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Optec issues 3 pages

  1. 1. August 2005 OPTEC ISSUES Providing Solutions to the Energy & Allied Industries Introducing OPTEC ISSUES Volume 1, Issue 1 Welcome to the first edition of Optec’s ergy industry: So read and enjoy! quarterly newsletter OPTEC ISSUES! About Optec Inside this issue: Optec Issues is designed to keep you in- Based in Morwell Victoria, OPTEC is an formed about the latest courses on offer, established Australian company and a upcoming Optec projects and initiatives leading provider of training to the en- Optec Risk Man- 2 and any changes to Codes of Practice and ergy & allied industries. agement Centre Legislation which may affect you and your business—plus much much more! In operation now for over 12 years, Op- Short Courses 2 In this first issue, we are excited to cele- tec is recognized as a key provider of brate the launch of our new Melbourne Electrical & Mechanical Training, Proce- Staff Profile: Terry 3 office. An exciting and talented group have dural Development and Consultancy Howard been recruited to run the Melbourne office Services for the Power Industry throughout Australasia. at Mulgrave which officially opened for Fact File 3 business on 12 July. On Page 2 you can Moving forward Optec is now in the also read about the exciting new Optec process of further consolidating its posi- Optec and CBL Join 3 Critical Infrastructure Risk Management tion and extending its service into gas, Forces Centre® which will operate from our Mel- power, steam, risk management, boilers bourne office and run workshops through- and steam turbines. out the year as well as discover some of the great courses we have on offer. For more information visit: www.optec.com.au Optec Issues is just another way that we hope to deliver quality services to the en- Our Mission: Optec Launches Melbourne OfficeQUARTERLY NEWSLETTER To Provide Quality Optec’s new Melbourne Melbourne office, Optec office was officially welcomed eight new Training and Con- members to its staff in- opened on 12 July 2005 sultancy Services to at the Monash Enterprise cluding Dr Rovel Shackle- the Electrical Power Centre in Mulgrave. ford as General Manager, and Allied Industries Strageic Planning & De- This heralded an exciting velopment. Geoff Griffiths that is Client Fo- development for the fu- Graeme Browne, Peter cused, Innovative, ture of Optec, said Rob shop was held on the 9 West, Russell Lewis,David Progressive and McDonald, Managing Di- July to discuss important Sanderson and Norm Cur- Cost Effective. rector-Technical.<> challenges ahead and es- rie . Welcome!. To mark this important tablish a joint vision for the Melbourne Office Ph: 03 8562 step forwarded, an official future direction of Optec. 2216, 03 8562 2215 launch and staff work- With the opening of the
  2. 2. Page 2 OPTEC ISSUES Volume 1, Issue 1 Optec Risk Management Centre“OPTEC: Providing Solutions to the Energy & Allied Industries” The advent of terrorism and ASIC’s been approved to use and adopt the Se- CLERP 9 Corporate Governance Legisla- curity Vulnerability Risk Assessment tion has focused the Board’s of many Guide (SV-RAG) process to achieve this. institutions attention on security and risk This process also provides for remedial management. action post event. Daryl Whelan, Manager Logistics said, Thirdly the presentation of the risk man- As the particular focus of Optec has al- agement plan in a format which is user ways been in industries friendly, informative and categorized as critical in- Workshops in SA 4/5 Oct & generic. Optec Critical In- frastructure in any such WA11/12 Oct currently tak- frastructure Risk Manage- legislation; it is a logical ing bookings for the‘Critical ment Centre® is currently extension for Optec to engaged through an end Infrstructure Incident Man- establish the Optec Criti- user needs analysis with a cal Infrastructure Risk agement Risk Assessment view to develop a suitable recovery- Management Centre® at and recovery- Counter Ter- format across many indus- its Melbourne office. rorism tries. This Centre will work with Technology developed by the Security Vulnerability Risk Assess- the Optec risk management Centre enti- ment Guide SV-RAG Risk Management tled the Situational Crime Prevention guidelines. (SCP) approach relies on a scientific The Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk approach to the reduction of crime; a Management Centre® recognizes that practical example relates to a major Aus- there are three critical elements to the tralian Bank’s strategic approach to risk management