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Why you should use Google+ if you are a local business

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Google + Local Presentation

  1. 1. How Google+ Local Pages Impact Your Business
  2. 2. What is Google+ Local  A Local Business listing center introduced by Google to replace Google Places pages  Show up in the search results when consumers search for local products and services  Makes it easy for businesses to socialize with their customers and prospects to increase sales  Makes it easy for consumers to find local businesses, as well as rate and review their favorite local businesses
  3. 3. What is Google+ Local?Here’s a sample of search engine results when user enters “Chinese Restaurants” into the search box:
  4. 4. What is Google+ Local? Here’s a sample of a Google+ Local Page:
  5. 5. The Switch from Google Places All former Google Places pages are now Google+ Local pages A “Local” tab has been added to Google+ so users can easily find local businesses, as well as write reviews and make recommendations
  6. 6. The Switch from Google PlacesThe Zagat review and scoring system hasreplaced Google’s old 5-star systemGoogle+ Local pages integrate with GoogleSearch, Google Maps, and Google Mobile Maps
  7. 7. Why The Switch? More Dynamic Socialization for Local Businesses More Exposure Across All Google Platforms More Engaging for Consumers
  8. 8. Google+ Local Features Google+ Local Tab in Left Hand Sidebar on Google+  This will take Google+ users to the Google+ Local section to find or review businesses New Zagat Scoring System  5-Star reviews are gone and now local businesses are rated using the Zagat 30-point scoring system based on consumer feedback
  9. 9. Google+ Local Features Ability to Add Better Photos  Businesses can portray what they want consumers to “see” with bigger and better photos Ranking and Indexing  Google+ Local pages will now be indexed and will show in search results Plus 1’s (+1’s)  This digital form of “word-of-mouth” will give your business even more relevance Map Integration  A map is included on your Google+ Local page to help your prospects find your physical location
  10. 10. What Does This Mean for Consumers?Can quickly and easily find local businesses that have what they are looking forCan instantly get place recommendations based on their Google+ circles and other factorsCan get reviews about businesses from people they know and trust in the search resultsCan write reviews of their favorite businesses
  11. 11. What Does Your Business Need to Do? Already Had a Verified Google Places Page?  Still manage your page via Google Places for now Did Not Have a Verified Google Places Page?  Can still claim your listing via the Google Places platform Did Not Have a Google Places Page at All?  You can crate a page directly through Google+ Local – must join the Google+ network first
  12. 12. What Does Your Business Need to Do?Once Your Page is Fully Setup on Google+ Local… ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE Socialization is the KEY in getting the most out of your Google+ Local Page
  13. 13. Thank You for Viewing Our Google+ Local PowerPoint Presentation! If you would like more information about howGoogle+ Local can help boost your business, contact me today for a free consultation Royston Horton +44(0) 7867 556233