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For more info on all mold related issues please visit

For more info on all mold related issues please visit

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  • 1. ==== ====For fresh info on the newest findings on mold removal - visit: ====Have You Been Told You Can Complete a Thorough Mold Remediation Project Without Using aHigh Level Ozone Shock Treatment?Think Again!! Says Nations Top Mold Remediation Expert, Quoting a Military Report Issued ByScientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory Which Proves Its Practically ImpossibleDid You Know That Anthrax Reproduces With Toxic Spores Just Like Toxic Mold?I Discovered That The US Military Has Studied How to De-Con a Civilian Building Which HasBeen Contaminated by a Spore Based Pathogen Like Mold. The Studies Were Conducted Afterthe Anthrax Attacks on Congressmen Using the US Post Office. Their Discoveries ThrowConventional Mold Treatment Out the Window!Ozone Myths Shattered!Often I am asked about the effectiveness of Ozone treatments for mold remediation.This is acomplex topic, which has many sides.If you ask me is ozone effective for mold remediation I would honestly answer, that it depends...On what you ask? Well on many, many, things I answer.You see there are some contractors out there that are using powerful ozone generators as asubstitute for the actual physical steps of mold remediation. I have heard claims like:"Our ozone machines are so powerful they will turn mold to ash.""They will literally vaporize mold.""Leave the dry wall and the ozone cannons will destroy the mold which you can paint right over"And Dozens of other lies.The truth is the use of ozone alone is never a complete treatment for mold.The roots of mold will penetrate deep within a substrate up to 3/16ths to .5 inch.Additionally even dead mold is still poisonous. So removing physically all of the structures of themold organism is necessary. Just using a gas-out alone, will never accomplish this objective.
  • 2. Molds reproduce by making spores that cannot be seen without magnification. Mold spores waftthrough the indoor and outdoor air continually. When mold spores land on a damp spot indoors,they begin growing and multiplying, and soon the mold problem is out of control. Many types ofmolds exist. ALL MOLDS have the potential to cause health effects.Ozone Kills Mold!Ozone is a powerful gas and it will destroy mold spores and the mVOCs created by toxic bacterialor fungal organisms.In fact according to a study conducted at Los Alamos National Laboratory (thats where theydeveloped the atomic bomb) scientists discovered, that in order to truly complete thedecontamination of a home school or commercial building that has been contaminated with aspore based pathogen, like mold it is absolutely vital to complete your decontamination processwith the use of a gas-out that would flood the area with toxic levels of a reactive gas.The reason given is that a building has so many nooks crannies crevices and cul- de-sacs; it hasso many surfaces that interface between boards and in ducts and others inaccessible spaceswhere spore can hide and remain eluded by liquid based disinfectants. Thats right no amount ofHEPA vacuuming or air-scrubbing or manual clean up can ever achieve complete true de-conwithout a gas out due inaccessibility.But a gas can over come this because at high levels the gas can penetrate right into all the nooksand crannies and even into carpets and fabrics and other porous materials.While many gases were considered the winner was ozone hands down!The reason is simple ozone is lethal to virtually all pathogens- yet it is made of O3 which is pureoxygen O2 %2B O a single free-radical oxygen molecule. The single oxygen can only last for asplit second when it bonds with and adheres to other molecules. With viruses mold and bacteria itpunches a hole directly into the cell wall and then begins to destroy the contents. A tremendousamount of ozone is required for serious remediation.If a high parts per million concentration of ozone is not reached within a given area, all the bacteriawill not be killed. Mold will then grow once again from any remaining live spores, and strong odorsmay return. That is why we use Bio3 Blaster commercial grade powerful industrial strength ozoneair generators. They are chosen by only the best professionals for serious mold, mildew, odor andpollutant removals in homes, offices, motel rooms, clubs, pubs, basements, cars, boats, as well asfor fire, flood and crime scene cleanup restorations.What is then left behind is pure oxygen O2... Safe and healthy.The only way for this process to be effective is to isolate an area and then to use powerful ozonegenerators known as cannons to generate ozone at very high levels to completely saturate the airin the isolated area.The Way its Done is With an OZONE CANNON!
  • 3. No people plants animals or fish can be present when this is done.Each room of the house can be blasted with an Ozone Treatment to sterilize them of mold.High powered ozone travels and kills mold and bacteria all through the room.This process is known as High Ozone Shock Treatment.It is not a substitute for mold remediation. If there is mold growing on sheet rock for instanceozone is not an answer. Mold will grow completely through sheet rock once the hyphal rootpenetrates the paper of the drywall it quickly permeates the gypsum as it is made of calciumcarbonate a mineral rich food source for mold. The mold almost always penetrates the paperbehind the wall too! If mold is growing in an attic, ozone alone is not an answer. For the samereasons the roots of the mold penetrate the boards to deeply for ozone alone to completelydestroy the problem.What ozone is great for is to get into the areas where the human or fogger or HEPA vac cant andto destroy the spores that were missed.As humans, trained mold workers lack eyes good enough to see the mold they are combatingonce it goes airborne. You see ten thousand spores can fit onto the head of a pin.They are that small!!!In one square inch of flowering mold there can be anywhere from 1-5 million!!! Whats worse isthat when a mold worker begins to fog or spray the mold- the mold, has a built in survivalmechanism called bursting or sporulation which allows it to send clouds of invisible spores into theair to escape the chemicals being sprayed onto them. This means that in a typical moldremediation job, millions and billions of spores are put into the air and are too tiny to see.By saturating the area that the treatment has been performed in after the mold has been killed andtreated only is one is assured of complete decontamination.If you can stand to be in a room with an ozone machine it does NOT have the power to kill moldand bacteria. You can ONLY kill mold by the use of unoccupied room High Ozone ShockTreatments.Mold can ONLYbe killed by ozone levels much higher than meant for humanoccupation like our machines can produce.This step should only be performed, after the gross removal of the porous building materials likedrywall, after the stains have been removed and after the surfaces have been fogged and orvacuumed.Ozone will also permanently destroy the mVOCs and musty odors.Ozone oxidizes poisonous materials rapidly; sterilization ability is 600--3000 times stronger thanChlorine. Ozone kills E-coli 3125 times faster than chlorine. Some swimming pools/spas useozone because it is a strong disinfectant, but it converts back into oxygen so it does not haveharmful effects like chlorine. The proof of the efficacy of Ozone Shock therapy can be found in astudy published in the Journal of the International ozone Association.Many mold remediation companies use zero or no sporicidal products (things that kill spore or
  • 4. mold "seeds") to perform a mold remediation process. That means They always leave behindspore-contaminated structures.Killing the spores is the most important part of a mold remediation process!!!!Leaving the spores behind is like planting future mold problems which will inevitably develop orgerminate later.Safe Mold Solutions(TM) recommends no less than two sporicides (things that destroy spores) beused.We have found the use of both Ozone and hydrogen peroxide to be ideal.Both ozone and hydrogen peroxide work nearly identically. Both use free radical oxygen to destroymold viruses bacteria and spores. Hydrogen peroxide leaves behind water, ozone leaves behindonly pure oxygen.No Residues... Safe and Effective!!!!!What does all this mean?If you have allergies to bacteria and mold or are suffering from contamination you can onlysanitize, and truly destroy, these contaminants buy the use of an unoccupied room high OzoneShock Treatment. Once you have shocked the unoccupied room or area you can then return anhour after the machine is turned off to breathe and sleep better in the room that has beensanitized. NO air purifier or chemical can do that for you!!!We recommend the use of the machines that only Elite professionals use to kill mold spores inhigh humidity and flooding situations. The use of high powered ozone shock treatments is theONLY way to reach hard to get to areas to kill mold spores.If a competitor offers you a mold clean up protocol without Ozone Shock Treament- kick him out ofyour home!!! He obviously doesnt understand mold or its complete and thorough clean up!Charles Boday CMI, CMRC, CMLCC CALL 1-800-948-4947 NOW!http://www.safemoldsolutions.com In the past we have worked for Ocwen , the VeteransAdministration, Fannie Mae, HSBC/ Household, Countrywide, First Merit, Safeguard properties,American General, Westfield, Auto-owners, Nationwide, Allstate, Prudential and many others!!!Remember when mold is suspected or has been detected in a structure you owe to yourself to hirethe very best .... FOR LESS!!!!Get more for your money! Youll get immediate service turnaround - most inspections performed in24-48 Hours.
  • 5. Youll Get Complete Pre and Post Testing and Protocol Planning services available Now!Youll getthe Best Mold Clean Up Contractors in the Midwest serving states east and west of theMississippi. Youll get the best trained inspectors in the industry!Youll get the most knowledgeable clean up experts!Youll get immediate installation when you need it in a crunch to close a deal.Youll get the best guarantees in the industry!Call Now, 1-800-948-4947 To schedule an inspection and solve your problems permanently!Article Source: ====For fresh info on the newest findings on mold removal - visit: ====