Shorten Your Workouts to Double Your Results!
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Shorten Your Workouts to Double Your Results!



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Get This Product with Special Price at :



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Shorten Your Workouts to Double Your Results! Shorten Your Workouts to Double Your Results! Document Transcript

  • ==== ====Get This Product with Special Price at : ====I promised to deliver a formula we use in Boston to condense a full hour workout into just 45minutes. These shorter exercise bouts leave clients feeling energetic and looking fantastic inusually less than 3 weeks.By using the principles of Escalating Density Training, we choose opposing push, pull, and twistingexercises to eliminate the need for most rest periods between sets.Heres how it works in 3 easy stepsChoose a muscle group to workExample: You decide to start your first set by working your chestChoose a compound (multi-joint) exercise for that muscle groupExample: You need to work your chest muscles so you chose a dumbbell ball chest pressPick an opposing upper or lower body exercise to superset it with.Example: You need to work an opposing muscle, so you can either choose a back exercise, or apulling lower body exercise such as Romanian deadlifts or 1-legged reaches since chest is anupper body pushing exercise.So now that you know what formula to use to develop a more efficient workout, you can now goback and reinvent your current exercise program. Just make sure to superset or even triset all theexercises by grouping opposite muscle groups.When do you rest?Heres where the brilliance of EDT principles shine. Since you are working opposing musclegroups, you are in essence resting each previously worked muscle complex while the current oneis under tension. Using this formula, if it were to take you 40 seconds to complete each exerciseand then you rested for 30-60 seconds after you completed the superset, you would haveessentially given the first muscle group 1 min/10 sec to 1 min/40 sec rest. Unless you are apowerlifter going for substantial strength gains, thats more than enough time to rest a musclegroup before hitting the weights again.Lets take a look at this in action!
  • Heres an actual workout that you could use today to get started:5 minute dynamic warm-up1A. Dumbbell ball chest press1B. Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts2A. Cable 1 arm row (standing)2B. Dumbbell front squats to box3A. Band Rotational Chops3B. Prone lying cobras on a stability ball (like a ball back extension)- Choose 2-3 sets per exercise- Complete either 8 or 15 reps of each set for this entire programAt the end of the workout, you could finish it off with some 30 second fat burning intervals to leaveyour metabolism revved up for the rest of the day. This entire workout, including warm-up andintervals, should take you no more than 40 - 45minutes. As your conditioning gets better, you candecrease your rest period down to 30 seconds before beginning the next superset.This type of workout will yield at least twice the results of an ordinary exercise program where youare just circuiting through machine after machine. The time flys by and youll absolutely love whatit does for your body and energy levels!If you need a place to start, check out my free weight loss e-course on "How to Lose Belly FatStarting Today!" Ive reserved a limited number of copies to give away and you can grab yourstoday at to your success,Stephen CabralAuthor of Lose5in7Health Consultant for MTV, NutritionData,, Gather, EDGEhttp://www.Lose5in7.comStephen Cabral is a national health & fitness correspondent with over 10 years of credentials andmedia appearances. He holds national and international certifications in strength & conditioning,personal training, yoga and nutrition. His Trim, Tone & Tighten newsletter is seen by over 100,000people each week.Article Source: