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TESC Final Project for Productivity Measurement, Fall 2011.
Note: The embedded video will not play unless I pay the web site, so follow the link in the references.
-Roy & Ridhdhi

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  • This presentation was completed in Power Point 2010 without timings or narration so press the down arrow to progress.The intended audience for these notes is our fellow classmates, not the imaginary owners of Pillbox Inc.
  • J & U Consulting is of course a fake concern just for this final class project.
  • We took an unusual approach to addressing the motivational issue and it might be considered somewhat cold hearted, but it ought to work.
  • Much of the material in the planning section is a reflection of Hobbes second chapter, Performing a Strategic Business Analysis.
  • It seemed natural to take advantage of Ridhdhi’s cultural ties to Western India & it provided a global aspect that might otherwise be missing in our presentation.
  • Some of this material is a reflection of Hobbes chapter eight, The Lean Implementation Milestone Checklist.
  • It may seem a bit corny to change the background suddenly when asking if the reader is ready for change, but we bet you weren’t expecting it. We are trying to refocus your attention. LOL
  • We thought the 3D printing was just plain cool.Be sure to click on the embedded video for a good demonstration of plastic injection molding in action.
  • Note the molded iPhone cover has to have a extra piece of plastic on it so it can more easily be removed from the injection machine.
  • Go Live is the term I (Roy) used on the many IT projects I took live over the years & its always a big day.
  • I (Roy) know what it feels like to see a plant close due to competition. I lived through it in Fairless Hills , Pa & Trenton, NJ in the 1970s’. I believe retraining programs & life long learning are essential for those who lose jobs for various reasons, but that could hardly be addressed in 20 slides.
  • We also didn’t have the space to address concerns about production in countries with environments & other issues although we share those concerns.
  • Global competition is a force to be reckoned with no matter what your point of view.
  • Thanks for your time, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.-Roy & Ridhdhi
  • Pillbox roy rid1

    1. 1. Lean Manufacturing the iPhone Plastic CaseBy Roy Jones & Ridhdhi Upadhyay(There are accompanying notes.)
    2. 2. Pillbox, Inc. J & U Consulting-Ridhdhi Upadhyaya – An experienced technologisttrained at the New Jersey Institute of Technology &Thomas Edison State College. Worked on projects forRutgers and Mount Sinai Medical Center. Specialist inoutsourcing contract work to Western India.-Roy Jones – An experienced project manager, led a teamof IT specialist upgrading 35 clients in 1999 for Y2K,twenty years IT & healthcare experience. Experienced innon-profits & Government Administration, trained at theUniversity of South Florida & Thomas Edison SateCollege.
    3. 3. Pillbox, Inc.Issues to be Examined at Pillbox Inc.-Low Morale of work force & management-Lack of focus on quality-Maintenance program to maintain quality-Alternatives to current production scheme
    4. 4. Pillbox, Inc. Are you ready for change?-Phase I -Week1 – Planning -Site visit to Pillbox by J & U Consulting to include staff interviews -Development of Project Plan & Goals -Commitment of resources -Scheduling & Project Scope
    5. 5. Pillbox, Inc.-Phase I -Week2 – Planning - Mr. Upadhyaya to do on site visits in Western India. -Mr. Jones to complete benchmarks of existing production at Pillbox Inc.
    6. 6. Pillbox, Inc.-Phase I -Week3 – Planning - Final Planning Meetings - Resources, People, Schedules set - Kick Off Meeting Are you ready for change?
    7. 7.  -Phase II -Week4 – Pilot Project Begins - Streamlining the Design Process ◦ - Design work in “Solid Works” ◦ - Test Kanban Strategy
    8. 8.  -Phase II -Week4 – Pilot Project - Design Phase - 3D printed prototype - Testing the Mold Design, a video Click on this video
    9. 9.  -Phase II -Week5 – Pilot Project ◦ - Maintaining Quality with a ◦ Quality Maintenance Program ◦ - Confirm Kanban Strategy
    10. 10.  -Phase II -Week6 – Revised Pilot Project  - The Need for Feedback & revisions  to the Pilot Project  - Test Production runs  - Maintenance Quality Goals Set
    11. 11.  -Phase III -Week7 – Go Live  - Move Changes to Production  - Ramp up the Speed  - Invoke Improved Maintenance  - Post Live Feedback  -Continuous Improvement
    12. 12.  -Phase III -Week7 – Post Go Live ◦ -”Final” Revisions ◦ - “Last” Benchmarks ◦ -Last Meeting with J & U -But there is an alternative and it’s motivational to all staff………….
    13. 13.  Why manufacturing iPhone cases in India is better than at home. 1) With many different looks and designs Indian companies provide more marketing options. 2) A company named Fommy carries an extensive collection of cases for iPhones, Nokia phones, and many others manufactured by Amzer.
    14. 14.  3) Another company named Pielframa makes only pure leather cases for iPhones and many other phones. 4) They provide embossed lettering with different information on the type and different colors.
    15. 15.  5) COST -Lowest price for an iPhone case in an Apple store in USA is about $30-$35. In India, for the same case, it would cost less than half of the cost here. The price by Fommy for the simplest case costs about $3 USD = Rupees 199.00
    16. 16.  6) Company called Infocera in India is “the leading manufacturer which supplies premium quality cases and other necessary accessories for Apple iPhones and BlackBerry kind of products” for Case- Mate. 7) Safety - Their new product “Bounce” is specifically made for iPhone 4 and is said to reduce radiation by 85%.
    17. 17.  8) Competition between different companies in India results in lower market prices. 9) Amzer, the manufacturer of the iPhone cases and many others, provides cases which are made of hybrid materials. Ex.: The manufacturer provides a case which is made of silicone and metallic chromium, naming the case - Hybrid Silicon.
    18. 18.  You have a choice to compete in the global economy and keep all of the jobs where they are now or to move production offshore and manage the work from Pillbox Inc. What is your decision? Are you ready for change?
    19. 19.  References: http://blog.graftconcepts.com/2011/10/25/how-to-make- an-iphone-case-part-2/#wpcom-carousel-33 http://blog.graftconcepts.com/2011/10/24/how-to-make- an-iphone-case-short-video/ www.Fommy.co.in www.Pielframa.com www.Infocera.com (for) www.Cellularoutfitter.com www.Amzer.com
    20. 20. Lean Manufacturing the iPhone Plastic CaseBy Roy Jones & Ridhdhi Upadhyay, J & U Consulting777-555-1234, info@j&u.com