Ria Made Easier With Zend
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Ria Made Easier With Zend






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  • Hello I am Roy and I am going to talk about rich internet application development utilizing Zend Studio for Eclipse and Zend Framework I assume that you know the basics of ZF MVC stuff so I won’t go deep into the ZF code but these two usb sticks contains all the material of this presentation including the extra resources of the code, an evaluation copy of Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.1 and some extra stuff.

Ria Made Easier With Zend Ria Made Easier With Zend Presentation Transcript

  • Rich Internet Applications Made Easier With Zend Roy Ganor
  • Zend Studio Zend Guard
  • User’s perspective… Rich Internet Applications
  • Web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications
  • no words …
  • Developer’s perspective… Rich Internet Applications
  • Web developers that have capabilities and tools which are comparable to those of traditional desktop developers
  • Server-Independent Development Client-Independent Development Seamless Server-Client Integration Powerful IDE
  • Preview Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.1
  • Project Management and Navigation
  • php Source Editing
  • JavaScript Source Editing
  • Sheet Styling Source Editing
  • Preview Easy Development
  • Supportive Code Assist for dojo
  • Preview Debug and Analyze
  • DOM Inspector Request Monitor DOM Source CSS DOM Watcher Browser console JavaScript Evaluator Embedded Browser
  • Application Requirements Login Form: email & password
  • Application Requirements - Look and feel - Reduce client-server communication - Agile development
  • Riddle… Prize
  • Riddle… How many JavaScript LOC (lines of code) are required to implement these requirements? Hint: not many
  • DEMO
    • Create a Zend Framework project
    • Create the Login Form
    • Include the form variable in the view
    • Hook it to the action
    • Run application
    • Write unit tests
    • Source Editing:
    • Enhanced code completion
    • Enhanced Outline view
    • Code formatting
    • Embedded Browser:
    • Integrated Mozilla Browser
    • Debugger
    • DOM inspection views
    JavaScript and DOM tooling
  • DEMO
  • JavaScript Development Tools Open type Code assist
  • Use cases
  • Help us improve usability tech . groups . yahoo . com / group / ZendNeonGroup
  • Q&A