The Elastic Leadership Techniques of the Coaching Architect


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The Elastic Leadership Techniques of the Coaching Architect

  1. 1. The #IWishMyTeam Coaching Architect Manifesto @RoyOsherove Senior Consultant – ITVerket
  2. 2. #IWishMyTeam Interesting Questions • • • • Why can’t I convince my team to do TDD? • What am I supposed to do with that bad apple in the team? • • Am I going to lose my friends? Why can’t we get over “putting fires” all the time? What am I supposed to do as a lead exactly? Why can’t I seem to hire all those people I read about in agile books? Why doesn’t anyone teach this stuff?
  3. 3. #IWishMyTeam Are you a Leader?
  4. 4. #IWishMyTeam If You are a Bottleneck, You are a Leader
  5. 5. #IWishMyTeam What is your role as a leader?
  6. 6. #IWishMyTeam Your role is to make yourself unneeded. To remove yourself as a bottleneck.
  7. 7. #IWishMyTeam Grow the team to solve their own problems without you.
  8. 8. #IWishMyTeam By growing others to not need you, you will always be wanted, appreciated and highly valuable
  9. 9. #IWishMyTeam If only I had a better team
  10. 10. #IWishMyTeam Great Teams are Grown, not Hired
  11. 11. #IWishMyTeam Leadership, done right, is a tough job That’s why you get paid more Many leaders like to take the money, but not do all the hard parts (Paraphrasing Gerry Weinberg in “Managing Teams Congruently”)
  12. 12. #IWishMyTeam How Do You Grow Your Team?
  13. 13. #IWishMyTeam How do we grow ourselves?
  14. 14. Learning Learning #IWishMyTeam Steady Growth (plateau) Gerald M. Weinberg – “becoming a technical leader”
  15. 15. #IWishMyTeam Fast Growth
  16. 16. Ravines before Fast Growth #IWishMyTeam
  17. 17. #IWishMyTeam Randomness adds noise
  18. 18. #IWishMyTeam To grow the team, we must first realize we can do this ourselves.
  19. 19. #IWishMyTeam Growing the team *is* our Ravine. Our risk. Our Challenge. Our Growth.
  20. 20. #IWishMyTeam TIME
  21. 21. Problem Solving Ability Phases #IWishMyTeam
  22. 22. #IWishMyTeam
  23. 23. #IWishMyTeam
  24. 24. #IWishMyTeam This applies for any bottleneck role Architect, Designer, QA, Technical Leader, Leader..
  25. 25. Problem Solving Ability Phases #IWishMyTeam
  26. 26. #IWishMyTeam The Survival addiction
  27. 27. How do we lose quality? Part #1 #IWishMyTeam 1.Dilemma: Write tests, or get it done? 2.Answer – No time! fix the fire, get it done! 3.Feeling == good
  28. 28. ONE WEEK LATER #IWishMyTeam 1.Dilemma: Write tests, or get it done? 2.What did we do last time? How did it feel? 3.Answer – Felt good to ship. Let’s do it again! 4.Feeling == good
  30. 30. We need to get out of survival mode #IWishMyTeam because we want to have time to learn because we want to grow our team to solve their own problems
  31. 31. #IWishMyTeam How do you break survival addiction?
  32. 32. #IWishMyTeam You take risks and remove some future commitments
  33. 33. Convince Others by Knowing Behavior Forces #IWishMyTeam All Stages
  34. 34. #IWishMyTeam For each behavior, The world is perfectly designed for that behavior to happen “Influencer – The power to change anything”
  35. 35. • Personal Motivation • Social Ability Motivation Ability • Environmental Motivation • Ability #IWishMyTeam
  36. 36. Problem Solving Ability Phases #IWishMyTeam
  37. 37. #IWishMyTeam Challenge “What are you going to do about it?”
  38. 38. #IWishMyTeam Commitment Language Survival/Learning stage
  39. 39. #IWishMyTeam We need.. I could.. Why doesn’t someone..
  40. 40. #IWishMyTeam I will.. by..
  41. 41. #IWishMyTeam Only commit to things under your own control
  42. 42. #IWishMyTeam Change your leadership style to fit the situation Learn some people techniques
  43. 43. #IWishMyTeam Elastic Leadership • Software leader skills to succeed in an agile world • (Also in non agile world) • find out more at
  44. 44. #IWishMyTeam A short song?
  45. 45. #IWishMyTeam This is a test line
  46. 46. #IWishMyTeam It looks like you’re doing just fine
  47. 47. #IWishMyTeam It’s time for a song of mine
  48. 48. #IWishMyTeam It’s late in the evening
  49. 49. #IWishMyTeam It’s late in the evening • I’m wondering what words to say • It’s so hard to breath here • The customer’s face is gray
  50. 50. #IWishMyTeam And then he asks me • Is the product alright? • And I say “yes, we deploy it all tonight”
  51. 51. #IWishMyTeam I check in the changes • The code doesn’t even compile • I wish I was home now • Instead I fake a big smile
  52. 52. #IWishMyTeam And when they ask me • Is the code alright? • I say “yes, it seems to compile tonight’
  53. 53. #IWishMyTeam I feel horrible • Because I see • The sadness in their eyes • When they find out that • the product • Doesn’t even have log files • This thing is doomed
  54. 54. #IWishMyTeam It’s time to go home now • And I’ve got an aching head • So I lock my computer • And pray that tomorrow I’m dead
  55. 55. #IWishMyTeam When my wife asks me • “Do you feel alright?” • I say “yes. Let’s watch game of thrones tonight”
  56. 56. #IWishMyTeam I feel miserable • Because I’ll guess • The madness in their talk • When they find out • that tomorrow • I don’t plan to come to work • And write my CV
  57. 57. Book: Thank you + Q&A Notes To a Software Team Leader #IWishMyTeam @royosherove
  58. 58. #IWishMyTeam Thank You • • Contact: • • • Email: Twitter: @RoyOsherove Books: • • • Gerald M. Weinberg - Managing Teams Congruently Johanna Rothman - Behind Closed Doors Influencer - The power to change anything