Optec supporter worker overseas development services


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Optec has trained and prepared many overseas workers for the Australian Power and Utilities Sector By Dr Rovel Shackleford and Optec Pty Ltd

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Optec supporter worker overseas development services

  1. 1. Optec Supported Overseas Worker Development ServicesOptec provides a fully integrated supported overseas worker program forAustralian industry. Service Migration Optec AgentSourcingVisaHealth Checks (Standard)Family Support in home country ΧComplete physical and metal health assessment ΧHealth Insurance ΧIndentured Program linking worker to Optec and its Χclient ΧSafe money home transfers ΧIn home country trainingSocial support network in Australia ΧLanded work ready Χ
  2. 2. Service Details OptecSourcing Sourcing of suitably qualified workers; rudimentary screening processes to prove up qualifications and capability.Visa Securing Australian Visa arrangements for overseas workers to work in Australia.Health Checks (Standard) Standard health checks required by Australian Immigration.Family Support in home Optec provides family support in country of origin to ensure workers families arecountry supported while the worker is overseas. This service is unique to Optec; the service ensures that workers are not unduly distracted by issues family related issues thereby reducing the risk of workers leaving their workplaces in Australia.Complete physical and metal Optec provides a thorough mental and physical health assessment which ensureshealth assessment protection for the client and the worker. Predispositions to stress and other behavioural issues can be assessed and factored into the recruitment strategy for the client.Health Insurance Optec provides all overseas workers with a basic out of work hour’s health cover including medivac support in the event of a serious incident.Indentured Program linking Optec signs prospective workers to an indentured program in country of origin linked toworker to Optec and its client the provision of the family support services and health cover mentioned. This does not provide a guarantee of tenure for the client with the hired worker however this process has proven to be effective in securing tenure in over 98% of cases to date.Safe money home transfers Optec provides all workers with a safe money transfer process so that funds can be sent to the workers family in country of origin in a secure and cost effective way.In home country training Optec reduces the cost of training by training all workers to Australian regulatory requirements in the country of origin; this process saves time and cuts training costs by approximately 20%.Social worker support Optec provides all workers with social welfare support in Australia to ensure that any onnetwork in Australia the job or other social issues are addressed in a timely manner thereby reducing the potential productivity issues for the client.Landed work ready Optec to the best of its ability will land workers in Australia at the clients preferred location ready to work; site specific induction requirements may be the only impediments to this process.