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Kingfisher airlines ltd

  1. 1. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd PROJECT Report On Kingfisher AirlinesKingfisher Airlines ……….T he king of good timesSubmitted To:-Prof.Aman Srivastava Submitted By:- Priyadarshini Madhusmita Fpg/1012/014Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 1
  2. 2. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Introduction on Financial DistressA situation where a firm‟s operating cash flows are not sufficient to satisfy currentobligations and the firm is forced to take corrective action.Financial distress may lead a firm to default on a contract, and it may involve financialrestructuring between the firm, its creditors, and its equity investors.Definition of TermsDefault Failure to meet an interest payment, or  Violation of debt agreementBankruptcy Formal procedure for working out default Does not automatically follow from default.Financial Distress Includes default and bankruptcy, but also Threat of default or bankruptcy and its effect on the company Defined to capture the costs and benefits of using large amounts of debt finance.Insolvency Stock-base insolvency; the value of the firm‟s assets is less than the value of the debt. Flow-base insolvency occurs when the firm‟s cash flows are insufficient to cover contractually required payments.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 2
  3. 3. Kingfisher Airlines LtdWhat Happens in Financial Distress?  Financial distress does not usually result in the firm‟s death.  Firms deal with distress by- o Selling major assets. o Merging with another firm. o Reducing capital spending and research and development. o Issuing new securities. o Negotiating with banks and other creditors. o Exchanging debt for equity. o Filing for bankruptcy.  Responses to Financial Distress- Think of the two sides of the balance sheet. o Asset Restructuring: 1. Selling major assets. 2. Merging with another firm. 3. Reducing capital spending and R&D spending. o Financial Restructuring: 1. Issuing new securities. 2. Negotiating with banks and other creditors. 3. Exchanging debt for equity. 4. Filing for bankruptcy. 5. Bankruptcy Liquidation and ReorganizationMalaysia‟s Bankruptcy Act 1967 is based on the English Bankruptcy Act of 1914.A debtor is defined in Section 3(3) BA ‟67 to include those personally present in Malaysia,ordinarily resident or had a place of residence in Malaysia, was carrying on business inMalaysia either personally or by means of an agent, or was a member of a firm or partnershipwhich carried on business in Malaysia.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 3
  4. 4. Kingfisher Airlines LtdCorporate Insolvency in Malaysia  General Liquidation o Receivership o Schemes of Arrangement o Special Administration under Pengurusan Danaharta National Berthed Act 1998  General LiquidationUnder S217 and 218 Companies Act 1965, a company may be wound-up upon presentationof a Winding-Up Petition if it is unable to pay its debtOnce the winding-up order is made, a court-appointed liquidator will be entrusted with thejob of overseeing the liquidation process, including the handling of the wound-up Company‟sassets and the repayment of debts.FORECASTING FINANCIAL DISTRESS WITH Z SCOREThere have been an increasing number of bankruptcies. Will your company go bankrupt?Will your major customers or suppliers go bankrupt? What warning signs exist and what canbe done to avoid corporate failure?Prediction models can help in a number of ways: In merger analysis, it can help to identifypotential problems with a merger candidate. Bankers and other business concerns can use itto determine whether or not to give a new loan (credit) or extend the old one. Investors canuse it to screen out stocks of companies which are potentially risky. Internal auditors can usesuch a model to assess the financial health of the company. Those investing in or extendingcredit to a company may sue for losses incurred. The model can help as evidence in a lawsuit.Financial managers, investment bankers, financial analysts, security analysts and auditorshave been using early warning systems to detect the likelihood of bankruptcy. But theirsystem is primarily based on financial ratios of one type or the other as an indication offinancial strength of a company. Each ratio (or set of ratios) is examined independent ofothers. Plus, it is up to the professional judgment of a financial analyst to decide what theratios are really telling.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 4
