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Growing Effective Agile Teams by Roy Osherove

  1. 1. #IWishMyTeam Growing Effective Agile Teams@RoyOsheroveChief Scientist –
  2. 2. #IWishMyTeamInteresting Questions• Why can’t I convince my team to do TDD?• Why can’t we get over “putting fires” all the time?• What am I supposed to do as a lead exactly?• Why can’t I seem to hire all those people I read about in agile books?• What am I supposed to do with that bad apple in the team?• Am I going to lose my friends?
  3. 3. #IWishMyTeamAbout Author The Art of Unit Testing Notes to a Software Team Leader Beautiful Builds Blogger Twitterer @royOsherove
  4. 4. #IWishMyTeamDoes this apply to you?
  5. 5. #IWishMyTeamAre you a Leader?
  6. 6. #IWishMyTeamIf You are a Bottleneck, You are a Leader
  7. 7. #IWishMyTeam Scrum master, architect, DB dude,FrontEnd Dev, Tester..
  8. 8. #IWishMyTeam I Wish My Team… did more unit testing,made it in time to standup meeting in the morning, would have more time to do things right ...
  9. 9. #IWishMyTeamGreat Teams areGrown, not Hired
  10. 10. #IWishMyTeamWhat is your role as a leader?
  11. 11. #IWishMyTeamYour role is to makeyourself unneeded.To remove yourself as a bottleneck.
  12. 12. #IWishMyTeam Grow the team to solve their ownproblems without you.
  13. 13. #IWishMyTeamBy growing others tonot need you, you will always be wanted,appreciated and highly valuable
  14. 14. #IWishMyTeamIf only I had a better team
  15. 15. #IWishMyTeam “Management, done right, is a tough job” “That’s why you get paid more”“Many managers like to take the money, but not do all the hard parts” Leading yourself and others -- Gerald M Weinberg
  16. 16. #IWishMyTeamHow Do You Grow Your Team?
  17. 17. #IWishMyTeamHow do we grow ourselves?
  18. 18. #IWishMyTeamLearning LearningSteady Growth (plateau) Gerald M. Weinberg –“becoming a technical leader”
  19. 19. #IWishMyTeamFast Growth
  20. 20. Ravines before Fast #IWishMyTeam Growth
  21. 21. Ravines before Fast #IWishMyTeam Growth Vim curve
  22. 22. #IWishMyTeamRandomness adds noise
  23. 23. #IWishMyTeamTIME
  24. 24. #IWishMyTeam
  25. 25. #IWishMyTeam
  26. 26. Problem Solving #IWishMyTeam Ability Phases
  27. 27. #IWishMyTeam This applies for any bottleneck roleArchitect, Designer, QA, Technical Leader, Leader..
  28. 28. Problem Solving #IWishMyTeam Ability Phases
  29. 29. #IWishMyTeamTheSurvivaladdiction
  30. 30. How do we lose quality? #IWishMyTeamPart #11.Dilemma: Write tests, or get it done? 2.Answer – No time! fix the fire, get it done! 3.Feeling == good
  31. 31. ONE WEEK LATER #IWishMyTeam1.Dilemma: Write tests, or get it done? 2.What did we do last time? How did it feel? 3.Answer – Felt good to ship. Let’s do it again! 4.Feeling == good
  33. 33. #IWishMyTeam We need to get out of survival modebecause we want to have time to learnbecause we want to grow our team to solve their own problems
  34. 34. #IWishMyTeamHow do you break a survival addiction?
  35. 35. #IWishMyTeam You take risks andremove some future commitments
  36. 36. #IWishMyTeamProblem Solving Ability Phases
  37. 37. #IWishMyTeam Challenge“What are you going to do about it?”
  38. 38. #IWishMyTeamChange your leadership to fit Learn some people techniques
  39. 39.
  40. 40. #IWishMyTeam Course Jan 31: Elastic Leadership••Leadership skills to succeed in an agile world•(Also in non agile world)•find out more at
  41. 41. #IWishMyTeamA short song?
  42. 42. #IWishMyTeamThis is a test line
  43. 43. #IWishMyTeamIt looks like you’re doing just fine
  44. 44. #IWishMyTeamIt’s time for a song of mine
  45. 45. #IWishMyTeamIt’s late in the evening
  46. 46. #IWishMyTeam It’s late in the evening• I’m wondering what words to say• It’s so hard to breath here• The customer’s face is gray
  47. 47. #IWishMyTeam And then he asks me• Is the product alright?
  48. 48. #IWishMyTeam• And I say• “yes, we deploy it all tonight”
  49. 49. #IWishMyTeamI check in the changes
  50. 50. #IWishMyTeamI check in the changes• The code doesn’t even compile• I wish I was home now• Instead I fake a big smile
  51. 51. #IWishMyTeamAnd when they ask me• Is the code alright?• I say “yes, it seems to compile tonight’
  52. 52. #IWishMyTeam• I say• “yes, it seems to compile tonight’
  53. 53. #IWishMyTeam I feel horrible• Because I see• The sadness in their eyes• When they find out that• the product• Doesn’t even have log files• This thing is doomed
  54. 54. #IWishMyTeam• When they find out• That the product• Doesn’t even have log files• This thing is doomed
  55. 55. #IWishMyTeamIt’s time to go home now
  56. 56. #IWishMyTeam It’s time to go home now• And I’ve got an aching head• So I lock my computer• And pray that tomorrow I’m dead
  57. 57. #IWishMyTeamWhen my wife asks me• “Do you feel alright?”• I say “yes. Let’s watch game of thrones tonight”
  58. 58. #IWishMyTeam• I say• “yes. Let’s watch game of thrones tonight”
  59. 59. #IWishMyTeam I feel miserable• Because I’ll guess• The madness in their talk
  60. 60. #IWishMyTeam• When they find out• that tomorrow• I don’t plan to come to work• And write my CV
  61. 61. Book: #IWishMyTeam Thank youNotes To a Software Team Leader Courses at:
  62. 62. #IWishMyTeam Thank You + Q + A!• Contact: • Email: • Twitter: @RoyOsherove •• Books: • Gerald M. Weinberg - Managing Teams Congruently • Johanna Rothman - Behind Closed Doors • Influencer - The power to change anything
  63. 63. #IWishMyTeamConvince Others by Knowing Behavior Forces All Stages
  64. 64. #IWishMyTeam“For each behavior, The world is perfectly designed for that behavior to happen” “Influencer – The power to change anything”
  65. 65. #IWishMyTeam• Personal Motivation Ability• Social Motivation Ability• Environmental Motivation • Ability