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True Color Charms - Customized Products Catalog



True Color Charms

True Color Charms
Customized Products Catalog



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True Color Charms - Customized Products Catalog Document Transcript

  • 1. M AY 2 0 1 2 Photo Gifts & AwardsCombine favorite photographswith fun graphics and text tocreate personalized products thatare ideal for any special occasion!
  • 2. Tiles:Ceramic.Porcelain.Sandstone.Hardboard.Glass Our ceramic tiles are available in a variety of sizes and can be used individually, as a mural, or in one of our distinctive tile products! DyeTrans™ Value Tiles are less expen- Premiere™ Tiles provide beautiful art and Bison Tiles ™ provide a brilliant canvas for the sive tiles that feature a softer coating and lend them- photo reproduction that’s suitable for use with our best artwork and photo reproduction. The matte ce- selves to wholesale souvenir distribution. Value tiles line of distinctive wood products. Unsanded grout ramic tiles are highly resilient and scratch resistant. do not have built-in spacers, known as lugs. required when producing tile murals. Unsanded grout required when producing murals. OT3 3.35”x2.60” Oval, Gloss. TILER3 3.5” round x.25”, Gloss. CE3X6GLO 3”x6”x.25”, Gloss. OT4 4.10”x3.01” Oval, Gloss. TILER3M 3.5” round x.25”, Matte. CE3X6SHC 3”x6”x.25”, Matte. OT5 4.90”x3.60” Oval, Gloss. TILER3S 3.5” round x.25”, Satin. CE4X4GLO 4.3125”x4.3125”x.25” w/lugs, Gloss. OT6 5.875”x4” Oval, Gloss. TILER6 6” round x.25”, Gloss. CE4X4SHC 4.3125”x4.3125”x.25” w/lugs, Matte. BT22A 1.875”x1.875”x.2”, Gloss. TILER6M 6” round x.25”, Matte. CE4X4DS 4.3125”x4.3125”x.25” w/lugs, Satin. BT44 4.25”x4.25”x.2”, Gloss. TILER6S 6” round x.25”, Satin. NS6X6GLO 6”x6”x.25”, Gloss. BT66 6”x6”x.2”, Gloss. TILE02 1.875”x1.875”x.25”, Gloss. NS6X6SHC 6”x6”x.25”, Matte. TILE02M 1.875”x1.875”x.25”, Matte. NS6X6DS 6”x6”x.25”, Satin. BT68 5.875”x7.83”x.3”, Gloss. TILE02S 1.875”x1.875”x.25”, Satin. CE6X6GLO 6.0625”x6.0625”x.25” w/Lugs, Gloss. BT88 7.8125”x7.8125”x.3”, Gloss. TILE36 3”x6”x.25”, Gloss. CE6X6SHC 6.0625”x6.0625”x.25” w/Lugs, Matte. BT810 7.8125”x9.75”x.3”, Gloss. TILE36M 3”x6”x.25”, Matte. CE6X6DS 6.0625”x6.0625”x.25” w/Lugs, Satin. BT812 7.875”x11.75”x.3”, Gloss. TILE36S 3”x6”x.25”, Satin. CE6X8GLO 6.0313”x7.875”x.25”, Gloss. TILE4 4.3125”x4.3125”x.25” w/Lugs, Gloss. CE6X8SHC 6.0313”x7.875”x.25”, Matte. BT1212 11.8125”x11.8125”x.25”, Gloss. CE6X8DS 6.0313”x7.875”x.25”, Satin. TILE4M 4.3125”x4.3125”x.25” w/Lugs, Matte. TILE4S 4.3125”x4.3125”x.25” w/Lugs, Satin. CE8X8GLO 7.8125”x7.8125”x.25”, Gloss. TILE6 6.0625”x6.0625”x.25” w/Lugs, Gloss. CE8X8SHC 7.8125”x7.8125”x.25”, Matte. TILE6M 6.0625”x6.0625”x.25” w/Lugs, Matte. CE8X8DS 7.8125”x7.8125”x.25”, Satin. TILE6S 6.0625”x6.0625”x.25” w/Lugs, Satin. CE8X10GLO 7.875”x9.8125”x.25”, Gloss. TILE68 6.0313”x7.875”x.25”, Gloss. CE8X10SHC 7.875”x9.8125”x.25”, Matte. TILE68M 6.0313”x7.875”x.25”, Matte. CE8X10DS 7.875”x9.8125”x.25”, Satin. TILE68S 6.0313”x7.875”x.25”, Satin. CE12X12GLO 11.8125”x11.8125”x.25”, Gloss. TILE88 7.8125”x7.8125”x.25”, Gloss. CE12X12SHC 11.8125”x11.8125”x.25”, Matte. TILE88M 7.8125”x7.8125”x.25”, Matte. CE12X12DS 11.8125”x11.8125”x.25”, Satin. TILE88S 7.8125”x7.8125”x.25”, Satin. Hardboard Tiles are a beautiful al- TILE12 11.8125”x11.8125”x.25”, Gloss. ternative to ceramic tiles and are 66% lighter! TILE12M 11.8125”x11.8125”x.25”, Matte. Hardboard tiles are not suitable for outdoor ap- TILE12S 11.8125”x11.8125”x.25”, Satin. plications. U5708 2”x2”x.25” Tile. U5686 3”x6”x.25” Tile. U5727 3.0625”x6.0625”x.25” Tile. U5682 4.25”x4.25”x.25” Tile. See pages 4-8 for our complete U5702 4”x6”x.25” Tile. collection of products designed U5683 6”x6”x.25” Tile. to display imaged tiles. U5684 6”x7.875”x.25” Tile. U5697 8”x8”x.25” Tile. U5750 8”x10”x.25” Tile. U5698 12”x12”x.25” Tile. Ceramic tiles used outdoors may fade and should not be exposed to2 direct sunlight or extreme weather conditions such as heat and freezing.
  • 3. Create custom tile murals for bathrooms, food courts, kitchens, museums, foyers, restaurants, and office lobbies!Ceramic Deco Tiles provide the same great Ceramic Glow Tiles are a unique way toimaging possibilities as our standard ceramic tiles, but display a special image or design in the dark! Once en-in a 3/16” thickness. Deco tiles do not have built-in ergized by light, tiles glow for 8-10 hours.spacers, known as lugs. TILE4S-GLOW 4.3125”x4.3125”x.25” w/Lugs, Satin.DECO-TILE4 4.25”x4.25”x.25”, Gloss. TILE6S-GLOW 6.0625”x6.0625”x.25” w/Lugs, Satin.DECO-TILE4M 4.25”x4.25”x.25”, Matte.DECO-TILE4S 4.25”x4.25”x.25”, Satin. TP4X4DS TP6X6DSTumbled Stone Tiles are a compressed Tuscan Porcelain Tiles are non-poroussandstone tile with a tan-colored stone finish that pres- tiles that can be used for interior water applicationsents images in an old-world style. Each tile is individu- such as fountains. Not recommended for floor, counter-ally cut, causing variations in color, texture, size, and top, or exterior applications. Unsanded grout requiredthickness. when producing murals.TS4X4SHC 3.9375”x3.9375”, Matte. TP4X4DS 3.875”x3.875”, Satin Cream.TS6X6SHC 5.9375”x5.9375”, Matte. TP6X6DS 5.875”x5.875”, Satin White.Decorative Glass Tiles feature a smooth, Bison Glass Floor Tiles are a dynamic al-untextured front-side and opaque white back-side for ternative to ordinary floor coverings and are suitable forimaging. high-traffic applications such as kitchens, hallways, foy-GT4X4-WHITE 4.25”x4.25”x.25” Glass Tile. ers, business lobbies, executive suites, and boardrooms.GT6X6-WHITE 6”x6”x.25” Glass Tile. Features an opaque back-side for imaging.GT6X8-WHITE 6”x8”x.25” Glass Tile. GL6X6WHT 6”x6”x.25”, Non-Tempered.GT8X8-WHITE 8”x8”x.25” Glass Tile. GL12X12WHTNT 12”x12”x.25”, Non-Tempered. GL12X12WHT 12”x12”x.25”, Tempered. 3
  • 4. Products for Ceramic Tiles WTA732 WP190MH WP180CH WTA727 Stained Wood Frames handsomely showcase individual 6”x6” or 6”x8” ceramic tiles. Ceramic Designer Wood Frames/Trivets tiles sold separately. make it easy to display a personalized ceramic tile Displays One 6”x6” Ceramic Tile on a home or office wall. Ceramic tiles sold sepa- WTA727 8.125”x8.125”x.75” Stained Wood Frame, Cherry. rately. WTA728 8.125”x8.125”x.75” Stained Wood Frame, Rosewood. Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tile WTA729 8.125”x8.125”x.75” Stained Wood Frame, Rustic Oak. WP180CH Tile Frame, Cherry. Displays One 6”x8” Ceramic Tile WP180MP Tile Frame, Maple. WTA730 8.0625”x10.875”x.75” Stained Wood Frame, Cherry. Displays One 6”x6” Ceramic Tile WTA731 8.0625”x10.875”x.75” Stained Wood Frame, Rosewood. WP190CH Tile Frame, Cherry. WTA732 8.0625”x10.875”x.75” Stained Wood Frame, Rustic Oak. WP190MH Tile Frame, Mahogany. Displays One 6”x8” Ceramic Tile WP200CH Tile Frame, Cherry. Highlight the beauty of your tile creation with a unique wood or wrought iron gift... create custom home accents, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and more! WP270MP Lazy Susans store items conveniently while Tile Easels hold tiles upright for display on Wood Racks conveniently display personal- organizing kitchen cabinets, counters, and cupboards side tables, mantels, and dressers. A lovely and inex- ized coffee mugs, key chains, and other lightweight in style. Displays four 4.25”x4.25” ceramic tiles (tiles pensive way to accentuate an imaged tile. items on a home or office wall. Tiles sold separately. sold separately). WTA140 4.25”x4.25” Easel. Displays Two 6”x6” Ceramic Tiles Displays Four 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tiles WTA141 6”x6” Easel. WP270CH 3-Peg Rack, Cherry. WP250MP 11.5”x11.5”x1.75”, Maple. WTA142 6”x8” Easel. WP270MP 3-Peg Rack, Maple. WP250CH 11.5”x11.5”x1.75”, Cherry. WTA143 8”x8” Easel. WTA144 8”x10” Easel. WTA145 12”x12” Easel.4
  • 5. When is a good time to give someone a personalized gift? Weddings • Bridal Shower • Bride and Groom • Groomsmen & BridesmaidsPen Holders are a useful way to display a fa- Wood Note Holders accept one • Wedding Anniversaryvorite photograph at the office. Features three 1.25” 4.25”x4.25” ceramic tile (sold separately). Post-itdiameter holes for organizing pens, pencils, and high-lighters. Displays one 4.25”x4.25” ceramic tile (tile Notes® not included. Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tile Loved Onessold separately). WP210CH 5”x8.5”x.75” Note Holder, Cherry. • BirthdayDisplays One 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tile WP210MP 5”x8.5”x.75” Note Holder, Maple.WP230CH 5”x5”x1.75” Pen Holder, Cherry. • Mother’s DayWP230MH 5”x5”x1.75” Pen Holder, Mahogany. • Father’s DayWP230MP 5”x5”x1.75” Pen Holder, Maple. • Get Well • Valentines Day • Baby Shower Home • Housewarming • Home Décor Charitable • Fund Raising HolidaysWooden Coaster Bases accept a 3.5” Wood Planter Boxes help to dress up • ChristmasFRP or ceramic tile insert. Select a finish to match any room while featuring a personalized ceramic oryour furniture! hardboard tile. Tiles sold separately. • ChanukahDisplays One Ceramic Tile (Tile Sold Separately) Holds One 6”x6” Tile • EasterWP490MP 3.625” Base For Ceramic Tile, Maple. WP550MP Wood Planter Box, Maple.TILER3 3.5”x.25” Ceramic Tile, Gloss.TILER3M 3.5”x.25” Ceramic Tile, Matte.TILER3S 3.5”x.25” Ceramic Tile, Satin. Holds One 6”x8” Tile WP560MP Wood Planter Box, Maple. EducationDisplays One FRP Insert • GraduationU5674 3.625” Base w/FRP Insert, Natural. • Teacher AppreciationU5685 3.625” Base w/FRP Insert, Mahogany.U5703 3.625” Round FRP Insert. Spiritual • Baptism • Bar Mitzvah • Church Anniversary Business • Employment Anniversary • Office Gift WP280CH • Job Well Done • New CustomerWood Bookends are an attractive and Wood Coaster Racks handsomely store • Retirementfunctional way to help display favorite photos and ceramic tile coasters when not in use. Holds up tosupport good reading habits. Each bookend holds one four 4.25”x4.25” ceramic tiles (tiles sold separately). • Product Promotion4.25”x4.25” ceramic tile (tiles sold separately). Holds Up To Four 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tiles • Web PromotionEach Bookend Holds One 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tile WP280CH 5.125”x5.125”x2.5” Rack, Cherry. • Specialty AdvertisingWP530MP Set of Two Wood Bookends, Maple. WP280MH 5.125”x5.125”x2.5” Rack, Mahogany. WP280MP 5.125”x5.125”x2.5” Rack, Maple. 5
  • 6. Wrought Iron Gifts M027 M030 M028 IT4X4 M025 M018 IT6R M026 M024 M015 Garden Flags make it easy to send a person- Coaster Holders make a lovely gift item Trivets are designed for countertop protection, alized message to those passing by. that coordinates with any decor. Holds ceramic or but can also be used as a wall hanging. Each displays Garden Flag Pole hardboard tiles (tiles sold separately). one tile (tile sold separately). FLAGPOLE04 39.25” Garden Flag Pole. Holds 3.5” Round Tiles Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Tile Garden Flags M024 Coaster Holder, Six Tiles. IT4X4 Square Trivet w/Decorative Handle. FLAG02G 11.25”x14.75” Flag, Single Ply. Holds 4.25”x4.25” Tiles M015 Square Trivet. FLAG05 11.38”x15” Flag, Double Ply. M025 Coaster Holder, Four Tiles. M028 Teapot-Shaped Trivet. M026 Coaster Holder, Four Tiles. M030 Square Trivet w/Straight Handle. M027 Coaster Holder, Six Tiles. Displays One 6”x6” Tile M016 Square Trivet w/Decorative Handle. M029 Teapot-Shaped Trivet. M031 Square Trivet w/Straight Handle. Displays One 6” Round Tile IT6R Round Trivet w/Handle. M018 Round Trivet. Garden Stakes are great for marking yard Towel Holders display one 6” ceramic or Serving Trays display six ceramic or hard- areas. Displays ceramic tiles (tiles sold separately). hardboard tile and coordinate well with a customized board tiles (tiles sold separately). Displays 4.25”x4.25” Tiles towel! Tile sold separately. Displays Six 4.25”x4.25” Tiles M032 Garden Stake w/One Stake, One Tile. Displays One 6”x6” Tile M008 Wrought Iron Serving Tray. M033 Garden Stake w/Two Stakes, Four Tiles. M019 Wrought Iron Towel Holder.6
  • 7. M011 M004 M021 M002 M012 M020 M022 M001 M009Baskets make a lovely gift item, just add a Frames w/Bead Hooks are a nostalgic Mural Frames are useful when used as agreat design to the tile in the bottom of the basket. tribute to the past. Displays ceramic or hardboard house number display or to show off family photos.Displays one ceramic or hardboard tile (tile sold sep- tiles (tiles sold separately). Displays ceramic or hardboard tiles (tiles sold sepa-arately). Displays 4.25”x4.25” Tiles rately).Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Tile M001 Frame w/1 Bead Hook, One Tile. Displays 4.25”x4.25” TilesM020 12”x12”x5.5” Basket. M003 Frame w/4 Bead Hooks, Four Tiles. M011 Frame, Two Tiles (Not For Hardboard Tile).Displays One 6”x6” Tile Displays 6”x6” Tiles M007 Frame, Three Tiles.M021 11.75”x11.75”x6.25” Basket. M002 Frame w/1 Bead Hook, One Tile. M012 Frame, Three Tiles (Not For Hardboard Tile). M004 Frame w/4 Bead Hooks, Four Tiles. M013 Frame, Four Tiles.Displays One 8”x8” Tile M014 Frame, Five Tiles.M022 14.75”x14.75”x3.25” Basket. M009 Frame w/Mirror, Fourteen Tiles.Candle Holders display one 6” ceramic or Frames w/Key Hooks are a great item Frame w/Shelf functions as a spice rack orhardboard tile (tile and candle sold separately). for office decor or to dress up a garage. Displays 6” display for collectibles. Displays three 4.25”x4.25”Displays One 6”x6” Tile ceramic or hardboard tile (tile sold separately). ceramic or hardboard tiles (tiles sold separately).M010 Wrought Iron Candle Holder. Displays One 6”x6” Tile Displays Three 4.25”x4.25” Tiles M005 Wrought Iron Frame w/Key Hooks. M006 Wrought Iron Frame w/Shelf. 7
  • 8. Keepsake Boxes WP100MP WTA709 WP100CH Ceramic Tile Insert WP100MH Ceramic Tile Insert WP120CH WTA706 Designer Series Boxes are strong and sturdy wood keepsake boxes available with hinged or re- Premium Lacquered Boxes are movable lids. Displays one ceramic or hardboard tile (tile sold separately). beautiful keepsake boxes with hinged lids and fabric Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Tile linings. Tiles sold separately. WP440CH 5.5”x5.5”x2.125” Designer Series Box w/Removable Lid, Cherry. Displays One 3”x6” Tile WP440MP 5.5”x5.5”x2.125” Designer Series Box w/Removable Lid, Maple. WTA709 7.5”x4.5”x2.25” Box, Black. WP100CH 6.5”x6.5”x2.5” Designer Series Box w/Hinged Lid, Cherry. WTA710 7.5”x4.5”x2.25” Box, Pecan. WP100MH 6.5”x6.5”x2.5” Designer Series Box w/Hinged Lid, Mahogany. WTA711 7.5”x4.5”x2.25” Box, Mahogany. WP100MP 6.5”x6.5”x2.5” Designer Series Box w/Hinged Lid, Maple. Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Tile Displays One 6”x6” Tile WTA701 5.8”x5.8”x2.25” Box, Black. WP450CH 7.25”x7.25”x2.125” Designer Series Box w/Removable Lid, Cherry. WTA702 5.8”x5.8”x2.25” Box, Pecan. WP450MP 7.25”x7.25”x2.125” Designer Series Box w/Removable Lid, Maple. WTA703 5.8”x5.8”x2.25” Box, Mahogany. Displays One 6”x8” Tile Displays One 6”x8” Tile WP120CH 10.0625”x8.25”x2.875” Designer Series Box w/Hinged Lid, Cherry. WTA704 9.375”x7.5”x2.25” Box, Mahogany. WP120MH 10.0625”x8.25”x2.875” Designer Series Box w/Hinged Lid, Mahogany. WTA705 9.375”x7.5”x2.25” Box, Black. WTA706 9.375”x7.5”x2.25” Box, Pecan. Phenolic Laminate Insert Aluminum Insert Aluminum Insert Lockable Heirloom Chests are Keepsake Boxes allow for an image to be DVD/Jewelry Holders feature a re- made of solid cherry wood and are the perfect size placed on the top and underside of the double-sided movable lid, black velvet lining to protect the con- for securing jewelry, photos, and other personal aluminum insert... just lift the lid to see the second tents, and felt pads to protect furniture. Insert treasures. Features a brass lock with key, sturdy brass image! Insert included. included. hinges, and a 6”x4” oval phenolic laminate insert. Displays One 5”x7” Aluminum Insert Displays One 4.5” Round Aluminum Insert Made in USA. U5690 6”x8” Box, mahogany. U5807 5.5” Round x 1.875” Box, mahogany. Displays One 6”x4” Phenolic Laminate Insert U5711 5”x7” Replacement Insert, 2-sided. U5809 4.5” Round Replacement Insert. KS001 4.875”x9”x3.375” Box, solid cherry. KS011 6”x4” Replacement Insert, gloss. U5989 Keepsake Boxes have a beautifully lined interior and make great baby keepsakes and memorial boxes. Hardboard tile insert included. Displays One 4”x6” Hardboard Tile Insert U5989 6”x8” Box w/Insert, espresso black. U5990 6”x8” Box w/Insert, mahogany. U5702 4”x6” Replacement Insert. U5990 Hardboard Tile Insert8
  • 9. SubliSlate SubliCrylic Round Photo Block w/Pegs Round Half Oval Tablet Tombstone w/Frame Oval Clock Rectangle Rectangular Block Square Left Contour Right ContourSubliSLATE ™ combines full-color photos with the natural beauty and durability of rustic slate. SubliSLATE’s SubliCrylic™ accepts images with vibrant coloruniform thickness and ultra flat coated image area provide beautiful and consistent transfers while individually and fine detail - great for showing off a favorite photofractured edges help to seamlessly blend images into each piece – resulting in elegant photo gifts and awards. or for creating an extra special award or corporate gift.SUSL001 5.85”x5.85"x.375” Half Oval. SUSL015 4.68"x8.58"x.375” Rectangle. AC001 6”x8”x.75” Rectangular Block.SUSL002 7.8"x 7.8"x.375” Half Oval. SUSL016 6.24"x11.7"x.375” Rectangle. AC002 7”x5”x.60” Photo Block w/Pegs.SUSL003 5.85"x 7.8"x.375” Rectangle. SUSL019 5.85"x5.85"x.375” Square. AC003 6.5”x7”x2” Tombstone w/Frame.SUSL004 7.8"x11.7"x.375” Rectangle. SUSL025 7.8"x7.8"x.375” Square. AC004 6” dia x 1” Round.SUSL005 7.8"x7.8"x.375” Tablet. SUSL035 10.53"x14"x.375” Oval. AC005 3”x4”x1” Clock.SUSL008 7.8"x7.8"x.375” Left Contour. SUSL036 11.7" diameter x .375” Round.SUSL011 7.8"x7.8"x.375” Right Contour. SUSL037 10.14"x14.82"x.375” Rectangle w/Clock. 9
  • 10. Home & Kitchen Gifts 4005 CBWB412-WHITE Serving Trays are easy to assemble and fea- Throw Pillow Covers are a great dec- ture one-piece hardboard inserts (insert included). orative accent for living rooms and bedrooms - also 10”x14” Serving Tray makes a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift. U5988 Serving Tray w/Insert, Espresso Black. 600 Denier Poly Duck U5673 Serving Tray w/Insert, Natural. PS1414C 14”x14” Throw Pillow Cover. 13.5”x19.5” Serving Tray Polysatin U5672 Serving Tray w/Insert, Natural. TP1414PS 14”x14” Throw Pillow Cover. U5986 Serving Tray w/Insert, Espresso Black. KS005 KS004 KS009 CB714 Key Hangers make an attractive decoration Wood Boxes w/Sliding Lids make for any household while keeping keys organized and beautiful keepsakes for favored clients, wedding par- easy to find. Each key hanger is pre-drilled for four ties, and special friends. Wine boxes hold a standard hooks, which are attached after imaging. 1/2” MDF 750ml bottle. Includes glossy hardboard lid. with black bullnose edge. 5”x9”x3.375” Small Rustic Box U5578 4”x10” Key Hanger w/4 Hooks. KS008 Slide Lid Box, Walnut. KS009 Slide Lid Box, Cherry. KS010 Slide Lid Box, Natural Pine. KS012 4.25”x8.6”x .125” Insert For KS008, KS009, and KS010. 6.25”x13.375”x4.25” Large Rustic Box KS002 Slide Lid Box, Walnut. Glass Cutting Boards are functional, KS003 Slide Lid Box, Cherry. sanitary, and heat resistant cutting surfaces great for KS004 Slide Lid Box, Natural Pine. slicing, dicing, and mincing in the kitchen or for serv- KS014 5.75”x12.9”x.125” Insert For ing elegant appetizers at a party. Includes self-adhe- KS002, KS003, and KS004. sive rubber feet. 4.125”x14”x4.125” Rustic Wine Box Round Tempered Glass Cutting Boards KS005 Slide Lid Box, Walnut. 4017 7.87”x.15” Cutting Board. KS006 Slide Lid Box, Cherry. 4005 11.81”x.15” Cutting Board. KS007 Slide Lid Box, Natural Pine. Rectangle Tempered Glass w/5mm Radius Corners KS013 3.6”x13.43”x.125” Insert For 4019 11.8”x7.87”x.15” Cutting Board. Jar Openers help loosen hard-to-open KS005, KS006, and KS007. 4018 15.74”x11.8”x.15” Cutting Board. lids, slippery tops, warm light bulbs, and reluc- 4.75”x13.5”x4.25” Designer Wine Box tant containers. Decorate with photos instead WP520CH Slide Lid Wine Box, Cherry. Bottle-Shaped Non-Tempered Glass w/Leather Strap of a traditional one-color imprint to create a CBWB412-WHITE 12.3125”x4.5”x.25” Cutting Board. WP520MP Slide Lid Wine Box, Maple. unique specialty advertising piece. Polyester WP521MP Slide Lid Wine Box, Maple. Cheese Board w/Leather Strap with neoprene rubber backing. WP525PROMO Slide Lid Wine Box, Unfinished. CB714 7.5”x14.25” Cheese Board. JO516 5” Jar Opener. UC3008 4”x13.0625”x.125” Insert.10
  • 11. U5523 U4052 U5522Refrigerator Magnets are a fun way to Picture Frames make a great picture even Message Boards are a perfect item for gro-show off a favorite photograph, promote a business, better! Includes easel. cery lists or work assignments. 1/8” hardboard.or support a group or charity. Self-adhesive magnet 1/8” Hardboard - Displays 4”x6” Photograph U1010 7.5”x9” Message Board.included. U5899 7”x8.5” Frame. U1011 8”x10.3” Message Board.3/32” Thick FRP U1012 9”x12.5” Message Board.U5522 2.5” Round.U5527 2.5” Heart.U5523 2.25” Square.1/8” Hardboard Create customized, one-of-a-kind itemsU4051U4052 2.25” Square. 2”x3” Rectangle. that reflect your unique style and personality! U5607 U1019Light Switch & Outlet Covers Picture Frames enhance the unique qual- Magnetic Dry Erase Boards areallow creative ideas to be transformed into decora- ities of any photograph. Includes easel. made of steel and have many uses around the hometive accents for the home or office. 5/8” MDF - Displays 4”x6” Photograph or office. Single-sided.Metal Light Switch Covers U5607 8”x10” w/Picture To Side. U5954 7”x9”x .030”, Gloss White.LSPS01 3.5”x5” Single Switch Cover, Satin. U1019 8”x10” w/Picture In Middle. U5955 11”x14”x .030”, Gloss White.LSPG01 3.5”x5” Single Switch Cover, Glossy. 5/8” MDF - Displays 5”x7” Photograph U5956 15”x19”x .030”, Gloss White.LSPS02 4.5”x5” Double Switch Cover, Satin. U5659 8”x10” Frame w/Picture In Middle. U5957 8”x10”x .030”, Gloss White.LSPG02 4.5”x5” Double Switch Cover, Glossy. U5958 9”x12”x.030”, Gloss White.Jumbo Metal Light Switch Covers U5960 11.875”x23.875”x.030”, Gloss White.LSPG03 5.5”x3.5” Single Switch, Glossy. U5961 23.875”x47.875”x.030”, White, Gloss, U5962 Accessory Kit: (20) 2" round and (20)Metal Duplex Outlet Covers 1”x3” aluminum pieces w/(20) magnets.EOCG01 5”x3.5” Outlet Cover, Glossy.EOCS01 5”x3.5” Outlet Cover, Satin.Jumbo Metal Duplex Outlet CoversEOCG03 5.5”x3.5” Jumbo Outlet Cover, Glossy.EOCS03 5.5”x3.5” Jumbo Outlet Cover, Satin.1/8” Hardboard Light Switch Covers Plates are a unique way to display a fa-U5793 5” Round Switch Cover, Glossy. vorite image on a mantel or in a cabinet. PLATE7G 7.5” Porcelain Plate w/Gold Rim Design. DP75G DP75G 7.5” Ceramic Plate w/Green Design. PLATE7G 11
  • 12. Clocks SubliGlass Desk Clocks ™ are high-end Desk Clock w/Stand is a simple, attrac- Mantle Clocks make a wonderful keepsake clocks that will remain a treasured remembrance tive, and convenient clock for the home or office. gift, whether celebrating twenty-five years of mar- from you. Equipped with mechanism, requires one AA Equipped with mechanism, requires one AA size bat- riage or giving your best wishes to the newlyweds. size battery, not included. Includes 2 brass legs. tery, not included. 3/32” FRP. Free-standing or keyhole wall mount with 6”x6” Black Border/Clear Edges U5549 4.75” Round Desk Clock. hardboard clock face and 6”x8” decorative panel. SG1968 6”x8”x.25” Desk Clock. Requires one AA size battery, not included. SG1979 7”x9”x.25” Desk Clock. U5756 6.75”x15.5” Clock, Mahogany. SG1980 8”x10”x.25” Desk Clock. Full Coverage SG6819 6”x8”x.25” Desk Clock. SG7919 7”x9”x.25” Desk Clock. SG8019 8”x10”x.25” Desk Clock. Desk Clock w/Stand look fantastic im- Offset Desk Clocks can be used verti- SubliSLATE combines full-color photographs aged with corporate identities or ”timely” photos. cally or horizontally and feature a black bevel edge. with the natural beauty and durability of rustic slate. Equipped with mechanism, requires one AA size bat- Also features two keyholes for easy wall mounting. Image with cherished images of a favorite vacation tery, not included. 1/8” hardboard with acrylic base. Equipped with mechanism. Requires one AA size bat- or the “great outdoors”. U1027 4”x4” Desk Clock. tery, not included. 5/8” MDF. SUSL037 10.14"x14.82"x.375” SubliSLATE U5758 5.5”x8” Clock, Black Edge. w/Clock Mechanism. Perpetual Plaques add color to “em- Hardboard Wall Clocks can be im- Aluminum Wall Clocks are a great gift ployee of the month” programs. 3/4” Medium Den- printed with a family crest or shield to create a fa- idea for a home, office, restaurant, or church. sity Fiberboard (MDF). vorite den or bar clock. White Aluminum Wall Clock Perpetual Plaque w/Clock Hardboard Wall Clock U5650 8.125”x.030” w/Lens, Works & Frame. U5581 11.625”x16” Perpetual Plaque. U1028 8.125”x.125” Face w/Works & Frame. U5627 8.125” Face w/Works. U1015 8.125” Face. U5724 8.125” Face. Large Hardboard Wall Clock Silver Aluminum Wall Clock U5823 11.4” Face w/Works. U5947 8.125"x.045" Face w/Works. U5823-001 11.4” Face. U5947-001 8.125"x.045" Face.12