  5. 5. Kingfisher Airlines LtdTo overcome the shortcomings of financial ratio analysis, it is necessary to combine mutuallyexclusive ratios into a group to develop a meaningful predictive model. Regression analysisand multiple discriminate analysis (MDA) are two statistical techniques that have been usedthus far.Z-Score distress prediction modelZ-Score descriptionThe Z-Score is the most thoroughly tested and broadly accepted distress prediction model.As such it is arguably the most important tool used in turnaround management for diagnosingand evaluating overall financial corporate health, as well as the viability of turnaround orrestructuring efforts.As a reliable test of corporate financial health, it is widely used by courts of law, and thebanking, credit risk management and turnaround industries in the USA as a benchmark forcredit status and corporate health.There are more sophisticated models available, but they are proprietary and not freelyavailable (see the box on the right).Z-Score originThe Z-Score was developed by Professor Edward I. Altman of the Stern School of Businessat New York State University.Z-Score useThe Z-Score applies statistical techniques (Multiple Discriminate Analysis) to financial ratiosto determine the overall health status of a business:Healthy Zone: Business is in good shape.Danger Zone (zone of ignorance, zone of uncertainty): Warning signals, exercise caution.Failing Zone: High likelihood of bankruptcy within one year.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 5
  6. 6. Kingfisher Airlines LtdHow we use the Z-Score?  At CRS Turnaround we apply the Z-Score to determine:  The degree of distress of a troubled company i.e. is it in danger or failing.  The Z-Score trend i.e. is the company heading towards the Danger Zone or Failing Zone, and how fast.Z-Score Formula1. Original Z-Score formula for public manufacturing companies:Original Z-Score = 1.2X1 + 1.4X2 + 3.3X3 + 0.6X4 + 0.999X52. Model A Z-Score for private manufacturing companies: this model substitutes the bookvalues of equity for the Market value in X4 compared to original model.Model A Z-Score = 0.717X1 + 0.847X2 + 3.107X3 +0.420X4 +0.998X53. Model B Z-Score for private general companies: this model analyzed the characteristicsand accuracy of a model without X5 - sales/total assets.Model B Z-Score = 6.56X1 + 3.26X2 +6.72X3 +1.05X4Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 6
  7. 7. Kingfisher Airlines LtdX1 = working capital/total Assets. It measures the net liquid asset of a company relative tothe total assets.X2 = retained earnings/total Assets. It measures the financial leverage level of a company.X3 = earnings before interests and taxes /total Assets. It measures productivity of acompany‟s total assets.X4 = market value of equity/book value of total liabilities. It measures what portion of acompany‟s assets can decline in value before the liabilities exceed the assets.X5 = sales/total Assets. It measures revenue generating ability of a company‟s assets.Z-Score CalculationIf:Working Capital = $5,000,000Retained Earnings = $1,000,000Operating Income = $10,000,000Market Value of Equity = $2,000,000Book Value of Total Liabilities = $500,000Sales = $15,000,000Total Assets = $3,000,000Working Capital / Total Assets = $5,000,000 / $3,000,000 = 1.67Retained Earnings / Total Assets = $1,000,000 / $3,000,000 = .33Operating Income / Total Assets = $10,000,000 / $3,000,000 = 3.33Market Value of Equity / Book Value of Total Liabilities = $2,000,000 / $500,000 = 4Sales / Total Assets = $15,000,000 / $3,000,000 = 5Model A Z-Score = 0.717X1 + 0.847X2 + 3.107X3 +0.420X4 +0.998X5 = .717(1.67) +.847(.33) + 3.107(3.33) + .420(4) + .998(5) = 18.49321Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 7
  8. 8. Kingfisher Airlines LtdMore Application Of The Z ScoreVarious groups of business people can take advantage of this tool for their own purposes.For example,1. Merger analysis. The Z score can help identify potential problems with a mergercandidate.2. Loan credit analysis. Bankers and lenders can use it to determine if they should extend aloan. Other creditors such as vendors have used it to determine whether to extend credit.3. Investment analysis. The Z score model can help an investor in selecting stocks ofpotentially troubled companies.4. Auditing analysis. Internal auditors are able to use this technique to assess whether thecompany will continue as a going concern.5. Legal analysis. Those investing or giving credit to your company may sue for lossesincurred. The Z score can help in your company`s defense.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 8
  9. 9. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Company ProfileKingfisher Airlines Limited (KFA):Kingfisher Airlines Limited (KFA) is the nations largest domestic carrier, having served over12 million passengers across 59 domestic and 8 international destinations, on about 366 dailyflights, last year.The Airline has set new standards of service and customer satisfaction as manifested in thenumerous awards, both national and global, that KFA has won in its six years since inception.The industry continued to benefit from strong growth in passenger traffic on the back of animproving economic environment. Capacity creation has lagged demand growth and thishelped to stabilise yields.Several initiatives covering both revenue enhancement and cost management have begun totake effect.KFA recorded its first year of EBITDA profits despite the challenges occasioned bygrounding of part of the fleet on account of issues with the engines (resolved before the endof the year, in cooperation with the engine manufacturer) and upward trend in fuel costs.The