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Virtual child

  1. 1. The Infant Years (0-4 Months)How does your baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains compare to the developmental milestones patterns? Is it typical?Developmental Answer Prove It (give examples Example (give Domain (Your original from your reports) examples from thoughts) (Cite your references) the book) (cite your references) As the report said he can Hold both eyes in a Ali is an focus on my face and study fix position ordinary child my face or anybody close to “from the book Physical because he him Ages and stags” interact By 4 month surrounded m/raise.html people when Ali was about 3 month Ali’s strength to bond loving Refer to the book touch with my partner Ages and Stage He He return smile responds to the Social / and he also /raise.html things which are Emotional boned with love Ali at age of three similar to him. He also love to touch Ali is showing more intense According to the interest in his surroundings. book Ages and My child is in a Ali smiles at familiar people Stages in four Intellectual perfect condition and toys, is able to laugh at months, he has to for this age surprising or funny things react to the sound (such as a little dog), and is voices. Play with developing lots of cute little fingers, hand and habits toes /raise.html At three months of age
  2. 2. The Infant Years (5-8 Months)How does your baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains compare to the developmental milestones patterns? Is it typical?Developmental Answer Prove It (give examples from Example (give Domain (Your original your reports) examples from the thoughts) (cite your references) book) (cite your references) have more control It looks like Ali seems to have little goals that over what they Ali meet the involve two steps of planning will or will not do, Physical development ahead. http://www.emedic millstones of his age nt_milestones/page ise.html 4_em.htm You play some fun games with Ali According to Ali is booklet Ages and Social / perfectly meet Stages: Emotional millstone Imitates sound, development e.html action and facial expiration made by others. Ali is able to find a hidden object. Ali really likes this hiding game and According to Ali is shows by his interest that he wants it the Ages and perfectly meet repeated. However, if you hide the Stages child millstone object in the same place repeatedly, likes to Intellectual development and then change the hiding place, Ali research for has a strong tendency to look in the the toy hidden old hiding place, and then get confused about where the object is, or forget about it .html
  3. 3. The Infant Years (8-12 Months)How does your baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains compare to the developmental milestones patterns? Is it typical?Developmental Answer Prove It (give examples from your Example Domain (Your reports) (give original (cite your references) examples thoughts) from the book) (cite your references) Ali wants to climb stairs such as the According to When Ali’s front landing of your apartment. booklet “Ages average Either you or your partner tries to and Stages” Physical physical provide the right amount of child walks activities assistance to avoid a bad fall. hold onto camper to the furniture or pattern of with adult typical child. .html help Ali is socially Your partner has received According to in same advancement and a pay raise. The book Ages and Social / pattern of three of you celebrate, and Ali is Stages child Emotional milestone very happy, but doesnt have a clue wants parents development what the party is about. to be in than children constant sight in his age .html At nine months old, Ali began to As the book understand a few words and point to Ages and something he wanted. At twelve Stages said: Ali is months old, Ali now clearly Children at the Intellectual intellectually understands a couple of dozen age just say more active words. In fact, Ali just recently first word than children pronounced his first clear word and in his age pointed at the object in question.... .html
  4. 4. The Infant Years (12-24 Months)How does your baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains compare to the developmental milestones patterns? Is it typical?Developmental Answer Prove It (give examples from Example (give Domain (Your your reports) examples from original (cite your references) the book) thoughts) (cite your references) Ali is in the Ali has a tremendous drive to use Child can walk pattern of his motor skills. You have to keep without help Physical millstone an eye on Ali because he will and also development quickly toddle off into the crowd at backward. As public places or even into the street mentions in Ages and Stages e.html booklet I think Ali is Ali was shy with the examiner, who As the booklet in the pattern thought he was nervous around new Ages and Stages Social / because adults or just didnt know what to said: Emotional according to do Children act shy the book is around strangers the norm for e.html this age. Ali is little Ali doesnt seem to be able to clap According to behind the or move in rhythm to music and the book AgesIntellectual millstone doesnt seem interested in singing and Stages development along with songs. You figure Ali is A child has to pattern a bit slow in learning about music enjoy stories, rhythm, and html songs
  5. 5. The Infant years (Birth to 12 Months Old) Identify specific health and safety considerations that you will have to consider during the infant years. How will you address these issues?Example:Hand washingProper hand washing is essential to keeping infants healthy as their immune system is low. “Handwashing is the most important health practice that parents /educators and children must implementto reduce the spread of infections.” (Pimento, Page 129) This was seen when my baby had many coldsand ear infections within the first year. Although it is common for infants to catch colds andinfections, I need to use proper hand washing.Now add your next point….Breast vs. bottle feedingFrom the beginning the only thing that infants can do to feed is sucking. The most completednutrition that an infant can have is breast milk. “breastfeeding promote mother and baby attachment,which increase baby’s cognitive, social and emotional development but there are many mother whobreast-feed and need support in making transition from home to work”(Pimento, page 221). It couldsolve with bottle of breast feed that give it to care giver every morning or choosing a care giver close tothe place mother work.ImmunizationVaccination is one of the most important elements to prevent rare disease in that start in infancy.“Scheduled immunization will provide basic protection for most children against certain commondiseases”. ( immunization reducethe risk of involving in any serious illnessSIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)There is a risk to infant mostly under age of six month that dies by SIDS. “SIDS occurs most often,though not always, during sleep. This may be overnight in the crib, but it could be during a nap atany time of day.” ( There is still no answer forcause of death.Car SafetyCar crashes are one of the most common causes of death and also brain damage in many children butto reduce the number of damage in infant there are some guidelines. “Infant car seats should face theback of the vehicle, rest at a 45-degree angle and move no more than 2.5 cm (1 in.) where the seatbeltor Universal Anchorage System (UAS) strap is routed through the child car seat ”( safetyInfant learn to play between zero to three month old so appropriate and safe toys can let them explore.Because most infant toys are “mouth then toys should be clean and sanitize daily in order toprecaution that remove germs” (Pimento, page 124). That can help to reduces sickness in infants.
  6. 6. The Toddler Years (2 Years Old) Have there been any environmental events that you think might have influenced your child’s development?Does this create any health or safety concerns for your toddler?Toys safetyToddler mostly plays with mouthy toys so the toys should be bigger and also should not have anysharp spot on it. Also should put “Small toys, balls or loose or broken toy parts are choking hazards.Keep them out of reach” to prevent accidents ( is a most important fact that helps children’s developmental process.” Between birth and agethree, children grow and develop at a tremendous rate. Proper nutrition helps fuel this process.Children learn many important lessons about healthy eating during their early months and years oflife.” ( so parents have to provide healthyfood for toddlers.ImmunizationImmunization should be continued to immunize the child from different type of sickness anddiseases.” Immunization schedules and vaccine information help you make decisions about yourchilds health.”( SafetyToddler still needs to use car seat but the difference is “To install a forward-facing car seat, fasten thetether strap, then use your body weight to tighten and fasten the seatbelt or Universal AnchorageSystem (UAS) strap.” ( WashingThe most important thing to prevent infection is hand washing specially in toddler that mostly havetheir hands in mouth or touch a toy and then put it on. “Hand washing is one of the most importantpractices to reduce germ” (Pimento, page 113.)
  7. 7. Millstone development of my virtual child “in pre-school and school age " I think Ali is going to develop his physical milestone eventhough the report said he is behind his age but there are the aspect in him according toreport" The examiner commented that Ali was able to concentrate on activities for 10-15minutes, which was age-appropriate. Ali was coming along fine, but she still recommendedtrying to engage Alis attention in something really interesting for longer and longer periodsof time, to gradually build up his tolerance for preschool-type activities"( As result Ali can effort the time he needs toplay but if I consider more effective moments with him he would approach the millstone.Ali is emotionally attach to me and my partner and as the report said but he has " fairlyaggressive with the other children. The examiner recommended setting firmer guidelinesfor behaviour at home, giving Ali practice at expressing" so Ali needs some calm activitiesto reduce the aggressive behaviour or even sometimes use the time out to eliminate thefeeling. According to the book Ages and Stages is natural for toddler to be a littleaggressive so f Ali can reduce by practicing to be calm. Alis intellectual skill is going alittle behind pattern of millstone development because when the examiner test Ali so shefound that " Ali scored at about the 12-15 month old range in terms of communication skill,language comprehension, and language production. The examiner recommended that youspend more time talking with Ali, even if his replies are short or hard to understand. Shealso recommended asking questions that require some kind of extended answer (rather thanjust "yes" or "no"), and looking at and naming things in picture books,
  8. 8. etc."( according to the booklet Ages andStages children should speak 2 or 3 complete sentences but it still can solve by talking withhim and read more book.