  • 13. Kids’ Room BookmarksTB9 TB8Teddy Bears are available with a removable t- Mini Basketball Goals are fun for ashirt or hooded sweatshirt. quick game of basketball in the kids’ bedroom or toTeddy Bears hang above your trash can at the office. This person-TB8 15.5” White Bear, Without Shirt. alized gift idea is a slam dunk! Secures with Velcro®TB9 15.5” Light Brown Bear, Without Shirt. tabs. 6” plastic hoop and 1/8” hardboard backboard Felt Bookmarks are made of the with glossy finish. same rigid felt material as our pennants.T-Shirts For Teddy Bears these bookmarks have a large image areaTBSHIRT T-Shirt. U5548 7.5”x9” Mini Basketball Goal. U1010 7.5”x9” Replacement Backboard. that’s ideal for promoting reading habits orHooded Sweatshirts For Teddy Bears corporate messages. Light and compact, theTBHOOD Hooded Sweatshirt. bookmarks make great handouts or envelope stuffers. A013 2”x7”x.05” Bookmark w/Tassel. Personalized bookmarks make unique gifts, promotional items, and party favors that can be used for years to come!Coin Banks can be personalized with a name, Door Hangers make a statement beforedesign, favorite color, or birth date to create a bank that anyone even enters the room. Double sided, glossy.anyone will love. All have a coin slot on top and a plug U5545 4”x9”x3/32” Door Hanger.on the bottom for special “withdrawals”.PB01W 3”x3.5” Ceramic Bank. U5767 U5646Night Lights are a fun and unique item for a Light Switch Covers allow creative Aluminum Bookmarks makechild’s room, hallway, or bathroom. Kit consists of an ideas to be transformed into decorative accents for great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, babyoval diffuser, night light base, 4-watt bulb, and a clip the home or office. See page 11 for additional light and bridal shower favors, and holiday par-for attaching the diffuser to the night light base. switch and outlet cover options. ties. Also great for stocking stuffers, grabDisplays One 3”x4”x.031” Oval Ceramic Tile 1/8” Hardboard Light Switch Covers bags, teacher and student gifts, or tuckingLITE01 Night Light w/3”x4”x.031” Tile. U5793 5” Round Switch Cover, Glossy. into greeting cards.TILEV4 3”x4”x.031” Oval Ceramic Tile. U5646 1.25”x5”x.030” Bookmark.Displays One 3.8”x5”x.031” Oval Ceramic Tile U5767 2”x3”x.030” Bookmark.LITE02 Night Light w/3.8”x5”x.031” Tile.TILEV5 3.8”x5”x.031” Oval Ceramic Tile. 13
  • 14. ChromaLuxe Photo Panels U5892 U5860 Table Top Photo Panel Sets w/Hinges are stylish al- Table Top Photo Panels w/Easels feature an advanced, highly ternatives for displaying photos and are made from 1/8″ thick wood with a durable and extremely smooth UV resistant coating that exhibits brilliant color repro- black edge and back. Easel or hinged multiple panels available. The hinged duction with exceptional image clarity. 1/8″ thick wood with a black edge and back. versions feature small golden hinges that are hidden in between the panels Hardboard Photo Panels w/Easels and Arch Tops and can be expanded, limited only to the space they are displayed on. U5858 5”x7” Photo Panel w/Easel. Hinged Hardboard Photo Panels w/Arch Tops U5860 8”x10” Photo Pane, w/Easel. U5875 2.875”x5.25” Wallet Size Photo Panel, Hinged Double. Square Hardboard Photo Panels w/Easels U5876 2.875”x5.25” Wallet Size Photo Panel, Hinged Center. U5931 6”x6” Photo Panel w/Easel. U5861 5”x7” Photo Panel, Hinged Double. U5932 10”x10” Photo Panel w/Easel. U5862 5”x7” Photo Panel, Hinged Center. Hardboard Photo Panels w/Easels and Flat Tops Hinged Hardboard Photo Panels w/Flat Tops U5930 3.5”x3.5” Photo Panel w/Easel. U5926 3.5"x5" Photo Panel, Hinged Double. U5857 5”x7” Photo Panel w/Easel. U5930 3.5"x5" Photo Panel, Hinged Center. U5859 8”x10” Photo Panel w/Easel. U5873 5”x7” Photo Panel, Hinged Double. U5874 5”x7” Photo Panel, Hinged Center. Action Easels U5944 U5863 3.5”x5” & 5”x7” Photo Panels, Hinged Pair. U5944 8”x10” Action Easel w/Swoosh Ball. Hinged Hardboard Clock Kit U5892 5”x7” w/Clock Works - Double Hinged Panel. Sydney Milan U4050 U5878 Fiji Circle Benelux ChromaLuxe Creative Borders & Circles are de- ChromaLuxe Wood Photo Panels feature a black 5/8” thick fin- signed to be paired with a mounting block and displayed as wall décor in any ished edge that is ready to hang vertically or horizontally without framing. A scratch home or office. ChromaLuxe turns any image into vibrant, high definition wall resistant finish makes these photo panels durable and long-lasting. décor. Use images alone or create a digital border to add style to any panel. MDF Photo Panels Benelux U5946 11.6”x11.6” Photo Panel. U4087 11.37”x8.0625”, White. U4100 15.64”x11.125”, Clear. U5877 11”x14” Photo Panel, Bull Nosed. U4088 11.37”x8.0625”, Clear. U4109 15.6”x21.8”, White. U5878 16”x20” Photo Panel, Chamfer. U4099 15.64”x11.125”, White. U4110 15.6”x21.8”, Clear. U5879 20”x30” Photo Panel, Chamfer. Milan U5880 24”x30” Photo Panel, Chamfer. U4089 8”x8”, White. U4096 12”x 12”, White. U4050 9”x18” Panoramic Photo Panel, Chamfer. Sydney U4094 10”x 8”, White. U4098 14”x 11”, White. Fiji ChromaLuxe is the world’s leading brand manufacturer U4093 8”x8”, White. U4097 12”x12”, White. of high definition imprintable photo panels. Images Circles are infused directly into specially coated sheets U4144 8” diameter, Gloss. U4146 16” diameter, Gloss. U4145 11” diameter, Gloss. U4147 20” diameter, Gloss. of metal, wood and table top panels with exceptional quality and resolution. Turn your photography into the focal point of your home or office!14
  • 15. ChromaLuxe Connections are a series of metal photo panels grouped ChromaLuxe HD Metal Photo Panels are available intogether to create a bold impact in any home or office. Available in an array of sizes, a range of traditional photo sizes. Images are extremely durable with excep-they can be arranged in a variety of configurations using multiple photos, or a single tional detail and resolution. UV and scratch resistant. Rounded corners.image across the group of panels to form a unified piece of wall art. .045” White Metal Photo PanelsChromaLuxe Connections U4113 4”x6”, Gloss. U4111 14”x18”, Matte.U4066 6”x6”. U5882 11”x14”. U4054 5”x7”, Gloss. U4020 15”x18.75”, Gloss.U4071 8”x8”. U4059 11.7”x11.7”. U4055 5”x7”, Matte. U4117 16”x16”, Gloss.U5881 8”x10”. U4016 16”x20”. U4114 5”x10”, Gloss. U4016 16”x20”, Gloss.U4067 9”x21”. U4069 20”x30”. U4066 6”x6”, Gloss. U4018 16”x20”, Matte.U4072 10”x10”. U4068 24”x26”. U4071 8”x8”, Gloss. U4129 16”x24”, Gloss.Mounting Aids U5881 8”x10”, Gloss. U4132 16”x32”, Gloss.U4101 4.5’x3’ ChromaLuxe Connections U4008 8”x10”, Matte. U4133 18”x36”, Gloss. Alignment Graph Paper. U4130 8”x12”, Gloss. U4119 20”x20”, Gloss.U4095 10”x10” ChromaLuxe Connections U4072 10”x10”, Gloss. U4120 20”x24”, Gloss. Alignment Ruler. U4116 10”x20”, Gloss. U4121 24”x24”, Gloss. U4059 11.7”x11.7”, Gloss. U4122 24”x30”, Gloss. U4063 11.7”x11.7”, Matte. U4123 24”x36”, Gloss. U5882 11”x14”, Gloss. U4125 30”x40”, Gloss. U4009 11”x14”, Matte. U5909 32”x40”, Gloss. U4115 12”x12”, Gloss. U5910 36”x36”, Gloss. U4131 12”x18”, Gloss. U5912 40”x60”, Gloss. U6903 12”x18”, Matte. U5911 48”x48”, Gloss. U4118 12”x24”, Gloss. .045” Clear Metal Photo Panels U4056 5”x7”, Gloss. U4136 12”x18”, Gloss. U4057 5”x7”, Matte. U6901 12”x18”, Matte. UCM0021 8”x8”, Gloss. U4021 15”x18.75”, Gloss. U5996 8”x10”, Gloss. U4017 16”x20”, Gloss. U4012 8”x10”, Matte. U4019 16”x20”, Matte. U4135 8”x12”, Gloss. U4134 16”x24”, Gloss. U4065 11.7”x11.7”, Gloss. U4137 16”x32”, Gloss. U4061 11.7”x11.7”, Matte. U4138 18”x36”, Gloss. U5997 11”x14”, Gloss. U4013 11”x14”, Matte.ChromaLuxe Hanging Photo Murals are designed to be hungfrom brushed aluminum display bars and turn full-color photographs and graphics intoamazing murals suitable for home or office décor. White or clear aluminum finish.Small Wavy TilesU4035 5.85”x5.85” Wavy Tile, Gloss White.U4036 5.85”x5.85” Wavy Tile, Gloss Clear Aluminum.U4046 11.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Two Tiles Wide.U4029 23.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Four Tiles Wide.Large Square TilesU4031 11.7”x11.7” Square Tile, Gloss White.U4033 11.7”x11.7” Square Tile, Gloss Clear Aluminum.U4030 23.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Two Tiles Wide.U4037 35.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Three Tiles Wide. Mounting Aids help display aluminum photo panels on a wall or desk-U4040 47.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Four Tiles Wide. top. Can also be used between aluminum panels for a dimensional look.Large Wavy Tiles U5902 One 3”x4” & One 2”x2” Mount Spacers.U4032 11.7”x11.7” Wavy Tile, Gloss White. U4005 5”x5” Aluminum Shadow Mounting Aid.U4034 11.7”x11.7” Wavy Tile, Gloss Clear Aluminum. U4006 4”x4” Aluminum Shadow Mounting Aid.U4041 23.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Two Tiles Wide. U4060 1.994”x5.5” Metal Easel w/Self Adhesive Tape & Hang Tab.U4042 35.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Three Tiles Wide. U4084 2.7672”x 9.234” Metal Easel w/Self Adhesive Tape & Hang Tab.U4043 47.8"x.63" Hanging Bar - Four Tiles Wide. U5903 9”x12” Mount Panel.U4039 C-Link Connectors, Silver (25 pack). U5904 11.625"x16" Mount Panel. 15
  • 16. Coffee Mugs:Ceramic.PolySub.Travel new item MUG20 White Ceramic Mugs offer a fun and Mugs w/Rim & Handle Colors fea- Mugs w/Interior Colors are more than unique way for coffee lovers to show off a favorite ture color accents on the handle and rim. just ordinary ceramic mugs. Add a design to compli- photograph or design - the possibilities are endless! RH-MUG11K Mug w/Black Rim & Handle. ment the interior color for extra pizazz. 11 Ounce Mugs RH-MUG11Y Mug w/Yellow Rim & Handle. 11 Ounce Mugs MUG11 White Mug, Made in Thailand. RH-MUG11M Mug w/Maroon Rim & Handle. DECO-MUGK Mug w/Black Interior. MUG11US White Mug w/RN Coating, Made in USA. RH-MUG11C Mug w/Blue Rim & Handle. DECO-MUGY Mug w/Yellow Interior. MUG02 White Mug, Made in China. RH-MUG11G Mug w/Green Rim & Handle. DECO-MUGM Mug w/Maroon Interior. 15 Ounce Mugs 15 Ounce Mugs DECO-MUGC Mug w/Blue Interior. MUG15 White Mug, Made in Thailand. RH-MUG15K Mug w/Black Rim & Handle. DECO-MUGG Mug w/Green Interior. MUG15US White Mug w/RN Coating, Made in USA. RH-MUG15C Mug w/Blue Rim & Handle. 15 Ounce Mugs MUG01 White Gator Mug, Made in China. DECO-MUG15K Mug w/Black Interior. 20 Ounce Mugs DECO-MUG15C Mug w/Blue Interior. MUG20 White Mug, Made in Thailand. After Before Black Ceramic Mugs feature a white im- Ceramic Latte Mugs are elegant funnel- Ceramic MorphMugs are heat-activated printable area for a sleek finished look. Great for cus- shaped mugs perfect for morning coffee or tea. ceramic mugs that change to white when heated - tomer rewards, employee recognition, special 12 Ounce Mugs just add hot liquid and the imprinted image is re- events, and family reunions. LMUG14 Latte Mug, White. vealed! 11 Ounce Mugs DECO-LMUG14K Latte Mug, Black Interior. 11 Ounce Mugs MUGK11 Black Mug w/3.375”x8.375” Image Area. DECO-LMUG14C Latte Mug, Blue Interior. 3001 MorphMug, Black. 15 Ounce Mugs RH-LMUG14K Latte Mug, Black Rim & Handle. 3002 MorphMug, Blue. MUGK15 Black Mug w/4.5”x11.5” Image Area. RH-LMUG14C Latte Mug, Blue Rim & Handle. Mug Boxes are a must when giving a person- Ceramic Love Mugs are ideal for a cof- Swirl Ceramic Mugs features a swirl de- alized ceramic coffee mug as a gift. Available for 11 fee loving couple! These adorable “his and hers” sign texture that adds extra dimension to transferred ounce and 15 ounce mugs. mugs with heart-shaped handles fit together per- photographs and designs. 11 Ounce Mugs fectly and make a unique bridal shower gift. 11 Ounce Mugs GIFTBOX-100 4”x4”x4”, White Chipboard. Love Mugs w/Heart-Shaped Handles MUG11SW Swirl Ceramic Mug, White. MUGBOX 4”x4”x4”, Corrugated Cardboard. LUVMUG11H-CH Love Mugs. 15 Ounce Mugs 15 Ounce Mugs MUG15SW Swirl Ceramic Mug, White. GIFTBOX15-100 6”x4.5”x4.5”, White Chipboard.16
  • 17. Water Bottles, Steins POLYMUG11 and Shot Glasses STEIN28G POLYMUG15T STEINPolySub™ Mugs are made of a specially formu-lated polymer that makes them safe for use at thebeach, swimming pool, or any other place where break-ing a ceramic or glass mug would cause a safety hazard.Dishwasher safe.11 Ounce MugsPOLYMUG11 PolySub Mug, White. WB00215 Ounce Travel MugsPOLYMUG15T PolySub Travel Mug, White. WB600W-CH Water Bottles are the perfect gift for an ac- tive person! Aluminum 600ml Water Bottles WB600W-CH Water Bottle, White. WB600S-CH Water Bottle, Silver. MUG25SS Stainless Steel 600ml Water Bottles WB002 Water Bottle, White w/Stem Top. WB003 Water Bottle, Silver w/Stem Top. Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeves MP024 Water Bottle Sleeve, Neoprene. STEIN16 MUG14SS P20 DECO-SHOT01K STEIN16KMUG22SS new item new item P03 SHOT01 TANK22 MUG18SS TUM10 Steins help make any day Oktoberfest! Fill with Shot Glasses can be personalized to make the drink of your choice or use as a display piece. your own individual statement.Travel Mugs help keep your message in front of STEIN 16 oz. Ceramic Stein. SHOT01 1.9 oz. Shot Glass, White.customers, employees, and prospects that are on the STEIN16 16 oz. White Ceramic Stein DECO-SHOT01K 2 oz. Shot Glass, Blackgo! Fits most standard car drink holders. w/Flared Base. w/White Image Area.MUG18SS 12 Oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug. STEIN16K 16 oz. Black Ceramic Stein P03 1.5 oz. Shot Glass, GlassMUG22SS 14 Oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug. w/White Imprint Area. w/Pewter Decorative Frame.MUG14SS 14 Oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug. P20 15 oz. Glass Stein w/Pewter Accent. w/3.25”x8.25” White Image Area. STEIN28G 28 oz. Ceramic Stein w/Gold Trim.MUG25SS 14 Oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug TANK22 22 oz. Tankard. w/White Coating.TUM10 10 Oz. Ceramic Travel Mug w/Flexible Lid. 17