grounding of 14 Airbus aircraft progressively through the year resulted in a loss of 10%of the domestic capacity. However, through increased aircraft usage and sharply improvedproductivity, domestic passenger traffic increased by 2.6%. Ten of the 14 grounded planeswere re-inducted into service before the end of the year and the rest have also beencommissioned since then.The Kingfisher product is working well in the international markets that the Company servesand several new routes have been launched during the year.Recognising the unparalleled network and service standards, KFA has become the onlyIndian airline to be invited to a global alliance. Becoming a member - elect of ONE World,the premier global alliance comprising leading names like BA, AA etc is a feather in KFAscap and will help accelerate the Companys global footprint.Following on the improved operating performance, the Company negotiated a debt recastwith its lenders under which, a part of the bank loans have been converted into Equity andPriyadarshini Madhusmita Page 9
  10. 10. Kingfisher Airlines LtdPreference capital, the repayment of the balance loans extended to a nine year term andinterest rates reduced. As a part of the whole package, our Company also converted loansextended to KFA into equity. Certain business associates who had advanced funds to KFAhave also accepted Optionally Convertible Debentures in lieu of their loans.Welcome aboard Kingfisher Airlines, where you are made to feel like an honoured guest andnot just a passenger. At Kingfisher, a flight is not a journey between two airports but anexperience of a lifetime.As our esteemed guest you can experience Kingfisher Airlines in three unique classes ofservice - Kingfisher First (Business class) Kingfisher Class (Premium economy) andKingfisher Red (Low fare). Kingfisher First and Kingfisher Class is available on ourinternational routes too.As Kingfisher takes off into the international skies, you can expect a world-class experience.Every Kingfisher aircraft meets the global standards that I have set in terms of safety andperformance. Our brand-new fleet incorporates the latest technology and each aircraft is fittedwith a personalized in-flight entertainment system and top quality programming content fromaround the world for your viewing and listening pleasure, and to create an environment thatyou will truly cherish.Aboard our flights, you will be delighted by the various sensory experiences on offer – fromtantalizing aromas of world cuisine to the magic touch of your personal therapeutic massageseat - we really have thought about every little thing that will exhilarate you.In fact our commitment to delivering the Kingfisher experience has won us many accolades.We were voted the "Best New Airline of the Year" within a few months of launching. Ofcourse, being part of a Global conglomerate, the UB Group, has helped us strengthen ourservice quality even more.We invite you to fly Kingfisher Airlines and experience a journey we strive to create everyday. A journey like never before.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 10
  11. 11. Kingfisher Airlines LtdOur Vision“The Kingfisher Airlines family will consistently deliver a safe, value-based and enjoyabletravel experience to all our guests.”Our MissionWe maintain a large and up-to-date database of aviation experts and free-lance consultants.We enable the HR Managers of Airlines, Airports and Aviation Companies to:• Publish their job opportunities with ease and speed• Search in the database and find the most suitable candidates• Benefit from our Candidates Search services We operate in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers,experts, suppliers and local communities.Our ValuesSafetyThis is our overriding value. In our line of business, there is no compromise.ServiceWe are all in the hospitality business; we must always seek to serve our guests and gain theirtrust, goodwill and loyalty.HappinessWe seek to build an organisation with people who choose to be happy, and will endeavour toinfluence our guests and co-workers to be happy too.TeamworkWe will succeed or fail as a team. Each one of us must respect our colleagues regardless oftheir rank, and we must work together to ensure our mutual success.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 11
  12. 12. Kingfisher Airlines LtdAccountabilityEach one of us will be held accountable for the successful execution of our duties,commitments and obligations, and we will strive to lead by example.RecessionIn 2008, due to the prevalent economic downturn, the civil aviation industry faced the worstperiod in its history. It was the time, when air passenger traffic started dripping, and theaircraft fuel prices went sky rocketing. As a result, Kingfisher Chairman Vijay Malia and hisJet Airways counterpart Marsh Goal announced an alliance, after a meeting. According to thealliance, both the airline companies decided to implement code-sharing on both domestic andinternational flights. It was a step to reduce the expenses. Subsequently, frequent flierprograms were announced by both the airlines, namely King Club