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Arrina Global profile 2010 drkwv48

  1. 1. Global Corporation – Local Heart 1/28/2010 Arrina Global Tinna ClendernMessage from the FounderDr. Rovel ShacklefordArrina Global Founder Dr. Rovel Shackleford born and raised in Africa has worked with many agencies and in overtwenty developing economies on a wide range of social and commercial issues. A qualified economist withspecialisations in management, finance and organizational development Rovel has worked and been educated inAustralia, Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa.Rovel’s vision for Arrina Global is that all who work with and for Arrina will be enriched by that experience and in turnshare their experience and learning with the wider world for the betterment of all.Rovel admits unashamedly that he is an utopian socialist with a firm believe that the current contextual fabric of oursociety is being torn apart by rampant consumerism based on a short sighted economic strategy which promotesprofiteering at any cost.Fundamental decency and ethics have been abandoned for the new Holy Grail call exploitation. The SocialTechnology Development Team (STDT) at Arrina Global have been developing new technologies based on over 400years of data; new social development models will emerge as a consequence of this technology which will show theway forward through economic collectivism that appropriately distributes wealth without dampening the enthusiasm forenterprise. The new social marketing technologies are currently being tested in a number of strategic locationsaround the world.The fundamental needs of shelter, transport, clean wholesome food, health and education eludes over two thirds ofthe world’s populations. No longer do these populations exist in isolation they are informed and conditioned throughmedia that constantly portrays them as societies’ failures. Economically bankrupt devoid of ambition, resources andopportunity they the unfed are cast aside as if inconsequential and unnecessary and definitely valueless.This is the backdrop upon which Arrina Global has based its R&D and work/business ethic since it was established in1988.The Arrina Global Agenda is as flows:1. Equity not equality,2. Universal vision of hope,3. The new currency of economic solutions not profiteering,4. Collectivism not democracy5. Sustainability not subsistence,6. Responsibility of values that belongs to all,7. Ethnic tolerance,8. New life values,Arrina Global has an international network of specialists working with individuals, communities, industry, governmentsto improve the quality of life within the local context and cultural sensitivities. Established in 1988 in Australia Arrinahas grown from a single operator small business to a successful consulting enterprise engaging hundreds ofcontractors on aid funded projects around the world. Founder Dr. Rovel Shackleford an economist with over 28 yearsexperience in the fields of international aid and business consulting has consistently promoted and imposed thehighest ethical standards over the programmes and projects under management by Arrina Global.The models adopted by Arrinas consultants are client centred and solutions focused; the emphasis is onempowerment through collaboration where solutions evolve through a blend of local experience, technology, andethnic sensitivity coupled with an appropriate application of new technologies that deliver real intrinsic value toprimary beneficiaries and secondary stakeholders.
  2. 2. Projects and programmes under management by Arrina’s teams of specialists encompass health, education,transportation, housing, agriculture, micro and macro finance, agrarian reform, infrastructure, national security,community development, banking, and social reform.Arrina is managed through a number of foundations and as such its residue income is invested in research anddevelopment of social technology and the funding of a number of socially strategic philanthropic trusts which areindependent.Specialists engaged by Arrina have a commitment to the values and ethics of the organization and as such typicallyhave no less than 10 years experience in their respective fields. Recruitment is by invitation only; it is not the policy ofArrina Global to embark on traditional recruitment drives.Arrina will always identify a local solution or methodology/technology in the first instance. The notion that social valueis derived from the mobilization of high priced western consultants into evolving economies is aberrant and runscontrary to the experience that the solution already resides within the learnt wisdom that exists within thoseeconomies. Page2Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  3. 3. Arrina Global (Australia) Profile & Capability (Logistics Procurement & Transport) Arrina Global (Australia) est. 1988 ACN 007-416-168 P: +61-3-97521300 Email – Arrina Global Administration OfficesPhilippines (Ortigas), Australia (Melbourne), Canada (Toronto), China (Hong Kong – Guangzhou), India (New Delhi),New Zealand(Auckland), Singapore, South Africa (Johannesburg), Thailand (Bangkok), UK (London), USA (Washington DC) Vietnam (Hanoi)Global Headquarters Level 9/12Philippines Stock Exchange Building Exchange Road, Ortigas Pasig City 1605, Philippines Page3Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  4. 4. PreambleArrina Global LLC and its subsidiary groups employ over 48,500 specialists covering a dynamic and divers range ofskills and talent that has taken Arrina Global from a small consultancy in 1988 to its global presence today; the ethosof Arrina Global is to grow the corporation we need to grow people. The Arrina Global group invests over $880million annually in training and developing its people.At Arrina Global LLC we are committed to offering award-winning products and services* that meet the needs of ourcustomers and business partners. Our primary market is the business services market, and since 1988 we have beendeveloping products and services that offer professional and compliant solutions to our clients and stakeholders andtheir companies.Arrina Global Australia employs in excess of 180 staff with operations in Australia. Investing in local operationsprovides our customers and business partners with a local contact who can ensure that they receive the very bestservice and support, which they have come to expect from the market leader.Our services and products operate in an environment prone to change and we regularly review and where necessaryupgrade our products where we believe a legislative change could damage the integrity of the product.Our cautious and conservative approach to business is instilled in all aspects of how we deliver our products andservices to the customer.A long-term strategy of inward investment, particularly in IT, research and development and in our staff, results in theGroup being able to meet the demands for professional, technically competent, high quality and service-drivenproducts in markets, where many providers are known for short term existence. CONTENTS 1. Core Capabilities 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Client Profile 5 4. Team Capability Matrix 7 5. Corporate Particulars 43 Appendices Policy Documents Page4Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  5. 5. VisionArrina Global LLC will maintain a single minded focus on achieving best-in-world solutions in thefield of strategic business development and all its associated down stream activities and indoing so be recognized as the foremost leader in this science. The resultant impact will be thatArrina and its clients, associates, partners and project teams will enjoy the returns associatedwith delivering client centered solutions. MissionArrina Global LLC will achieve its Vision by building its expertise through strategic alliances withbest-in-world specialist practitioners who will deliver effective solutions packages to the Arrina’sclients. The establishment, management, and maintenance of expert panels within the rightconfiguration to meet the Arrina’s client needs will ensure that high quality, robust solutionswithin an effective framework will be delivered. Core Service Capabilities in Procurement & LogisticsProject Management Logistics Supply Chain WarehousingStrategic Planning Policy Development Supply ProfilingMarket Research Audits Probity SupportActivity Mapping Forecasting Risk ManagementFinancial Analysis International Trade GST – TaxManufacturing Contract Development Contract ManagementContinuance Planning Asset Disposal Asset ManagementSystems Software Applications TrainingDevelopment/ImplementationAuthoring Expert Witnesses Negotiation/mediationOutsourcing Supply Chain Review Trend AnalysisBenchmarking Facilitation Electronic Commerce Sectored CapabilityFederal Government State Government Local GovernmentMining Agriculture ManufacturingDefense (DOD) Travel & Tourism Health/MedicalConstruction The Arts/Cultural TransportCorrectional Services Emergency Services Business ServicesIT Education Human ServicesEnergy Water Financial/BankingInternational Trade Treasury Indigenous Groups Page5Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  6. 