Roy Dittman, OMD, MH, DM

C.V. & Backgrounder

                      Table of Contents §

• Featured in Vogue Magazine as Doctor to the Stars (1997)

• Successfully treated super models and d...
Dr. Roy Dittman’s multi-faceted career encompasses commercialization of drug delivery
technologies and nutraceut...
From the ages of 19 to 27, Roy lived a monastic life as a Sikh Dharma priest,
where he focused on furthering his studies a...
                             Fluent in Serbo-Croatian, English
       Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (OMD) – SAMRA University of Oriental

                                                WHOLE LIFE EXPO

    • Former member of Association for Pre and Peri-natal Psychology
      and Health (APPP...

2004 – 2008
    Founder & Chairman of NanoSpheRx, Inc. (
      American China Technology Systems (ACTS) – Facilitated introduction between ACTS and Composite
           “Distinction of Being” Lecture Series – Santa Monica, CA, Deep River Bookstore. – Wrote and
1988 – 1996 
    Consulted internationally with OBGYNs and midwives on the utilization of
                 acupuncture to ...
1977 – 1978 
    Studied Korean Constitutional Acupuncture – Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA
                 – Studied u...
Linguistic, Transpersonal Psychology, MetaPhysics,
    Philosophical, Spiritual, Religious,
    PsychoEmotional, & Human P...
                 Took several courses at the General Semantics Institute at the University...
                             Psycho-Calisthenics workshop with Oscar Ichazo, founder of Arica Institute (1977-...
At the age of 6, Roy spontaneously built an altar in his home to pray and would arriv...
                      Personally mentored by Kali Das every week from age 19 to 42. Kali Das w...

                Began studying Tibetan Buddhism at 12 years old – reading a series of scholastic texts b...
Studied the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, author of “Meetings with Remarkable
Men” and Ouspensky, auth...
                         At the age of 12, Roy began reading Persian / Sufi poetry, beginning with the poetry of Oma...
    Roy Dittman has traveled extensively around the

    Western Europe
    Iceland	 	   ...

1983-Pres.	 Natural integral breast enlargement and firming syste...
1984	         Forecast that health professionals would reverse their assertion that even small amounts of ...
   Starting at the age of 7, Dittman inspired his class and later his school to participa...
                                 PERSONALLY MET & STUDIED §

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This is my full 27 page Bio.
(It is a large file full of pictures.)

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  • Wow!! I am more than Impress if i was a MAn i wish i ad done exactly the same path traveling to meet and learn form the Masters themselves has This MAn an Aura ,. of Dignity towards HUmanity and self service towards the Ultimate Goal witch is a Total n Complete way of Living to enhance the quality of life for Everybody,. seldom we see such a Well Meant Spirit..
    i am surprised that He ad the time to do All those expertise and getting to the core of a subject is definitely His Prerogative. weather it be organizing Protest or sit in for Peace or going to The Far End of The World to sleep and meditate with the Guru 's in the less desirable environment where there is not even a 3 star hotel.
    I am Very Impress,.if This MAn was a relative of Mine i would Be So Proud of Him,. i guess I wold Send Him off to The Next Planet were going to . to establish Diplomatic Communication with the Aliens and make sure We ARe treated well while were 'off Planet.. Loll
    I would certainly put my Confidence into His Hands for Any Health matter,.hey i dont even Kow this Man,. but from what i can read., He's Probably The Only Person with Such and Extensive Experience,. of Life and its way's to Keep life Alive..Wow i never taught such a Person would Exist,.( ps;do You know Haptonomie for Perinatal personal exercises to help deliver in advance and to establish contact ?)
    Bravo Mister Roy Dittman!!! You Impress Me to No End.. i could Go On,.and on,.Wow Loll
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11.08. Dittman. Full.Cv.Bio.Distinctions.V2.Compressed

  1. 1. Roy Dittman, OMD, MH, DM Comprehensive C.V. & Backgrounder Table of Contents § Clinical Highlights ....................................................p. 3 BioSketch..................................................................p. 4 Personal, Family, & Humanitarian Background.........p.5-6 Language Studies......................................................p. 7 Humanitarian BioSketch............................................p. 8 Post Doctoral Conferences .......................................p. 9 Past Professional Memberships & Publications .......p. 10 Professional Experience & Background (C.V)............p. 11-15 Publications................................................................p. 16 Linguistic, Spiritual, Philosophical Background.........p. 17-21 International Travels ...................................................p. 24 Pioneered Distinctions ...............................................p. 25-27 List of People Dittman has met and studied under§..p. 28 § Denotes individuals who personally mentored Dr. Dittman throughout this document
  2. 2. CLINICAL HIGHLIGHTS • Featured in Vogue Magazine as Doctor to the Stars (1997) • Successfully treated super models and dozens of Famous Actors,Rock Stars,Directors, Athletes, Spiritual Teachers, CEOs, and Royal Families • 25+ years of clinical experience in women’s health, peri-natal health, men’s health, peak performance, and longevity medicine • Doctorate in Oriental Medicine and post-doctorate certifications in herbal medicine, pediatric acupuncture, peri-natal medicine, Sri-Lankan medicine, Korean acupuncture • Honorary Medical Doctorate Degree for Completion of a Secondary Doctoral Thesis on Peri-Natal Medicine • 4-year Degree in Myopractry® - an advanced osteopathic form of manipulation • Official Team Doctor in 1984 Olympics • Consulted with over 100 couples that successfully gave birth to healthy beautiful babies • Developed a 3-day seminar for women called, “Sleeping Beauty’s Conversations with a Butterfly™” and one for men called, “Merlin’s Conversations with his Grandson™” • Has developed pre-conception and modeling preparation programs around the world, consulting with Ministers of Health on the prevention of birth defects • Extensive international apprenticeships, certifications, and personal study in dozens of disciplines including: German School of Homeopathy, Russian herbology, Ayurvedic medicine, Sri Lankan medicine, Tibetan medicine, German cell therapy, Polynesian massage, and African herbology • In addition to being a chef at the Golden Temple Restaurant, Dittman has extensively studied the following dietary models: Macrobiotics (studied with Mishio Kushi), Cave Man (paleolithic), Raw / Vegan, The Zone Diet® (attending several seminars with Barry Sears), Atkins Diet®, Dean Ornish, The Rainbow Diet® (Gabriel Cousens), Dan Maziar’s Essene diet, Price Pottinger Foundation’s Diet, Golden Door Diet (Szekely), Northern Punjabi diet, Polynesian diet, Zen Temple Diet, Kaya Kalpa rejuvenation diet (Himalayan yogi diet), and the California Cuisine (as taught by his great grandmother). • Recognized as a Dosthora (medical doctor) in Sri Lanka • Has lectured international on dozens of subjects including: women’s health, advanced hygiene, prostate health, breast health, pre-menstrual syndrome, enzymes for health, soil based microorganisms in human health, pre- conception preparation, peri-natal medicine, heavy-metal toxicity, hair-mineral analysis, growth hormone, pro- hormone therapy, marine plasma, drug delivery, acupuncture and herbs for performance enhancement • Co-Founded several successful dietary supplement and bio-tech companies • Currently co-producing two movies with a boutique Hollywood studio on his experience in the 1984 Olympics and the Katyn Massacre in Poland
  3. 3. BIOSKETCH Dr. Roy Dittman’s multi-faceted career encompasses commercialization of drug delivery technologies and nutraceutical products, integrative medical clinic design and development, as well as scientific research and clinical practice. He began his career serving as an Assistant Team Physician in the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo and as Official Team Physician in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles after receiving his acupuncture license from SAMRA University in Los Angeles in 1983 and his Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (OMD) from SAMRA in 1985. In addition to his OMD, Dr. Dittman maintains certifications in the following disciplines: Roy Dittman pediatric acupuncture, Sri Lankan medicine (Deha Dahma), Korean acupuncture (“hand (second from right) acupuncture”), “hit” medicine, Martial Arts, various yoga styles, meditation, Chinese massage with the Costa Rican Ski and manipulation, biological terrain assessment, electro-acupuncture by Voll (EAV), and Team at the 1984 Winter metabolic therapy. Olympics - Sarajevo Dr. Dittman then went on to develop and operate a series of integrative medical clinics where he specialized in women’s health, optimal performance training, male reproductive health, and perinatal health. He developed an applied clinical model based on the integration of linguistic and scientific methods with eastern philosophical principles. During his