  • 18. Drink Coasters, Placemats & Beverage Insulators Coasters w/Cork Bottom look great, Sandstone Coasters produce a muted Coasters w/Holder are mahogany-col- prevent sliding, and protect furniture surfaces. 1/8” color appearance while retaining high detail. Fea- ored and make great gifts for weddings, anniver- hardboard with black edges. tures cork pads to protect furniture from scratches. saries, and housewarmings. The coaster holder can Square Coasters SSC01 4.4” Round. also be used as a napkin holder. U5677 3.75”x3.75” Hardboard Coaster. SSC02 3.6” Square. Displays 3.56”x3.56” FRP Inserts U5701 3”x3” Slotted Holder, Mahogany. SSC03 4.3”x4.4” Heart. U5806 4.25”x5.5” Holder w/Two Inserts. Round Coasters SSC04 4.25” Square. U5805 4.25”x4.25” Coaster w/One Insert. U5822 3.75” Round Hardboard Coaster. U5808 Replacement 3.56”x3.56” FRP Insert. Heart Coasters U4015 3.8”x4” Heart-Shaped Coaster. Hardboard Coasters offer a unique way Rubber-Backed Coasters showcase Puzzle Coasters are 4-piece puzzles that to display business logos, favorite photos, or artwork. your artwork or advertisement in a very unique way. can be separated for use as coasters. Transfer images 1/8” hardboard with raw edge and bottom surface. Polyester with neoprene rubber base. of vacations, sports teams, pets, and weddings to this U1009 4”x4”x.125” Coaster. 4” Round Coasters 3.5” Square Coasters cork-backed hardboard coaster with black edges. C316 1/16” Thick. C416 1/16” Thick. U5795 7.625”x7.625” Puzzle Coaster. C318 1/8” Thick. C418 1/8” Thick. C375 3/16” Thick. C400 3/16” Thick. WP280MP Wood Coaster Racks handsomely store Wood Coaster Bases accept a 3.5” ce- Wood Coaster Bases accept a 3.625” ceramic tile coasters when not in use. Holds up to ramic tile insert (tile sold separately). FRP insert. four 4.25”x4.25” ceramic tiles (tiles sold separately). WP490MP 3.625” Base For Ceramic Tile, Maple. U5674 3.625” Base w/FRP Insert, Natural. WP280CH 5.125”x5.125”x2.5” Rack, Cherry. TILER3 3.5”x.25” Ceramic Tile, Gloss. U5685 3.625” Base w/FRP Insert, Mahogany. WP280MH 5.125”x5.125”x2.5” Rack, Mahogany. TILER3M 3.5”x.25” Ceramic Tile, Matte. U5703 Replacement 3.625” FRP Insert. WP280MP 5.125”x5.125”x2.5” Rack, Maple. TILER3S 3.5”x.25” Ceramic Tile, Satin.18
  • 19. HUG4 M027 HUG2 HUG3 Rubber-Backed Placemats cus- tomized placemats are even more exciting than the meal! Polyester with neoprene rubber backing. Placemats M025 PM181016 10”x16”x1/8” Placemat. HUG5 PM161016 10”x16”x1/16” Placemat. Counter Mats MP039 24”x14”x1/16” Counter Mat. HUG6 M026 MP045 M024Coaster Holders make a lovely gift item Canvas Placemats provide a 12”x18”that coordinates with any decor. Holds ceramic or area to either decorate for children or to reproduce MP038hardboard tiles (tiles sold separately). design elements found in a kitchen such as wallpaper,Holds 3.5” Round Tiles fabrics, and pictures. Heavy polyester canvas.M024 Coaster Holder, Six Tiles. CPM1218C 12”x18” Placemat.Holds 4.25”x4.25” Tiles HUG7M025 Coaster Holder, Four Tiles.M026 Coaster Holder, Four Tiles.M027 Coaster Holder, Six Tiles. Beverage Insulators help keep your drinks cool... just add your own design for extra fun in the sun. For Cans HUG2 12 oz. Foldable w/Slotted Bottom. HUG8 16 oz. Foldable w/Slotted Bottom. HUG9 24 oz. Foldable w/Slotted Bottom. HUG4 12 oz. Wrap-around w/Velcro Closure. HUG7 12 oz. Boot Slip-On. For 12 Ounce Bottles HUG3 Sports Jersey Slip-On. HUG5 Insulator w/Zipper. HUG6 Insulator Slip-On.Rowmark® mugMATES™ feature a vi- Rowmark® placeMATES™ provide abrant color-quality that catches your eye and a 16”x10” high gloss surface that reproduces photos For 600ml Aluminum Water Bottlesdurable, washable, dry-erasable surface that stands with vibrant colors and incredible detail. Durable and MP024 Insulator Slip-On.up to drips and spills. High gloss surface laminated washable surface laminated to a 1/8” rubber base Miscellaneousto a 1/8” rubber substrate with a thickness of .135”. with an overall thickness of .135”. MP038 Pint Ice Cream.MP62-0404 3.75”x3.75” mugMATES Coaster. MP62-1016 10”x16”x1/8” Placemat. MP042 Coffee Cup Sleeve. MP045 Wine Bottle Slip-On. 19
  • 20. Award Plaques & Ribbons U5584 Award Plaques feature an ogee edge pro- Streamline Awards feature black edges Cross Plaques feature a beautiful mahogany file and include keyholes for easy wall mounting. and satin black backs. 1/4” hardboard. stained wood cross with an oval hardboard tile insert. 5/8” Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). U5810 4.25” Round. U5783 7”x11”x.75” Wood Cross Plaque Plaques w/Black Edge Plaques w/Cherry Edge U5811 5.75” Round. w/4.2”x5.9” Oval Hardboard Tile. U5669 5”x7”. U5670 5”x7”. U5812 5.25”x3” Football. U5726 Replacement Oval Hardboard Tile. U1001 6”x8”. U1005 6”x8”. U5813 4”x5.75” Rectangle. U1002 7”x9”. U1006 7”x9”. U5814 4”x5.75” Peak. U1003 8”x10”. U1007 8”x10”. U5815 3.8”x5.75” Crystal. U1004 9”x12”. U1008 9”x12”. U5816 4.25”x5.25” Shield. Plaques w/Black Edge U5827 5.25”x6.875” Cross. U5584 11.625”x16”x.75”. U5828 5.75”x6.5” Star of David. U5894 5.25”x3.5” Megaphone. White Aluminum Cover - Adds Dimension U5895 10.25”x6.25” Megaphone. U5668 5.813”x7.75” Cover for U1001/U1005. U5893 5”x4.8” Star. U5804 2” Wood Stand. U5817 1”x1” Plastic L Bracket. Ultra Gloss Plaques feature a gloss Award Plaques w/Flat Edges allow white aluminum plaque plate mounted onto a glossy for a larger imprint area and feature two keyholes black plaque base. The imaged plate is attached to for easy wall mounting. 5/8” Medium Density Fiber- the base using the lifter to give a ”floating” or di- board (MDF). mensional contemporary appearance. U5664 8”x10” Plaque, Black Edge. U5781 7”x9”x.625” Base w/5”x7”x.030” Aluminum Plate. U5800 7”x9”x.625” Base - No Plate. U5667 5”x7”x.030” Aluminum Plate. U5782 8”x10”x.625” Base Award Plaque Edge Profiles w/6”x8”x.030” Aluminum Plate. U5801 8”x10”x.625” Base - No Plate. Straight Ogee U5782-002 6”x8”x.030” Aluminum Plate. Modified Bevel Ogee Bull Nose Chamfer Sports Plaques feature a black bevel edge profile and keyhole for easy wall mounting. Medium Shield Plaques feature a bevel edge profile and include Density Fiberboard (MDF). a keyhole for wall mounting. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). U5757 10.5”x6.25” Football. U5745 5”x6” Plaque, Black Edge. U5679 6”x6”x.625” Home Plate. U5616 7”x9” Plaque, Black Edge. U5680 10”x10”x.625” Home Plate. U5765 8.125” Round. PL-MPHONE610 6.5”x10.25” Megaphone.20
  • 21. Glass Plaques w/Brass Legs are Glass Plaques w/Wood Bases fea- Aluminum Trophy Disks give tradi-popular with those that want an extra special exec- ture slotted wood bases for shelf or desktop display. tional trophies, medals, and awards a new look withutive gift or sports award. Includes 2 brass legs. Wood bases sold separately. full-color images and designs.SubliGlass Plaques w/Black Border & Clear Edges SubliGlass Plaques w/Black Border 1” Round Trophy DisksSG1168 6”x8”. SG1268 8”x6”. SG728 6”x8”. SG730 8”x10”. DS1W 1”x.020”, White.SG1179 7”x9”. SG1279 9”x7”. SG729 7”x9”. SG732 9”x12”. SUBMET1BG 1”x.025”, Bright Gold.SG1180 8”x10”. SG1280 10”x8”. Plaques w/Black Square, Rectangle & Wreath SUBMET1SS 1”x.025”, Satin Silver.SubliGlass Plaques w/Black Border/Full-Coverage SG358 6”x8”. SG360 8”x10”. U5729 1”x.030”, White.SG6811 6”x8”. SG6812 8”x6”. SG359 7”x9”. SG362 9”x12”. 2” Round Trophy DisksSG7911 7”x9”. SG7912 9”x7”. SubliGlass Plaques w/8-Sided Gold Border DS2W 2”x.025”, White.SG8011 8”x10”. SG448 6”x8”. SG452 9”x12”. SUBMET2BG 2”x.025”, Bright Gold. SG450 8”x10”. SUBMET2SS 2”x.025”, Satin Silver. SUBMET2SG 2”x.025”, Satin Gold. SubliGlass Plaques w/Black Border U5572 2”x.030”, White. SG866 6”x6” Diamond - Non-Beveled. SG877 7”x7” Diamond - Non-Beveled. SG888 8”x8” Diamond - Non-Beveled. Clipped Diamond Flat-Bottomed Circle SG2810 TowerGlass Plaques w/Acrylic Bases fea- Glass Plaques w/Wood Bases are Glass Plaques feature full coverage imprint-ture slotted acrylic bases for shelf or desktop display. handsome wall-mount plaques that include two key- ing without a black border. Slotted wood bases forBlack acrylic bases sold separately. holes for easy wall mounting. shelf or desktop display sold separately.SubliGlass Plaques w/Black Border & Clear Edges SubliGlass Plaques w/Rosewood Bases SubliGlass Plaques w/.5” Beveled EdgesSGCD08 5”x8” Clipped Diamond. SG6700R 7”x9” Base w/5”x7” Glass Plaque. SG2068 6”x8”. SG2810 8”x10”.SGCD09 5”x9” Clipped Diamond. SG6702R 9”x12” Base w/7”x10” Glass Plaque. SG2079 7”x9”. SG2912 9”x12”.SGCD10 5”x10” Clipped Diamond. SG6703R 10.5”x13” Base w/8.5”x11” Glass Plaque. SubliGlass Plaques w/Polished EdgesSGFBC7 7” Circle. SubliGlass Plaques w/Black Gloss Bases SG2066 6”x6”. SG2088 8”x8”.SGFBC8 8” Circle. SG6704B 7”x9” Base w/5”x7” Glass Plaque. SG2077 7”x7”.SGT08 5”x8” Tower. SG6705B 8”x10” Base w/6”x8” Glass Plaque.SGT09 5”x9” Tower. SubliGlass Classic Plaques w/Beveled EdgesSGT10 5”x10” Tower. SG10079 7”x9”. SG10912 9”x12”.SGAB4 Black Acrylic Base. SG10810 8”x10”.SubliGlass Plaques w/Black Border/Full CoverageSGCD11 5”x8” Clipped Diamond.SGCD12 5”x9” Clipped Diamond.SGCD13 5”x10” Clipped Diamond.SGFBC9 6” Circle.SGFBC10SGFBC11 7” Circle. 8” Circle. Award Ribbons offer incredible design opportu- nities for sporting events and scholastic achievements.SGT11 5”x8” Tower. White polyester.SGT13 5”x10” Tower.SGAB4 Black Acrylic Base. RB01 2”x8” V Top Ribbon w/Event Card and Pinked Bottom. RB02 2”x8” Flat Top Ribbon w/Event Card and Pinked Bottom. RB03 2”x8” Ribbon w/Pinked Top and Bottom. 21
  • 22. Cases for Cell Phones, Laptops & More PC-IPHONE4-CL iPad Cases are made of black leather and faux Kindle Sleeves help safeguard first, sec- suede and feature a Velcro pocket, white imprintable ond, and third generation Amazon Kindles from dings canvas panel, and brace for tilting in three positions. and scratches and feature a black gusset and large IPC01K iPad Case. imprintable panel for personalization. Neoprene. MP040 8”x5.3” Kindle Sleeve. MP041 10.4”x7.2” Kindle DX Sleeve. RPC-IP4-K PBC525-R Available with white, satin silver, or satin gold Zippered iPad Sleeves are a soft, Kindle Fire Cases are made of black aluminum inserts durable, weather-resistant way to cushion and pro- leather and faux suede and feature an inside side tect your iPad from scratches. Neoprene w/zipper. pocket and white imprintable canvas panel. iPhone 4 Covers are slim and ultra-light- MP032 10”x7.5” iPad Sleeve, 1-sided. KFC02K Kindle Fire Case. weight cases that display aluminum inserts and help protect against dirt and scratches. The cases easily snap onto the back of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models and dont interfere with access to the charger, USB, or headset ports. Hard Plastic Covers PC-IPHONE4-CL Clear Hard Case w/Black Trim. PC-IPHONE4-K Black Hard Case. PC-IPHONE4-W White Hard Case. PC-IPHONE4-Z Orange Hard Case. DS004SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert. DS004SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. DS004W White Aluminum Insert. Rubber Covers RPC-IP4-K Black Rubber Case. RPC-IP4-W White Rubber Case. RPC-IP4-CL Clear Rubber Case. RPC-IP4-GRY Gray Rubber Case. RPC-IP4-R Red Rubber Case. DS006SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert. DS006SS DS006W Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. White Aluminum Insert. iPad Covers are ultra-lightweight hard plastic Kindle Fire Covers are ultra-lightweight snap-on cases for iPad 2 and iPad that display aluminum hard plastic snap-on cases that display aluminum in- Bumper Covers inserts and help protect against dirt and scratches. serts and help protect against dirt and scratches. PBC525-R Red. TC-IPAD-K Black Hard Case. KC-FIRE-K Black Hard Case. PBC525-LP Light Pink. TC-IPAD-W White Hard Case. KC-FIRE-W White Hard Case. PBC525-F Fuchsia. TC-IPAD-P Pink Hard Case. DS009W White Aluminum Insert. PBC525-BRN Brown. DS007W White Aluminum Insert. DS009SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. DS004SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert. DS007SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. DS009SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert. DS004SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. DS007SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert.22 DS004W White Aluminum Insert.
  • 23. Samsung Galaxy i9100 Covers are Galaxy Note 9220 Covers are ultra- iPod Touch 4 Covers are ultra-lightweightultra-lightweight hard cases that display aluminum lightweight hard cases that display aluminum inserts hard plastic snap-on cases that display aluminum in-inserts and help protect against dirt and scratches. and help protect against dirt and scratches. serts and help protect against dirt and scratches.PC-SG9100-K Black Hard Case. TC-SGN9220-K Black Hard Case. IPT4C-W White Hard Case.PC-SG9100-W White Hard Case. TC-SGN9220-W White Hard Case. IPT4C-K Black Hard Case.DS008W White Aluminum Insert. DS018W White Aluminum Insert. DS017W White Aluminum Insert.DS008SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. DS018SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. DS017SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert.DS008SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert. DS018SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert. DS017SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert.Blackberry 9900 Covers are ultra- Cell Phone Holders are a unique way of Zippered Laptop Sleeves are a soft,lightweight hard cases that display aluminum inserts carrying and protecting a cell phone. These water re- durable, weather-resistant way to cushion and pro-and help protect against dirt and scratches. sistant neoprene holders are available in two sizes tect your laptop from scratches. Neoprene w/zipper.PC-BB9900-K Black Hard Case. and feature a front slot that accommodates most cell MP009 14.2"x10.8" Laptop Case, 2-Sided.DS019W White Aluminum Insert. phones and MP3 players. Neoprene. MP010 16.4"x13"x1.25" Laptop Case, 2-Sided.DS019SS Satin Silver Aluminum Insert. MP031 2.5”x4.5” Cell Phone Holder. MP015 10” Netbook Sleeve, 2-Sided.DS019SG Satin Gold Aluminum Insert. MP030 3.5”x5” Cell Phone Holder. MP018 11”x7.75” Netbook Sleeve, 1-Sided. MP019 14.2”x10.8” Laptop Sleeve, 1-Sided. MP020 16.4”x13” Laptop Sleeve, 1-Sided.Nook Cases are made of black leather and Note Pad Holders are black cloth binders Shoulder Laptop Bags are made of softfaux suede and feature an inside side pocket, white with white imprintable panels. Pen not included. and durable neoprene. Strap sold separately.imprintable canvas panel, and magnetic clasp. BDR912 9.5”x12.5” Black Binder w/White Panel. MP034 14” Shoulder Bag w/Removable Flap.NC03K Nook Case. BDR79 7”x9” Black Binder w/White Panel. MP034-FLAP Additional Flap for MP034. BDR35 3.5”x5” Black Binder w/White Panel. MP036 17” Shoulder Bag w/Removable Flap. MP036-FLAP Additional Flap for MP036. MP037 Shoulder Strap for MP034 and MP036. 23
  • 24. Purses, Tote Bags & Drawstring Bags TB001W Purses w/Removable Flaps are Panel Tote Bags are tan w/black trim that unique purses with snap-on flaps that can be person- feature imprintable canvas panels and open top de- alized with photos of family, a vacation, or pets! sign with pullover strap. 8007 7.5”x7” Purse w/Removable Flap. 9000 7”x9” Tote Bag w/Panel. 8007-FLAP Additional Flap for 8007. 9000-PANEL Additional Panel w/Velcro Strips. 8008 8”x12” Purse w/Removable Flap. 9001 12”x10” Tote Bag w/Panel. 8008-FLAP Additional Flap for 8008. 9001-PANEL Additional Panel w/Velcro Strips. 9002 12”x18” Tote Bag w/Panel. 9002-PANEL Additional Panel w/Velcro Strips. TOTE005 TOTE008 Simulated Leather Handbags are Messenger Bags are trendy and functional Tote Bags are great for errands or the beach. made with simulated leather fabric and changeable heavy-duty bags made of a stylish black tarpaulin ma- Canvas Bags carrying straps. The detachable flap allows the owner terial. TOTE002 16.5”x16.5” Bag w/Black Straps. to have a different bag everyday! 8005 14.9”x11.25” Messenger Bag w/Flap. TOTE003 16.5”x16.5” Bag w/Blue Straps. 8004 7.8”x11.75” Handbag. 8005-FLAP Additional Flap. TOTE004 16.5”x16.5” Bag w/Red Straps. 8004-FLAP Additional Flap. TOTE005 22”x17” Bag w/Black Straps. TOTE006 22”x17” Bag w/Blue Straps. TOTE007 22”x17” Bag w/Red Straps. Non-Woven Polyester Bags TB001W 15”x16” Bag w/3” Gusset. Waterproof Tote Bag TOTE008 17.625”x13.75” Bag, No Gusset. Lunch Totes are made of soft and durable Back Packs make great back-to-school gifts Reporter Bags easily carry books and pa- neoprene and feature a zipper closure. for those students that like to set themselves apart perwork and features an adjustable shoulder strap MP051 8.75”x6.25” Lunch Totes, 1-Sided. from the crowd. and handy compartments for organizing pens and 9004 Back Pack w/Removable Flap. other necessities. 9004-FLAP Additional 11.25”x13” Flap. 8006 15.75”x11” Reporter Bag w/Flap. 8006-FLAP Additional 14”x15” Flap.24
  • 25. Wallets & Checkbook Covers MP011 MP012 Coin Bags are a great size for holding cash, Nylon Wallets feature a 4”x3” imprintable credit cards, ID, and lipstick. Neoprene w/zipper. panel, currency pouch, credit card slots, 4-sleeve MP011 4.5" Round Coin Coolie. photo holder, plastic ID window, and Velcro closure. MP012 5"x3" Rectangle Coin Bag. BF500K Wallet, Black.Drawstring Sports Bags feature an BF500B Wallet, Blue.extra large imprintable area and are great for carry-ing sports uniforms, and equipment. 100% Polymesh.BAG002 22.25”x30.5” Sports Bag. Heart-Shaped Coin Purses are a Simulated Leather Wallets feature great gift for mom, grandma, daughter, sister, or a soft leather appearance, 1 inside compartment other loved one. Red fabric back with white polyester w/zipper, 6 credit card holders, 2 inside compart- front and zipper closure. ments, and Velcro closure. 8003 Coin Purse w/Red Trim. 8002 Wallet, Black.Drawstring Back Packs are light-weight, functional, and durable. Features a large im-printable area. Great for groups, clubs, schools, andorganizations. 100% Polyester.BAG001 15.5”x19.25” Back Pack. Neoprene Checkbook Covers are Nylon Checkbook Covers are imprintable bi-fold checkbook covers that make 6.65”x3.5” bi-fold checkbook covers with a 6”x2.75” great gifts and promotional giveaways. imprintable panel. MP016 Checkbook Cover. BF600K Checkbook Cover, Black. BF600B Checkbook Cover, Blue. BF600R Checkbook Cover, Red. MP028 Neoprene Zippered Bags are a unique and useful way to organize cosmetics or school supplies such as drawing pencils and pens. Neoprene with zipper.Drawstring Laundry Bags are heavy-duty canvas bags suitable for college students, sum- MP027 9.5”x5.75” Cosmetic Bag, 1-Sided.mer camp, laundry, baby things, camping, traveling, MP027 MP028 8”x3.875” Pencil Case, 1-Sided.storing linens, dry cleaners, and much more! MP052 7.875”x5.5” Utility Bag, 1-Sided.LB21525 21.5”x25” Bag w/Draw String. MP052 25
  • 26. Interior Signage Traditional Antique Framed Wall Signs are designed for qual- Aluminum Crossing Signs provide a ity interior wall signage and are available in a variety unique shape that’s great for business or the family of sizes. Frame made of black molded plastic. Insert game room. Features 2 holes for wall hanging. sold separately. U6600 10"x10"x.030", Single Sided. F-PF19-BLK 1.75”x9.125” Frame. UC1047 Insert for F-PF19-BLK, Glossy. F-PF19BASE-BLK Desk Plate Converter. F-PF66-BLK 6.125”x6.125” Frame. UC1046 Insert for F-PF66-BLK, Glossy. Display F-PF99-BLK 9.125”x9.125” Frame. UC1045 Insert for F-PF99-BLK, Glossy. Federal Signs Of Life is a collection of four unique EZ Signs are pre-edged signs with a matte finish KrinkleSub™ Aluminum combines the sign shapes. 1/4” hardboard. and bull nose edge, 1/2” MDF. stunning beauty of sublimation with a krinkle frost U5818 11.5”x15.4”x.25, Traditional. U5557 2”x8”, Black Edge. border to provide an extra finishing touch. .02” Alu- U5819 10.9”x15.4”x.25, Antique. U5558 2”x8”, Gold Edge. minum. U5820 15.5”x5.7”x.25, Display. U5559 2”x10”, Black Edge. DS15SG 4.875”x6.875” KrinkleSub, Satin Gold. U5821 15.5”x11.75”x.25, Federal. U5560 2”x10”, Gold Edge. DS15SS 4.875”x6.875” KrinkleSub, Satin Silver. U5563 6”x6”, Black Edge. U5565 8”x8”, Black Edge. U5817 Plastic “L Bracket”. U5580 Desk Frames Wall Frames U5579 Door Nameplates are made of sturdy Desk Nameplate Frames display per- Wall Nameplate Frames display per- fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and mount directly sonalized aluminum nameplates and are available in sonalized aluminum nameplates and are available in to a door, wall, or cubicle workstation with double- matte black, polished silver, and rose gold. matte black, polished silver, and rose gold. sided tape or Velcro (not included). Also fits standard Desk Frames Display One Aluminum Insert Wall Frames Display One Aluminum Insert 1/8” nameplate frames. 3/32” FRP. F-DH210-BLK 2”x10” Frame, Matte Black. F-WB210-BLK 2”x10” Frame, Matte Black. FRP Nameplates F-DH210-PS 2”x10” Frame, Polished Silver. F-WB210-PS 2”x10” Frame, Polished Silver. U5579 2”x8” Nameplate, Glossy. F-DH210-RG 2”x10” Frame, Rose Gold. F-WB210-RG 2”x10” Frame, Rose Gold. U5580 2”x10” Nameplate, Glossy. Aluminum Nameplate Inserts Aluminum Nameplate Inserts SUBMET210SS 2”x10”x.025”, Satin Silver. SUBMET210SS 2”x10”x.025”, Satin Silver. SUBMET210SG 2”x10”x.025”, Satin Gold. SUBMET210SG 2”x10”x.025”, Satin Gold. UCM0002 2”x10”x.030”, White. UCM0002 2”x10”x.030”, White. DS210W 2”x10”x.020”, White. DS210W 2”x10”x.020”, White.26
  • 27. Office Gifts Pens/pencils not included.Magnetic Memo Clips Add a logo or Wood Desk Accessories make a state- Business Card Holders available inphoto to personalize these useful and sturdy silver ment of distinction and style. Desk plate includes two stainless steel and neoprene styles. Neoprene cardtone memo clips. Inserts sold separately. holes for pens/pencils and a slot for business cards. holders are soft and sturdy. Stainless steel version hasP22 Magnetic Memo Clip. Card holder holds up to fifty 2”x3.5” business cards. sparkly white aluminum insert (optional non-sparklyDS003W 1.125” Round Insert, White. Desk Plate Displays One Aluminum Insert insert available as a separate purchase).DS003SS 1.125” Round Insert, Satin Silver. U5752 Desk Plate w/Insert, Mahogany. Neoprene® Business Card HolderDS003SG 1.125” Round Insert, Satin Gold. Card Holder Displays One Aluminum Insert MP017 2.625”x4.25” Business Card Holder. U5751 Card Holder w/Insert, Mahogany. Stainless Steel Business Card Holder BCH01 Business Card Holder w/Sparkly Insert. DS002W 1.65”x3.14”x.020” Insert, White. U5784Ceramic Pen Holders provide the same Pen Holders feature three 1.25” diameter holesgreat imaging possibilities as our mugs, but without for organizing pens, pencils, and highlighters. Displaysa handle! one 4.25”x4.25” ceramic tile (sold separately).PH11 Ceramic Pen Holder. WP230CH 5”x5”x1.75” Pen Holder, Cherry. WP230MH 5”x5”x1.75” Pen Holder, Mahogany. U5681 WP230MP 5”x5”x1.75” Pen Holder, Maple. WP210CHPewter Card Holders are classically Silver Business Card w/Stand will Note Holders are a useful way to display astyled business card holders that feature a decorative look great on an executive’s desk or displayed as favorite photograph. Post-it Notes® not included.detail frame with 24mm aluminum insert. recognition of a business achievement. .925 silver Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic TilePewter Business Card Holders business card with rounded corners and acrylic stand. WP210CH 5”x8.5”x.75” Note Holder, Cherry.P09 2.5” Business Card Holder. S228 3.375”x2.125”x.025” Card w/Stand. WP210MP 5”x8.5”x.75” Note Holder, Maple.Aluminum Inserts Displays One Gloss White Aluminum InsertUCM0004 24mm x .030”, White. U5784 4.25”x6.25” Note Holder w/Insert.DS9375W 24mm x .020”, White. HardboardSUBMET9375SG 24mm x .020”, Satin Gold. U5681 5.38”x3.125” Note Holder.SUBMET9375SS 24mm x .020”, Satin Silver. 27
  • 28. Mousepads & Wrist Rests Mousepads add personality and charm to any House Mousepads make great promotional Mousepads w/Wrist Support are workstation! Polyester w/rubber backing. items for real estate agents, home furnishing stores, ergonomically and uniquely contoured mousepads MP89 7.75”x9.25”x1/4” Mousepad. and home builders. Polyester w/rubber backing. that combine a custom decorated mousepad and MP1889 7.75”x9.25”x1/8” Mousepad. MP100 8.75”x8”x1/8” Mousepad. memory foam wrist support in one. Black plastic base and kidney shaped mousepad insert sold separately. MPB001 9.125”x10.25” Mousepad Base. MPB001-PAD 8.5”x7.5”x.125” Insert. Mousepads are a fun and unique gift idea while also having a variety of practical business uses such as increasing brand awareness, specialty advertising, and web promotion. Rowmark® mouseMATES™ provide a Round Mousepads have a classic shape Heart Mousepads help proclaim true love durable, washable, dry-erasable surface that stands that provides a great background for logos and round on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, an- up to a busy mouse. High gloss white surface lami- sports balls such as baseballs, basketballs, and more! niversary, or birthday! nated to a 1/8” rubber substrate with an overall Polyester w/rubber backing. MP958 9.5”x8”x1/4” Mousepad. thickness of 0.135”. MP800 8”x1/4” Mousepad. MP62-0810 7.75”x9.75”x.135” Mousepad. Wrist Rests are great promotional products for trade shows, job Football Mousepads are ideal for foot- fairs, and retail stores. The unique shape provides plenty of room for text. ball fans everywhere - whether it’s for a pee wee, Polyester with neoprene rubber backing. high school, college, or professional team. Polyester W1745 17”x3”x.75” Wrist Rest. w/rubber backing. MP96 9.75”x6.5”x1/8” Mousepad.28
