Integrating WebSphere Commerce & Message Broker

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Integrating WebSphere Commerce & WebSphere Message Broker …

Integrating WebSphere Commerce & WebSphere Message Broker
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  • 1. Integrating WebSphere Commerce & WebSphere Message Broker
  • 2. Integrating WebSphere Commerce &WebSphere Message Broker
  • 3. WebSphere Commerce provides a powerful customer interaction platform thatresults in a robust platform for cross channel selling. It provides rich, out-of-thebox capabilities for catalog and content management, member management,contracts and entitlements, negotiations, order management, and so on. In somecases, enterprises choose to use a subset of its capabilities and use an externalInventory systems based on their needs.In such cases, it is necessary to integrate WebSphere Commerce with externalapplications and using a middleware product is the best approach.WebSphere Message Broker is a powerful Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) withextensive connectivity and message handling capabilities. It helps in simplifying,enabling fast and flexible application integration with reduced cost by eliminatingcomplex, point-to-point connectivity. It also simplifies integration with intelligentrouting, pre-built mediation and transformation, regardless of the platform,network, or device.
  • 4. Configuration
  • 5. WebSphere Commerce• Creating new Transport• Creating Message Type
  • 6. • Provide End Point URL:• Configuring to Commerce database
  • 7. Message BrokerWebSphere Message Broker support Web servicesto include:• SOAP nodes for native support of Web services.• Message flows that can act as a Web service consumer or provider.• SOAP domain and parser for support of model- driven parsing of messages.• Web services extensions, including WS-Addressing and WS-Security.
  • 8. • Creating Broker Message Flow
  • 9. • Parsing of WebSphere Commerce message..• Extraction of Message data• Correlating Web service response to a Web service request• Response back to WebSphere Commerce
  • 10. • Configuring Web service usage
  • 11. Deployment
  • 12. • Deploying WebSphere Message Broker – Creating .bar file
  • 13. Testing
  • 14. • Soap message from WebSphere Commerce
  • 15. • Soap Response from Message Broker
  • 16. Demo