6. Global Capability (Logistics Projects)Thailand Procurement training and policy development 13 yearsPhilippines Defense procurement contract advisory 18 years serviceAfghanistan DIFD UNDP projects 5 yearsIraq 2 years AusAID DIFD 5 yearsSouth Africa Public sector capacity building 4 yearsMexico Public sector reform World Bank 10 yearsPapua New Guinea Private sector development 8 yearsChina Public & private sector capacity building 8 yearsJapan Private sector automotive & shipping 14 yearsUSA Automotive & Heavy Transport 18 yearsEU Marine Aviation and Manufacturing 18 yearsSouth America Aviation Mining and Heavy Transport 12 yearsIntroductionArrina Transport & Logistics is a subsidiary of the global network known as Arrina Global LLCan international consulting firm established in 1988 in Washington DCThe structural profile of the organisation is defined within the following flow chart; Arrina Global LLC est 1991 Foundation Arrina Pty Ltd est 1989 Global Health Asia Pacific Finance for Strategic Solutions LLC est Corp. est 1993 Procurement 1993 est 1999This structure delivers world-class solutions to the group’s clients and ensures the financialviability of all entities.Organisational StructureArrina Transport & Logistics Australia is a consulting based consortia of over 168 specialistsranging from market research specialists to strategic planning, procurement and managementpractitioners. Page6Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  7. 7. The group is linked through contracting deeds, which ensure that quality control andconsistency in delivery is maintained.ProcessArrina Transport & Logistics establishes project teams with the best experience and qualificationfit to meet the client needs. All Arrina clients state that they prefer dealing with Arrina because ituses highly experienced and skilled specialists resulting in reduced costs associated withproject familiarization and experimental activity which may jeopardize the client’s project. AllArrina consultants have over 15 – 20 years experience in their respective fields and are tertiaryqualified. Arrina requires all consultants to undertake no less than 200 hours per annumtraining to keep abreast of current trends, best practice and global activity in their chosen fields.The process for engaging an Arrina specialist or team is efficient and effective as the followingflow process indicates; 1. Client provides project brief, 2. Appropriate communications protocols are established, 3. Key Arrina team leader/s appointed to meet with the client team, 4. Arrina team scope the project including indicative time frames, risk log-frame and budgets, 5. Joint working party established with project plan signed off by the client, 6. The project is initiated with agreed KPI’s and regular review meetings, 7. Draft reports submitted, 8. Appropriate transitional training provided by the Arrina team to the client’s team, 9. Final reports submitted, 10. Contract closeout and migration plan executed.Client Profiles Australia (since 1988)Food CommunicationsCauseys Liquor Distributors RCACoca-Cola Amatil Telecom TechnologiesContinental Seagram TelstraCottees General Foods - Cordials Division White PagesEumundi Brewing Yellow PagesHoughtons WinesIAMA Tea (including Sri Lanka) ConstructionLindemans Wines Civil & Civic (Lend Lease)Masters Dairy TransfieldPeters WASwan Brewery Education & TrainingTooheys Australian TAFE Marketing AssociationWyndam Wines Business Services Industry Training Board Department of Training WABusiness Services Curtin UniversityAGB McNair Edith Cowan UniversityAndersen Consulting Food Processing Training CouncilAustin Knight Murdoch UniversityBIS Shrapnel Presbyterian Ladies CollegeBuchan Communications Group Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Page7Clemenger Advertising TAFE Course LineChandler & Macleod University of WAArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  8. 8. Chiat Day MOJOCMPS&F Finance/InsuranceCoopers & Lybrand Allied Capital GroupDentsu Research Inc. (Japan) Amercian ExpressErnst & Young AMPGallup U.S BankWest/R&IJMA Ogilvy & Mather CitibankKPMG Peat Marwick HBF General InsuranceMatsuri Advertising (Indonesia) Health CreditMcCann Erickson Greater NewcastleMorgan & Banks Home Building SocietyReark Research National Australia BankSociete Generale De Surveillance S.A Newcastle Permanent Building SocietyBusiness Services Finance/InsuranceSRC International Police & Nurses CreditTaylor Nelson AGB (U.K) RAC InsuranceThe Collins Hill Group SGIO InsuranceThe Forte Group United Credit Westminster InsuranceFood - Retail WestpacBig RoosterChicken Treat Federal, State & Local GovernmentHenny Penny Bunbury City CouncilHungry Jack’s Restaurants Brisbane City CouncilRed Rooster Cottesloe City CouncilSpurs Steak Ranch (including S.Africa) Kwinana Town CouncilToucano Char Restaurants Mandurah City Council Perth City CouncilFood Processing & Manufacturing Swan Town CouncilArnotts Wollongong City CouncilCottees General Foods Aulbury City CouncilDardanup Butchering Company City of CaseyEdible Oils Inc. SA Gov. State SupplyMuirton Park Victoria, SRVSanitarium Health Foods Victoria VGPBStreets Ice Cream Dept. of DefenceViva FoodsWatsonia FoodsUtilitiesEnvironmental Protection Agency - Waste ManagementDivisionHydro-Electric Commission (Vic.)Infill Sewerage Programme WAMelbourne WaterPowerlink QueenslandSECVSECWAWater Authority of W.A Page8Western PowerArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  9. 9. Manufacturing - GeneralMining/Minerals/Petroleum Aerospace Technologies of AustraliaArgyle Diamond Mines/Sales Boots ChemicalsAustmine Bunnings Forest ProductsBelRay Oils Burns PhilpCaltex ComalcoCastrol Crysler Corp DetroittCRA Dalton PackagingGoldcorp International Dunlop AustraliaMobil Ford AustraliaMount Newman Mining Co. Pty Ltd ICI/IncitecShell Jason IndustriesTR Petroleum John SandsW.A Chamber of Mines Johnson & Johnson Kresta Curtains & Blinds Lever & Kitchen Macnaught Pumps Phillip Morris Richardson Pacific Ltd. SANTOS Stirling Pharmaceuticals Unilever Group Vulcan WA Flick Welcome Pharmaceuticals Page9Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  10. 10. Specialists Capability Matrix Key Consultants Specializations Specialist Qualifications ExperienceStrategic Finance Dr Rovel Bachelor of Political Steel Company ofProcurement Shackleford Science CanadaProbity Audit Bachelor Adult World BankSupply Profile Learning IMFTraining Masters Psychology Founder ArrinaNegotiation MBA Global LLCInternational PhD Economics Over 34 yearsContracting International experience inComplex Projects Business international tradeProject Management and contracting. Consultant for 24 years.Market Research Ms Michelle Pizer Bachelor of Business Senior ConsultantEthics & Culture Studies KPMG 8 yearsProject Management MBA Director MarketTeam Development Masters Psychology Research RoyCommunications Morgan ResearchRisk management Joined Arrina Global /Arrina Global T & L 1991Leadership Practice Ms Anne Evans Bachelor of Business Senior LecturerResearch Studies Melbourne Uni.Benchmarking MBA Industry ConsultantStrategic Analysis for over 18 years Joined Arrina Global/Arrina Global T & L in 1993 Page10Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  11. 11. Specializations Specialist Qualifications ExperienceIT Procurement Mr. Paul Bendon Bachelor of Former GMTechnology Transfer Economic Amskan technologyNegotiation MBA transfer specialists Joined Arrina Global/Arrina Global T & L 1995Training Mr. John Blunt Bachelor of DefenseCourse Development Economics Legal Services GMLogistics Masters Logistics Joined Arrina Global T & L 1998Travel Procurement Mr. Bob Dickinson Over 20 years in public sector travel procurement. Joined Arrina Global T & L 1999Warehousing Mr. John Edhouse Accountancy Over 25 yearsSystems and Diploma experience inLogistics Advanced Logistics public and private Management sector warehousing Diploma management and consulting ARC Pratt Industries Supply SA Joined Arrina Global T & L 1998Contract Law Mr. Peter Kidd LL B (Hons) Lawyer in privateProbity practice for over 15Ethics years hasProtocols extensiveMediation experience in international contract law. Joined Arrina Global T & L 1998 Page11Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  12. 12. Specializations Specialist Qualifications ExperienceTransport Planning Mr. Robert Perkins Bachelor of Civil Federal & StateLogistics Strategic Engineering GovernmentMRP Bachelor of projects inConstruction Economics transport andManagement logistics for 15 years joined the Arrina Global T & L 1998Audit Mr. Peter Stoppa Bachelor of Auditor GeneralsFinancial Analysis Accounting Office performanceProject management MBA auditing 15 yearsContract Joined the Arrinamanagement Global T & L inStrategic Planning 1995Health & Social Dr. Julie Holland Bachelor Medical General ManagerSciences Science Healthtrac USA forService Procurement Masters Psychology 15 yearsPolicy PhD Psychology Public SectorContracting consultant to theAnalysis US Drug & HealthEthics Admin.ProfilingPublic Policy Dr Per Mathiesen Bachelor of Senior policyStrategic Planning Economics advisor to theAnalysis MBA World BankNegotiation PhD International strategic ContractsSupply Chain Business Joined Arrina Global T & L 1991Sourcing Analysis Mr. Ken Kwong Bachelor of Former policyModeling Supply Business Studies advisor to CiticRelationships Masters Public Pacific andTraining Policy & Politics Governor of HonStrategic Business KongDevelopment Joined Arrina Global T & L 1996Electronic Commerce Mr. Andrew Sladen Bachelor of Director of IT forIT projects Business Systems ICI UK and Director Bachelor of IT EDI Services for Page12 Business Economics HM Treasury MBAArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  13. 13. Specializations Specialist Qualifications ExperienceTax Ms. Rebecca Bachelor of Former Senior TaxAccounting Hollingsworth Accounting Consultant KPMGGST MBA Joined Arrina Global T & L 1998Modeling Dr Peter Finch Bachelor of Public & PrivateForecasting Economics sector globalRisk Analysis MBA experience GE,Strategic PhD Business Ford, Blue CrossProcurement Economics Blue ShieldPlanning Treasury ACT 20 years Joined Arrina Global T & L 1995Arrina Global’s Procurement/Logistics training & consulting team:Details:Resume - Adrian FurnissCurrent Activities. Logistics Consultant.(Arrina Global)Qualifications. Bachelor of Commerce (Melb). Master of Science (Logistics) with Distinction (USAFIT).Awards. Member of the Order of Australia, appointed 1976.Professional associations. Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.General comments. Wide experience in all areas of logistics: possesses a strong background in organisational restructuring; information systems development; financial management; application of quantitative techniques to logistics functions; transport; inventory management and purchasing.History1988 Resigned from the Royal Australian Air Force after a career spanning 37 years, the last Page13 three as Controller of Logistics, Air Force.Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  14. 14. Appointed Mayne Nickless Fellow in Logistics Management, School of Marketing, David Syme Faculty of Business, Chisholm Institute of Technology (later amalgamated with Monash University). In this role, was Director of the Graduate Diploma Course in Logistics Management and principal lecturer in Transport, Quantitative Techniques, Inventory Management, Logistics Control Systems and Information Technology. Founding Director of the Logistics Management Executive Development Program with visiting faculty from the Michigan State University, led by Dr Donald J. Bowersox (1989 to1992). 1992 On completion of the Fellowship contract and appointment of a successor, resigned from full time employment in the faculty. 1994 Worked with the State Electricity Commission Materials and Logistics Projet Team to develop inventory planning and asset segregation for the introduction of the five separate Business Entities. This involved the development of inventory models to simulate inventory movements based on inventory data.Current Activities include session leader and lecturer to the Graduate Diploma Course in Logistics Management and consultant to the Logistics Management Executive Development Program at the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Marketing, Monash University. GRAHAM BESLEY B.E. (Hons.) Personal Summary Experienced senior manager with a proven record for leadership across a range of business functions, including project management, technology development, product marketing and petrochemical manufacturing. Professionally qualified chemical engineer with wide experience in manufacturing operations, project logistics, technical problem resolution and business analysis at both plant management level and in strategic commercial roles. Strongly committed to self development, high standards and the principal of personal accountability. Determined, team oriented, stimulated by new challenges and always enthusiastic to tackle projects that facilitate effectiveness and productivity improvements. Key Competencies  Demonstrated ability to manage a range of complex business change management projects, which include, implementation of a packaging and warehousing expansion project, a large logistics outsourcing contract and a SAP computer systems project.  Strong technical background with extensive manufacturing experience as a chemical engineer in the chemical and petrochemical industry.  Proven team leadership skills with ability to motivate, train and develop staff and have them perform at optimum levels.  Proficient marketing, negotiation and analytical capability through development and implementation Page14 of strategic marketing plans, inventory planning and business improvement goals.  Confident, clear communicator developed through liaison with people at all levels. Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  15. 15.  Computer literate in Microsoft applications and a working knowledge of the SAP-R3 integrated business system and Wise warehouse and RF management system.EMPLOYMENT HISTORYTDG LOGISTICS LTD February, 1998 - January, 1999 A $70m revenue, integrated distribution, warehousing and customised packaging service provider to the food and chemicals industry.Expansion Project Co-Ordinator Responsibilities:  Contract project management for the implementation of a 100,000 tonnes per year expanded polyolefin resin products storage, distribution and packaging facilities.  Development and implementation of project plans, co-ordination of schedules, suppliers, resources, personnel training and capital expenditure of $1.0m.  Management of client interface to identify business requirements and resolution of project design and process change management issues. Achievements:Successful and timely implementation of the above project, including;  Establishment of a 21,000 sq.m. warehouse, including integration of a Wise warehouse management system with RF barcode capability operating across two concurrent sites.  Successful design and commissioning of a 10, 000 tonnes per annum repackaging facility and of a 30,000 tonnes per annum expansion of a semi bulk packaging facility  Design and installation of racking for 5,000 pallet spaces in an existing warehouse and 13,000 tonnes expansion of a container park.  Warehouse computer management system upgraded with improved receipting and order picking logic to reduce bulk container movements by 20%.  Effective logistics plans for seamless relocation of 13,000 tonnes of plastics resin inventory to new storage facilities.  Startup of new production transportation, receipting and distribution processes implemented without any impact on customer service levels.KEMCOR AUSTRALIA PTY LTD December, 1992 - October, 1997 A joint venture between Exxon Chemicals and Mobil Chemicals, Kemcor is a $500m revenue petrochemical company producing polyethylene, polypropylene resins and synthetic rubber.Commercial Projects Manager November, 1994 - October, 1997 Responsibilities:  Lead project teams through planning and implementation of major change management projects for the Commercial Division. Page15  Develop project schedules, manage resources and control budgets for each project, reporting to the Commercial Director.Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  16. 16.  Co-ordinate the integration of business process redesign and other change management issues impacting functional departments, including training and communication programs.  Manage external interfaces with consultants and service providers including Distribution companies and IT consultants. Achievements:  Successful implementation of a $150m contract to outsource national distribution and packaging operations. Savings of $1.5m pa achieved through reduction of three distribution contractors to one, a specialised packaging facility and real time inter company electronic data transfer.  Successful implementation of a $2.0m, SAP_R3 integrated information system project for sales, distribution, profitability analysis and accounts receivable processes. Savings of $2m pa achieved through process redesign of two separate business marketing mainframe systems into a single system.  Led a Due Diligence investigation for commercial and logistics operations, as part of a successful acquisition of a 100,000 tonnes per year Plastics Business. Co-ordinated commercial transition activities in conjunction with the Marketing Department.Product Technology Manager December, 1992 - October, 1994 Responsibilities / Achievements:  Lead Technology Department team in establishing and implementing annual business objectives in Product Development, Quality Assurance and Laboratory Technical Service for the Polyethylene and Elastomer businesses.  Managed department budget of $4.3m expense and $0.4m capital. Implemented changes to achieve a 10% reduction in expenses.  Provide career development planning, training and counseling support for a large team of 40 technical staff to grow technology skill base.  Managed USA Shareholder technology agreement to maximise R&D support and lead international technology exchange programs. Five new products commercialised and 35% of production output under development.  Company management representative for implementation and maintenance of ISO 9002 accreditation program. Page16Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  17. 17. COMMERCIAL POLYMERS PTY LTD December, 1982 - November, 1992Marketing Manager February, 1992 - November, 1992 Responsibilities / Achievements:  Leadership and personnel development of 20 staff across sales, product marketing and customer technical service teams.  Management approval of customer sales plans, product and pricing strategies. Market shares maintained for 105,000 tonnes per year sales in face of increased import competition from reduced tariff protection.  Control of $2m department budget, brought in 4% under plan.  Sales staff responsibilities broadened with elimination of a regional sales manager and staff morale maintained through transition to Kemcor ownership.Product Marketing Manager April, 1988 - January, 1992 Responsibilities / Achievements:  Department leader of a specialised team of four product managers responsible for developing product and pricing strategies, establishing market growth, technology trends and annual marketing plans, managing inventory levels and profitability.  Developed polyethylene marketing strategies for over 40 products in 5 segments against competition from two local producers and numerous importers.  Market shares maintained in a falling tariff regime ( 20% to 5%) and market leadership achieved in 3 segments.  Inventory levels reduced 10% through optimisation of production planning process, sales forecasting and import/export programs.  Developed pricing strategies, ran anti dumping cases and managed margin analysis programs to maximise product profitability.Market Technical Services Manager April, 1987 - March, 1988 Responsibilities / Achievements:  Lead team of six process specialists to provide technical service support to 150 Polyethylene customers and managed field product development trials.  Established routine technical liaison meetings with key customers and managed customer expectations for assistance from a limited resource base. Page17Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  18. 18. Production Manager.August, 1982 - March, 1987 Responsibilities / Achievements: Manage production output, scheduling, quality and safety of a 60,000 tonnes per year Unipol Polyethylene production unit through leadership of a team of 6 shift supervisors and 3 process engineers. Commissioned a 20,000 tonnes expansion and achieved 15% improvement in both quality and operating time. Significant emphasis on safety systems upgrades. Implemented process changes for 9 new product grades and a new catalyst system.UNION CARBIDE AUSTRALIA LTD January, 1965 - July, 1982Production Department Head September, 1978 - July, 1982  Unipol polyethylene production Facility, Altona, Vic.Project Engineer ( New York, USA) January, 1975 - August, 1978  Waste water treatment plant licensed technology sales, installation of $5 - 10m projects.Process Design and Production Engineer January, 1971 - December, 1974  Chemicals Plant, Rhodes, NSW PERSONAL DETAILS QUALIFICATIONS  Bachelor Chemical Engineering ( Hons.1, University NSW, 1971)  Graduate Diploma Mineral Processing ( University NSW, 1973) OTHER WORK ROLES  Director of Kemcor Superannuation Plan ( Employer Nominated Trustee, 1990 - 1997) RECENT TRAINING COURSES  Employee Performance Improvement Skills(Productive Training, June, 1997)  Management Skills Development ( Keogh Consulting, June, 1996)  Business Process Redesign ( Kemcor, June, 1995)  ‘SAP’ Sales & Distribution modules. (SAP Aust, Nov, 1994) Page18  Teamwork & Leadership ( Kemcor, March, 1994)Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  19. 19. RESUME - Philip CurrySUMMARY:Philip brings 21 years of experience with Supply Chain networks with him.He is currently based in the Department of Marketing, at Monash University in Melbourne,Australia where he is Subject Leader for Channel Management and Logistics, and also lecturesand tutors in other undergraduate and post graduate subjects.Philip joined academia in 1995, after 18 years within the Australian subsidiaries of themultinational, Eastman Kodak Company. His career started in Industrial Engineering andProduction, and then progressed through 14 years in marketing covering Logistics, InventoryManagement, Product Management and Market Research.RESEARCH and CONSULTANCY:Apart from the above, Philip’s interests are in the following areas : Logistics and channel management issues, involving the use of new and emerging technologies and product categories related to Agribusiness, the Tourism sector and most services including utilities, telecommunications and finance products. Marketing and buyer behaviour issues relating to : a) Tourism destinations (down to local regional level), and Special events. b) All service sectors. c) All technology products and services. Cross cultural issues and marketing projects with a focus on Asia Pacific. Visiting lecturer for Marketing Management and International Marketing subjects in the offshore Executive MBA programs for Monash Mt Eliza Business School.RELEVANT COMMERCIAL CONSULTANCIES:Natuna Infrastructure Consortium (NIC):Philip is one of the external consultants for NIC, a group internal and external consultants forthe DuPont subsidiary, Conoco Indonesia Inc.(CII). Our task is to design and implement thelogistics and support operations for the Conoco joint venture in an oil and natural gasdevelopment offshore from Natuna Island in the South China Sea. This field is currently theworlds biggest reserve of natural gas. The Asian financial crisis is impacting this project and itsstill scheduled operational launch of October 2000.The main task is to work with a team investigating the feasibility of strategically outsourcing non-petroleum support activities-including many traditionally considered integral to CII such asHotel/Basecamp and Logistics Operations, Materials Storage and Warehousing, Sea and AirTransportation, Formalities & Clearance, Telecommunication Hardwares, Pipeline and StorageFacilities etc.- for which CII has neither a long-term critical strategic need nor specialcapabilities. The goal is to reduce CIIs Block B Natuna Sea Operating Unit production costs toa confidential low gross US$ cost per barrel.This project would seem somewhat analogous to the required project.OTHER RELEVANT INTERESTS:Philip currently holds a detailed working knowledge of logistics audits in the below areas: Country Fire Authority: Emphasis is on using “mission critical” information and fire fighting resources (manpower, vehicles and retardants) to suppress and minimise incidents by containment and extermination of bushfires in Victoria. Melbourne Grand Prix: Emphasis is on logistics of staging event starting from erection of temporary facilities, then reviewing each of global transfers of drivers, F1-cars and support, crowd control, and ending with global television transmission of the event. Melbourne Cricket Ground: Emphasis is on utilising available ground capacity, and using Page19 the forecast attendance at each venue to arrange catering of food and beverage, including contingency plans.Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  20. 20.  BP Australia: Emphasis is on extraction, refining and retail distribution of petroleum products. QANTAS: Emphasis is on utilisation of aircraft fleet by sector, and includes a review of all passenger support services. TELSTRA Mobilenet: Emphasis is on the mechanics of transmitting voice and data to and from the digital mobile phone network. This includes an appreciation of network links, switching, system utilisation and customer service functions.QUALIFICATIONS:Philip holds a Masters of Business Administration ( MBA ) degree from RMIT University ,Melbourne. His undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and postgraduate studies inProduction Management are also from RMIT.He is currently progressing a PhD at Victoria University, reviewing the tourism destinationchoices of consumers throughout their lifestages. The thesis is titled: “the impact ofcommunications technology on destination choice: implications for future tourism”.Full Name: Philip Henry Arthur Curry I offer creativity combined with both macro “holistic vision” and micro “detailed” ability, through strong quantitative and qualitative skills. A dedicated person, with strong interpersonal skills, flexible behavior and character operating comfortably as an individual or in any team role. Management experience in organisation restructure deploying the Total Quality philosophy and pursuing Best Practice and World Class operations.CORPORATE EMPLOYMENT SUMMARY1989-1995 Market Research Manager - Consumer Imaging, Kodak1988-1989 Product Manager - Consumer Film, Kodak1987-1988 Supervisor, Finished Inventory Management, Kodak1985-1987 Inventory Analyst - Consumer Film, Kodak1982-1985 Distribution Analyst, Kodak1982 Acting Supervisor - Distribution Centre, Kodak1980-1982 Distribution Analyst, Kodak1978-1980 Industrial Engineer, KodakA brief overview of each position follows:1989-1995 Market Research Manager - Consumer Imaging, KodakAn internal consultant for line managers in General, Channel and Product management, doingdesk research, or managing and coordinating projects conducted by internal resources oroutside suppliersMy major achievements in that position have been:1- Implement continuous market monitors with weekly feedback to management from Directorlevel downward, on consumer awareness on TV advertising and in-store promotions, brandattitudes and consumer behaviour aspects of purchase behaviour (brand shares) and marketactivity (market size).This enables optimum review of strategy and tactics for marketing, sales and retail activities,and directly contributes millions to annual revenues, by identifying opportunities for mymarketing team colleagues to exploit competitor weaknesses and minimise significant threats in Page20the implementation and acceptance of our plan.Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  21. 21. 2- Design and implement acceptance tests for pretesting advertising effectiveness. Thesenumerous tests enabled our team to save production costs; and optimise media schedulingfor maximum cut-through and purchase propensity.3- Design and implementation of a “micro level” competitive database to track and validate themacro measures of market performance.4- Participate in a key role on the new product launch teams for digital technology. I providedmarket research/intelligence on competitor products, and trade or consumer feedback onmarketing and development issues.1988-1989 Product Manager - Consumer Film, KodakMajor achievements were to solely develop sales forecasting practices that improved bothaggregate and item level accuracy.1987-1988 Supervisor, Inventory Management-Consumer Products, KodakMajor achievement was joint implementation of our first company wide MRP-II system thatreturned over $2 million to annual cash flows operating at reduced inventory levels.1985-1987 Inventory Analyst- Consumer Film, KodakMajor achievement was to rationalise inventory range and stock holding locations around thecountry, whilst maintaining customer service. This phased closure and restructuring lead toreduced safety stocks which reduced annual expenses and generated once off cashinjections exceeding $1 million from reduced investment in inventory.1982-1985 Distribution Analyst, KodakMajor achievement was sole diagnosis of problem relating to optimising physical distributionefficiencies. The two major projects, consumer film and photo-chemicals, had implementationteams formed that together realised savings over $500,000 in reduced annual operatingexpenses and a further $1,000,000 in deferred capital expenses.1982 Acting Supervisor - Distribution Centre, KodakMajor achievement was to introduce computers to the shop floor for acceptance and use by theStoremen & Packers Union personnel in the Receiving and Despatch functions.1980-1982 Distribution Analyst, KodakMajor achievement was sole diagnosis and joint implementation of plans to improve detailedwork flows and labour practises in physical distribution.1978-1980 Industrial Engineer, KodakMajor achievement was successful joint diagnosis of operating problems covering work flows,queuing and sorting techniques and work methods in the new Distribution Centre.RESUMÉCLIVE THORNCAREER SUMMARYA very strong history of strategic business development across all transport and distributionmodesachieved through high work ethic, innovative lateral approach wide ranging experience planningand staff Page21Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  22. 22. development.CAREER HISTORY AND ACHIEVEMENTSBlue Circle Transport Pty LtdDirector – Arrina Global LLC Strategy and Development Nov 96 - CurrentTotal Company revenue increase 26% to $15 mil pa. Profit lifted "several fold" to 10.6% ptr."Common user" warehousing developed into a contract distribution and logistics business.Turnover increased 2.5 fold to $1 mil, 20% ptr. Excellent prospects for tripling revenue in thenext 12 months through major national distribution contracts.Lecturer - AIM Certificate of Business Logistics Mar ’97 - CurrentDirector - Trucks and Warehousing Services Mar 94 - Nov 96A GM role to turn around constant losses, re-build and Quality accredit the non-courier areas ofthe business.Taxi Trucks: Revenue and gross profit increase of 45%, Contractor earnings up 33%.Removals and Storage: Added new activities of furniture storage and interstate removalsWarehousing: Turned a "tin shed" pallet store into a professional common user distributioncentre.Director Aug 91 - Mar 94Non-executive Director of this privately owned 250 vehicle time critical transport and distributioncompany.Bellwattle Pty LtdSenior Consultant July 93 - Mar 94A.N.L., Portside United, Department of Agriculture and others on strategic and logistics issues:Viability of chartering refrigerated shipsStrategic report on major new freight forwarding opportunitiesRe-organisation of vehicle control systems1990 - 91Acted as GM for Barkers Transport. In 12 months turned a $300,000 pa. loss maker into a$120,000 pa after interest profit maker.Reconstructed Plant Freighters Pty Ltd, (interstate plant transporter), into a break-even ventureand facilitated its sale.Created a commercial fresh produce distribution division for Barker Green & Parke Pty Ltd. Page22Farm Fresh Distribution Pty LtdArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  23. 23. Proprietor and Managing Director 1991 - 93Capitalised further on the unique distribution system created for Barker Green & Parke Pty Ltd,by converting the division into a private company. A range of complementary services wasadded so creating a unique 4 acre one stop distribution complex. Now accepted as thebenchmark for export of perishables.Introduction of palletised cargoes loaded directly into refrigerated ships 7 day 24 hour servicesincluded quarantine, AQIS and quality inspections, all shipping and export documentation,fumigation, cool and freezer storage, transport of sea and airfreight containers plus local andcountry transport of perishables, container lifting/loading and commercial warehousing.Prepared business and marketing plans to attract required outside investment.Downard Pickford Pty LtdGeneral Manager - Business service Division 1989 - 90In the 1990 financial year increased revenue of Business Services Division by 60% to $19.6m.and pre-tax profits from $0.6m. to $1.1m.Introduced significant productivity improvements resulting in revenue per month per staffmember increasing from $6,000 in 1st qtr. 1989 to $9,200 in 1st qtr. in 1990.Relocated a low profile loss making records management business into a modern facility. Within3 months morale, sales and productivity improvements saw first time profits, capacity for futuredevelopment and synergy with other company activities.Determined need for, and opened, new branch in Perth which was trading profitably after 6months and repaid all set up costs before year end.State Manager 1988-89This role covered business re-locations, warehousing, transport services and recordsmanagement.Converted pallet storage to man up order picking to lift space utilisation by 50% (35% to bottomline) and postponed $150,000 additional property rental for 12 months.Designed and supervised the construction of a 35ft high fully racked 30,000 sq ft. warehousewhich was finished on time, within budget and functioned extremely well.Manager - Taxi Trucks and Warehousing Services 1987-88Developed and implemented a paperless booking and invoicing system which paid ownerdrivers, produced all weekly performance indicators and is now used industry wide.Development Manager - Distribution Division 1986 - 87Devised the entire Myer metropolitan distribution system involving 5 warehouses, 64 vehiclesand 96 drivers and assistants - this proposal was fully adopted.Cybergraphic Systems Pty Ltd Page23Manufacturers of computer hardware and softwareArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  24. 24. General Manager 1985 - 86Blue Circle Services Pty LtdGeneral Manager 1983 - 85Various positions from truck driver to General Manager 1974 - 83ICI Australia LtdPlant Development Engineer - Polythene films 1972 - 73Market Development Officer 1970 - 72PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS1970 Diploma in Applied Physics, RMIT1972 Graduate Naval Reserve Officer Training Course1982 5 Week residential Advanced Management Course, Mt Eliza.PROFILELEAD CONSULTANTJohn G Edhouse Specialist in  Transport Planning, Logistics and Strategic Projects  Business Development and Improvement  Training, Development and Industrial Relations  Logistics Interfaces with Government and TechnologiesJohn has more than 30 years of extensive experience in the transport and distribution industriesin operations and strategic planning. This experience has been gained in senior corporatemanagement and in consulting roles with a strong emphasis on projects of a logistical nature. His experience has been gained in a wide range of manufacturing industries, as well astransport, retailing and wholesaling gained in New Zealand and Australia with periods of time inUnited Kingdom, China, United States and South East Asian countries.QUALIFICATIONS AFFILIATIONS N.Z. Accountancy Professional  Fellow, Chartered Institute of Diploma, Victoria University, Transport Wellington, New Zealand  Associate Fellow, Institute of N.Z. Institute of Management Management Diploma, Manukau Institute, Auckland, New Zealand  Member, Council of Logistics Management, USA Advanced Logistics Management Diploma, Macquarie University,  Member, Logistics Association of NSW Australia Page24  Chairman, Board of Directors ofArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  25. 