tenure in clinical practice, Dr. Dittman lectured both in the U.S. and internationally on topics including sports physiology, soil based microorganisms, the relationship between enzymes and health, perinatal medicine and health, women’s health, reproductive health, ocean therapeutics, and hygiene. He assisted Kenneth Seaton, D.Sc. (physicist, physiologist, and polymath) in the development, marketing, and distribution of a complete high-tech hygiene kit now marketed under the tradename Clenzology® by Garden of Life. In addition, Dr. Dittman lectured internationally for Mucos Pharma on the clinical history and protocol use of Wobenzym®, a comprehensive proteolytic enzyme product, and was instrumental in its introduction to the U.S. marketplace in the early ‘90s. In the early 1990s, Dr. Dittman co-founded the Leonardo Foundation, a foundation committed to adding to the growing body of research on early human brain development and early human psychophysiology in the area of science now referred to as perinatal health. Dr. Dittman funded the publishing of two books on perinatal health and authored a scientific paper on his collaborative research findings. In addition to his clinical focus, Dr. Dittman has traveled internationally for over 2 decades to advance his personal understanding of biology and medicine. The following is a list of some of the research areas in which Dr. Dittman has concentrated: (1) intestinal health (the relationship between intestinal flora, enzymatic activity, pH, and diet on digestion and assimilation); (2) soil remediation (reducing the bacterial count in dairy milk using biodynamic soil renewal strategies); (3) thermophilic microorganisms (studying the comprehensive clinical and environmental application of Icelandic thermophilic microorganisms while in Iceland); (4) sewage treatment (utilization of soil based microorganisms on portable restrooms); (5) river and lake reclamation; and (6) water purification. He took a hiatus from clinical practice in 1996 to pursue research in advanced nutraceutical formulation and development, as well as biotechnology. His interests led him to forge a licensing and R&D relationship with the University of Illiniois focused on a series of advanced novel drug delivery system technologies. In 2003, Dr. Dittman’s company succeeded in securing an exclusive license from the University of Texas at Austin to SFL, a novel nano-particle engineering solution for protein therapeutics. In 2004, in an effort to focus exclusively on the commercialization of SFL, Dr. Dittman founded NanoSpheRx, Inc., a particle- engineering technology company focused on applying advanced nano-particle engineering technologies to natural products. In 2005, he turned his passion for microbial production and nutrient absorption towards the ocean – launching the research, marketing, and distribution of a 100 year old product from Spain in the U.S. - Quinton® marine plasma – a seawater tonic produced in dense algae fields over 100 miles wide. Then, in 2007, Dr. Dittman founded BioFuture, LLC, which has established a U.S. based Joint Venture with BioFuel Systems, S.L., a technology leader in algae-based biofuels and bioenergy solutions. Dr. Dittman brings a breadth of experience in entrepreneurial business design, product development, clinical research, and marketing. Dr. Dittman frequently serves as an advisory board member to both start-up and emerging biotech and nutraceutical companies. He currently serves as Global Strategist for The Venus Project (, which is committed to building truly sustainable communities. Dr. Dittman brings a breadth of experience in start-up and emerging biomedical company management, product development and marketing, as well as integrative clinical medicine. WORK URL 3
  4. 4. PERSONAL, FAMILY, & HUMANITARIAN BACKGROUND Emeritus Professor Dr. Roy Dittman is a ninth-generation Californian. His maternal Cota, De La Guerra and Romero Roger Dittmann, ancestors migrated by ship from Spain with Junipero Serra, the founder of the state of California, and Ph.D. (center) helped establish the Santa Barbara missions in the late 1700’s and convened the California Constitution. Dr. Dittman’s father, Professor Roger Dittmann, PhD, a world-renowned nuclear physicist and emeritus professor of physics at Cal State University, Fullerton, co-chaired the World Federation of Scientists with Linus Pauling; co-authored the World Constitution with U.S. Senator Ravel; and was officially nominated for a U.N. Peace Prize for his anti-nuclear war activism in 1991. Professor Roger Dittmann currently sits on the human clinical studies and ethics board at CSU Fullerton. When Roy Dittmann was a young boy, he spent a great deal of time in Eastern Europe with his father studying then-top-secret nuclear institutions, and advancing his education. In 1961, Professor Dittmann and Roy’s mother, Elizabeth Romero Dittmann (1932 to 1991) started a counter-cultural commune in L.A. where Roy met influential thinkers and public personalities including Dr. Linus Pauling, Willie Brown, Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, Aldus and Laura Huxley, Jerry Brown, Tom Bradley, Ron Kovic, Tom Bradley, Allan Watts, Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Jim Morrison, and many others. The Dittmann family was Roy Dittman highly influential in the early civil rights movement, anti-war movement and feminist movement. In 1962, Zagreb, 1967 at the age of 6, Roy began participating in Civil Rights Demonstrations. At age 9, Roy began studying calculus, was a child actor, did TV commercials for Standard Oil® and Hostess Twinkies®, and had appearances on the sitcom “My Three Sons.” At the age of 12, Roy attended Coleshill Grammar School in England while his father was teaching at Birmingham University and Rutherford Labs. In addition, he lived and studied with the Hopi Indians and Shamans of Arizona, and began reading the philosophical works of Persian Sufi Poets (Tabriz, Rumi, and Khayam), Herman Hesse, Meister Ekhart, and Martin Heidegger. At the age of 13, Roy took a summer Serbo-Croatian course at UCLA, and at ages 13-14, hitchhiked alone throughout Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria seeking wisdom. During this trip, he started studying yoga, meditation and the Sufi tradition. At the age of 14, Roy was Dittman’s a student leader in his school and during the summer, performed in Yugoslavia with the rock Studio Picture band, Drugi Nachin (The Other Side), a group that later became the most popular band in Yugoslavia. From age 14 to 17, Roy co-published an anti-war newspaper that was distributed to 14 high school campuses, and organized numerous demonstrations, sit-ins, teach-ins, rallies, concerts and candlelight vigils against the Vietnam War, working alongside Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden. At the age of 16, when charged with distributing subversive literature and threatened with expulsion by the Culver City Police Chief and Vice Principal, Roy successfully defended himself before the Culver City School Board and won his case. In 1973, at the age of 17, Roy returned to Yugoslavia with the intention of improving communication between Eastern European and American youth through the universal language of music. He studied briefly at the Musicka Akademia music school in Zagreb, performed and Dittman’s toured throughout Eastern and Western Europe. In an effort to create peace between the East Portrait from and the West, he formed two new bands: (1) Slick, and (2) Prorock (meaning prophet), and Music School attempted to play rock music in Russia. In 1974, he studied jazz guitar with Joe Pass and Kennedy Gordon and, was a Music major at Fullerton College where he studied classical guitar from 1975 to 1977. From 1984 to 1988, he took private singing instruction with Chava Lasson, Wally August, and private lessons from Bela Burger in 1991. WORK URL 4
  5. 5. From the ages of 19 to 27, Roy lived a monastic life as a Sikh Dharma priest, where he focused on furthering his studies and volunteering in the Free Kitchen in Los Angeles, CA. He engaged in advanced studies of: Sufi Philosophy with Pir Vliayat Khan; Tantric yoga, Taoist Yoga and Tai Chi with Master Ni and Dr. Ma; Tantric Yoga with Mahan Tantric Yogi Bhajan; Vedanta under direct lineage of Ramakrishna – Vivekenanda – Swami Prabuvenanda – Daniel Bloxsom; Christianity with spiritual teacher, Ann Ree Colton; simplified Kundalini Yoga and Turiya Yoga with Swami Vethathiri; Sri Aurobindo’s Adi Shakti Yoga, and was a formal student of Master Da Free John. Dr. Dittman also received Professional Certification in and taught Oriental Diagnostics, Cheng Kua Manipulation and Neuromuscular Education after a four- year curriculum with Dr. William Hulz, DO, (Doctor of Osteopathy), Los Angeles, CA. In 1985, Dr. Dittman took fifth place in the Off-Road World Cup and studied Hsing-yi and Pak Qua martial arts with master Kenny Gong from 1985-1986. He has hiked extensively and climbed mountains in Mexico and Yugoslavia, and the following Mountains: (1) Mt. Abbott, California; (2) the Sierra Nevada; (3) the Roy Dittman After Coming in Swiss Alps; (4) the Scottish Highlands; and (5) the Austrian Alps. 5th Place at the Off Road World Championships, 1984 In 1986, Dr. Dittman traveled to Poland to work on a film project, made contacts with dissident Polish actors, writers, producers and musicians, began an Intercultural Exchange of Polish Art and Painters in Krakow, and worked with Parsec International to create benefit concerts to reduce air and water pollution in