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EIAG Power Industry Presentation Australia

EIAG Power Industry Presentation Australia

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  • 1. An Overview of the EIAG Energy Industry Advisory Group INC.
  • 2. EIAG Agenda
    • EIAG Vision, Aims, Objective
    • Why (the catalyst)
        • Background
    • Who is the EIAG?
        • The current membership
        • Alliances
    • The future
    • Membership Scope
    • Questions?
  • 3. EIAG Vision, Aims, Objective
    • Vision
        • Establishment of an Industry Advisory Group that provides a unified voice for the energy industry in matters associated with skills development and the associated delivery of skill solutions to build a reliable, safe, viable, and sustainable energy industry workforce in Australia.
    • The EIAG Aim
        • The Energy Industry Advisory Group (EIAG) will engage with all the energy industry stakeholders :
        • to achieve the Vision through collaboration and cooperation .
    • Objective
        • To design develop and implement strategies and initiatives that achieve the vision in consort with all the energy stakeholders
      • Traction
      • Gas
      • Unions
      • Regulators
      • The Community
      • Generation
      • Transmission
      • Distribution
      • O&M
      • Educators
  • 4. Why (the catalyst) SEC Desegregation Activity Over servicing Training solutions fragmented Training solutions & facilities depleted De-funding EIAG Vision Skill development solutions energy industry stakeholder controlled, owned & driven Impact Future
  • 5. Who is the EIAG?
    • Members
    • The Regulator
      • OCEI
    • Contracting
      • NPS
      • Abigroup
    • Union
      • ETU
    • Alliances
    • Skilling for the Future
    • EE-OZ
    • LLEN’s
    • RTO’s
  • 6. The Future
    • Engage all industry stakeholders in lobbying governments, RTO’s and others to achieve cost effective, timely flexible, and relevant skill development solutions for the Australian Energy Industry.
    • Unified approach to shift the paradigm from a prescriptive training delivery models to a skills assessment and skills gap delivery solution.
    • Unified approach to capacity building through the relevant national frameworks.
    • Strategic assessment based approach to skill development that is timely and cost effective.
  • 7. Membership Scope
    • Membership with full benefits & voting rights $15,000 per annum.
    • Refer to the handout for the benefits package for EIAG Members
    • Customers
    • Regulators
    • Educators
    • Unions
    • Contractors
    • Generation
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Traction
    • O&M
    • Gas
    • Manufacturing
    • Ancillary Services
  • 8. Questions ?
    • Documentation provided contains
      • The Partnership Charter for EIAG
      • A copy of this presentation
      • EIAG Membership form