25. DECA (Driver Education Centre of Australia)  Chairman, Freight Users Group, Division of Victorian Road Transport Association  Member, Road Freight Advisory Council, Victorian Government  Immediate Past Chairman, Course Advisory Committee, Bachelor of Business(Transport/Logistics) RMITWe have considerable experience in both Government and Private sector logistics projects inareas of policy, strategic planning and operations. The studies and reviews undertaken cover allareas of the Supply Chain including warehousing, transport, Third Party Logistics services,warehouse layouts and relocations. Our scope also covers a considerable amount of work forState and Local Government particularly in the areas of freight/logistics interfaces.RELEVANT EXPERIENCEJohn Edhouse has had more than 30 years of extensive experience in the transport anddistribution industries in operations and strategic planning. Following many years in seniorcorporate management in New Zealand and Australia, John established his own consultingbusiness in early 1996. The business undertakes a wide range of projects in transport andlogistics as well as education up to and including Masters of Logistics Management.Much of his corporate career has been spent operating as an internal consultant, identifying anddeveloping alternative methods of distribution in a wide range of industries at lower costs andimproved customer service levels.Government Advisory CouncilsReference GroupsMember, Victorian Road Freight Advisory CouncilMember, Reference Group Australian Team for OECD TRILOG Project –A project to review, develop and advise on the impact of Intelligent Transport Systemsas potential solutions to congestion and transport network demands throughout the worldGovernment Consulting ProjectsVicRoads Team Member on VicRoads Real Time Traffic Management Project to provide real time travel data via vehicle tagging to the freight industry to improve route selection, travel time reduction and consistency of arrival and departure times Lead presenter and Chairman of the majority of the Victorian Road Freight Advisory Council Regional Forums 1997 to present time Researched, identified, established and produced set of initial Key Performance Indicators in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Operations for VicRoads and the Victorian Road Freight Advisory Council - this has been recently extended to the second stage. Investigated requests for construction and use of over-dimensional shipping containers for VicRoads, advised applicant on alternatives and developed “in Page25 house” process for VicRoads to handle similar future requests Reporting to VicRoads on Commercial Vehicle issues at 3rd World Congress ofArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  26. 26. Intelligent Transport Systems held in Orlando, Florida, USA October 1996 Sub Committee member of Victorian Road Freight Advisory Council to develop recommendations to the Council and Victorian Government on deregulation of transport of grain, petroleum products, coal and cementDepartment of Natural Resources and Environment Undertook the investigation of road, rail and port capabilities in the study “Investment Impediments in Private Forestry” - a project to determine the infrastructure requirements to allow Victoria to treble the private forestry plantations.Department for Administrative and Information Services – Supply SAGovernment of South Australia Investigated and identified the future direction of the business activities of the warehousing operations of Supply SA including a strategic review of their warehousing and transportation systems Project Manager and Facilitator for the outsourcing of the warehousing and distribution operations of Supply SADepartment for Administrative and Information Services - State RecordsDevelopment of Plan to Exit Gepps Cross, including Consideration of Partial Outsourcing This project was initially to develop a plan to exit State Records Gepps Cross repository to alternative available Government buildings over a very short time frame. Whilst negotiations are continuing with the owners of the Gepps Cross facility, we have been retained to develop the specifications and requirements for the move from Gepps Cross.National Road Transport Commission Team Member on National Road Transport Commission (NRTC) project to determine impact of National Road Transport Regulatory ReformsWorld Bank Trucking Industry Specialist on World Bank Road Services Study Mission to Peoples Republic of China responsible for gathering data in several provinces on current practices on the operation of for-hire trucks, own account trucks and freight forwarders. Gave World Bank’s presentation to Beijing Bureau of Transport and Ministry of Communications on current road transport operations and methods in the Western World Traffic Operations Specialist on Henan Province Highway Project Trucking Study in Peoples Republic of China with emphasis on field inspections to gather accurate data on current transport operations, regulatory framework, structure of trucking industry, technical and operational issues, management issues and recommendations in these areasLocal Government Department of Infrastructure – Docklands Traffic and Transport Review Provided the freight/Logistics input into a study of the impact of Docklands on Freight movements in the Docklands area with particular emphasis on Footscray Road Shepparton City Council Municipal Transport Plan This study was to determine the impact of and the needs for road and rail transport over the next ten years Page26 Laverton North Study of freight movements in the region to determine alternative traffic flowsArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  27. 27.  Murray River Crossings Joint Leader in project to determine the economic benefit of the 30 road, rail and water crossings spanning the Murray River from Corryong to Swan HillCorporate Arrina Global LLC Consulting ProjectsUnion Carbide Pty N.Z. Ltd Established new purchasing systems that related raw material lead times more closely with production requirements and sales an reduced inventory by 15% Managed the purchasing and expediting function for all imported finished goods as well as raw materialsFreightways Road Transport Group - New Zealand 1970 to 1980 Investigated and conducted operational audits in the operating companies within Freightways Group to improve operational performance as well as developing and establishing marketing and business development plans specific to new business areas Project Leader to develop and oversee construction of new Road Freight Terminal Developments in strategic locations in N.Z. for FreightwaysWoolworths New Zealand & Nathan Distribution Centres Improved efficiency, productivity and accuracy of distribution operations of Nathan Distribution Centres to improve customer service reducing stock take period from one week to one day, on time deliveries increased from 83% to 96% and picking errors reduced from 8% to 0.9% Planned and executed a number of major warehouse reorganisations using updated racking and storage systems, laying out the stock in a manner that had significant ongoing operational benefits. Specific warehouse reorganisations included: Wellington Distribution Centre - reorganised the warehouse to provide a 30% capacity increase and reduced operating costs by 15% due to requiring less staff to put away, pick and pack orders. This allowed sufficient time to plan a longer term solution by developing a Strategic Plan for the eventual location of a new Distribution Centre in the southern part of the North Island of New Zealand. This completed with the building of a new facility to the north of Wellington.  Christchurch Distribution Centre - reduced the number of Distribution Centre locations from 5 to 2 by reorganising the warehouse layouts into more efficient operations. This eliminated much of the high cost, no value-added activities of relocating stock from building to building.   Auckland Distribution Centre - extended the capacity of the warehouse by 20% by improving the warehouse layout to accommodate growth at the lowest capital costDownard Pickfords Pty Ltd Reorganised the “Common User” on site warehousing to increase utilisation through the use of racking and storage systems. Submitted numerous proposals to existing and prospective customers on tailor made Third party Logistics contracts using the most appropriate racking and handling systems available. These included Cadbury Schweppes, Myer Stores, ICI Australia, Woolworths Australia, David Jones, Monier Building Products and other organisations.Smorgon Group of Companies Responsible for developing national purchasing policies and operations Page27 Outsourced the complete forklift fleet from an owned basis to a contract fleet covering the total Smorgon Group of CompaniesArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  28. 28.  Transport Audit Team Leader on review of Smorgon Steel transport operations and costs Reviewed and negotiated new transport operations with specialist carriers in livestock transport for Smorgon Meat Planned, established and implemented Contract Warehousing operation with in bound and out bound transport services for Smorgon Glass (NSW) to service Carlton United Breweries (VIC) on Just In Time basis Evaluation and review of scrap steel handling and transportation for Smorgon Steel identifying improved methods at lower cost Review of distribution operations for Smorgon Fibre Containers in all states and implemented new transport operations at lower costs and higher service levels Pratt Industries Reduced cost of distribution of finished goods in Melbourne and Adelaide after reviewing the materials flows and transport operations saving over $650,000 pa Reduced cost of transporting waste paper in metro Melbourne saving $190,000 pa Terminated transport contracts on behalf of Pratt Paper, re-negotiated new services and contracts saving $100,000 paIndustry Consulting ProjectsOlex Cables  Joint Team Leader on Warehouse Consolidation project for Olex Cables to improve material flows, reduce stock holding, improve customer service and provide for quick response to customer needsTranswest Haulage  Reviewed their tanker operations and implemented improvements that realised savings in excess of $100,000 paTimken Australia Review and produce alternative warehouse and distribution operational plans that will reduce their costs, improve their capacity and improve customer response times.Black & Decker Australasia  Appointed to review their current warehousing and distribution operations and produce alternative plans that will reduce their operating costs and inventory levels whilst maintaining customer service lead timesSpiral Transport Services Pty Ltd  Appointed as principal consultant to oversee the establishment of a dedicated contract warehousing operation for one of their major clients in the paint industry.Caprice Australia Pty Ltd – Reorganise Factory Layout, Materials Flows and FinishedGoods Warehouse Operations to Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs  Warehouse layout and production consolidation project.MacDonald Johnston Engineering Company  Supply Chain review to improve product flows and customer service whilst reducing costsRobert Perkins Consultant in  Transport Planning, Logistics and Strategic Studies  Presentations, Submissions and Corporate Literature  Technical Conferences and Workshops Page28  Project Evaluation, Construction Management and SupervisionArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  29. 29. Rob Perkins has over 20 years experience as an engineer, transport planner, policy analyst andtransport consultant. His past responsibilities have included Policy Director with the VictorianMinistry of Transport, research positions with the Bureau of Transport Economics and theAustralian Railway Research and Development Organisation and more recently as an industryadvisor to the Victorian Road Transport Association (VRTA) on matters including the Real TimeTraffic Project and the City Link development. He also regularly runs industry seminars onbehalf of VicRoads as well as the VRTA and designed and organised the industry participationfor the National Road Transport Commission’s report on Benefits of the National RoadTransport Regulatory Reforms. He also recently joint authored a Bus Accreditation Kit for theVictorian Department of Infrastructure, as part of their move to an accreditation based systemfor all Victorian buses.His experience includes working for Commonwealth and State Government organisations inboth transport research and policy positions and more recently as a consultant to industryassociations and as a freelance transport and logistics consultant. Rob’s training and strengthsare in research and analytical work, coupled with an extensive exposure to a range ofcompanies across Australia. He has excellent writing, data analysis, evaluation and projectmanagement skills and is experienced in communicating with both technical and lay audiences.QualificationsBachelor of Civil EngineeringRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)Bachelor of EconomicsAustralian National UniversityManagement Development ProgramAustralian Administrative Staff College(now Monash University) Mt. Eliza.Professional AffiliationsExecutive Director, National Bulk Tanker AssociationMember, Victorian Road Transport AssociationChairman, Competitive Neutrality Group, Australasian Railways AssociationProfessional Career1973 Graduated, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), RMIT1974 - 1976 Department of Works, Canberra Water supply and construction engineer1976 / 1977 Ove Arup and Partners, London Design Engineer, road projects1978 / 1981 Bureau of Transport Economics, Research Engineer Canberra1981 Graduated, Bachelor of Economics, ANU1982 / 1983 Australian Railway Research and Principal Research Officer Development Organisation, Melbourne1984 / 1988 Ministry of Transport, Victoria Director of Freight Planning, Director of Capital Budgets1988 / 1994 Cyclic Power Systems / Sanscord General Manager Page29 Australia Pty Ltd1994 / present Perkins Consulting Group Director PrincipalArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  30. 30. Transport Planning, Logistics and Strategic StudiesThis work has included a range of transport; warehousing and business related studies. Muchof the work involves a high degree of data analysis and often requires extensive written reports. Department of Infrastructure - Bus Accreditation Project (1999) Rob jointly authored the Bus Accreditation Kit for the Department in its recent move to an accreditation-based system for all Victorian buses. Real Time Traffic Project - Victorian Road Transport Association / VicRoads (1996 –1999) For the last four years, Rob has been the VRTA co-ordinator for this project. It has involved forming a team including IBM and Serco to form a business to enhance real time information from VicRoads and provide it to the marketplace. The project is currently waiting on Government approval before proceeding. By following this project from its beginnings through to the beginnings of commercialisation, it has provided an excellent insight into the issues that ITS face in Australia. Warehouse consolidation project for Olex Cables. Worked in partnership with one other consultant to improve materials flow, reduce stock holdings, improve customer service and provide quick response service for specific customer needs. This work involves considerable data analysis of stock and its movement within the Tottenham facility. National tender proposal for Olex Cables. Part of a small team of in house and consultants brought together to prepare an innovative tender to capture a major national account. Major logistics strategy proposal to ICI for CRT Group. Headed the team which developed a national plastics packaging, storage and distribution logistics strategy for ICI. This work led to a long term arrangement being negotiated with ICI. ICI Botany intermodal terminal. Led the team from CRT Group, which developed a detailed strategy to move product from the ICI Botany site to an inland distribution hub. This proposal uses rail to trans ship product in containers and has been operational since early 1997. Wodonga Intermodal terminal. Working with CRT Group, V/Line and VicTrack to relocate the existing Bandiana intermodal terminal to Wodonga to handle the expected growth in containers through Wodonga. Freight Corp NSW. Negotiated a new service with Freight Corp in New South Wales for container movements between Port Botany and Yennora in Sydney’s west. National Road Transport Commission’s study of the National Road Reform Benefits. This work led to an identification of benefits of over $500m. per annum to the freight sector and even greater gains to industry. It was part of a series of studies, which were instrumental in ensuring the NRTC’s term was extended. Yennora Distribution Centre. Worked with CRT Group and the owners of the Yennora Distribution Park in Sydney to produce a strategy for developing the centre as an intermodal terminal and container depot. This work has led Page30 to Freight Corp introducing a daily service to Yennora. Montell (Shell / Exxon) Logistics Study. Worked a team leader to present a strategy for down stream packaging of product from Clyde plant. TheArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  31. 