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Shiny Ads self-service advertising platform for web publishers
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Shiny Ads self-service advertising platform for web publishers


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Self-Service Advertising Platform
  • 2. As a web publisher you rely on online advertising to generate revenue.
  • 3. DIRECT SALES ($30 CPM)
    Your direct sales team handles large campaign media buys from agencies and brands. They are expensive, but they bring in high CPM rates.
    AD NETWORKS ($0.50 CPM)
    Your ad networks fill in unsold inventory but for very low CPM rates, resulting in minimal revenue.
    You have an internal sales force and ad networks that monetize your ad inventory.
  • 4. But what happens when 1 of the 1 million small advertisers tries to buy a campaign from you?
  • 5. Small advertisers want to advertise on & be associated with news & niche/special-interest sites.
  • 6. All sites have an “Advertise With Us” link, so the small advertiser clicks on that…
  • 7. Unfortunately, they get stopped by the direct sales team due to campaign minimums.
  • 8. Small advertisers end up going to an ad network and you lose that revenue. Multiply by 1000s.
  • 9. But with a Self-Service Advertising solution, sites such as, retain that revenue.
  • 10. They have the same “Advertise With Us” link…
  • 11. But now, small advertisers can buy a campaign using their self-service advertising ordering tool.
  • 12. The ordering widget is embedded in the site, making the small advertiser more comfortable.
  • 13. Small advertisers don’t have their own banners, so they build it online during the process…
  • 14. Easy to understand and easy to target, makes the ordering processing quick and painless.
  • 15. Payment is processed and any payment issues are dealt with automatically, maximizing profit.
  • 16. The advertiser can monitor, change and renew their campaign at any time.
  • 17. Payment to the publisher is also handled automatically, minimizing any accounting expense.
  • 18. SALES
    Shiny Ads automates the servicing of advertising orders from small advertisers so that your direct sales force doesn’t have to waste their time
    Shiny Ads integrates directly with your own ad server to insert and monitor campaigns so that your ad ops team can concentrate on more important tasks
    Shiny Ads automatically processes all advertiser payments and payment issues as well as paying our publishers nightly, so that your finance department doesn’t have to worry
    With Shiny Ads, all human (costly) elements of the small ad ordering process are automated.
  • 19. Our customers range from top-100 sites to smaller niche sites.
  • 20. Self-Service Advertising Platform 416-800-7340
    Contact us to rediscover your lost revenue from small advertisers.