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Rovin Autobiography

  1. 1. Autobiography of Rovin Banila Alcazar Rovin Banila Alcazar was born on the seventh day of October 1992 at Barangay Bagumbayan, Santa Maria, Laguna at exactly12:00 noon. He is the youngest among the three childrens of Romeo R. Alcazar and Vivian V. Banila. His older brother is Joel Banila alcazar and his older sister is Irin Banila Alcazar.He is only one year old when his parents decided to transfer to Barangay Santol, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas which is his father’s hometown. His classmates, cousins and their other relatives call him “uben” for short. He finished his elementary degree at Bayorbor Elementary School, Bayorbor, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, school at their nearby barangay. It is where he started dreaming and started to set his goals and objectives in life. It is also where he had opened his mind about the significance of education in the lives of each and every child. This is also the place where he started to gain more and more friends. He graduated from elementary on the year 2005 and he has been the salutatorian of their class. So, for him, this is one of the most unforgettable experiences that once in his life, he had experience to be a class salutatorian. He also used to be an altar knight or an altar boy in their municipal parish church; the Mary Immaculate Conception of Mataasnakahoy with their parish priest Rev. Father Eugine Valencia when he was only 9 years old until he reached the age of 15.He has been an altar boy and spent his time serving God for almost 6 years. He became an altar knight from the year 2001- 2007.
  2. 2. In his high school degree, he studied at Bayorbor National High School, Bayorbor, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas. In this school, he started tom fulfill his dreams in his life and his dreams for his family. He has also learned a lot of things from this school. He learned how to be patient in whatever he do, how to gain friends and how to be a good role model to others especially to those who are younger than him. In this school, he had also favorite teachers like Mrs. Romana Glenda S. Lagmay, a Physics teacher, she is Rovin’s adviser when he was in first year high school, Ms. Arlene T. Garcia, a Mathematics teacher, his adviser when he was in second year, Mrs. Helen D. Robles, a MAPEH teacher, his adviser when he was in third year and lastly, Mrs. Corazon D. Bariuan, his adviser of Rovin when he was in fourth year. He learned to much from Mrs. Bariuan because she taught him how to be strong and how to overcome his weaknesses and hurdles in life. In here, he began to be determined, optimistic and patient enough to face the challenges and trials in his life. Here, he met his very very close friends like Christian, Von, Ariel, Aivin, Deo, Benrick, Dennis, Herman, Vincent, Lyuma, Reden, Anthony, Nelson, Darwin, and Doy whom he considered as his Boddie. He has been very close also to Mr. Oliver Gueverra, a biology teacher and Mr. Greg Mueco, a computer and TLE teacher who are both teachers in his school. They treated him as their younger brother that’s why in return; he also treated them as his older too. He became very eager to finish his studies despite of the challenges in his life, although his father has no permanent
  3. 3. and stable job and his mother had resigned in the company that she is working. Another reason why he became very eager to finish his schooling is his older brother. His brother became a father unexpectedly, his brother had a family at an early age without any savings yet and money in his pocket. Because of this, he saw the sadness in his brother’s face and the he felt pity for his mother and father’s face. And at that time, he said to himself that he would not what his brother did. And he will study hard, he will finish his schooling no matter what happens and his family will be his first priority. Rovin became the President of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) or Student Body of their school. Through this, being a president, he knew the real meaning of “responsibility” and being a leader. He also learned that in an organization, all of its members must work in group, not only one. ”Two heads are better than one”, they said. In here, he experienced to be scolded and to be pushed down by others. But he didn’t allow those things to happen to him; instead, he kept looking forward to the brighter side of life. He became an optimistic person. He tried not to look at the negative side of life. His friends, his teachers, and of course, his parents and their sacrifices for him and for his sister brother used to be his inspiration. And he finished and graduated as an achiever only but for him, one thing worthless is the precious memories and friendships that he had gain from this school. But for him, one thing worthless is the precious memories and friendships that he had gained. And after he graduated from high school, their family had returned to Santa Maria, Laguna which is his mother’s hometown.
  4. 4. And for him, another chapter of his life will be faced. He applied as a scholar of their Municipal Mayor, Mayor Josie Cuento. He had enrolled at Laguna State Polytechnic University Siniloan Campus, Siniloan, and Laguna. And as of now, he is studying at Laguna State Polytechnic University, first year student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education. Here, he had met new classmates and new friends like Ferdinand Abe, Cecile Acupan, Marwin Asi, Lorenz Arpon, Nickson Valderame, Jerome Salay and so much more. Here, he experience to be an independent person. It is because he is renting a house together with his cousins near their school. He experiences the life far away from his parents. For him, it is not easy to be separated from his own parents although he returns to their home weekly.