Mapping immigrant story
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Mapping immigrant story



Power Point presented at the CCSS conference on Mar.

Power Point presented at the CCSS conference on Mar.



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Mapping immigrant story Mapping immigrant story Presentation Transcript

  • Boom or Bust Mapping an Immigrant’s Story
  • The American Dream Maps, music, artifacts tell the immigrant stories of push pull factors in the early 1900’s
  • Resources
    • 1.
    • timeline/eimmigration.htm
    • 2.
    • page/92600263_a_history_
    • of_american_immigration
    • 3. Ellis Island
    • 4.
    • 5.http://www.maggieblanck.
    • com/Immigration.html
    • 6. (Immigration Nation Game)
  • Dreams of a Better Life
  • The Face of America Changes
    • From 1890 to 1920 , the population of American cities doubled and doubled again.
    • From 1880 to 1930 , 27 million people migrated to the United States. It was the largest migration in human history, before or since. Immigrants came primarily from Southern and Eastern Europe.
  • East Coast West Coast Ellis Island Angel Island
    • They sought economic opportunities and political liberty. But the immigrants were “not Protestant, not educated, not skilled and not liked.” 
        • 1880-1930
    • 20.8% Italy
    • 18.1% Austria-Hungary
    • 14.9% Russian
    • 12.7% Germany
        • 1910-1940
    • 175,000 Chinese came to US through Angel Is.
  • Passage Across the Atlantic
    • Steamships=Floating Villages
    • 2,000 in steerage
    • Dozens of nationalities
    • “ the atmosphere was so thick and dense with smoke & bodily odors that your head itched & when you when to scratch your head…you got lice in your hands.”
  • Mapping the Trip
    • Why they came to America?
    • What transportation modes did they use to get to California?
    • What challenges did they have?
  • Landing at Ellis Island
    • Push factors economic difficulties and political persecution
    • Pull factors economic opportunities and freedom from persecution
  • Immigrant Inspection
    • New York medical officer checks a woman’s eyes for trachoma, a disease that would cause immediate deportation. 1907 legislation barred people with TB, epilepsy & physical disabilities.
  • Map of Ellis Island
    • Immigrants disembarked at the Hudson River Piers & then were ferried on barges to Ellis Island where they were given numbered tags.
  • A welcoming site…
    • “ I go to the United States to seek to earn a living.
    • Goodbye, my beloved land; I bear you in my heart.”