Silesia, Poland where as many as 1 in 3 children are born with pollution-related birth defects. In 1987, Dr. Dittman traveled to Poland to produce a photo-journal essay on Polish underground rock music. During his 15 year professional career in oriental medicine and integral health, Dr. Dittman’s interest in the conception, birth, and early development of children led him to pursue extensive post-doctorate research in the scientific area known as peri-natal medicine (“around birth”). Traveling around the world, studying with some of the world’s leading geneticists and medical scientists, Dr. Dittman developed an extensive curriculum around the conception and birthing of children, which included a great deal of independent research into the prevention of subtle and gross birth defects. Dittman at Romanian Girl’s School, where he lectured Through his independent research, he was asked to consult with a number of on Women’s Health governments on the prevention / reversal of birth defects in areas of the world where birth defects had reached epidemic proportions. Among his many achievements in the area of peri-natal medicine, in 1992-1994, Dr. Dittman consulted on the creation of a prenatal enrichment program directed by Thomas Blum, PhD, professor of neuro-physiology at Humbolt University (Berlin, Germany) in Guang Zhou Province, China at Sun Yat Sen Medical University. During this time he co-published and co-authored two scientific / technical books – Prenatal Perception, Learning & Bonding; and Early Human Brain Development. Dr. Dittman is currently writing two books on women’s health, peri-natal medicine, and integral health, as well as producing the documentary “Children of the Future”. 5
  6. 6. LANGUAGE STUDIES Fluent in Serbo-Croatian, English Conversational in German, Polish, French, Spanish Attended summer courses at UCLA in Serbo-croatian (1968) Studied French and lived in Strasbourg, France (Summer of 1969) Studied Spanish in High School and privately (1970 to 1973) Lived in Yugoslavia (Summer of 1970, 1973-1975) Began studying German (1975) Began studying Polish (1986) Began studying Danish while living in Denmark for the Summer (1974) Began studying Russian prior to visiting Russia (1995) Studied Latin and Greek in 1967 and again in 1975, while living in England Studied Sanskrit and Gurmukhi from 1976 to 1980 with Daniel Bloxsom, Ph.D., Sat Kartar Kaur, and Ramdas Kaur. Studied Hebrew from 1975 to 1983 with Daniel Bloxsom, Ph.D. and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach HUMANITARIAN BACKGROUND Roy Dittman’s primary stand in life is to lower the incidence of birth defects world- wide. To this end, Dr. Dittman has met with numerous ministers of health in developing nations to discuss the health implications of heavy metals, poor hygiene, and mineral deficiency recommending a practical program to test for heavy metal exposure and to educate the public about the importance of hygiene and basic nutrition on preventing birth defects in children. • Worked with Dr. Jobs Mission ( to design and implement an integrative health program to improve the welfare of the 255 female orphans While living in the model Sikh between the ages of 3 and 17 currently living at the Mission. The girls were Gurdwara in L.A., Roy Dittman orphaned either when their parents were killed due to religious beliefs, or when worked at the free kitchen from their parents abandoned them due to gender discrimination. 1975 to 1981 • Recently involved with the organizing committee to produce The United Nations’ Global Compact ( The Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption. • Recently involved in organizing the U.N. World Voice Concert and the U.N.’s 60th Anniversary celebration to raise global awareness about the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals ( • Assisted in Free Kitchen for poor and homeless people from 1976 to 1983, Los Angeles, CA. • Created a free food program for Native Americans throughout Los Angeles in 1979. • Worked at Good Shepherd Home for the Mentally Retarded (Mission Viejo, CA) in 1975. 6
  7. 7. CURRICULUM VITAE EDUCATION 1985 Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (OMD) – SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine – Los Angeles, CA 1983 Acupuncture License (L.Ac.) – License # CK1493 – SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles, CA 1983 Bachelors Degree (BA) – SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine – Los Angeles, CA 1984 Master Herbology (MH) degree – Union University, Los Angeles, CA; Studied SAMRA University under Dr. Sydney Yudin, M.H. § Los Angeles 1988 M.D.(hon) degree (Medicina Alternativa, Alma Ata, Soviet Union) under the direction of Dr. Jaya Suriya. Honorary degree. 1988 Dosthora degree (Doctor of Traditional Sri Lankan Medicine, Deha Dhamma) under the direction of Dosthora Warnasuriya – Los Angeles, CA and Colombo, Sri Lanka. 1981 Graduated from the Institute for Psycho-structural Balancing (IPSB) – Santa Monica, CA – Completed 120 hours of training as a massage technician. Licensed Massage Therapy Certification (LMT) 1984 Doctor of Myopractry (DM) - 4 yr. degree under William Hulz D.O. 1978-82 Pre-Med Major, Dean’s List (4.0 GPA) – Santa Monica College & California State University (Fullerton) 1975-77 Music Major, classical guitar – Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA (A.A. degree equivalent) POST DOCTORAL TRAINING 1983 – 1996 Completed over 1000 hours of formal post-graduate courses in medicine & health. Consistently met the CEU requirements for maintenance of Acupuncture Licensure. 1989 Completed certification in Shoni Shin (Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture/ Acupressure) – Dr. Miki Shima Association of Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology & 1986 – 1997 Completed Annual Peri-natal Seminars – PPPANA (five days each) – Focus on Health (APPPAH) prenatal health, psychophysiology, and natural childbirth. 1985 Certification in Korean Constitutional Acupuncture – Master Sae Han Kim, OMD, and Roger Hirsh, OMD – Los Angeles, CA 1983 – 1984 Apprenticed a minimum of 120 hours with Dr. Kwang Ming Ma in herbology and beginning level Chinese language – Culver City, CA 1980 – 1984 Received certification in Oriental Manipulation & Massage (Cheng Kua and Tui Na) as taught by Dr. William Hulz, DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) and James Marinakis, OMD, L.Ac. – Los Angeles, CA (Courses taught at SAMRA University and Dr. Marinakis’ clinic respectively) 7 1975 Received Acupressure Certification from Ron Teeguarden – Santa Monica, CA
  8. 8. POST DOCTORAL TRAINING CONFERENCES WHOLE LIFE EXPO AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF Attended and lectured at over 40 conventions since NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANS (AANP) Attended and/or presented at 6 annual their inception in the 1980s. conventions between 1984 and Present. NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATION (NHF) AMERICAN COLLEGE FOR THE Attended and exhibited at 20+ conferences since ADVANCEMENT OF MEDICINE their inception in the 1970s. (ACAM) Attended and/or presented at 10 annual NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO (EXPO conferences between 1993 to Present. WEST, EXPO EAST) Attended and/or exhibited at 28 Expos in both CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY Anaheim and Maryland since their inception. Attended and/or presented at every conference since 1976 with the exception of 4 years. INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ORAL MEDICINE & TOXICOLOGY (IAOMT) AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF Attended and/or exhibited at 2 annual conferences ACUPUNCTURE & ORIENTAL MEDICINE (AAAOM) INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF Attended and/or presented at 6 annual BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY & MEDICINE conventions between 1985 to present. (IABDM) Attended 2 annual conferences AMERICAN OSTEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION (AOA) CRANIAL OSTEOPATHIC CONFERENCE Attended and presented at 2 conferences: 1982 WITH ISADORE IMBER, DDS, D.O. and 2008 Attended 1 annual conference BIO COM - ANNUAL AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF CLINICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY CONVENTION ECOLOGY Attended 3 BioCom Conferences between 1997 Attended 1 annual conference and 2006 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NETWORK CHIROPRACTIC Attended 2 annual conferences PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES (AAPS) Attended and presented at 2 conferences (Utah and Colorado) between 1996 and 2004 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PRENATAL LEARNING & BONDING WORK URL 8
  9. 9. PAST PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS • Former member of Association for Pre and Peri-natal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) • Founding member of the Leonardo Foundation with Professor Thomas Blum, Ph.D. • Founding member of the California Acupuncture Association • Former Member of the National Acupuncture Sports Medicine Association • American Association of Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) • Score International Off-Road Racing PUBLICATIONS 2008 Dittman, R. “Feminine Reproductive Hygiene Part II” Explore! Vol 17, No. 5 2008 Dittman, R “Female Reproductive Hygiene & Its Relationship to Human Fertility, Candida, & STDs” Explore! Vol 17, No. 4 2007 Dittman, R. “Is Hygiene Modern Medicine’s Blind Spot? The Link Quinton® Marine Plasma Between Sinus & Gum Infection and 110 yr. old cold-sterile Chronic Inflammation” Explore! Vol 17, seawater from France No. 3 2007 Dittman, R. & Brugioni, R. “Evolutionary Development of Our Internal Ocean: Restoring Bio-Terrain with Quinton Marine Plasma.” Explore! Vol 15, No. 6 2006 Dittman, R. “Bio-Terrain, Evolutionary Biology, and the Practice of Medicine in the Early 1900’s: An Intro to René Quinton’s Marine Plasma.” Explore! Vol 15, No. 4 1992 – 1993 Co-published, co-authored and funded book entitled: Prenatal Perception, Learning, and Bonding – Leonardo Foundation, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Seattle. 1992 – 1993 Co-published and funded book entitled: Early Human Brain Development – Leonardo Foundation, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Seattle. Other notable publications on topics such as hygiene, heavy metal screening and detoxification, etc., available upon request. 9
  10. 10. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & PERSONAL BACKGROUND 2004 – 2008 Founder & Chairman of NanoSpheRx, Inc. ( – Austin, TX and Benicia, CA – Funded research at University of Texas at Austin’s College of Pharmacy & School of Chemical Engineering on a nano-particle engineering technology and applied research to dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals under an exclusive license agreement. Innovations: Patented technology facilitates protein stability and delivery. Superior replacement for lyophilization and spray-freezing of drugs, dietary supplements, proteins, herbs and foods. NanoSpheRX co-funded research on the patented technologies with Dow Chemical’s BioAqueous ( division, resulting in over 27 published peer-reviewed papers. 2005 – Pres Original Quinton – Buena Park, CA & Alicante, Spain – Founding Director of Original Quinton. Responsible for designing and implementing a health professional-only distribution program for a proprietary marine plasma seawater product from Spain, which has been in clinical use for over 110 years in Europe. Responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive two-day training program for health professionals, as well as delivering presentations at professional conferences throughout the U.S. on the clinical benefits of Quinton Marine Plasma. Also responsible for administering the day-to-day business and establishing marketing opportunities in the U.S. as well as internationally. ( 1998 – 2004 Founder & President of BioPhysix, Inc. – Chicago, IL – Funded research at University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Pharmacy on advanced drug delivery systems and pharmaceuticals under an exclusive license agreement. Innovations: Patented technology enabled first needle-free delivery of insulin and other large molecular weight proteins. We combined non-injectable delivery systems with molecular stability technology for improved absorption, bioactivity and targeted delivery. 1998 – 2002 Director of Research & Development for SolSource Technologies, Inc. – Chicago, IL – Funded research at University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Pharmacy on advanced drug delivery systems for nutraceutical applications. Innovations: Non-injectable delivery systems for large molecular weight proteins. We created the first Bioceuticals®, which combined advanced pharmaceutical technologies with dietary supplements. 1983 – 1996 Private practice – Santa Monica, CA – Specialized in women’s health, peak performance training, male reproductive health, and perinatal development. Focus on the integration of linguistic models for the synthesis of advanced Medical Diagnostic Assessment with east/west philosophical principles as applied in clinical practice. 1977 – Pres. “Sleeping Beauty’s Conversations with a Butterfly” – Los Angeles, CA – Developed and delivered this seminar series for women, which received international acclaim. The material is currently being edited into a book for publication. 1990 – 1996 “Healing with Humor” and “Humor Potential Movement” Lecture Series – Los Angeles, CA – Developed and delivered this lecture series, which integrated linguistic distinctions, humor, and integrative healing principles. 10
  11. 11. 2001-2003 American China Technology Systems (ACTS) – Facilitated introduction between ACTS and Composite Technology Corporation and incubated CTC within own office ( that resulted in the execution of a contract between CTC and Jiangsu New Far East Cable Company for the purchase and installation of thousands of miles of energy efficient cable lines throughout China over the next several years. It is estimated that the agreement will result in billions of dollars in business for CTC. 1999 – Pres. Collaborating with dozens of health professionals and colleagues on designing a working integral health clinic model, including: Daniel Kenner, OMD, L.Ac., Enrico Melson, MD, MPH, Gurinder Shahi, MD, MPH, David Traub, MSEd, and Michael Balmuth. 1996 Invited to serve on the California Acupuncture Examining Committee 2006-2008 Worked with James Godfrey and Izumi on manifestation of international seed museum (examples of catalogued seeds pictured to the right) § 1973-2000 Attended a seminar with Royal Lee, MD and Bernard Jensen, ND, DC in 1973 and again with Dr. Jensen in 1977, 1985, and 2000 § 2002-2006 Attended and lectured at two 3-day seminars taught by Kam Yuen, DC - Martial Arts & Qi Gong Master. Kam Yuen’s life was the inspiration for David Carradine’s t.v. series Kung Fu. § 1995 Traveled to Ukraine to consult with the Fransevitch Institute for the Problems of Material Science in Kiev. Consultation revolved around the development of a comprehensive program to prevent and reverse birth defects. 1995 Lectured to Russian midwives, OBGYNs, and nurses on the importance of natural child-birth and peri- natal medicine in Russia. 1994 – 1995 Worked with William Shur, creator of “The Trainer’s Edge” horse training video series and other horse training legends such as Bill Shoemaker, Gary Jones, Jack VanBerg, Vlado Cerrin, and many others, on designing oriental medicine techniques to enhance performance and recovery – Los Angeles, CA § 1992 Convened several meetings with former California Governor, Jerry Brown – Los Angeles, CA – Met frequently to discuss the connection between environmental pollution, heavy metals, estrogen mimicking chemicals, pthalates, and other hormonal disruptors on the developing fetus. § 1992 Traveled to Czechoslovakia to assist Czech sports physician specialists and Olympic team doctors on developing health products to optimize sports performance. 1992 – 1994 Consulted with the Chinese government on the creation of a prenatal enrichment program in conjunction with the Chinese Ministry of Health, the Guang Zhou Province, and Sun Yat Sen Medical University. This work was co-directed by Dr. Thomas Blum, PhD - professor of neuro-physiology at Humboldt University, Berlin and later published in Prenatal Perception, Learning, and Bonding. § Clenzology® Hygiene Kit 1992 – 1998 Co-Developed, lectured, and wrote about a simple novel hygiene system (formerly High Tech Hygiene) involving the daily washing of the nasal passages and fingernails. This system is especially effective on children when their immune systems are being developed. This hygiene system is now manufactured and marketed by Garden of Life under the brand, Clenzology®. 11
  12. 12. 1991 “Distinction of Being” Lecture Series – Santa Monica, CA, Deep River Bookstore. – Wrote and delivered four-session lecture series based upon the legendary linguistic works of Count Alfred Korzybski, author of Science and Sanity. 1991 Established U.S. Distribution for Wobenzym®. Lectured internationally for Mucos Pharma on the clinical history and protocol use of Wobenzym®, a comprehensive proteolytic enzyme product, and was instrumental in its introduction to the U.S. marketplace in the early ‘90s ( 1991 Met on several occasions with Rhonda Columb at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office – Santa Monica, CA – Met with Schwarzenegger’s staff while he was head of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness to design safe and healthy protocols for teenage athletes. Rhonda Columb was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office manager, and a patient of Dr. Dittman’s. 1991 Consulted for Burton Goldberg on the writing of Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, published in 1991. § Dittman with Dr. Choedak 1991-1996 Completed training in cold laser acutherapy under Harry Latterman, Ph.D., E.E. Harry Latterman taught acupuncture at UCLA Medical Center. § 1988 Traveled to India to meet with Dr. Choedak, MD, physician to the Dahli Lama. While in Darmsala, India, consulted Yeshe Donden, MD on Tibetan perinatal sciences and diagnostics. Studied pulse diagnosis and perinatal herbology under Dr. Donden and Dr. Choedak. § 1989-1990 Met with Dr. Sturla Friederickson, professor of genetics in 1989 and again in Dittman with 1990 in Iceland. Met with microbiologists to discuss potential health benefits Dr. Sturla Friederickson of specific microbes. § 1990 In Romania, met with the Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Culture to create a comprehensive curriculum in pre-conception preparation at public schools for preventing birth defects. 1988 – 1996 Worked on the development of an innovative hearing technology in Los Angeles, CA & Internationally. This technology was developed to enhance hearing in deaf children and to enhance early language acquisition. This technology was later incorporated into research commissioned by The Leonardo Foundation and funded by Dittman. Co-developed an innovative prenatal enrichment system using music, touch, sound and light to stimulate the development of fetal brain. See references for Prenatal Perception, Learning and Bonding. 1988-Pres. Actively involved in private research on restoring soil fertility, organic agriculture, microorganisms, bio-technology, and environmental sciences. Studied the impact of soil based microbes on immunity and general health. 1988 Lectured at hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka on prenatal medicine. Studied Sri Lankan herbal medicine and traditional healing arts. Completed honorary doctoral thesis on perinatal medicine. Dittman with Dosthora Warnasuriya 1988 Traveled to Korea to further research on Korean oriental medicine and perinatal medicine at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea. 12