process. armed robbery reduction through a re- search methodology and implementation The first is the thorough investigation strategy initiated to mitigate the offence required to fully identify hazards. The full risk and situational threat. recognition of hazards internal or external to a particular operation is essential to Crime Prevention Through Environ- ensure the risk management outcome is mental Design (CPTED) - addresses the not flawed. design of the built environment to pro- mote personal safety and help reduce The second essential element is the ef- people’s fear of crime, by reducing oppor- fective identification of vulnerabilities ap- tunities for crime and anti social behaviour. plying to a particular location. Optec has Did you know that Optec provide these initial and refresher training courses? • High Voltage Electrical Operator SHORT COURSES Authorisation • Authorised Recipient Electrical • Authority to Make Application for Work (Associated with Electrical Apparatus) • Codes of Practice on Electrical Safety • Advanced Safety Inspection & Testing of Portable Electrical Equip- ment • EHV Live Line AuthorisationHV For further details about our training programs go to http://www.optec.com.au/training.htm
  3. 3. OPTEC ISSUES Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3STAFF PROFILEOptec is delighted to welcome Mr. age electrical and hydro plant high voltage specific consultancy.Terry Howard as the new State operator for high voltage sys-Manager for WA. tems up to 330,000 volts andTerry has extensive experience in has a Graduate Diploma of Engi-generation, transmission and distri- neering (Industrial Management)bution control & operation and has from Monash University.accumulated over 30 years experi- In his new role as State Man-ence in the Operations and mainte- ager, Terry will be involved innance fields. This experience was managing the Western Austra-gained while working as Systems lian business activities, compe-Controller for the State Electricity tency assessed course develop-Commission of Victoria, CRA ment and delivery, development Name: Terry Howard(Bouganville, PNG), Snowy Moun- of high voltage operating proce- Position: State Manager, WAtain Hydro Scheme and for the last dures and switching programs,six years as the training and EHS delivery of high voltage authori- Ph: 08 9419 6967Coordinator with TransAlta Energy zation, assessment of compe- Email:in Western Australia. tency based training systems, t.howard@optec.com.auTerry is also a qualified high volt- high voltage safety audits and all Fact File: Utility Poles • It is estimated that there are 5 million utility poles in Australia What would you like to • The annual maintenance cost of timber read about in Optec Issues? poles across the eastern states is $26 mil-We would love to hear your feedback and lion comments! What about a relevant topic • More people have died from utility pole for the power industry? related deaths in Australia and New Zea- Send your ideas to : g.griffiths@optec.com.au land than the number of people both coun- tries have lost in armed conflictOptec and CBL: A New Training ForceOptec and CBL (Competency trical Generation and Distribu Both Rob McDonald and DarylBased Learning) have joined tion, Electrical High Voltage, Tele- Whelan, Optec owners said. Theforces in a new alliance to pro- communications, Gas, Mining, Ex- merger will also provide comprehensive training and tractive, Rigging, Crane Operation,consulting services to the en- Business Practices, Risk Manage- vide the opportunity for organiza-ergy, mining, telecom and allied ment, Sustainable Development, tions to support their learning pro-industries. Human Resources and much grams together with experiencedBoth of Optec’s “This important partnership more. industry educators. On-line learn-Directors said. The new alliance ing combined with personal, on will provide various indus- the job delivery ensures that theThis important will combine thepartnership will tries with a single source considerable re- clients’ needs are met in a flexibleprovide various for their workforce knowl- sources of two method with minimum down time.industries with a quality endorsed edge and skill developmentsingle source for companies to pro-their workforce requirements….” vide research andknowledge and development, pro-skill development requirements. duction, delivery, consultation andTargeted areas will include Elec provision of knowledge. OPTEC Head Office, Church Street, Morwell, Victoria, Australia Ph: +61 3 5133 7174 Fx: +61 3 5133 7831 Email: admin@optec.com.au www.optec.com.au