Rizal’s grand tour in europe with maximo viola


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Rizal’s grand tour in europe with maximo viola

  1. 1. Rizal’s Grand Tour in Europe withRizal’s Grand Tour in Europe with Maximo ViolaMaximo Viola
  2. 2. • After the publication of the Noli Me Tangere, Rizal had received remittance from Paciano worth P1,000.00 which was forwarded by Juan Luna from Paris. • Rizal immediately paid Viola P300.00 that he used to published the novel.
  4. 4. Potsdam • Near Berlin • It became famous because of Frederick the Great - skillfully employed the limited Prussian resources to make his kingdom the most powerful German state during the seven Years War. • Viola and Rizal left Berlin by train.
  5. 5. Dresden • Where they visited the Regional Flower Exposition. • Rizal – interested in Botany, studied the variety of plants. • Dr. Adolph Meyer – was visited by the two physicians. • They visited the Museum or Art where Rizal became deeply impressed by the painting Prometheus Bound. • Prometheus – a Titan punished by Zeus for giving fire to mankind.
  6. 6. • Feodor Jagor – was also visited by Rizal and Viola. – Was informed of the two physicians plan to visit Blumentritt – Warned Rizal to inform Blumentritt first because he might suffer a nervous breakdown because of shock. • Teschen (Decin) – found in Czech Republic – Stop over
  7. 7. Leitmeritz, Austria • Now known as Litomeritce in Czech Republic. • Where Ferdinand Blumentritt lived. • Rizal and Viola stayed in this place from May 13- 16,1887.
  8. 8. • Ferdinand Blumentritt – waited for Rizal and Viola in the train station carrying with him a sketch of Rizal.
  9. 9. • Hotel Krebs – where Rizal and Viola stayed while they were in Leitmeritz.
  10. 10. • Rizal enjoyed the warm hospitality of Blumentritt’s family. • Rosa – Blumentritt’s wife was a good cook • Dolores (Dora, Dorita), Conrad and Fritz – were nice to them. • Ferdinand – a great tourist guide and a hospitable host. – Offered the best beer in Bohemia to his guests – Introduced Rizal to the town Mayor who was impressed in his communication skills.
  11. 11. • Tourists’ Club of Leitmeritz – a group where Blumentritt was the secretary. – Rizal spoke extemporaneously in fluent German praising Austria’s idyllic scenes and hospitable, nature loving and noble people. – He was willfully applauded. • Dr. Carlos Czepalak – a renowned scientist • Professor Robert Klutschak – a eminent naturalist. – Both were introduced by Blumentritt to Rizal
  12. 12. • Rizal painted Blumentritt as a sign of his gratitude
  13. 13. Prague • Viola and Rizal carried with them a recommendation from Blumentritt address to Dr. Welkomm – professor of natural history in the University of Prague. – He accompanied the two physicians in visiting the historic places
  14. 14. • Tomb of Nicolaus Copernicus – famous astronomer • Museum of Natural History • Bacteriological Laboratories • Cave where San Juan Nepomuceno, the Catholic saint was imprisoned as well as the bridge where he was hurled into the river.
  15. 15. Vienna • Capital of Austria- Hungary • Rizal and Viola spent four days in this city visiting the buildings and examining holy images and statues.
  16. 16. • Queen of Danube • Norfenfals – one of the greatest novelists in Europe during Rizal’s time was met by Rizal through Blumentritt. • Diamond stickpin – lost by Rizal in Hotel Krebs, given by the maid to Blumentritt. • They stayed in Hotel Metropole
  17. 17. Danubian Voyage to Linz • Rizal and Viola left Vienna via boat to see the beautiful sights of the Danube River. • They noticed that passengers were using paper napkins during the meals instead of a cloth napkin.
  18. 18. From Linz to Rheinfall • They left Austria from Salzburg, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. They re-entered Germany. • Munich – where they stayed for a short-time to drink the Munich Beer (the best in Germany). • Nuremburg – one of the oldest cities in Germany – Where they saw the horrible machines used in the Inquisition – The two were impressed by the manufacture of dolls which was the city’s biggest industry.
  19. 19. • Ulm – where the largest and tallest Cathedral in Germany. – From here they went to Stuttgart, Baden, and in Rheinfall – were they saw the most beautiful waterfall in Europe.
  20. 20. Switzerland • From Rheinfall to Schaffhausen, Switzerland, • Here they visited Basel (Bale), Bern, and Lausanne.
  21. 21. Geneva • One of the most beautiful cities in Europe visited by tourists every year. • He spent 15 days in this place • Rizal spent his 26th birthday • Viola returned to Barcelona from Geneva • Rizal continued his tour to Italy.
  22. 22. Exhibition of Igorots in 1887 Madrid Exposition • In Geneva, Rizal and Viola received news from Madrid about the deplorable conditions of the primitive Igorots who were exhibited in the exhibition. • Some of whom died, and whose scanty clothing (G strings) and crude weapons were objects of mockery and laughter by the Spaniards. • Rizal was outraged by the degradation of his fellow countrymen.
  23. 23. Italy • In this place Rizal visited Turin, Venice an Florence. • June 27, 1887 – he reached Rome “The Eternal City and the City of Ceasars”
  24. 24. Vatican • June 29, 1887 – Feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. He visited the Vatican – the city of the popes and the capital of Christendom.
  25. 25. • The grandeur of Rome was something that Rizal did not fail to appreciate in his sojourn in Italy. After a week of travel in Rome, he prepared for his homecoming to the Philippines.