  13. 13. 1988 – 1996 Consulted internationally with OBGYNs and midwives on the utilization of acupuncture to ease complications during labor and delivery. 1986 Completed one-week advanced electro-acupuncture course taught by Fuller Royal, M.D. and Roy Curtain, Ph.D. – San Diego, CA § 1985 – 1990 Traveled to the Bahamas to study live cell therapy with Dr. Thomas Smith, MD. § 1985 Completed several courses on Anma Shiatsu – Dao Healing Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA – Subsequently taught courses there on herbology and massage Fuller Royal, M.D., H.M.D. from 1985 to 1986. 1985-1986 Attended 2 seminars with Andreas Marx, HP on Heilepraktikur (German school of naturopathy) § 1985 – 1986 Completed certification courses in Bach Flower Essences and Homeopathic Flower Essences (two distinct schools) with Eric Love – Emperor’s College, Santa Monica, CA 1984 Official Team Doctor in 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Also served as Assistant Team Doctor in 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia 1984 – Pres. Actively involved in private research in the perinatal sciences (pre-conception, pre-natal, conception, childbirth, sexuality, women’s and men’s reproductive health, epigenetic expression, etc.) using natural methods. Roy Dittman 1984 – 1988 Studied bio-energetic medicine, EAV, and homeopathy according to the 1984 Summer Olympics Germanic schools. L.A. 1984 – 1986 Studied traditional Polynesian massage – Los Angeles, CA – Studied under Mark Lamb, LMT, and Freddie Tira from Raratonga. § 1983 – 1985 Studied Korean hand acupuncture with Hyun Jeon, OMD, L.Ac. – Santa Monica, CA § 1983 – 1986 Studied Chinese medicine theory and herbology from Bob Flaws, OMD, L.Ac., completing several post graduate level courses at SAMRA University, Los Angeles, CA. 1982 – 1988 Apprenticed under Rex Wilson, N.D. – Santa Monica, CA – EAV theory and clinical applications, and homeopathy. § 1982 – 1983 Studied Worsley’s Five Element Theory – SAMRA University, Los Angeles, CA – Studied and apprenticed under David Ford at his clinic in Santa Monica. § Rex Wilson, N.D. Santa Monica (right) 1982 – 1986 Studied Nogier auricular acupuncture theory and technique while at SAMRA and post-graduation with Jacques Moramarco L.Ac. – Palm Springs, CA. § 13
  14. 14. 1977 – 1978 Studied Korean Constitutional Acupuncture – Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA – Studied under Master Sae Han Kim and Roger C. Hirsh, OMD, L.Ac. § 1977 Master Kundalini Yoga Instructor – Began certifying and training Kundalini Yoga instructors – Los Angeles, CA and London, England. 1975 – 1995 Received certification in Kundalini Yoga through the 3HO and Sikh Dharma Roy Dittman won the annual Brotherhood International Teacher Training Courses. Subsequently, taught Yoga Olympics 2 times Kundalini yoga throughout Los Angeles, London, India, and Santa Fe. Co- founded Westwood Yoga Center in 1977. (KRI Kundalini Research Institute) 1976 – 1988 Studied Ayurvedic medicine including bhasma therapy, herbology, and gem therapy – Los Angeles, CA, Santa Fe, NM and India – Studied with Vesant Lad, Yogi Bhajan, Swami Madusudundas, and Swami Vethithiri. § 1975 – 1977 Studied macrobiotic cooking and food preparation under Michio Kushi and Vern Verona. Santa Barbara/LA § 1976 – 1983 Worked as a vegetarian and macrobiotic chef on a part-time basis. Professional chef at Golden Temple Restaurants in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Boston. 1977 Audited theology classes taught by Professor Harvey Cox at Harvard School of Divinity – Boston, MA. § 1973 – Pres. Martial Arts Experience. Began studying Tai Chi in 1973. Studied Gutka (sword and knife fighting) with Mani Singh and Guru Jodha Singh from 1976 to 1981. Studied Wing Chung Kung Fu with Manjit Singh and Siri Sahib Singh from 1975 to 1983. Studied stick fighting with Danny Inosanto from 1984 to 1985. Practiced Jit Kun Do with Sifu Guru Tegh Singh 1976-1980. Formally studied and practiced Hsing Yi and Pa Kua under Stuart Charno and Master Kenny Gong (1984-1988). Professor Harvey Cox Formally studied Tai Chi and herbology with Master Ni (1977-1979). Studied Harvard School of Divinity Taoist Yoga with Master Ni and Steven Chang from 1977 to 1985. Studied Taoist Yoga with David Hamilton and Master Mantak Chia from 1984 to 1988. § 1963 – 1970 Fitness Industry Experience. Los Angeles, CA – Roy’s early interest in holistic medicine was heavily influenced by his step-father, Kenneth Beatty, who was the manager for several Vic Tanny and Jack LaLane Gyms. Roy’s father and step- father co-owned Athena’s Figure Palace on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood from 1967 to 1969. Through his early exposure in the health and body building industry, he met many of the early legends, such as Joe Weider, Jack LaLane, Vic Tanny, Betty Lee Morales, Gypsy Boots, Paul Bragg, the Lindbergs, Royal Lee, and many others. § 14
  15. 15. Linguistic, Transpersonal Psychology, MetaPhysics, Philosophical, Spiritual, Religious, PsychoEmotional, & Human Potential Training & Background INTRODUCTION Since he was a teenager, Dr. Roy Dittman has focused on integrating the great traditions of wisdom, linguistics, philosophy, and spirituality from all over the world with science - applying core principles and distinctions in everyday life. His father, Professor Roger Dittmann, Ph.D., then a Ph.D. candidate in Nuclear Physics at USC, de-emphasized formal education and degrees, encouraging personal tutoring and mentorship with highly accomplished individuals. Hence Roy Dittman viewed the world as his classroom, traveling internationally and mentoring with spiritual, philosophical, and scientific teachers, inventors, gurus, and thought leaders. By applying integral learning techniques, Dr. Dittman developed integral solutions to everyday challenges including: (1) malnutrition as it relates to chronic demineralization of the soil; (2) importance of microbes in agriculture, oceanic environments, and human health; (3) prevention of birth defects through addressing environmental toxins, internal bioterrain, and human metabolism; (4) importance of external and internal hygiene in optimizing fetal brain development, human intelligence, and the immune system. Some of the courses / seminars / classes Dr. Dittman has taught include: (1) Freestanding Man; (2) Sleeping Beauty’s Conversations with a Butterfly; (3) The Distinction of Being; (4) Male / Female Linguistic Distinctions; (5) Blind-spots of Medicine & Science; (6) Healing with Humor; (7) Integrative Male / Female Reproductive Health; (8) Future of Perinatal Medicine; (9) Applied Integral Politics; (10) Aquaman Theory of Human Evolution; (11) Microbes, Soil, Crops in Human Health; (12) Children of the Future; (13) Integral Medicine, Human Aging, and Philosophy; (14) Science and Spirituality Roy Dittman (15) Beauty is a Function of Health Video Presentation Given at the (16) Integral Yoga; and 2002 U.N. World Summit on (17) Meditation. Sustainable Development 15
  16. 16. LINGUISTICS / NEURO-LINGUISTICS Took several courses at the General Semantics Institute at the University of Wisconsin, Madison as taught by University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, and Princeton University faculty, based on the teachings of Count Alfred Korzybski, linguist, engineer, philosopher, mathematician, and founder of General Semantics Institute and the Non-Aristotelian Institute, and author of Science and Sanity, Manhood of Humanity, Time- binding. (1990-1992) Personal Study / Dialogue with Ken Wilber, spiritual philosopher, author, speaker, founder of the Integral Institute, and Professor at the Naropa Institute – Boulder, CO (1998-2000) § Ken Wilbur EST / LANDMARK: (1981-Present) Awarded Scholarship in 1981 personally from Werner Erhard, founder of EST Training Seminars, now called Landmark Education. § Completed The Forum, The 6-Day Seminar, The Advanced Course, the Communication Course, the Advanced Communication Course, dozens of other 3-month long seminars from 1981 to Present. NLP WORKSHOPS: (1985-2006) Grinder & Bandler (1 seminar) § Werner Erhard Founder of EST Anthony Robbins, and Bob & Brandon Bays (Student Instructors for Anthony Robbins) (5 seminars) § Christopher Howard (1 seminar) § Church of Scientology: (1989-1991) Completed several courses including: Dianetics, Communication, and The Student Hat. TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY Completed Several Insight Seminars at University of Santa Monica: (1989-Present) “Insight I” “Insight II” “Insight III” “Life 101” Business Organization Skills “1, 2, 3 Go” Course Completed Several Seminars at MSIA – Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness as taught by John Rogers (1970-1975) § Completed Several Sage Learning™ Seminars as taught by Martin Sage, Eric Russ, Mick Alexander, D.C., and Karin Manske, in Austin, TX, New York City, NY, and Los Angeles, CA. Martin Sage, Ph.D. - clinical psychologist & theologian who developed a self-actualization technology. (1994-Present) § Self-Actualization Seminar Time & Money Seminar Healing With Humor Over a dozen other seminars with Sage Learning™ and Life Drive™ PSYCHOEMOTIONAL TRAINING PsychoDrama Therapy Workshops with Dr. Anderson, Ph.D. (1993) § Isolation Tank Therapy Apprenticeship with Dr. Anderson, Ph.D. (1983) § Emotional IQ Training with Ayman Sawaf, author of Sacred Commerce (2006) § Emotional IQ Workshops with Chava Lasson (1982-1997) § Completed Full Scale Psychological Evaluations: PSI, MMPI & Woodcock Johnson (2001-2002) Psycho-History Workshops with Robert Anton Wilson (1983-1987) § Lived with and trained with Marilyn Ferguson – Founder of Brain-Mind Bulletin and author of Aquarian Conspiracy (1998-1999) § Seminars on Psycho-Spiritual Development for Men with Justin Silver (1993-1995) § Psycho-Physical Exercise Seminars for Human Development with Jean Huston (1978; 1985; 1993) § Completed weekend seminar on Emotional Intelligence as taught by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Candace Pert, M.D., and others at the Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO (1999). Completed course with Dr. Luskin on Unconditional Forgiveness, Unity Church in Tustin, CA. (2005) 16
  17. 17. METAPHYSICS Psycho-Calisthenics workshop with Oscar Ichazo, founder of Arica Institute (1977-1980) § Inter-Species Communication Workshops with Dolphins & Whales as taught by Cindy Mormon, John Lilly, Marilyn Ferguson, and Igor Smirnov (1982-1993) § Remote Viewing courses Subliminal Dynamics,General and Advanced Courses for Super-learning/speed reading with 90% comprehension. Los Angeles,CA (1991- 1992) Krishnamurti Took a course in the Superlearning® method developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov (Bulgaria) in Zagreb, Croatia in 1973. Crystal, Gem, Ayurvedic Bhasma Therapy workshops with Jaswant Singh, Kartar Kaur Khalsa, and James Godfrey (1977-1992) § Studied Western, Vedic, and Chinese Astrology with Chakrapani, and Drew Lawrence, Ann Ree Colton (1975-1986) § Shivambu Kalpa (auto-urine therapy) and Ortho-Bionomy Workshops with Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O. (1980-1983) § Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O. Auto-urine therapy PHILOSOPHY Studied several core works by the following Western Philosophers: Martin Heidegger Count Alfred Korzybski Ludwig Wittgenstein Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Emmanuel Kant Søren Kierkegaard Werner Erhard § Jean Baudrillard Received Personal Instruction from the following Philosophers / Scientists: • Buckminster Fuller (Personal Instruction) § • Aldous and Laura Huxley (Personal Instruction) § • Philip K. Dick – Futuristic Philosopher and Science Fiction Writer (Personal Instruction) § • Linus Pauling, Ph.D. § and Roger Dittmann, Ph.D. § and other student philosophers – Philosophy of Science (Personal Instruction) Studied several core works by the following Eastern Philosophers: Integral Eastern Philosophy: Alan Watts § Ken Wilber § Krishnamurti (Personal Instruction) § Zen Buddhism: Gary Schnyder (LA Zen Center, 1975-1984) § Buddhism: Master Sung Soo Lee (Warsaw, Poland, 1987-88) § Alan Watts Hinduism: Ram Das (Los Angeles, CA, 1977) § Ancient Chinese Philosophers: Lao Tzu Confucius Shen Nung Wei Wu Wei Suzuki Roshi 17
  18. 18. RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY CHRISTIANITY At the age of 6, Roy spontaneously built an altar in his home to pray and would arrive every day to school 1 hour before classes would begin to start his prayers. Sister Carmel Mary saw Roy’s devotion and told his mother and Father Daughterty that he was “naturally devotional” and that his mother should encourage Roy to pray at home and to build an altar at home. Early influences in Christianity – Writings of St. Augustine, Mother Theresa, St. Francis of Assisi, Thomas Merton, and Pierre Teilhard De Jardin. • Attending St. Gerard Magellan Catholic School, Culver City, CA (Ages 6-12) Peter Deunov • Main Mentors: Sister Carmel Mary and Father Daugherty Yugoslavia • Prayed alone in the School Chapel before school every day from 7 to 8am from the ages of 6 to 12. • Attended Unitarian Universalist Sunday School from the age of 6 to the age of 13. • Ann Ree Colton – Glendale, CA (1975-1978) § • Lineage of Omram Ivanov & Peter Deunov – Yugoslavia & U.S. (1977-Present) • Lineage of The Great White Brotherhood – Bulgarian Eastern European Christian Tradition • Daniel Bloxsom – Hancock Park, CA (1975-Present) § • Invited by Professor Harvey Cox of Harvard Divinity School to audit a summer course on the History and Philosophy of Christianity. § SIKH DHARMA • Studied directly under The Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji (Yogi Bhajan & Mahan Tantric) – Spiritual Leader of Sikh Religion - Los Angeles, CA (1975-1985) § • Studied Sat Mat under the lineages of Sant Kirpal Singh, Sant Darshan Singh, Sant Thakar Singh, and Baba Sawan Singh (1977-1984) • While living in the model ashram for Sikh Dharma in the western hemisphere, consistently woke up at 3 am 350 days per year for 10 years to meditate, practice Kundalini Yoga, sing Gurbani Kirtan, and to practice martial arts. • Took about 3 dozen Tantric Yoga courses under the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan, running from 2 to 5 days at a time. • Completed over 10 Summer Solstice Retreats (Fasting, Meditation, Wilderness, and Silence Retreats) in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Florida under the direct instruction of Yogi Bhajan. (There were two retreats per year) (1976-1984) • Won Yoga Olympics in 1976 and 1977. • Practiced Gutka (Sikh Sword Fighting), Knife Fighting. • Studied Gurmukhi, the language of the Sikh gurus. Formally studied the sacred texts of the Sikhs – the Adi Granth, Siri Guru Granth Sahib Roy Dittman • Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor (1976) – Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) – Pomona, CA. 1978 • Achieved mastery level in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instruction by 1981. JUDAISM & KABBALAH • Began informally studying Talmud & Torah as a teenager. • Mentored by Rabbi Daniel Bloxsom from age 19 to present in Hebrew Studies, Torah, Kabbalah, and the Zohar. Daniel chose Roy Dittman out of 9,000 students to personally mentor him full time from 1992 to 1996, moving him into his personal mansion where Roy committed to studying in his 30,000 book library for 20 + hours per week. § • Mentored by Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach at age 21. § • Studied the Meru Foundation’s work with Steven Weinberg (1986-1988). • Worked with J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D. - founder of the Foundation for Future Science, translator of ancient Hebrew texts, Egyptologist, and author of The Keys of Enoch, the teachings of the Melchizedek. § Rabbi Shlomo • Studied esoteric Judaism, ancient Kabbalistic singing, and Judaic celebratory music with Chava Carlbach Lasson (who lived to the age of 102) ( 1982 to 2003). § 18
  19. 19. VEDANTA AND ADVAITA VEDANTA Personally mentored by Kali Das every week from age 19 to 42. Kali Das was a protégé of Swami Prabhuvenanda who was in a direct lineage of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi. Kali Das was a monk at the Vedanta Temple in Los Angeles for 18 years. § Studied under Ramesh Balsekar, Los Angeles, CA in the summers of 1986, 1987, and 1988. Ramesh Balsekar was the spiritual protégé of Nisargadatta Maharaj, author of “I Am That” and “Pointers”. § HINDUISM Mentored under Ma Das – Integral yoga and meditation applied to golf, strength training, and personal development. Ma Das spent over 40 years studying under Sat Prem (protégé of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother) and living in Auroville, India.(1984-1986) § Meher Baba, Studied the Teachings of Meher Baba at the Los Angeles Meher Baba Center under direction from Fred Stankus and Jeff Maguire(1994-1996) Studied with Swami Madusudundas in1976. § Was mentored by Swami Vethathiri in 1977, author of Simplified Kundalini Yoga. (Personal, individual instruction and initiation) § Met Swami Satchidananda – founder of Integral Yoga International in 1979. § Swami Vethathiri Studied and practiced the teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, and Ananda Mayi Ma with Devotees. Participated in numerous week long meditation intensives held at the Siddha Yoga Ashram of Swami Muktananda in Santa Monica, CA and was initiated into their practice during several events. Sat with Swami Muktananda several times(1978-1981). § At the age of 12, started reading books about Yogis from Tibet and India that lived to be over 160 years old and later studied more in-depth about their lifestyle and habits. Read books authored by adepts such as Tapasviji Maharaj and Shivapuri Baba who claimed to be 167 years old and over 260 years old respectively. In 1975-1976, met and worked with Hindu saints from India under the lineage of Swami Prabupada, Lord Chaitanya- Maha Prabhu, and Lord Krishna (Bhakti Yoga). Swami Satchidananda SRI LANKAN BUDDHISM 1983, began studying with Dosthora Warnasuriya and the system of Deha Dhama (Divine Body Care). § A lineage handed down by the Rishis of Sri Lanka for over 10,000 years, and later the Buddha himself when he traveled to Sri Lanka – creating an order of Monks who still practice the art and science of Divine Body Care . Dr. Warnasuriya was author of “ The Science of Conceiving Avatars and Gifted Children “ and “Herbal Shrinkage of the Enlarged Prostate Gland”. Studied the science and principles of conceiving gifted children and the Sri Lankan tradition of conceiving / incarnating an avatar, saint, or great giver. (1983 to present) 1988-1991, worked on and off with Sir Anton Jayasuriya M.D., Phd., completing a doctoral dissertation on the integral practice of combining traditional western medical science with the wisdom and practices of Sri Lankan medicine (Deha Dhama).§ 19
