British Isles Drive & Cruise 2010 part 4


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British Isles Drive & Cruise 2010 part 4

  1. 1.    Thursday, August 19  South Queensferry, Scotland   64F Cloudy 6:00am        
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  4. 4.     
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  7. 7.    
  8. 8.       2 very interesting store fronts – kilts in one and a live scotty dog in another!
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  13. 13.      We climbed the 823 ft. high Arthurs Seat at Holyrood, the royal park in Edinburgh. It is part of an extinct volcano. We took the hard way up, over basalt and very rough terrain. We noticed the nice grassy route in the back after we reached the summit!
  14. 14.      
  15. 15.     
  16. 16.    
  17. 17.       We met a Dutch man named Yon. weird He climbed with us part of the way. bird
  18. 18.  Surrounded by heather!     We found the easy way down!
  19. 19.      We had to walk through brambles to get to the ruins of the chapel built in the early 1/2 of the 15th century. The walls are 3 ft. thick. Swans in flight are an awesome sight.
  20. 20.         
  21. 21.     
  22. 22. Though we were in town for the annual tattoo  (royal military display), we opted to miss it, butdid enjoy the “fringe festival” on the Royal Mile.    
  23. 23.      We ducked into GreyfriarsBobbys for a whisky to waitout 15 min. of light rain. Wesaluted the statue of a faithfuldog who sat on his mastersgrave for 14 years until his owndeath. T he town adopted thedog, fed him, and gave him alifetime dog license.Afterwards, we bought acupcake and said a regretfulgoodbye to Edinburgh.
  24. 24.     What a beautiful, memorable day!
  25. 25.  Friday, August 20 At Sea     62F Overcast and  Very Windy!  Reviewing our daily Patter for our final port of call tomorrow - in France!
  26. 26. Saturday, Au   ugust 21 Le Havre, Fra ance 70F Cloudy    We’re on our way to Paris! w Our drive takes us through s the Normandy Region and over the river Seine. S
  27. 27.      Our first view of the Eiffel Tower!
  28. 28.        Our first stop at the Trocadero gave us a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower!
  29. 29.  
  30. 30.    At 11:15am  we were driving down  the Champs Elyses.  The    temperature rose to 31oC (about 88oF) by lunchtime.
  31. 31.      
  32. 32.     
  33. 33.     
  34. 34.     
  35. 35.      Looking through the mini Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel across from the Louvre with a view of the famous and much bigger Ardc de Triomphe de l’Etoile.
  36. 36.     
  37. 37.   Notre-Dame Cathedral   
  38. 38.    
  39. 39. This building is total lly  covered in greenery.  
  40. 40.      We’ve arrivedfor our dinner cruise on the Seine!
  41. 41.       We danced at the table!
  42. 42.     
  43. 43.     
  44. 44.     
  45. 45.     
  46. 46.     
  47. 47.  Our last stop was a famous mall witha rooftop observation area.    
  48. 48.      While the rest of the group shopped at the mall…  …we managed to steal a few minutes to ourselves to enjoy a croissant at a street-front café!
  49. 49.   Our last view of the Eiffel    Tower
  50. 50.    
  51. 51. Leaving LeHavre with a view of the cl of the   liffs Normandy region    We enjoyed the full m W moon on our last night at s sea   after a dinner with Ba af aked Alaska for dessert an nd   fantastic entertainmen by fa nt Welsh comedian/sing ger   Diane Cousins. Nicki and D Chris picked us up fr rom Southampton cruise po in ort   the morning. On the way t to the airport, we ate l o lunch   in the town of Eastleig a n gh, childhood home to o comedian Benny Hill. All c to soon it was time to say oo o goodbye. rip! What a wonderful tr