and Jet Privilege.Unique ServicesKingfisher Airlines offers several unique services to its customers. These include personalvalet at the airport to assist in baggage handling and boarding, exclusive lounges with privatespace, accompanied with refreshments and music at the airport, audio and video on-demand,with extra-wide personalized screens in the aircraft, sleeperette seats with extendablefootrests, and three-course gourmet cuisine.FleetKingfisher Airlines was the first airline in India to operate with all new aircrafts. It was alsothe first airline in the country to order the Airbus A380. Kingfisher Airlines currentlyoperates ATR 42, ATR 72 and Airbus A320 aircraft for domestic and Airbus A330s forinternational services. In the present time, the airline operates with a fleet of 74 aircrafts,which include 25 Airbus A320-200 aircraft, 6 ATR 42-500, 27 ATR 72-500, 3 Airbus A319-100, 8 Airbus A321-200 and 5 Airbus A330-200. Delivery of A380s is due in 2010 andA350s in 2012.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 12
  13. 13. Kingfisher Airlines LtdProductPremium class seats1. Sleeperette seats with extendable footrests. 48" seat pitch and a 125° recline. Fully-adjustable headrests.2. Laptop and mobile phone chargers in each seat.3. Comfortable pillows and snug blankets.PriceInitially Kingfisher airlines didn‟t differentiate between business class and economy class.But eventually they decreased the prices of business class and called that seat as premiumseats. Fares were very average as it had to target middle class as well as premium classpeople.PlaceKing fisher airlines connect 23 cities like Ahmadabad, Goa, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad,Guwahati, Jaipur, Udaipur, etc.PromotionVarious promotional strategies has been adopted by Kingfisher airlines like----  The Power Flyer a consumer incentive offer targeted at the corporate traveler  Passengers are offered in flight entertainment options and contests like `Kingfisher flying face of the month and attractive discounts of branded merchandise.  Offer in-flight silent auctions for lifestyle products and in-flight sales of dry packaged food and beverages  The marketing department showcased the airlines as “The new flying experience”.  KINGFISHER Airlines has announced special fares for all personnel serving in the Indian Armed Forces, the Union Government, State governments, and employees of all public sector units in the country. The immediate families of these personnel.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 13
  14. 14. Kingfisher Airlines LtdComparison of Kingfisher to other players Distinctly different strategy Priced lower than Indian airlines, yet offer a great flying experience. Feel-good factor Interiors and food definitely better compared to other airlines. Captured a 27.6% market share last year in comparison to Jet-25.2% and Air India- 17.2%.Competition Kingfisher Airlines-Jet Airways Reduction in the Air-fare Use of Air-Deccan to counter Jet.Collaboration Kingfisher –Air Deccan merge Cutting costs Marketing synergies Kingfisher-Indigo partners. (US-Airline)Agitation/Strike Jet Airways „Sick-leave‟ Air-India 50% Reduction in incentivesPriyadarshini Madhusmita Page 14
  15. 15. Kingfisher Airlines LtdAchievements „Best Airline in India and Central Asia‟, „Best Economy Class Seats‟ and „Staff Service Excellence Award for airlines in India and Central Asia‟ in World Airline Awards,2010 5-STAR AIRLINE award by Skirted for 3rd consecutive year, 2010 India‟s Favourite Airline in HT MARS Consumer Satisfaction Survey , 2009 Best Airline in India and Central Asia, Best Cabin Crew-Central Asia for Kingfisher Airlines and Best Low-Cost Airlines in India and Central Asia for Kingfisher Red services in SKYTRAX World Airline Awards, 2009 Bonus Promotion (Japan, Pacific, Asia, Australia) and „Best Customer Service‟ (Japan, Pacific, Asia, Australia) in Freddie Award, 2009 Kingfisher Airlines frequent flyer programme, King Club has won Top Honours at the 21st Annual Freddie Awards in the Japan, Pacific, Asia and Australia region. NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award for Aviation" - awarded to Kingfisher Airlines by NDTV twice in two years "Indias only 5 Star airline", rated by Skirted and "6th airline in the world" to be certified as 5 star airline by Skirted rated Indias "Second Booziest Brand 2008" by Agfa‟s! and The Brand Reporter ranked amongst Indias "Top Service Brands of 2008" in a ranking by Pitch magazine voted as "Indias Favourite Airline" in a survey conducted by an independent research firm with 46% votes compared to 9Ws 23% rated as Asia Pacifics "Top Airline Brand" in a survey conducted by TNS on Asia Pacifics Top 1,000 Brands for 2008 "Brand Leadership Award" in the service and hospitality segment against several acclaimed hotels, leading banks and other airlinesPriyadarshini Madhusmita Page 15