  20. 20. TIBETAN BUDDHISM Began studying Tibetan Buddhism at 12 years old – reading a series of scholastic texts by Evens-Wentz, including the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Read the life story of Milarepa, the Self-Actualized 7th stage adept, at the age of 14. As a teenager, read the story of Drugpa Kunley, a 7th stage adept from the Crazy Wise Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Dr. Tenzin Choedak While traveling to Darmsala India, studied with Dr. Yeshe Donden, the personal physician to the Dalai Lama. § While traveling in New Delhi, India, studied with Dr. Tenzin Choedak, the most senior Lama Doctor in Tibetan Buddhism. Dr. Choedak recognized Dr. Roy Dittman as his son from a previous incarnation. Dr. Choedak spent 21 years in a Chinese prison during the Cultural Revolution in China. § Initiated by Kalu Rinpoche from 1986 to the mid ‘90s. § Ven. Kalu Received the Karmapa Kala Chakra Initiation. (Early 1980s) Rinpoche [1905—1989] Studied with students of Chongyam Trungpa, author of Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, founder of the Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO. (1975-1977) TAOISM Studied Taoist and Chinese Principles, Taoist Philosophy, Taoist Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan with Master Ni, a 38th Generation Taoist Master. (1978-1983) § Attended and graduated acupuncture school with Master Ni’s two sons, Tao Shing, and Mao Shing. (1978 to 1983) Master Ni Studied Taoist principles and Do-in and Shiatsu Acupressure / Massage with Ron Teeguarden and Iona Teeguarden and Steven Chang*. Studied Taoist Yoga and Sexology under the same lineage. (1975-1977) § Studied Taoist yoga with Montak Chia*, and student teacher, David Hamilton. (1986-1988) § Completed seminar with Max Christensen, Kun Lun Nei-Gun Master, trained in China by a Taoist Masters since childhood. (2008) § Master Mantak Studied Shing Yi and Pa Kua with Stuart Charno and Master Kenny Gong – in Hong Kong, New York, and Chia Los Angeles. (1983-1988) § INTEGRAL SPIRITUALITY Adi Da Samraj, also known as Da Free John § Was a formal student of Adi Da Samraj from 1981 to 1988 - Los Angeles, Clear Lake, and San Rafael. Completed “The Lesson” - a 3-hour bi-weekly course studying what Da Free John calls the “Great Tradition” of spiritual practice from all spiritual traditions. Participated in several advanced meditation retreats at The Mountain of Attention in Clear Lake, CA where Adi Da Samraj Adi Da Samraj’s spiritual retreat is located. Read various books including: (1) Easy Death; (2) Enlightenment of the Whole Body; (3) Love of the Two Armed Form; (4) The Paradox of Instruction; (5) The Liberator; and (6) The Dawn Horse Testament. Adi Da Samraj’s Lineage includes: (1) Swami Nityanada; (2) Swami Muktananda; (3) Rang Avadhoot; (4) Swami Rudrananda; and (5) Swami Prahbuvenanda. 20
  21. 21. RUSSIAN PHILOSOPHERS Studied the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, author of “Meetings with Remarkable Men” and Ouspensky, author of “In the Realm of the Miraculous”. Personal instruction in psycho-exercises and ancient philosophy based in the Russian Caucuses Region. ASSAGIOLI & MASLOW Thomas Banyaca, Leader Hopi Indian Nation Studied at the Maslow and Assagioli centers in Westwood, California at the age of 14. Read Self-Actualization by Assagioli at 14 years old. Began reading the works of Abraham Maslow at the age of 14. AMERICAN INDIANS Attended conferences and seminars taught by Thomas Banyaca, leader of the Hopi Indian Nation (1976-1979). § At the age of 12, spent the summer in Old Oraibi, New Mexico – the oldest continually inhabited city in North America (over 3,000 years old), where he worked on the Hopi reservation. Grandfather Semu, Leader Chumash Nation Studied the teachings of Grandfather Semu, spiritual leader of the Chumash Nation. Dr. Dittman is a direct descendent of the Chumash Nation on his mother’s side. The Chumash Indians are the oldest Indian Tribe in North America and resided in and around the Channel Islands and Santa Barbara region of California. NEEM KAROLI BABA At the age of 14, hitchhiked through Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Turkey, playing guitar in the nightclubs of the Greek Islands for tourists and on the streets as a street performer for money. Roy Dittman’s maternal family is part Chumash (left with grandmother and mother) Dr. Dittman met and played with a group of American musicians from San Francisco, CA who were returning from India. They wrote songs and played together in the night clubs on Mykonos, Greece. Roy took his first yoga/meditation lessons from a 19 year old American devotee of Neem Karoli Baba. This series of lessons led to his first profound spiritual experience, where he roamed the island of Mykonos for 3 days writing poetry and songs. Dr. Richard Alpert later known as Raam Das as well as Bhagavan Das, close friends of Timothy Leary, were also students of Neem Karoli Baba. These students of Neem Karoli Baba gave Dr. Dittman a copy of the book, “Be Here Now” by Dr. Richard Alpert. Later, Roy was also introduced to the book, “The Miracle of Love” by Neem Karoli Baba. Neem Karoli Baba 21
  22. 22. SUFISM At the age of 12, Roy began reading Persian / Sufi poetry, beginning with the poetry of Omar Khayan, Rumi, Hafez-I-Tabriz, and Kahlil Gibran. At the age of 14, was introduced to some of the basic philosophical practices of a Sufi order by a Sufi Roy met while hitchhiking from Turkey to Yugoslavia. At the age of 19, began studying the works of Kabir and the Sufi humorist / philosopher Nasruddin. Hazrat Inayat Khan At the age of 20, began personally studying Sufi dancing with Tasmin in Santa Monica, CA. § Was a student of the Sufi master of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, the son of Hazrat Inayat Khan – Author of “Mastery Through Accomplishment” (1976-1979) . § EASTERN ORTHODOX INFLUENCE At the age of 14, traveled to Yugoslavia for the first time. Began studying the teachings of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Through friends such as his then-girlfriend Seka, member of the National Dance Troupe of Yugoslavia, Roy had the opportunity to experience the Naïve art, dance, and culture of many of Pir Vilayat Inayat the villages of Yugoslavia, where he learned about the devotional tradition of the Eastern Khan Orthodox Church. During this time, Roy also visited some very old monasteries (12th – 14th century), where monks were still practicing devotional silence, isolation, prayer, and study. SHAMANISM Studied personally under Carlos Castaneda in Los Angeles starting in 1978 after having read all of his books. § Studied with Gloria Garvin, Taoist Master and protégé of Carlos Castaneda beginning in 1993 and continuing to 1996. § PERI-NATAL SPECIALISTS Brent Logan Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. § Thomas Blum, Ph.D. § Thomas Verny, Ph.D. § David Chamberlain, Ph.D. § Barbara Findeisen, Ph.D. § Rene Van de Carr, Ph.D. § Michel Odent, M.D. § Carlos Castaneda Thomas Verny, Ph.D. Barbara Findeisen, Ph.D. 22
  23. 23. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL Roy Dittman has traveled extensively around the world. Western Europe Iceland West Germany Scotland England Wales Norway Belgium Finland Spain Netherlands Sweden Denmark Switzerland Italy Luxembourg Liechtenstein Andorra San Marino France Monaco Austria Jakarta, Indonesia Roy traveled to speak at the kick-off of an MLM company Eastern Europe that purchased his micro- East Germany Ukraine Russia dilution growth factor supplement. Poland Romania Czech Republic Bulgaria Slovakia Balkan Countries Greece Macedonia Slovenia Croatia Serbia Montenegro Asia Japan Korea China Hong Kong Taiwan Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Thailand India Sri Lanka Nepal Middle-East U.A.E. Turkey South America Brazil Zagreb, Croatia Roy lived in Zagreb while attending music school North America Mexico Canada Bahamas Native American Reservations – All over U.S. 23
  24. 24. PIONEERING DISTINCTIONS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS WOMEN’S HEALTH 1983-Pres. Natural integral breast enlargement and firming system (includes: breast exerciser, creams, herbs, tapes) 1983-Pres Integral program that successfully balances out the menstrual cycle within 3 months. 1990 Pioneered the development of vagina beauty creams to enhance suppleness and the bring circulation into the region. 1977 Pioneered development of modeling protocols based upon the distinction that “Beauty is a Function of Health”. 2003 Invented concept of “Raw Beauty™” contests - “green beauty contests” designed to promote the use of healthy beauty products (free of disbiphenols, estrogen-mimicking chemicals, etc.) and natural cosmetic- surgery-free beauty. PERI-NATAL HEALTH 1977-Pres. Integral pre-conception protocols and natural fertility programs for men and women. 1983 First person to specialize in peri-natal medicine as a discipline within the field of oriental medicine. 1985 Wrote dissertation on the integral practice of chinese and Western medicine. 1989 Dittman forecasted that women’s eggs would be sold in fertility clinics and would be priced based on the health, beauty, athletic capabilities, and intelligence of the mother. 1997 After years of active dialogue with Ron Harris, an award winning Playboy photographer, Ron Harris founded “Ron’s Angels” ( 2006 Discovered that Quinton® marine plasma successfully treats morning sickness and enhanced fertility in healthy couples. 1992 Pioneered new methods of facilitating language acquisition in developing fetuses. 1997 Pioneered integral innovative ways of treating colic in newborns. SEXUAL VITALITY 1993 Developed a series of herbal-based libido stimulating formulas. At the time, the sexual enhancement products industry was non-existent. In 1993, Hard Copy ran a story on one of the products Dittman evaluated clinically, and the special was filmed in Dittman’s home. PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT 1984 Pioneered use of acupuncture and herbs for performance enhancement at 1984 Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Before 1984, acupuncture and herbs had been employed by team doctors to treat acute and chronic injuries / weaknesses only. DENTAL 2007 Collaborated with Dr. Robert Walker, DC, founder of Chirodontics, on innovative research linking marine plasma use to improved heart rate variability. § 24
  25. 25. INTEGRAL HEALTH 1984 Forecast that health professionals would reverse their assertion that even small amounts of sunlight causes cancer. Forecast that they would one day find that 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight per day would boost immune function,reduce yeast infections, prevent osteoporosis and cancer, and combat depression. 1983-Pres. Pioneer in the development of integral longevity protocols. In 1983, Dittman referred to longevity medicine as “rejuvenation” medicine. Dittman extensively studied longevity secrets of diverse cultures and medical disciplines and subsequently developed an integral approach to longevity medicine. 1983 First acupuncturist in California to get a major hospital to incorporate acupuncture into their treatment regimen. 1983 Forecast that one day medical researchers would validate the efficacy of acupuncture as a viable therapy and that it would one day be accepted by mainstream insurance providers. 1985-Pres. Authored several published articles on different blind-spots in medicine. 1984-Pres. Pioneered meditation and meta-psychology techniques to enhance peak performance of race car drivers, rock stars, actors, executives, pilots, martial artists, and boxers. 1992 Pioneered unique ways to enhance vestibular development - including ways for deaf people to hear. 1992 Developed a somatosensory stimulation program for fetal brain development that utilized a prototype of Patrick Flannigan’s Neurophone® and later Don Estes’ Vibrasound® bed. 1990-Pres. Innovated distinctions in hygiene therapy - developing protocols for gum, ear, eye, fingernail, nose, and reproductive hygiene. 1994-1996 Innovated the first successful peak performance protocols for race horses that employed hair and blood analyses as the backbone to customized protocols. FITNESS 1967-1969 At the age of 12, Dittman developed a concept for a futuristic fitness gym that integrated the art of body sculpting with the science of physiological performance measurements, and convinced his father and step-father to follow his vision. Later that year, Athena’s Figure Palace was opened in Hollywood and included a performance enhancement bar that served raw juices, protein shakes, and protein bars. ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT 1969-1973 Founded an alternative student newspaper that promoted the truth about the U.S.’s involvement in Vietnam and successfully distributed it to 14 high school’s throughout the L.A. Unified School District, Santa Monica, and Culver City. Widely read and controversially held, the student newspaper inspired student involvement in over a dozen anti-war demonstrations, sit-ins, and teach-ins in L.A. 1969-1973 Served as President of the Radical Student Union of L.A. Unified School District, where he led the organization of several successful demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, and teach-ins alongside Jane Fonda, and Tom Hayden. 1969-1973 Pioneered recruiting injured Vietnam Vets to tour the L.A. High Schools to tell students the truth about the Vietnam War. At the age of 17, Dittman befriended Ron Kovic and personally escorted him around to dozens of L.A. schools for speaking engagements. Ron Kovic would later recall his experiences in his movie, “Born on the 4th of July” starring Tom Cruise. 25
  26. 26. CIVIL RIGHT’S MOVEMENT 1962-1966 Starting at the age of 7, Dittman inspired his class and later his school to participate in civil right’s demonstrations. He was invited by his teacher and principle to provide the school with monthly “civil right’s updates”. While attending Catholic school, Dittman led his school in 4 large civil right’s marches. MUSIC 1991 Invented the word “Rockawally” to describe a new musical sound that Dittman invented - a combination of ecstatic sufi music and rock music. 1971 Innovated the synthesis of Balkan quarter tone music, synthesized music, and rock music and integrated the music into multi-art form art exhibits in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. ECOLOGY 1984 Pioneered efforts in Eastern Europe to clean-up pollution that was affecting fetal development. Documented pollution and met with ministers of health to develop peri- natal programs to prevent birth defects. FOOD 1969 Forecast that one day British Fish N’ Chip’s restaurant chains would open in the U.S. Within two years, the first national U.S. Fish ‘N Chip’s chain opened successfully. 1977-1984 While living at the model ashram in Los Angeles, assisted to start and launch the following Sikh businesses owned by the community: (1) Yogi Tea®; (2) Wa Guru Chew® Bars; (3) Shakti Shoes®; (4) Kettle Chips®; and (5) Golden Temple® Restaurants. 1986 Co-founded Amazake® (macrobiotic drink) company 1988 Pioneered idea of therapeutic restaurants DRUG DELIVERY TECHNOLOGIES 1991: Developed non-injectable delivery systems for large molecular weight proteins, hormones, precursors, and secretagogues 1991: Developed formulation methodologies for the enhancement of nutrient bioavailability 1999: Developed dermal / transdermal delivery systems for natural ingredients 2002: Pioneered application of nano-particle engineering to enhance molecular stability of nutrients 2003: Developed first non-injectable oral cell therapy formulations 1996: Pioneered development and clinical use of micro-dilution hormone & pro-hormone sprays. SCIENCE 1988 Created mathematical calculations to quantify ontological potential. 1969 At the age of 14, wrote a research paper forecasting the future use of marijuana to successfully treat various diseases. 1988-1996 Pioneered application of soil based microorganisms in human and animal health. 26
  27. 27. LIST OF PEOPLE WITH WHOM DITTMAN HAS PERSONALLY MET & STUDIED § In Alphabetical Order Mick Alexander J.J. Hurtak Ph.D. Adi Da Samraj Dr. Anderson Ph.D. Jean Houston Lee Sanella MD Robert Atkins MD Aldous Huxley Ph.D. Swami Satchidananda Wally August Oscar Ichazo Ayman Sawaf Thomas Banyaca Danny Inosanto Gary Schnyder Yogi Bhajan Sir Anton Jayasuriya MD, Ph.D. Barry Sears MD Rabbi Daniel Bloxsom Bernard Jensen Kenneth Seaton Ph.D., DSc Thomas Blum Ph.D. Hyun Jeon OMD, L.Ac. Miki Shima OMD, L.Ac. Jerry Brown Dr. Job Bill Shoemaker Willie Brown Gary Jones Bill Shur Bela Burger Daniel Kenner OMD, L.Ac. Justin Silver Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach Kartar Kaur Khalsa Guru Jodha Singh Carlos Castenada Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan Jaswant Singh Vlado Cerrin Master Sae Han Kim Mani Singh Chakrapani Ron Kovic Manjit Singh David Chamberlain Ph.D. Krishnamurti Sifu Guru Tegh Singh Steven Chang Hanna Kroeger R.N. Siri Sahib Singh Stuart Charno Michio Kushi Igor Smirnov Montak Chia Vesant Lad Thomas Smith MD Tenzin Choedak MD Mark Lamb LMT Vic Tany Max Christensen Chava Lasson Tasmin Ann Ree Colton Harry Latterman Ph.D., EE Igor Tchaikovsky Gabriel Cousins MD Iona Teeguarden Drew Lawrence Harvey Cox Ph.D. Ron Teeguarden Royal Lee MD Roy Curtain Ph.D. Freddie Tira Jack LeLane Kali Das Chongyam Trungpa John Lilly Ma Das Rene Van de Carr Bruce Lipton Ph.D. Raam Das Jack VanBerg Brent Logan Philip K. Dick Thomas Verny Ph.D. Eric Love Yeshe Donden MD Vern Verona Georgi Lozanov Ph.D. Warner Erhard Swami Vethathiri Dr. Luskin Ph.D. Donald Estes Robert Walker DC Swami Madusudundas Marilyn Ferguson Dosthora Warnasuriya MD Karin Manske Barbara Findeisen Ph.D. Alan Watts James Marinakis OMD, L.Ac. Patrick Flannigan Steven Weinberg Andreas Marx HP Bob Flaws OMD, L.Ac. Ken Wilber Jacques Moramarco L.Ac. Jane Fonda Rex Wilson ND Jim Morrison Sturla Friederickson Ph.D. Robet Anton Wilson Swami Muktananda Buckminster Fuller Ph.D. Sydney Yudin MH Master Ni Gloria Garvin Kam Yuen DC David Nickel DC Burton Goldberg Michel Odent MD Master Kenny Gong Dean Ornish MD Garry Gordon DO Linus Pauling Ph.D. David Hamilton Arthur Lincoln Pauls D.O. Louis Hay Kalu Rinpoche Tom Hayden Anthony Robbins Roger Hirsh OMD, L.Ac. Fuller Royal MD, HMD Barbara Marx Hubbard Ph.D. Eric Russ 27 William Hulz DO Martin Sage Ph.D.