in Asia. Who You Will Meet At The Conference Industry ■ Pharmaceuticals/ Biopharmaceuticals 50% ■ Consumer Healthcare 20% ■ Regulators 5% ■ Advertising/Creative Agencies/ Communications/Consultants 10% ■ Supply Chain/Distributors/Packaging/Labelling 10% ■ Data Analytics / Technology & Service Providers 5% Country ■ Singapore 20% ■ Malaysia 15% ■ Indonesia 10% ■ Thailand 10% ■ Philippines 10% ■ Vietnam 5% ■ China/Hong Kong/Korea/Japan/Taiwan 20% ■ India 5% ■ Rest of the world 5% What are the best practices in pharma marketing adopted by the leading market players? Gain insights on market and portfolio mix strategy with key sessions by Pfizer, Bayer Healthcare, Takeda, and more What are the key attributes of successful branding? Understand how Pharmaniaga and Ranbaxy built their brands with products ranging from RX to OTC How can you improve sales force effectiveness and align marketing campaigns with business goals? GSK and MSD will guide you through choosing the best sales models and practices in managing medical affairs and marketing collaboration How will digital marketing change the game play in Asia’s pharmaceutical industry? Merck, Healint, Moleac and more evaluate the most effective digital channels to suit your products. Also BENEFIT from cutting edge workshops on big data and digital marketing REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 Part of:
  • 6. REGISTER TODAY! +65 6508 2401 WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • Head of Medical Affairs • Medical Affairs Directors • MSLs • Medical and Scientific Affairs Executives IBC LIFE SCIENCES 4 Successful Events Under 1 Roof! 26 - 29 AUGUST 2014 | PARKROYAL ON BEACH ROAD, SINGAPORE What is PharmaCon? The Pharmaceutical Congress Asia (PharmaCon) is the leading annual event that brings together Government, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers in Asia across: 4 Conferences 10 Workshops 4 Days of value-packed information Hours of networking opportunities The dynamic program and networking platform aims to enable companies to develop strong partnerships, drive innovation and growth, as well as winning products and services, in Asia’s growing pharmaceutical industry. Asia’s premier Pharma R&D conference is designed for professionals in the pharmaceutical R&D sector to find out the latest investment, partnership and collaboration opportunities, challenges facing drug discovery and clinical development and how to improve R&D innovation and productivity in Asia. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Senior level professionals from: Designed for regulatory professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to come together to discuss effective regulatory strategies for product access into Asia and also globally as well as to gain clarity on the complex and ever changing regulations in the region. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Professionals dealing with: • Global/Regional Regulatory Affairs • Regulatory Compliance • Regulatory Submissions & Publishing • Pharmacovigilance • Market Access Designed for senior executives from marketing in prescription and consumer health sectors, the conference pinpoints key success factors in strategizing pricing, distribution, advertising & promotion and product differentiation strategy in this competitive market.This event is Asia’s one and only platform to provide updated and in-depth evaluation on marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? • CEO • Chief Marketing Officer • President/Managing Director/Vice President of Asia • Country Manager • Regional Marketing Director • Head of Corporate Planning • Head of Commercialization • Head of Marketing & Sales • Head of Market Access • Head of Business Development • Head of Multi-Channel Marketing • Head of Digital Marketing • Head of Product Development • Head of Packaging and Labeling • Head of Procurement & Sourcing • Head of Compliance MEDICAL AFFAIRS FORUM ASIA is the region’s longest running medical affairs forum where best practices are shared and common issues with like- minded peers are discussed. This event will bring insights on how to be more effective in enhancing your companyís scientific reputation and communicating the value of your products. • R&D • Drug Discovery • Clinical Trial and Development • Business Development • Partnerships & Licensing • Strategic Alliance Management • Strategy & Portfolio Management • Investment • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • 7. ENJOY SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS WITH OUR MULTIPLE BOOKING DISCOUNT! REGISTER NOW! FAX BACK TO +65 6508 2407 HOTEL INFORMATION DATA PROTECTION PAYMENT TERMS CANCELLATIONS / SUBSTITUTION IMPORTANT NOTE This label contains your priority booking code. To expedite registration, please do not remove label. If you have already received a copy of this brochure, we apologise. For reasons of confidentiality, your full particulars were not available to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd for deduplication prior to mail drop. 6 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Email Customer Service Hotline +65 6508 2401 Fax +65 6508 2407 Web ❑ Yes! I/We will attend the 4th Annual Pharma Marketing Asia | 26 – 29 August 2014, ParkRoyal Hotel on Beach Road, Singapore REGNO.200108203N 4TH ANNUAL PHARMA MARKETING ASIA ❑ I would like to purchase the conference presentations at SGD1000 + GST (SGD1070) per log in. RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY! CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS The best way to pay by credit card is through our secure on-line registration process, simply log on to the website at and click “Register On-line”. If you would prefer to pay over the phone please complete the contact name and details and our Customer Services Team will call within 24 hours to take payment. As we treat your credit card information in the strictest confidence, please do not send payment details by email. Credit card contact: Department: Direct phone number: Email: P46246 Payment Method (Please tick:) ❑ I enclose my bankers draft / cheque payable to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd ❑ I am paying by bank transfer (copy attached) ❑ Payment by Credit Card. (AMEX, VISA or MasterCard accepted) Payment must be received 10 business days prior to the event. To take advantage of discounts with an expiry date, registration and payment must be received by the cut-off date. • Payment by bankers draft or cheque in S$ or US$ should be made in favour of “IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd” and mailed to: IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd c/o Informa Regional Business Services 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #10-06 Singapore 238164 Attn: The Accounts Receivable Team • Payment by bank transfer in S$ or US$ made payable to: IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd A/C No.:147-059513-001 (S$) A/C No.:260-457866-178 (US$) The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited 21 Collyer Quay, HSBC Building Singapore 049320 Bank Swift Code: HSBCSGSG Bank Code: 7232 • Payment by Credit Card (AMEX, VISA or MasterCard). The best way to pay by credit card is through our secure portal built into the website. To pay by phone please indicate the contact name and details below and our Customer Services Team will call within 24 hours to take payment. Please do not send credit card information by email. SAVE WITH THE EARLY BIRD & SPECIAL RATES! If undelivered, please return to: 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #10-06, Singapore 238164 Tel: +65 6508 2400 Fax: +65 6508 2408 The personal information entered during your registration/order, or provided by you, will be held on a database and may be shared with companies in the Informa Group in the UK and internationally. Occasionally, your details may be obtained from or shared with external companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do not wish your details to be used for this purpose, please contact our Database Department at Email:, Tel: +65 6508 2400 or Fax: +65 6508 2408. Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Cancellations must be received in writing at least 10 business days before the start of the event, to receive a refund less 10% processing fee per registration. The company regrets that no refund will be made available for cancellation notifications received less than 10 business days before the event. Please quote the name of the delegate, event title and invoice number on the advice when remitting payment. Bank charges are to be deducted from participating organisations own accounts. Please fax your payment details (copy of remittance advice, cheque or draft to +65 6508 2407). Attendance will only be permitted upon receipt of full payment. Participants wishing to register at the door are responsible to ensure all details are as published. IBC assumes no further liability or obligation, beyond the refund of the paid registration fee, in the event of postponement or cancellation by IBC. MAIL the attached registration form with your cheque to IBC Asia (S) Pte Ltd c/o Informa Regional Business Services 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset #10-06, Singapore 238164 Scan the QR Code with your smartphone and register today Early Bird Rate Register & pay on or before 20 Jun 2014 FEE PER DELEGATE Special Rate Register & pay on or before 18 Jul 2014 Group Rate (3 or more delegates) Normal Rate Register & pay after 18 Jul 2014 ❑ 2 Day Conference only SGD 3,895 SGD 4,095 SGD 4,295 SGD 3,795❑ 4 Day Package: 2 Day Conference + All Workshops GROUP BONUS – Register 3 Delegates from the same company and the 4th Delegate attends FREE! SGD 2,595 SGD 2,795 SGD 2,995 SGD 2,495 • Multiple Bookings Discount pricing is applicable to groups of 3 or more delegates from the same organisation registering for the same event, at the same time. Fee stated is the discounted price PER DELEGATE. Only one discount applies; either the early bird rate OR special rate OR group rate. • All fees stated include luncheons, refreshments and complete set of documentation. It does not include the cost of accommodation and travel. • Registration fees are subject to the prevailing government tax Who is Head of your Department? Who is Head of Training? Company Information Company Name: Address: Main Business/Activity: Postal Code: Please photocopy for additional delegates FREE GROUPDISCOUNT Delegate 1 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 2 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 3 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: Delegate 4 Details Name: Dr/Mr/Ms Job Title: Department Tel: Mobile No.: Email: ❑ 3 Day Package: 2 Day Conference ❑ Pre-Conference Workshop OR ❑ Post-Conference Workshop SGD 3,295 SGD 3,495 SGD 3,695 SGD 3,195 PARKROYAL on Beach Road 7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591 Hotel mainline: +65 6505 5666 Contact Person: Teo Hui Ling Tel: +65 6505 5696 Email: