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20121023115534 sample assignment_answer

  2. 2. 1 Table of Contents Introduction.............................................................................................................................2-3 Problems at the School’s Library........................................................................................3-5 Solutions to the Problems of the School Library.............................................................5-8 Conclusion .................................................................................................................................8 References ..............................................................................................................................9
  3. 3. 2 INTRODUCTION: To: The Committee Members of the Parent Teacher Association of Sekolah Emas Prai. From: Sukha Singh, President of Parent Teacher Association, Sekolah Emas Prai. Date: 30 June 2012 Subject: Recommendations in overcoming the problems in the school library of Sekolah Emas Prai, Pulau Pinang. This report is written in response to the numerous complaints that I have been receiving over the past several months from the parents about the poor state of affairs at our school library. I have made a few visits to the library which caters to both the primary and secondary schools, and found the conditions as described by the parents are true and they are deplorable. So we have to make some concrete decisions to rectify it. As the next meeting of the PTA is due in a month’s time, I hope you will give your full cooperation to the recommendations I have put forward in this report, in finding solutions to the existing problems at our school library. This is important because the library plays a vital role in the students’ intellectual development. The library’s facilities are in a sad state and not conducive for students to sit and spend some time for reading as it is uncomfortable due to insufficient fans, unsuitable old furniture and outdated slow computers. It has been sometime since new books have been added to the present collections and fair number of old books are torn and tattered. There is a need for renovation work to be done at this place as floor tiles are missing in places and the walls need a new coat of paint, book shelves and lighting need urgent attention. Funding and budgeting problems is another area in which our committee will play a key role in getting the funds either by having fundraising programmes or getting help from the authorities.
  4. 4. 3 Management of the library needs to be looked into as overcrowding, operating hours, and overdue return of books are the other common problems. PROBLEMS AT THE SCHOOL’S LIBRARY. Facilities at the library: The poor conditions of the facilities in the library are due to the following: i. The condition of the library of Sekolah Emas Prai is not in good condition as the floor is poorly maintained with missing and cracked tiles. The paintwork of the walls were faded and peeling in some places. The ceilings appeared stained and warped especially around the light mountings. There is no toilet facility near the library. ii Ceiling fans are inadequate to maintain a comfortable temperature of the library and students may not want spend enough time reading under this conditions. The fans are old and make a lot of noise. The lighting is poor and gives a gloomy atmosphere. iii The furniture presently used either needs repairs or it is inadequate to accommodate the students using the library. Broken chairs have not been replaced and some of the present ones are too big for the students’ use. The tables and chairs are haphazardly placed and the space usage is not properly planned. iv The bookshelves are rather old looking and lacking proper labeling and some are slanting giving an impression the base of the shelves have rotted. The shelves are tall for the primary school students as they cannot get the books that are on the top shelves. v The computer room has some outdated slow computers and their numbers are small to cater for the students. There is lack of proper lighting and electrical outlets and no printers available in the computer room. Books in the Library: i. No new books have been bought or donated to this library for the past two years. The unavailability of books like the Harry Porter series has irked
  5. 5. 4 the students and their parents alike. There are also few reference books to contend with especially the lower secondary students who need reference material for their class projects. ii. Students find difficulty in searching for books filed in the shelves due faded prints on the book covers, wrong filing of books and improper cataloguing done. iii. Many of the books were found in bad condition as they were torn and tattered with missing pages and some have shown their age in their appearances. iv. There were a few magazines in the magazines’ racks and the children’s magazines were missing. Managing the Library: i. The library is run by a librarian, volunteer teachers who take turns in their library duties and secondary class students. The librarian is overwhelmed by administrative work while the teachers come in twice a week after school. The students help out in the counter where students who borrow or return the books get their books stamped. ii. Many of the books that are removed from the shelves because they are old or need repairs have no proper place to be stored. They are kept at one end of the library floor to be attended to later. This becomes an eye sore to the visitors of the library. iii. Too many students come in at the same time after school is over and the library becomes congested and noisy. Tendency for the library books to go missing is high and is one of the library’s problems. iv. Library’s operating hours are too short and the students are not given enough time for browsing for the books or for reading. There seems to be a rush hour type of scene daily coupled by the congestion. v. There is a rush by the students to use the computer room and too many students are seen hovering over the few computers waiting for their turn.
  6. 6. 5 vi. There is always a delay in clearing the books to be borrowed by the students when the new staff comes to help in the library. There is no training schedule and they pick up as they observe their colleagues work. vii. Funds to improving the library is most often overlooked by the authorities. The school’s head had discussed with me that he had put up a report to the state education office one year ago and had not received any reply since. Solutions to the Problems of the School Library: Overcoming the problems of the facilities at the school’s library: i. The library needs some renovation work as the floors, walls and ceilings have to be restored. The walls need to be painted up with light soothing colour paint to brighten up the room. A reading section need to be created as the primary school students with the help of their teachers need to develop the reading habit. ii. Air conditioning the library should be given serious attention to create a comfortable environment for reading. This will also prevent the books in the library from getting discoloured. The electrical wirings need to be checked by the wiring contractors before the wirings are changed. For your note the last renovation was done fifteen years ago. iii. New and suitable chairs and tables need to be purchased to meet the students’ requirements. Chairs that can be repaired will be looked into in order to save costs. iv. At the junior students’ library section book shelves need to be replaced, in order to meet the height and reach of these students. The shelves with unstable bases from the other sections of the library also need replacement with better quality materials. Proper labeling of the bookshelves is important. v. The computer room facilities need upgrading. It needs more electrical points for power supply to the computers and its accessories. It also needs more broadband ports for the computers. The slow computers need new
  7. 7. 6 computer software to be installed while increasing the total number of computers from the present three to at least eight computers in the room. This will give more opportunity for the students in the use of the library computers. Maintenance of Books at the Library: Books are an important source of information and it plays a part in the learning process of a child’s development. Book maintenance at the library should be routine and on going to ensure the students get the books they want to read. Therefore we must ensure the following problem solving methods are followed: i. We need more new books in the library to meet the students’ demands. We need to look into ways to get funds in order to purchase new books. a) This can be done by following up the action of the school head who had appealed for funds for the library before, from the state education department. b) We need to have a fundraising campaign or drive to collect money for the library upgrading project. This can be in the form of a donation campaign appealing for donations from parents, teachers, corporate sectors and well wishers. The appeal can be even in the form of a book donation especially from the private sectors or companies. c) A book fair, a jumble sale or a concert performed by the students can be organized for the donation drive. ii. The shelves require new markers with colour codes to assist the students in their book search. Cataloging, adding subject headings with the Dewey Decimal System numbering of the books comes under the management section of the library where the books are prepared before they are put on the shelves. We will meet the librarian to discuss this problem and assist him in any way we can to improve the labels on the books and the shelves.
  8. 8. 7 iii. Books that are torn with pages missing will have to be removed from the shelves together with the old books that are seldom borrowed by the students. An extra room needed to be found with the help of the school head to create a storehouse or a workstation where the torn books and old books can be sent. The torn books can be repaired here by the volunteers and later be placed back into the appropriate shelves. The workstation will help in taking in the books that are placed on the floors of library thus solving the unsightly sights in the library. iv. It will be good if the library has more children’s magazines as this is one form to attract the children to read. Overcoming the Problems of Management: Management of the library is under the purview of the school head and the librarian. Teachers are chosen on a voluntary basis to assist in the functioning of the library together with the students. The library is open daily from 2.00pm to 5.00pm daily from Monday to Friday and from 10.00 am to 1.00pm on Saturdays. i. The present arrangement of teachers taking turns in helping out twice a week on a rotation basis is inappropriate as there seems to be not much positive impact and commitment on their role as advisers and overseeing book repair job. If some incentives can be provided to these teachers in the form of payments they may play a bigger role in the library by coaching primary school students how to read and search and select for books. They can also play a role in supervising and guiding students in the use of computers and the internet. ii. Overcoming overcrowding of the library can be worked out with school head and the class teachers who will be able to plan certain days in the week for some classes who can use the library facilities. With this time table there may be less rush and congestion. iii. New volunteer students who come to help in the library duties should be advised to come for orientation before they become helpers. In this way
  9. 9. 8 they will be able to clear the crowd at the counter in good time and cause less delay in the book clearance. iv. Library operating hours seem to be appropriate but the overcrowding of students was the factor that made the problem worse compounded. The creation of a visiting schedule or a time table according to the class will hopefully improve the situation and give more time for reading purposes. Conclusion: The importance of a library in a school is like a life line to knowledge. Students if given proper guidance to collect materials will help them to develop their minds in information literacy. Sekolah Emas Prai’s Library has to undergo changes in its facilities, book content and management so that it can function as a store house of knowledge. Here we are as responsible parents given the task to improve a given facility which needs immediate attention and appropriate action on our part, let us come together for the sake of our children, commit ourselves and bring improvement to this school’s library. Reported By: Sukha Singh Post: President Parent-Teacher Association Sekolah Emas Prai, Penang. Date: 30 June 2012 2179 WORDS
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