  16. 16. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Economic Times Avaya Award 2006 for Excellence in "Customer Responsiveness" the prestigious award is presented by the highly acclaimed Business Daily, Economic Times "Indias No. 1 Airline in customer satisfaction" - Business World "Rated amongst Indias most respected companies" - Business World "Rated amongst Indias 25 Innovative Companies" in a survey conducted by Planman Media in 2006 "The Best Airline" and "Indias Favourite Carrier" in a Survey conducted by IMB for The Times Of India "Best New Domestic Airline for Excellent Services and Cuisine" Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) the biggest travel writers organisation, representing members from 70 countries across the globe, that conducts independent annual surveys across various industries related with Travel and Tourism in order to select the best in each category "Service Excellence 2005-2006 for a New Airline" by Skirted, a UK based specialist global air transport advisor "Ranked Third in the survey on Indias Most Successful Brand launch of 2005" under the Brand Derby Survey conducted by Indias leading business daily - Business Standard "Booziest Brands of 2005" ranked amongst the Top Ten booziest brands of 2005 and 2006 across product categories, in the survey conducted by agencyfaqs and The Brand Reporter Rated amongst the Top Ten Internet Advertisers - Yahoo! India Rated amongst "the top ten in the Best Television Commercial Jingles" - NDTV "Best New Airline of the Year" Award for 2005 Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) Award in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 16
  17. 17. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd VIJAY MALLYA-Chairman SPEECH Dear Shareholders I would like to share with you the progress of Kingfisher Airlines Limited (“Kingfisher”) and also address the recent sensational articles in the media. Aviation demand remains strong and Kingfisher is still the single largest airline in India with a market share of approximately 20%. Kingfisher is also India‟s most awarded airline, recognized for the quality of its product and service and its vast network. In fact on September 26, 2011, Kingfisher received the “Best Indian Airline” award at the Business Traveller Awards 2011 in London. Kingfisher operates 370 flights daily to 60 destinations carrying 12 million guests every year. Of the cities it serves, 11 destinations are served only by Kingfisher. We fly to eight international destinations – London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Kathmandu, Colombo and Dhaka. During the most recent quarter ended June 2011, Kingfisher delivered a better financial performance than other listed Indian carriers. On domestic operations, Kingfisher reported an EBITDAR (Earnings before Interest, Depreciation, Amortization, and Rentals) margin of 15.4% which compares favorably with 6.4% and 7.2% reported by others. Kingfisher implemented a debt recast package during the year under review pursuant to which loans from bankers in excess of Rs. 1,300 cores and funds from Promoters of approximately Rs. 745 cores were converted into share capital. Further, the interest rate on the recast loans was lowered to 11% and the period of repayment was extended to 9 years. Kingfisher continues to work with the consortium of banks with a view to further reduce the interest cost. Some of the proposed initiatives include sale and lease-back of some of its aircraft and other assets to reduce loans and converting part of its Rupee loans into low cost fore loans based on existing fore cash flows. The Consortium of Banks is currently appraising the enhanced working capital request to cater to the strong growth and higher fuel costs. In order to further improve operating performance, Kingfisher is in the process of reconfiguring its aircraft. This reconfiguration will increase capacity by 10% at minimal incremental cost. With Kingfisher‟s domestic economy load factors running in the mid 80s, this additional capacity will result in significantly improved revenues. There are numerous other initiatives underway to make Kingfisher a more efficient airline.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 17
  18. 18. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Kingfisher has a very competent and motivated team led by senior managers who have been with the airline from its inception. This has enabled the airline to not only deliver the best-in-class-service, but also very reliable operational performance. In this fiscal year, we have had a high dispatch reliability of 99.5%. The high cost of ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) coupled with a weakening Rupee is the biggest challenge that the whole aviation industry in India is currently dealing with and we are no exception. Kingfisher has been working and continues to work aggressively to raise fresh capital. As you would appreciate, in a volatile global economic environment and with oil prices as high as they have been, it is not an easy task. We continue to believe that Kingfisher is a great investment opportunity and have recently announced (subject to shareholders‟ approval) Rights issue which can be launched in addition to a GDR or separately to raise capital. To address the specific issues raised:- 1. Going Concern and Deferred Tax Credit – The auditors have, in fact, concurred with the Board of Directors‟ adoption of the going concern assumption for preparation of accounts despite erosion of net worth which is apparent from the face of the Balance Sheet itself. 