  • 29. Puzzles MATES Sheets can be easily cut with scissors or use convenient pre-cut round or oval shapes!Puzzles w/Fabric Covering make Magnetic Puzzles can be displayed on a Rowmark® MATES™ is flexible ad-great gifts for kids of all ages. refrigerator or office filing cabinet. hesive plastic designed to customize specialPZ56-12 5.25”x6.75”, 12 Pc. PZ79-4MAG 7.5”x9.5” Puzzle, 4 Pc. occasion bottles, trophies, candle/candyPZ79-110 7.5”x9.5”, 110 Pc. PZ79-6MAG 7.5”x9.5” Puzzle, 6 Pc. dishes, jars, glassware, stainless steel mugs,PZ79-12 7.5”x9.5”, 12 Pc. PZ79-9MAG 7.5”x9.5” Puzzle, 9 Pc. lunch boxes, trophies, medals, and other sub-PZ79-30 7.5”x9.5”, 30 Pc. PZ79-30MAG 7.5”x9.5” Puzzle, 30 Pc. strates that don’t fit in a conventional heatPZ1013-130 10.5”x13.5”, 130 Pc. PZ1013-25MAG 10.5”x13.5” Puzzle, 25 Pc. press. Excellent for placing re-order infoPZ7R-15 7.25” Round, 15 Pc. PZ1013-63MAG 10.5”x13.5” Puzzle, 63 Pc. (your contact info plus the artwork filename)PZ7H-75 7.5” Heart, 75 Pc. PZ7R-6MAG 7.25” Round, 6 Pc. on the bottom of mugs and other personalizedPZ79-32ZOO 7.5”x9.5” Zoo, 32 Pc. PZ7H-6MAG 7.5” Heart, 6 Pc. products.PZ79-32DINO 7.5”x9.5” Dinosaur, 32 Pc. PZ10H-24MAG 10.5” Heart, 24 Pc. 8.5”x11” Sheets M00-0811 MATES, Clear. M62-0811 MATES, White. M63-0811 MATES, Brushed Silver. M64-0811 MATES, Brushed Gold. M74-0811 MATES, Brite Gold. M80-0811 MATES, Prism. 2” Rounds M62-R10 MATES, White. M63-R10 MATES, Brushed Silver. M64-R10 MATES, Brushed Gold. M74-R10 MATES, Brite Gold. M73-R10 MATES, Chrome. M80-R10 MATES, Prism. 1”x2” Ovals M74-V10 MATES, Brite Gold. M80-V10 MATES, Prism. 12”x50’ RollCardboard Puzzles are a classic gift with Hardboard Puzzles are 1/8” high den- M00-1205 MATES, Crystal Clear.modern imaging capabilities. Glossy cardboard. sity, laser cut hardboard puzzles that have black M62-1205 MATES, White.SBPZ56-12 5.25”x6.75”, 12 Pc. edges and include a clear plastic presentation case M64-1205 MATES, Brushed Gold.SBPZ79-12 7.5”x9.5”, 12 Pc. for display. M74-1205 MATES, Bright Gold.SBPZ79-30 7.5”x9.5”, 30 Pc. U5830 6.81”x9.81” Puzzle, 30 Pc. 36”x50’ RollSBPZ79-110 7.5”x9.5”, 110 Pc. U5831 6.81”x9.81” Puzzle, 60 Pc. M00-3605 MATES, Crystal Clear.SBPZ1013-25 10.5”x13.5”, 25 Pc. U5834 6.7” Round, 24 Pc. M62-3605 MATES, White.SBPZ1013-63 10.5”x13.5”, 63 Pc. U5833 6.7” Heart, 23 Pc. M73-3605 MATES, Chrome.SBPZ1013-130 10.5”x13.5”, 130 Pc. U5832 6.7”x6.7” Square, 25 Pc.SBPZ1013-252 10.5”x13.5”, 252 Pc.SBPZ1620-252 16”x20”, 252 Pc.SBPZ7R-15 7.25” Round, 15 Pc.SBPZ7R-72 7.25” Round, 72 Pc.SBPZ7H-75 7.5” Heart, 75 Pc.SBPZ79-32DINO 7.5”x9.5” Dinosaur, 32 Pc. Cardboard Puzzles feature an image- able border and easel for displaying the completed puzzle. Glossy coated cardboard. PUZ02 13.5”x10” Puzzle , 90 Pc. 29
  • 30. Pennants, Spirit Emblems & More A007 Felt Pennants have nostalgic charm that Stadium Seat Cushions add comfort has long given them a favored spot on the walls of and warmth to hard stadium or bleacher seating! A bedrooms, game rooms, and taverns. Great for sports built-in handle makes them very convenient for ball teams, business promotions, fundraisers, special games, boating, and other outdoor events. Also great A008 events/ceremonies, and school organizations. Each for supporting knees while planting or weeding in the features a 1" white sewn strip on the side that can garden. Polyester with neoprene rubber backing. be imprinted with a coordinating color or design. Rectangle Stadium Seat Cushions Small Felt Pennants SC2533 10”x13.25”x.5” Seat Cushion. A001 5”x12”x.05” Pennant. SC1214 12.5”x14”x.75” Seat Cushion. A009 A005 16” Pennant Display Stick. Round Stadium Seat Cushions Large Felt Pennants SC12R 12.5”x.75” Seat Cushion. A003 8”x18”x.05” Pennant. A006 33” Pennant Display Stick. U5634 A010 U1014 A011 Mini Basketball Goals are fun for a Clipboards help organize your team like never quick game of basketball in the kids’ bedroom or to before. Dry erase surface allows you to diagram plays hang above your trash can at the office. This person- for an indispensable yet inexpensive coaching aid. alized gift idea is a slam dunk! Secures with Velcro® 1/8” Hardboard. 1/8” Hardboard. tabs. 6” plastic hoop and 1/8” hardboard backboard Clipboards w/Flat Clip with glossy finish. U5994 6”x9” Mini Clipboard, Double Sided. U5548 7.5”x9” Mini Basketball Goal. U1013 9”x12.5” Clipboard, Double Sided. U1010 7.5”x9” Replacement Backboard. U5634 9”x15.5” Clipboard, Double Sided. Clipboards w/Regular Clip U1014 9”x12.5” Clipboard, Double Sided. A012 Novelty Tokens can be used for a Felt Spirit Emblems are made of the dazzling variety of purposes including adver- same rigid felt material as our pennants and are an tising pieces, souvenirs, and poker chips. The excellent way to display team spirit. white plastic composite disks are double- A007 14.5”x14”x.05” Round w/Name Plate. sided, and weigh 10 grams each. A010 14.5”x14.5”x.05” Paw. CC16 1.5”x.131” Token, Matte. A008 14.5”x14”x.05” Football. A011 14.5”x16”x.05” Football Helmet. A009 14.5”x12.5”x.05” Number One. A012 14.5”x14.5”x.05” Star.30
  • 31. Auto Accessories U5948 U5519License Plates allow you to express your- License Plate Frames help to enhance Car Flags are easily customized with sportsself to thousands of people everyday. Slotted for easy the look of your vehicle’s current plate. logos, mascots, political ads, and more! Sturdy plas-mounting. Check with your local DMV for legality. Metal License Plate Frames w/Chrome Finish tic poles attach the flags to any car window.Aluminum License Plates LPF612 6”x12” Frame, Holds (2) Aluminum Single Sided Car FlagsU5656 5.875”x11.875”x.03”, Gloss White. Inserts (1 Top & 1 Bottom). FLAGS/P 7.5”x10.75” Flag w/Pole.U5948 5.875”x11.875”x.045”, Gloss Silver. U6681 Inserts For LPF612. FLAG01 7.5”x10.75” Flag, Flag Only.FRP License Plates LPF613 6”x12” License Plate Frame, Plain. FLAGL/P 11.25”x14.75” Flag w/Pole.U5512 5.875”x11.875”x3/32”, Gloss. FRP License Plate Frames FLAG02 11.25”x14.75” Flag, Flag Only.U5519 3”x6”x3/32” Mini License Plate, Gloss. U5552 12.25”x6.25” Frame. Double Sided Car Flags U5928 12.25"x6.5" Frame, Cut To Display FLAG04 7.69”x10.69” Flag w/Pole. Date Stickers & State. FLAGD/P 11.25”x14.75” Flag w/Pole. U5657 5.375”x7.688” Motorcycle Frame. FLAG03 11.25”x14.75” Flag, Flag Only. U5917 U5524 MP044Trailer Hitch Covers are available in Aluminum Dash Plates are a must for Key Chains are available in a wide variety ofrectangle, round, or oval shapes. any car or truck show, these dash plates can be pro- shapes and styles.1.25” Hitch Covers Display One Insert duced using photos, text, and logos! FRP w/Plastic Snap & Metal Split RingU5737 Rectangle Cover w/FRP Insert. Dash Plates w/Round Corners U5525 1.25”x3” Rectangle.TTBLANK114 Rectangle Cover - No Insert. U5733 2”x3.5” Dash Plate. U5766 1.875”x3” Football.U5661 4.7”x3.4” FRP Insert. U5749 2.125”x3.375” Dash Plate. U5521 2.5” Round.2” Hitch Covers Display One Insert Dash Plates w/Square Corners U5934 1.9”x2.6” Artist Palette.U5660 Rectangle Cover w/FRP Insert. U5730 1”x3” Dash Plate. U5524 2.25” Square.TTBLANK2 Rectangle Cover - No Insert. U5748 2”x3.5” Dash Plate. U5520 2.5” Heart.U5661 4.7”x3.4” FRP Insert. U5731 2.5”x3.5” Dash Plate. U5896 2”x3” Megaphone.U4044 Round Cover w/Metal Insert. U6042 3.4375”x4” Dash Plate. Aluminum w/Metal Jump Ring & Split RingU4048 3.5” Metal Insert for U4044. U5917 1.375”x2.5” Oval, Gloss White.U4045 Oval Cover w/Metal Insert. U5995 1.6”x2.25” Rect., Gloss White.U4049 3.125”x5.5” Metal Insert for U4045. Aluminum - Parts Sold Separately DS12W 1.345”x2.5” Oval, Gloss White. UF81120 Plastic Snap w/Metal Split Ring. Aluminum w/Metal Jump Ring & Split Ring Car Mats protect the interior of your ve- U5917 1.375”x2.5” Oval, Gloss White. hicle and present a unique message to your pas- U5995 1.6”x2.25” Rect., Gloss White. sengers. Durgan backed mats with black finished Aluminum - Parts Sold Separately edges. 20 oz. tufted loop construction. DS12W 1.345”x2.5” Oval, Gloss White. Front Car Mats UF81120 Plastic Snap w/Metal Split Ring. CM2617L 27”x17” Mats, Pair. Neoprene Key Fob Rear Car Mats MP044 4”x1” Neoprene Wrist Key Fob. CM1713L 17”x13” Mats, Pair. 31
  • 32. Name Badges, Lanyards, Bag Tags & More LA11 LA12 Wristbands are a great promotional item for school field trips, seminars, and religious functions. Attractive and colorful alternative to standard em- bossed and screen printed wristbands. LA13 3/8” Wide Neoprene Wristbands MP007 5.25” Youth Wristbands. MP008 7” Adult Wristbands. 1” Wide Neoprene Wristbands LA14 MP048 Wristbands. Select from bar pin LA16 or magnetic clasp attachments LA18 Name Badges provide photo-like images and Lanyards are worn by students, employees, Heat Set Fabric Patches are useful color combinations that engraving cant match! Se- seminar attendees, government workers, and mem- for identification, trade show promotions, or to com- lect from a large variety of shapes and sizes! bers of the military. memorate special events. Transferring full-color Rectangle Badges (FRP) Lanyard Material & Base logos or designs onto the patches will impress organ- U5501 1”x3”, Glossy. LANMAT34 36”x.75” Lanyard Material, White. izations, businesses, sports enthusiasts, and individ- U5515 1”x3”, Matte. LA11 Black Plastic Base. uals alike. U5502 1.25”x3”, Glossy. Lanyard Attachments P101W 3” Round Patch. U5516 1.25”x3”, Matte. LA12 Badge Clip, Black Plastic. P102W 2.5”x4.5” Rectangle Patch. U5786 1.5”x3”, Glossy. LA13 Hook, Black Plastic. P103W 2.5”x4.5” Oval Patch. U4001 1.5”x3”, Matte. LA14 O-Ring w/Connector & Key Ring. U5530 2”x3”, Glossy. LA16 O-Ring, Plastic. U5531 2”x3”, Matte. LA18 Badge Reel w/Clear Strap. Misc. Shapes (FRP) U5532 1.5”x3” Oval, Glossy. U5533 1.5”x3” Oval, Matte. U5933 1.9"x2.6" Artist Palette, Glossy. U6031 2”x3” Megaphone, Glossy. U6032 2”x3” Football, Glossy. Rectangle Badges (FRP) w/Gold Frame U5621 1.41”x2.75” Insert, Glossy. U5619 1.56”x2.94” Frame, Gold. Rectangle Badges (Aluminum) DS13W 1”x3”, White. U5735 1.5”x3”, White. SUBMET153SG 1.5”x3”, Satin Gold. SUBMET153SS 1.5”x3”, Satin Silver. DS14W 1.5”x3”, White. U5736 2”x3”, White. ID Badges For Lanyards include slot Round Lapel Buttons are perfect for U5950 2”x3”, Silver. for lanyard clip. campaigns, business promotions, birthdays, and fam- SUBMET23SS 2”x3”, Satin Silver. Slotted Aluminum Badges ily reunions. Includes military clutch pin. SUBMET23SG 2”x3”, Satin Gold. SUBMET001SS 2.125”x3.375” Badge, Satin Silver. Lapel Buttons Badge Findings DS001W 2.125”x3.375” Badge, White. U5665 2.5”x3/32” Round FRP Button. UF140PS Bar Pin, Adhesive Backed. Slotted Double-Sided FRP ID Badges U5666 .875”x.030” Round Aluminum Button. UFMPPS Magnetic Clasp, Adhesive Backed. U6034 3”x2” Badge, White. Additional Military Clutch Pin U6048 2”x3” Badge, White. 611PG Pin Tack w/Military Clutch.32
  • 33. Gifts for Pets Pet Mats help keep floors clean and dry while the cat litter box mat helps control litter box mess. Pet Place Mats - No Printed Border SPBPM1219 12.5”x19”, White. LPBPM1628 16”x28”, White. Cat Litter Mats w/Printed Border CLM2028 20”x28”, Beige. CLM0001 20”x28”, White. Cat Place Mats w/Printed Border CBPM1219 12.5”x19”, Beige.Luggage Finders wrap around heavy gro-cery/shopping bags, pet carriers, baby carriers,beach bags, and tool boxes. White polyester withblack open-cell rubber backing and Velcro closure.LS55 4.75”x4.25”x.0625” Luggage Finder. Treat your pets to personalized gifts designed especially for them! U5507 U5503 w/Optional Plastic Loop Strap Dog Bandanas make the perfect gift for phys- Pet Bowls Create a stylish pet bowl imprinted ically and socially active dogs! For dogs 50 pounds and with your choice of font and graphics. Easy to clean, under. 100% polyester. can be used for both food and water. DOGBAN 28”x 20”x 20” Dog Bandana. DB70-CH Small Pet Bowl. DB73-CH Large Pet Bowl. U5649 w/Optional Leather StrapBag Tags give your luggage, briefcase, bookbag, or duffle bag personalized pizzazz. Doublesided.Rectangle Bag TagsU5503 2.75”x4” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.U5505 3”x5.5” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.U5556 1.75”x3.5” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.DS235W 2”x3.5” Bag Tag, .04” Aluminum.Business Card Bag TagsU5655 2.5”x4.25” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.U5658 Laminate sheet for attaching a business card to one side of U5655. Dog Collars & Leashes are black with a Pet Tags can include an address, phone numbers,Miscellaneous Bag Tags - 3/32” FRP .75”x12” imprintable panel. veterinarian information - all while expressing theU5649 3.5” Square. Adjustable Dog Collars pet’s distinct personality.U5507 4” Round. AC34-1216 12”-16” Collar w/1 Panel. U5770 1.25”x1.375” Aluminum Heart.U5654 3.5” Diamond. AC34-1620 16”-20” Collar w/1 Panel. U5773 1.25”x1.5” Aluminum Circle.U5897 4”x2.67” Megaphone. AC34-2026 20”-26” Collar w/1 Panel. U5771 1.5”x1” Aluminum Dog Bone.U5993 2.75”x4” Football. Dog Leashes U5772 1.1875”x1.25” Aluminum Fire Hydrant.Bag Tag Straps AC34-72 72” Leash w/2 Panels. DT004 3”x1.125” Stainless Steel Dog Bone.LS7BLK 6”x.375” Leather Strap w/Buckle. DT005 3”x1.125” Stainless Steel Circle.UF601-0 6” Plastic Loops. DT006 3”x1.125” Stainless Steel Heart.TLP09 9” Plastic Loops for U5505. 33
  • 34. Flags, Towels, Pillows, Blankets, Bibs & More Flags are made from 200 denier flag dacron and Image Towels are plush cotton terry cloth SubliThrow Blankets make treasured feature a 1” fly, separate 1.5” poly duck header, and towels with a polyester strip for customization. Also gifts for grandparents and other family members. brass grommets. available with grommets. 100% polyester. FLAG1218 12”x18” Flag, Single Ply. IT-1318W 13.6”x18” Towel, White. Throw Blankets w/One 53”x37” Image Panel FLAG23 24”x36” Flag, Single Ply. IT-1318V 13.6”x18” Towel, Ivory. THROW1 54”x38” SubliThrow Blanket. FLAG35 36”x60” Flag, Single Ply. IT-1318GRN 13.6”x18” Towel, Green. Throw Blankets w/Nine 16”x9.5” Image Panels IT-1628W 16.25”x27.5” Towel, White. THROW9 54”x38” SubliThrow Blanket. IT-1628V 16.25”x27.5” Towel, Ivory. IT-1628GRN 16.25”x27.5” Towel, Green. IT-1628BLU 16.25”x27.5” Towel, Blue. IT-2850W 28”x50” Towel, White. IT-2850V 28”x50” Towel, Ivory. IT-2850GRN 28”x50” Towel, Green. Adult & youth sizes available with black or white straps SubliSandals are fun and unique flip-flops Towels are ideal for the gym, beach, golf Pillowcases bring individuality to the room for bridal showers, outdoor weddings, beach parties, course, or to promote a special event. Transferring that’s the most fun to decorate – your bedroom. proms, and other occasions befitting a little extra images to these all-white polyester towels doesn’t Regular Pillowcase style and personality. 10mm soles. change the “feel” of the fabric. 5001 20.5”x30” Pillowcase. Black Straps White Straps Towels Travel/Youth Pillowcase FLP014 Adult Small. FLP017 Adult Small. TW1118 11”x18” Towel. 5002 12”x18” Pillowcase. FLP015 Adult Medium. FLP018 Adult Medium. TW1525 15”x25” Towel. FLP016 Adult Large. FLP019 Adult Large. Towels w/Grommets FLP020 Childs Small. FLP023 Childs Small. TW1118G 11”x18” Towel w/Grommet. FLP021 Childs Med. FLP024 Childs Med. TW1525G 15”x25” Towel w/Grommet. FLP022 Childs Large. FLP025 Childs Large. 101008 Brass Spring Clip. Seat Back Covers are a favorite with banquet and catering professionals wanting customized seat back covers for special celebrations and business events. Im- ages can be transferred to the front and/or back of the Throw Pillow Covers are a great dec- seat back cover. orative accent for living rooms and bedrooms - also FL-SCB 20”x12.5”, Polyester. makes a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift. SBC2012C 20”x12.5”, 600D Poly Duck. 600 Denier Poly Duck PS1414C 14”x14” Throw Pillow Cover. Polysatin TP1414PS 14”x14” Throw Pillow Cover.34
  • 35. Fleece Gifts SLD02 SLD07Aprons aren’t just for cooking – they’re also Bibs are constructed of polyester w/cotton trimgreat for cleaning, gardening, art projects, and and feature a string tie closure. Machine washable.other activities, too! B500 9”x8” Bib, White w/Blue Trim.APRON2731 27”x31” Apron. P500 9”x8” Bib, White w/Pink Trim.APRON2824P 28”x24” Apron w/3 Front Pockets.APRON1016 10.5”x16.5” Apron, Server Style. SLD01 SLD06 Gaiters are tubular scarves that can be pulled over SLD03 the wearer’s head to protect against environmental conditions such as sun or cold wind. Made of 100% spun polyester that is both breathable and equipped with PURE-tech moisture-wicking technology. 6800 9.5”x16” Gaiter. Fleece Gifts are soft and durable products that make wonderful gifts! White fleece. Fleece Bib SLD07 8.75”x14.25” Bib w/Velcro Closure. Fleece Blanket SLD01 29”x39” Blanket.Neck Ties can be subtle, fun, or fashionable. Bandanas can be worn around the neck or Fleece Burp ClothIdeal for special events, dealer incentives, sales re- around the head and is an excellent way to express SLD02 16”x12” Burp Cloth.wards, executive gifts, Father’s Day, and more. yourself. Also available for dogs!100% polyester. Fleece ScarfNT3556 3.5”x56” Neck Tie. Bandanas SLD03 64”x8” Scarf.NT3556M 3.5”x56” Neck Tie, Matte. BANS100 19.5”x19.5” Square Bandana. Fleece Ear Warming Band Dog Bandanas SLD06 19.75”x 2.75”-4” Warming Band. DOGBAN 28”x 20”x 20” Triangular Cut Bandana. 35
  • 36. Men’s Shirts, Shorts & Sweatshirts Basic Performance Tees are 5.9 oz. short Basic Performance Golf Shirts are Basic Performance Tees with long sleeve t-shirts that have anti-microbial and anti-stain fea- great for landscapers, wait staff, and the uniform in- sleeves are 6.9 oz. and made of 100% spun polyester. tures. 100% spun polyester. dustry. This placket shirt features a 3/4” shirt-tail hem Brighter White 4955-Adult XS-3XL. Brighter White 4767-Adult XS-5XL; 8310-Youth XS-L; and ribbed sleeve cuff. 100% spun polyester. Sand 4321-Adult XS-3XL. 8402-Toddler 24 Months-3T-4T. White 4020-Adult XS-3XL. Ash Heather 4944-Adult XS-3XL; 8101-Youth XS-L. Sand 4098-Adult S-3XL; 8021-Youth XS-L. Blizzard Blue 4022-Adult XS-3XL. Alpine Spruce 4083-Adult XS-3XL. Ash Heather 4712-Adult XS-5XL; 8302-Youth XS-L. Sand 4023-Adult XS-3XL. Safety Orange 4095-Adult S-3XL. Blizzard Blue 4734-Adult XS-3XL; 8020-Youth XS-L. Steel 4024-Adult XS-3XL. Safety Yellow 4086-Adult S-3XL. Safety Orange 4047-Adult XS-4XL; 8022-Youth XS-L. Safety Yellow 4055-Adult XS-4XL; 8023-Youth XS-L. Earth 4757-Adult XS-3XL. Pacific Blue 4706-Adult XS-3XL. Alpine Spruce 4723-Adult XS-3XL. Terra Mesa 4756-Adult XS-3XL. November White 4745-Adult XS-3XL. Steel 4701-Adult XS-3XL. Black 4011-Adult XS-3XL. Pocket Tees are a very popular shirt Red 4014-Adult XS-3XL. for men. Custom decorate with a full back im- Yellow 4013-Adult XS-3XL. print and/or an imprint on the left chest pocket. 5.9 oz. 100% spun polyester. Hydro 4001-Adult XS-3XL. White 4148-Adult XS-5XL. ECO Polo Shirts are 100% recycled with mois- Repreve™ Running Shirts are short Basic Performance Ringer Tees ture wicking properties. An ecologically sound shirt! sleeve crew neck t-shirts made from recycled 100% are 5.9 oz. short sleeve t-shirts with color on the White 4025-Adult S-3XL. spun polyester. Just add art or logos. collar and sleeves. 100% spun polyester. Blue 4026-Adult S-3XL. Brighter White 4149-Adult S-3XL. Sandy w/Java 4922-Adult XS-3XL. Sky Blue w/Navy 4933-Adult XS-3XL. Brighter White w/Red 4911-Adult XS-3XL.36 Brighter White w/Black 4900-Adult XS-3XL.
  • 37. All Vapor Apparel products are available in fashionable cuts and colors and are built to last.Micro Performance Tees are short Micro Performance Phenom™ of- Micro Performance Tees are 5 oz. longsleeve t-shirts made with a revolutionary light 5.0 oz. fers a 4.9 ounce fabric with a physique-flattering sleeve t-shirts made from 100% micro-fiber polyester.micro-fiber fabric. 100% micro-fiber polyester. look, vertical piping, and bird’s eye mesh vents down Brighter White 4269-Adult XS-3XL; 8213-Youth S-XL.Brighter White 4446-Adult XS-3XL; 8268-Youth S-XL. the sides. 100% micro-fiber polyester. Mercury Silver 4258-Adult XS-3XL.Mercury Silver 4435-Adult XS-3XL; 8257-Youth S-L. White/Red 4966-Adult S-3XL. Athletic Gray 4261-Adult XS-3XL; 8211-Youth S-XL.Athletic Gray 4469-Adult XS-3XL; 8255-Youth S-XL. White/Black 4977-Adult S-3XL. Blue Sky Blue 4077-Adult XS-3XL.Blue Sky Blue 4413-Adult XS-3XL; 8246-Youth S-XL. White/Royal Blue 4991-Adult S-3XL. Hydro 4265-Adult XS-3XL.Mars Red 4424-Adult XS-3XL. White/Navy 4988-Adult S-3XL. Mars Red 4078-Adult XS-3XL.Blacker Black 4402-Adult XS-3XL. White/Athletic Gray 4999-Adult S-3XL.Hydro 4901-Adult XS-3XL. White/Forest Green 4984-Adult S-3XL.Vegas Gold 4404-Adult XS-3XL. White/Burnt Orange 4062-Adult S-3XL.Navy 4033-Adult XS-3XL. White/Maroon 4012-Adult S-3XL.Orange 4051-Adult XS-3XL.Kelly Green 4066-Adult XS-3XL. Mesh Knit Shorts are full cut Sweatshirts are made from a 10 basketball style shorts with interwoven oz. 100% polyester fabric. moisture wicking technology. Features a Pullover Sweatshirt covered elastic waistband with draw- Brighter White 4601-Adult S-3XL. string and double-needle bottom hem. Ash Heather 4690-Adult XS-3XL. White 3100-Adult S-2XL. Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt Gray 3111-Adult S-2XL. Brighter White 4579-Adult S-3XL. 8291-Youth S-XL. Ash Heather 4568-Adult XS-3XL. 8280-Youth S-XL.Micro Performance Defender ™ is Micro Performance Repreve™ is a Micro Performance Muscle Teesa beautiful and functional compression shirt for the true short sleeved, raglan cut t-shirt with excellent mois- are 5 oz. sleeveless shirts. 100% micro-fiber polyester.athlete. 93% Poly, 7% Lycra. ture wicking properties. Brighter White 4391-Adult XS-3XL; 8235-Youth S-L.Brighter White 4333-Adult XS-3XL; 8222-Youth S-L. Athletic Gray 4016-Adult XS-3XL. Mercury Silver 4380-Adult S-3XL; 8224-Youth S-L. Vegas Gold 4004-Adult XS-3XL. Hydro 4006-Adult XS-3XL. 37
  • 38. Women’s Shirts Hats CAP095 6700 Basic Performance Tees are 6.5 oz. Vela Tees ™ are loose fit compression t-shirts 6975V short sleeve t-shirts made from 100% spun polyester. for athletic endeavors. Moisture wicking and temper- Brighter White 6178-Adult XS-3XL. ature control properties. 93% Polyester and 7% Lycra. Brighter White 6018-Adult XS-2XL. 6975B Lavender 6228-Adult XS-3XL. Alpine Spruce 6189-Adult XS-3XL. Athletic Gray 6020-Adult XS-2XL. Pink 6182-Adult XS-3XL. Hydro 6019-Adult XS-2XL. Blue Sky 6197-Adult XS-3XL. Pink 6021-Adult XS-2XL. CAP100 Hats are 100% polyester and look fantastic with added artwork. Bucket Hats w/String Closure 6700 Khaki, Small/Medium. 6701 Khaki, Large/XL. 6702 Khaki, 2XL. 5 Panel Caps w/Velcro Adjustment Tab CAP093 White. CAP092 White w/Pink Trim. CAP094 White w/Black Trim. Backcountry Caps w/Velcro Adjustment Tab 6975B Blue w/Black Trim. 6975K Khaki w/Black Trim. 6975V Olive w/Black Trim. Sports Caps w/Velcro Adjustment Tab ECO Polo Shirts are 100% recycled with Slim Fit Tees are a 6.5 oz contoured tee with CAP095 White. moisture wicking properties. An ecologically sound cap sleeves and a longer length. 93% performance CAP091 White w/Pink Trim. shirt! polyester, 7% Spandex. CAP096 White w/Black Trim. White 6300-Adult XS-2XL. White 6006-Adult XS-2XL. Ranger Caps w/Velcro Adjustment Tab Blue 6301-Adult XS-2XL. Coral Pink 6004-Adult XS-2XL. CAP097 White. CAP099 Black w/White Panel. Pink 6302-Adult XS-2XL. Orchid 6002-Adult XS-2XL. CAP100 White w/Pink Trim. Earth 6007-Adult XS-2XL. Repreve™ Running Shirts are short Micro Performance Singlets are 5 oz. Micro Performance Tees are a 5 oz. sleeve v-neck tees made from recycled 100% spun sleeveless t-shirts made of 100% micro-fiber polyester. short sleeve t-shirt made of 100% micro-fiber polyester. polyester. Brighter White 6078-Women’s XS-XL. Brighter White 6167-Adult XS-XL. White 6400-Adult XS-2XL. Brighter White 4147-Men’s S-XL.38
  • 39. Holiday Ornaments & Stockings London BeneluxCreative Borders Ornaments are Aluminum Ornaments are sturdy dou- FRP Ornaments are lightweight double-elegantly shaped and lightweight aluminum tree or- ble-sided tree ornaments with a dimensional metallic sided tree ornaments that also make unique gift tags.naments. Double-sided. edge finish. Red ribbon included. 3/32” Glossy FRP.U4102 2.99”x 2.99” London. U5922 2.75" Round. U5509 3” Ball.U4103 3.95”x2.76” Benelux. U5924 2.6"x3" Hexagon. U5511 4” Bell. U5923 2.375"x3" Oval. U5576 4” Star. U5925 2"x3" Rectangle. U5769 2.5”x4” Dog Bone. U5966 2.75”x4.1” Tapered. U5510 5” Tree. U5967 3"x2" Rectangle. U5768 4.5”x2.5” Snowman.Porcelain Ornaments make stunning Pewter Ornaments handsomely display Glass Ornaments are beautiful single-tree ornaments and are available in a variety of a 24mm white, satin gold, or satin silver insert inside sided tree ornaments with a frosted back andshapes and sizes. a decorative detail frame. beveled edge. Gold ribbon included.K120P-2 3” Star, 2-Sided. Pewter Ornaments GL001 3.5” Round.K101P-2 4”x3.75” Star, 2-Sided. P15 2.5” Wreath. GL002 2.75”x3.5” Oval, Vertical.K103P-2 2.875” Snowflake, 2-Sided. 24mm Aluminum Inserts GL003 3.5”x2.75” Oval, Horizontal.K226P-2 2.8125” Round, 2-Sided. UCM0004 White Insert. GL004 3” Hexagon.K307P .6875”x1” Oval, 1-Sided. SUBMET9375SG Satin Gold Insert. GL005 3.5” Hexagon.K102P-2 2.875” Scallop, 2-Sided. SUBMET9375SS Satin Silver Insert.K505P-2 3.1875”x2.875” Heart, 2-Sided.K504P-2 1.5625” Heart, 2-Sided.K104P-2 2.875” Scallop w/Wreath, 2-Sided.K123P-2 2.875” Open Wreath, 2-Sided. Holiday Stockings look great with images of friends, family, and pets, too! Start a family tradition! Gaming Cloth Holiday Stocking w/Lining HS20 17” Stocking w/Red Lining. HS21 17” Stocking w/Green Lining. HS22 17” Stocking w/White Lining. Ball Ornaments display a 1.625” aluminum insert and come with a gold accented hanger String PolyDuck Holiday Stocking and is pre-printed with "NOEL" and "Holly Leaves" HS23 17” Stocking. graphics. Inserts sold separately. White Polysatin Holiday Stocking Ball Ornaments HS18 17” Stocking. HS18 Z04 3”x2.5”x2” Ball Ornament. White Felt Holiday Stocking w/Red Trim Aluminum Insert HS19 21” Stocking. DS005W 1.625” diameter x .020”, White. HS21 HS19 39
  • 40. Jewelry S240 Aluminum Cuff Bracelets are cre- ated by bending an imaged piece of Chromaluxe™ Aluminum w/.25" rounded corners. Great for family pictures! Aluminum Cuff Bracelets UCM0022 6.625”x1.625” Bracelet, Clear Gloss. UCM0023 6.625”x1.625” Bracelet, White Gloss. Sterling Silver Charms are heavy Dog Tags are a unique way to show off a fa- gauge, .025” thick, and include a .925 sterling silver vorite pet, loved one, or school logo. hallmark on the charm, bale, and 18” chain. Gloss White Aluminum Dog Tags Heart-Shaped U5588 1.125”x1.875”x.030” Dog Tag, 1-Sided. S201 .75” Charm. U5916 1.125”x1.875” Dog Tag, 2-Sided. S211 1” Charm. U5605 30” Bead Chain w/Jump Ring. S221 1.25” Charm. DS11W 1.125”x1.9375” ID Tag, 2-Sided. S231 1.5” Charm. Gloss Silver Aluminum Dog Tags Oval U4004 1.15”x2”x.045” ID Tag, 1-Sided. S203 .75” Charm. DS11SS 1.125”x1.9375” ID Tag, 2-Sided. S213 1” Charm. Sterling Silver Dog Tags S223 1.25” Charm. S226 Small Dog Tag w/27” Bead Chain. S233 1.375”x1.625” Charm. S227 Large Dog Tag w/27” Bead Chain. Round Rhodium-Plated Dog Tags S202 .75” Charm. S237 1.968”x1.181” Dog Tag - Single Imaging Area. S212 1” Charm. S240 1.968”x1.181” Dog Tag - Two Imaging Areas. Charm Bracelets are silver plated with S222 1.25” Charm. S242 .984”x.984” Heart - Single Imaging Area. five .75” gloss white aluminum charms and silver S232 1.625” Charm. plated bales. Rhodium-Plated Chains Square S244 40” Bead/Bar Chain. Charm Bracelet w/Five Charms S204 .75” Charm. U5900 7” Charm Bracelet w/Round Charms. S214 1” Charm. U5901 Additional .75” Round Aluminum Charm. S224 1.25” Charm. S234 1.625” Charm. Aluminum Charms are available in heart, oval, and round shapes and in small, medium, and large Stainless Steel Dog Tags are single-sided sizes. Mix and match to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind earrings, pendants, and bracelets that will be cherished premium dog tags with an IronClad™ coating. Clear for years to come. Each features a polished scalloped edge finish. stainless steel on back side. Includes 30” bead chain. Oval Aluminum Charms Round Aluminum Charms Heart Aluminum Charms DT001 2”x1.125” Dog Tag. U5591 .875” Charm. U5592 .875” Charm. U5595 .875” Charm. DT004 3”x1.125” Bone Dog Tag. U5593 1.1875” Charm. U5594 1.25” Charm. U5596 1.1875” Charm. DT005 3”x1.125” Circle Dog Tag. Silver Plated Bracelet Silver Plated Fish Hook Earrings Silver Plated Necklace DT006 3”x1.125” Heart Dog Tag. U5598 8” Bracelet w/5 Bales. U5599 Earrings. U5597 18” Necklace w/Bale.40
  • 41. Pewter Gifts Accessories Eyeglass Accessories make great additions for your glasses and sunglasses. Eyeglass Cases MP006 6.5”x3” Neoprene Eyeglass Case w/Zipper & Clip, 2-Sided. MP053 3.25”x6.25” Eyeglass Sleeve w/Curved Top, 1-Sided. Eyeglass Retainer MP014 Eyewear Retainer. Cloth Lens Cleaner MP013 6.75”x 5.25” w/Pinking Shear Edges. Compacts are a great way to thank a maid of honor and bridesmaids or to com- memorate a special occasion such as a bridal shower or bachelorette party. CPM001 3” Scalloped. CPM002 3” Round. CPM003 3”x2.6”x.3” Rectangle. CPM004 2.5”x3”x.4” Oval. CPM005 2.5”x 3”x .3” Heart.Pewter Gifts feature a round decorative detail frame that accommo- Cosmetic Bags are a unique and Glass Nail Files make beautifuldates a 24mm white, satin gold, or satin silver aluminum insert. useful way to organize cosmetics or other wedding and bridesmaid gifts. They areP02 14 oz. Double Old-Fashioned. P15 2.5” Ornament. accessories. Neoprene with zipper. also a great way to promote hair and nailP03 1.5 oz. Shot Glass. P17 Divot Tool & Ball Marker. MP027 9.5”x5.75” Bag, 1-Sided. salons, spas, and other cosmetic busi-P04 10 oz. Wine Glass. P20 15 oz. Glass Stein. nesses. Includes protective sleeve.P10 2.75” Key Ring. DS9375W White Insert. IC037 5.25”x.5” Nail File.P11 1.35”x2” Money Clip. DS9375SG Satin Gold Insert.P12 5.5” Letter Opener. DS9375SS Satin Silver Insert.P14 3”x2.25” Glass Votive. 41
  • 42. Ceiling, Wall & Floor Coverings TecBoard ™ is a white architectural board with Bison Glass Floor Tiles ™ are a dynamic acoustical sound dampening suitable for use as ceiling alternative to ordinary floor coverings and are suitable tiles or wall coverings. The .4375” thickness is bend- for high-traffic residential and commercial applications able, cuttable, drillable and nailable. Custom sizes such as kitchens, hallways, foyers, business lobbies, ex- available. ecutive suites, and boardrooms. TL2424100 23.75"x23.75" TecBoard. GL6X6WHT 6”x6”x.25”, Non-Tempered. TL2448100 23.75"x47.75" TecBoard. GL12X12WHTNT 12”x12”x.25”, Non-Tempered. TL5074100 50"x74" TecBoard. GL12X12WHT 12”x12”x.25”, Tempered. Comfort Mats are personalized floor mats that Floor Mats create a lasting first impression. Dur- Synthetic Bulk Fabrics are avail- can be used for the home or in conjunction with a com- gan backed mats with black finished edges. able by the roll so that creative minds can pro- pany promotion, fund raiser, wedding, or party. Features 8 oz. Felt duce stunning, full color table skirts, flags, a white polyester felt surface with a tan urethane back- FM1824F 18”x24” Floor Mat. banners, backdrops, pennants, and more. ing. FM2436F 24”x36” Floor Mat. Mousepad material also available in 33 yard 501827 17.5”x26.5” Comfort Mat. FM3660F 36”x60” Floor Mat. rolls, call for additional information. 502030 19.5”x29.5” Comfort Mat. 20 oz. Tufted Loop Bulk Fabrics 502436 23.5”x35.5” Comfort Mat. FM1824L 18”x24” Floor Mat. F0010 61”x36” Flag Dacron, 200 Denier. FM2436L 24”x36” Floor Mat. F0011 61”x36” Poly Duck, 600 Denier. FM3660L 36”x60” Floor Mat. F0012 59”x36” Waterproof. PP7813 58.5”-60” Poly Poplin. F0007 60” Poly Satin. PCK45 45” China Silk. Vapor Bulk Fabrics Photo Tex™ Temporary Signage is a F0008 FT10495 61”x36” Poly Poplin. 36”x61” Basic T-Shirt. peel and stick adhesive fabric that can be installed on virtually any indoor flat surface (except non-painted F0002 36” Poly Mesh. brick) and then removed and reused. Easily wrap around F0009 66”x36” Basic Sweatshirt. corners, poles, and ceilings. F0003 36” Micro Jersey. SW10495WH 7”x7” Basic Swatches. PTS-8511 8.5”x11”. PTS-1117 11”x17”. Mousepad Material PTS-1218 12”x18”. MP001 54”x36”x.0625”. PTS-1319 13”x19”. MP002 54”x36”x.125”. PTS-1700 17”x 100’ Roll. MP003 54”x36”x.25”. PTS-30100 30”x 100’ Roll. Neoprene Sheets - neoprene layered PTS-42100 42”x 100’ Roll. between black and white polyester fabric PTS-50100 50”x 100’ Roll. MP021 51”x83”x3mm Neoprene Sheet. PTS-54100 54”x 100’ Roll. MP022 51”x83”x5mm Neoprene Sheet. PTS-5420 54”x 20’ Roll. Scuba Foam - scuba foam rubber layered PTS-60100 60”x 100’ Roll. between gray and white polyester fabric MP023 60”x36”x.125” Scuba Foam by the Linear Yard.42
  • 43. Photo Balloons CrystalMPrints™ II G028 G016 G019JetMPrints™ Photo Balloons help to making birthdays, anniver- CrystalMPrints™ II Gifts & Awards combine the traditionalsaries, reunions, weddings, or retirement celebrations more fun and festive. Photo beauty of crystal with modern imaging technologies. CrystalMPrints producesballoons make unique promotional items for realtors, car dealers, restaurants, and truly unique and beautiful incentive awards that recognize hard work and ded-political events. Add white, red, orange, green, pink, or purple cups/sticks/bases ication, as well as producing personalized gifts for important occasions such asfor an extra punch of color. weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations.Photo Balloon 5 Paks: (5) balloons, (5) bases, (5) stems & (5) clips Crystal Shapes for CrystalMPrints II White Black Red Green Pink Purple Orange G005 3.125”x2.26”x.96” Vertical Rectangle.7.25”x7” Heart B092 B093 B094 B095 B096 B097 B098 G006 5.875”x.5” Circle w/Base, Large.7.125” Round B099 B100 B101 B102 B103 B104 B105 G007 4”x.62” Circle w/Base, Medium.6.75”x7” Star B106 B107 B108 B109 B110 B111 B112 G008 3.16”x.56” Circle w/Base, Small.11”x11” Heart B113 B114 B115 B116 B117 B118 B119 G009 2.38”x.46” Circle w/Base, Extra Small.11” Round B120 B121 B122 B123 B124 B125 B126 G014 5.15”x3.62”x.78” Vertical T-Shaped w/Base.10.5”x10.5” Star B127 B128 B129 B130 B131 B132 B133 G015 3.67”x5.18”x.81” T-Shaped w/Base, Small.Photo Balloon 100 Paks: (100) balloons, (100) stems & (100) clips - No Bases G016 6.86”x4”x.82” Vertical Peak w/Base. White Black Red Green Pink Purple Orange G017 5.24”x3.77”x.78” Diamond w/Base.7.25”x7” Heart B050 B051 B052 B053 B054 B055 B056 G019 5.16”x8.6”x.77” Fan w/Base.7.125” Round B057 B058 B059 B060 B061 B062 B063 G023 3.81”x4.06”x1.01” Circle w/Flat Edge, Flat Bottom.6.75”x7” Star B064 B065 B066 B067 B068 B069 B070 G024 5.53”x5.5”x.66” Octagon w/Base.11”x11” Heart B071 B072 B073 B074 B075 B076 B077 G028 6.93”x3.67”x.66” Wave w/Base.11” Round B078 B079 B080 B081 B082 B083 B084 G029 5.98”x3.87”x.83” Rectangle w/Smooth Angles.10.5”x10.5” Star B085 B086 B087 B088 B089 B090 B091 G030 3.375”x3.875”x.75” Heart w/Base. G032 3.125”x2.375”x.75” Horiz. Rectangle w/Radiused Corners.Photo Balloon Bases 100 Paks White Black Red Green Pink Purple Orange Crystal Shapes for Original CrystalMPrintsBalloon Bases B134 B135 B136 B137 B138 B139 B140 G010 3.82”x5.96”x1.19” Horizontal Inclined Rectangle, Large. G026 4.13”x3.53”x.98” Oval w/Flat Edge.Multi-Balloon Display StandB017 Tree Stand, Holds 13 Photo Balloons. 43
  • 44. IndexApparel ............................36-39 Compacts...............................41 Key Tags .................................31 Pencil Holder ....................5, 27 Sticky Note Holder ...........5, 27Aprons ...................................35 CrystalMPrints Crystal ...........43 Key Hanger ............................10 Pennants & Emblems ............30 Stockings ...............................39Award Ribbons.......................21 Cutting Boards.......................10 KrinkleSub Aluminum ............26 Pet Gifts ................................33 Streamline Awards ................20Baby Bibs ...............................35 Dash Plates ............................31 Lanyards ................................32 Pewter ...................................41 SubliSlate ................................9Baby Blankets ........................35 Desk & Wall Signs ............26-27 Laptop Sleeves ......................23 Photo Panels ....................14-15 TecBoard................................42Back Packs .............................24 Dog Tags ................................40 Laundry Bag ..........................25 Pillow Cases...........................34 Teddy Bear Dolls....................13Balloons .................................43 Door Hangers .........................13 License Plates .......................31 Placemats ..............................19 Throw Blankets .....................34Bag Tags .................................33 Door Plates ............................26 Light Switch Covers ........11, 13 Planter Boxes ..........................5 Tiles .....................................2-3Bandanas ........................33, 35 Dry Erase Boards ...................11 Luggage Finder ......................33 Plaques ............................20-21 Tile Accessories....................4-8Beverage Insulators...............19 Eyewear Accessories .............41 Magnets - FRP........................11 Plates ....................................11 Tote Bags ...............................24Blankets.................................34 Fabrics ...................................42 MATES Adhesive .....................29 Poker Chips............................30 Towels ...................................34Bookmarks .............................13 Flags ......................................34 Memo Clips ............................27 Purses ....................................24 Trailer Hitch Covers ..............31Business Card Holders ...........27 Flip Flops ...............................34 Message Boards .....................11 Puzzles ..................................29 Travel Mugs............................17Caps .......................................38 Floor Mats..............................42 Mini Basketball Goal .......13, 33 Seat Back Covers ...................34 UNISUB Tiles ............................2Car Flags................................31 Frames...................................11 Mousepads .............................28 Serving Trays .........................10 Wallets & Checkbook ............25Car Mats ................................31 Glass Plaques ........................21 Mugs .................................16-17 Shot Glass ..............................17 Water Bottles ........................17ChromaLuxe Panels .........14-15 Glass Tiles................................3 Nail Files ...............................41 Shoulder Bags ........................24 Wine Boxes ............................10Clipboards .............................30 ID Tags..............................32-33 Name Badges .........................32 Signs of Life...........................26 Wood Gifts ...............4, 5, 8, 10Clocks ....................................12 iPhone Covers ........................22 Neck Tie ................................35 Signage ..................................26 Wristbands.............................32Coasters .................5, 6, 18, 19 Iron Gifts ..............................6-7 Night Lights ...........................13 Smart Phone Covers ........22-23Coin Bank ..............................13 Jar Opener ............................10 Ornaments .............................39 Stadium Cushions ..................30Coin Purses ............................25 Jewelry ..................................40 Patches ..................................32 Steins .....................................17