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Top 10 Budget Eats in Manhattan
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Top 10 Budget Eats in Manhattan


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Lists 10 great inexpensive meals in Manhattan

Lists 10 great inexpensive meals in Manhattan

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  • 1. Top 10 Budget Eats in Manhattan
  • 2.
    • ‘ Le Bernardin’ is my favorite restaurant in Manhattan but a tasting menu there is $180.
    • This list gives you a better way to spend that $180
    • 10 great meals you could have for the price of one
    • The countdown begins......
  • 3. 10. Chikalicious 203 East 10th Street
    • A desserts-only place
    • Amazing petit fours
    • Portions are too small for someone with a serious sweet tooth
    • A three-course dessert tasting and a coffee would be about $15
  • 4. 9. Sushi Yasuda 204 E. 43rd St
    • Sushi has the potential to be world food and here you get a good selection of sushi and sashimi
    • Service tends to be friendly but slow
    • A prix fixe lunch would cost between $20 to $30
  • 5. 8. Ruby Foo’s 1626 Broadway
    • A restaurant which has understood the concept of fusion-food
    • This is a fun, family-friendly kind of place
    • Helpful service
    • Seafood options from lobster to salmon to tuna, are really interesting
    • A good dinner is about $20 per head
  • 6. 7. Petrie Court Cafe The Metropolitan
    • Great views of the Central Park and of the Kravis Gallery, etc
    • Great ambiance enhanced by the presence of priceless pieces of art
    • Food is carefully prepared
    • Cost per head will be between $15 and $35
  • 7. 6. Pio Pio 1746 First Ave
    • A congested ‘hole in the wall’
    • The Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken is fabulous
    • Do not forget to get lots of hot green sauce to go with it
    • Two can split a chicken – about $8 per head
  • 8. 5. Peking Duck House 28 Mott St
    • Great peking duck which is carved next to your table
    • Good combo options for parties of 4 or more
    • The decor is probably the best in Chinatown
    • The cost per head would be about $15
  • 9. 4. Jean Georges 1 Central Park West
    • Great food by a great chef in a great setting
    • Service is not too great
    • Whichever way you look at it; The prix fixe lunch at $25 is a steal.
  • 10. 3. Joe’s Shanghai 9 Pell Street
    • Crab meat and pork soup dumplings are what you come here to eat
    • The rest of the food is not bad either
    • For dessert, try the ‘Chinese ice cream factory’ next door
    • About $15 per head would be approximately what you spend at Joe’s
  • 11. 2. Aquavit 65 E. 55th St.
    • The Cafe is good; no need to go inside for the more expensive food
    • The Smorgasbord gives you a sampling of great Scandinavian cuisine
    • The daily traditional Swedish meal is a great deal too.
    • Either of the above will cost below $25
  • 12. 1. Churrascaria Plataforma 316 W. 49th St.
    • A meat lover’s paradise; a buffet starring meats grilled Brazilian-style
    • Salads looked good but I couldn’t get distracted from the meat
    • I even forgot to save space for the dessert
    • An all you can eat lunch for $35
  • 13.
    • This list is restricted by:
    • My wallet – That is why a list of budget eats
    • My tastes – I have not listed any Indian restaurants as I find better ones in India
    • I love tapas but I did not find any place that really sets itself apart
    • I don’t drink alcohol, so the wine list does not play a role in my ratings
  • 14. Have Fun Use the list