2. Accounting treatment of Maintenance Costs – The treatment accorded by Kingfisher s consistent with the practices followed by the Aviation Industry globally. 3. Subsidy - The treatment given to manufacturers‟ credit received on aircraft orders by Kingfisher, [erstwhile Deccan] is consistent with the Airlines Accounting. 4. Statutory dues - Statutory dues, which are ongoing and fluctuate on a continuous basis, have been quantified by the Auditors on a particular date. 5. Guarantees by United Breweries (Holdings) Limited (UBHL) and myself- The quantum of guarantees issued by UBHL on behalf of Kingfisher has been grossly exaggerated and incorrectly reported in various sections of the media.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 18
  19. 19. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Kingfisher Airlines News Kingfisher Airlines Expands Route Network with the Introduction of Services on Four New Routes New Delhi, November 23, 2007 - Kingfisher Airlines announced that it has further expanded its route network with the introduction of three new services and the addition of two new destinations. p>The newly introduced services connect New Delhi with Jammu with a daily direct flight in either direction. The second new service launched by Kingfisher Airlines is a daily direct flight from New Delhi to Luck now. Kingfisher Airlines also announced the introduction of a new daily service from Varanasi to Khajuraho. With the introduction of this new service, Kingfisher Airlines now offers a new service connecting New Delhi with Khajuraho with a halt at Varanasi. This will be the first time that Kingfisher Airlines is operating flights to Luck now and Khajuraho. Commenting on the launch of these new routes, Mr. V. Raja, Global Sales Head- Kingfisher Airlines Limited, added, “The launch of these three new services is consistent with our goal of tapping emerging routes and offering convenient and frequent services that cater to the unmet needs of air travellers in India. Given the huge tourism potential of these cities and the importance that they occupy on the pilgrimage map of India, we see potential to develop and grow a market for these routes while simultaneously exploring virgin market segments that would typically fly on this circuit. We look forward to growing this market”. “The New Delhi-Jammu sector is a route that has a huge untapped potential and with the superlative Kingfisher experience, we hope to capture this rapidly growing market”, added Mr. Raja.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 19
  20. 20. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Conclusion After doing a study of this project representing on Kingfisher Airlines, I have come to a conclusion that Kingfisher Airlines is one of the largest and most widespread airlines of the country providing its services not only in India as well as outside India also. It has alliance with many other airlines in this sector. Kingfisher Airlines offers world class services to the customer at a nominal rate. The national carrier takes immense pride in having successfully played a pivotal role in making various facets of India popular with the people of the world and acting as the country‟s cultural ambassador. The airline uses the services of one of the advanced plans been operated in the world. To sum up I would like to say that Kingfisher Airlines is serving its customer in an appreciated way and going to be in the list of best services providers in coming years.Priyadarshini Madhusmita Page 20
  21. 21. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Suggestions  In this extremely competitive environment suggestions are extreme importance. Kingfisher Airlines with rich Human Resource should look forward to such suggestion and reward individual whose suggestion were actually beneficial for the Organization.  Kingfisher Airlines can introduce Late bird / Night bird flights between metros  Kingfisher Airlines should schedule more number of flights to and from station like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Collate, Bangalore as these sectors account for high payload.  Kingfisher Airlines needs to undertake aggressive Marketing  Kingfisher Airlines should undertake customers satisfaction survey  Kingfisher Airlines should make provisions to add up more financial benefits for its passenger  Flight status should be made available through SMS  New approaches should be identified and rewarded so that it serves as example for othersPriyadarshini Madhusmita Page 21
  22. 22. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Bibliography1. www.flykingfisher.com3. www.theubgroup.com4. www.kingfisherair.in5. www.wikipedia.com6. www.iloveindia.com7. www.coolavenue.com8. www.airtravel.about.com9. www.businesswireindia.com10. www.thebusinessedition.com11. www.findarticles.com13. www.mapsofindia.comPriyadarshini Madhusmita Page 22