31. recommended strategy was adopted by Montell. Pacific Islands Shipping Studies. On behalf of the Australian Government, undertook studies in the Solomon Islands and Kiribati to assess the current fleet, their activities and future needs. In Kiribati, this extended to all forms of transport. City Link Project, Melbourne. On behalf of the transport sector and Transurban, undertaking surveys and running seminars to involve the industry in the start up of this toll road project. This work includes involvement in electronic tagging trials, discussions with the Transport Unions and assessing the likely industry reaction to the City Link project. Real Time Traffic Management. Team leader to commission an on-line traffic information system, which will be available to the transport sector. It will provide real time traffic information on arterial roads around Melbourne. Partners in this project have included VicRoads, Victorian Road Transport Association, IBM, Serco and Transurban City Link. Import studies for plastics. Managed a project to determine the import penetration of various grades of plastic in to the Australian marketplace. Cargo Centralisation Study. Ran a study at the Bureau of Transport Economics to investigate cargo centralisation practices and their impact on Australia’s ports. Investment needs of Western Australia’s ports. Led the team, which investigated the current adequacy of each of WA’s ports, their potential trade growth and ability of the current facilities to cope with this projected growth. Melbourne’s articulated tram fleet. Headed the team that did the investigation and ultimate recommendation to adopt articulated trams in Melbourne. Labour requirements in Australia’s Government Railways. Undertook a study to determine the current workforce profile and deployment for each of the Government Railways. Capital Budget Evaluation. Co-ordinate the provision to the Transport Minister of project by project evaluation of the States annual transport expenditure proposals, including recommendations for implementation. EcoRecycle Victoria. Ran a project on behalf of the Victorian Waste Management Association and EcoRecycle to improve waste management practices amongst Melbourne and Geelong’s 32 municipal councils. This work included close contact with all Councils and resulted in greatly improved waste management co-operation between all the Municipalities. A booklet covering all the practices was produced as a final product of this work.Presentations, Submissions and Corporate LiteratureThese include both written and electronic presentations, conference displays and posters.Subject material can be of a specialised, technical or more general nature. Licencing of Intermodal Technology. On behalf of a client, prepare and present a proposal to CSX Intermodal in Jacksonville, Florida on licencing of their intermodal rail equipment for Australia. ICI Symphony presentation. Prepare a document detailing the capabilities of CRT Group and its ability to meet the needs of ICI in the warehousing, packaging and distribution of plastic resins. This work contributed to CRT group securing this work. Montell Presentation. Prepare and make a presentation to the Board of Page31 Montell on their outsourcing options including detailed site plans. The recommendations from this work were adopted by Montell.Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  32. 32. Real Time Traffic Project. Make numerous presentations to workshops, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), VicRoads and potential clients on the benefits of a real time traffic system. Federal Government Rail Submission. On behalf of CRT Group, write a submission to the Federal Rail Inquiry on current issues in freight transport and the role of rail. Avalon Airport, Geelong. Prepare a brochure and award entry to the Australian Freight Industry Awards. This entry was successful in winning the Intermodal category for 1997. Linfox Interstate. Prepare a brochure for Linfox covering the services offered to its clients. CRT Group. Preparation of numerous corporate and specialist brochures, conference displays, presentations and reports. One presentation was successful in winning the Plastics and Chemical Industry Association (PACIA) Innovation Award for 1997. FBT Operations. Preparation of a detailed company capability and vision statement.Technical Conferences and WorkshopsAs part of many studies, there is often a need to run small and sometimes very large workshopsand conferences. Experience includes running conferences of up to 150 speakers and over1000 participants. Freight Congress ’95 and ’97. This biennial freight industry conference draws crowds of thousands and is a major industry event. In charge of the technical program content and speaker selection for the last two Freight Congresses. This has involved over 200 speakers, with almost 20 of these from overseas. Road Freight Advisory Council Forums for 1996 and 1997. Hosted by VicRoads, this body promotes road reform in the freight sector and uses a series of annual forums across Victoria to promote its message and also to gather ideas and concerns. Ran these forums for two years including arranging the invitations, speakers, presentations and final reports. City Link Focus Groups. As part of the lead up to the introduction of the toll road, Transurban and the Victorian Road Transport Association are hosting a series of focus groups to fine tune the introduction of this road project. In charge of this work. National Road Transport Association Workshops. As part of the benefits study undertaken for the NRTC, conducted workshops in Melbourne and Adelaide with freight companies to assess the benefits they were receiving from road reforms. Melbourne Metropolitan Councils. As part of the EcoRecycle study, organised two major workshops to discuss improvements in waste strategies. Around 50 participants from each of Melbourne and Geelong’s Councils in attendance at each workshop.Project Evaluation, Construction Management and SupervisionThe management and supervision of construction projects is often an outcome of earlier studiesand their recommendations. Projects have included: Yennora packaging and warehousing facility. The total refurbishment of a 10,000 sq. metre facility and installation of sophisticated unloading, packaging and handling equipment was achieved in 12 weeks. Role included overall Page32 supervision of architects, builder and the packaging contract both in the lead up and during the construction phase.Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  33. 33. Altona Siding. This involves the construction of a new $2m. standard gauge siding into a major site in Melbourne. Role included the co-ordination of the design team and final tender selection. Research and development - Cyclic Power Systems. As General Manager, ran this project to design a new power system and construct a prototype. Successfully completed this project within budget, including securing a research and development grant and patenting the innovation. Canberra main outfall sewer. As part of a supervision team, oversaw the construction of 15km of 3 metre diameter pipeline and over 3km of tunnels. Page33Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  34. 34. John LeijonJohn is a senior consultant who has an extensive consulting background in strategic planning inlogistics. His particular areas of expertise include production planning and production control,interfaces between shop floor, computer systems and customer service, forecasting, sales andoperations planning and inventory management.With extensive experience in managing inventory from a strategic perspective, John has workedwith many organisations across a wide range of industries using interactive business simulationprocesses to reduce inventory, improve shop floor operations and factory layouts whilstimproving customer service levels.John conducts tailored training programmes in Project Management, Supply Chain Modelling,Inventory Management and Organisational Change for clients including General Motors Holden,Pacific Dunlop and Australian Institute of Management.He is a former President of the Australian Production & Inventory Control Society (Victoria) -APICS, and a current member of the Institution of Engineers of Australia and The Institute ofManagement Consultants.QualificationsBachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing)Professional AssociationsCertified Professional EngineerMember, The Institution of Engineers AustraliaMember, The Institute of Management Consultants.Professional Career 1968 - 1977 W.A. Deutsher Pty Ltd Project Engineer (now Illinois Tool Works) Safety Engineer Production Control Manager Tooling Manager 1977 - 1979 Arthur Andersen & Co Senior Consultant (now Andersen Consulting) 1979 - 1984 Presswell Panels Pty Ltd Manufacturing Manager 1984 - 1988 Indec Pty Ltd State Manager - Victoria 1988 - Present Manatec Pty Ltd DirectorCareer highlights include:  Being the Project Engineer, responsible to the Manufacturing Manager, for Page34 implementing innovative work practices and processes following his frequent overseas trips.Arrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34
  35. 35.  Pioneering the formal introduction of Occupational Health & Safety.  Being part of a three person project team selected to manage the day to day operations of a manufacturing business, whilst completely redesigning the Production Control system. This system was responsible for 2.7 million components per day, produced in 2 plants, 600 miles apart, going to building, whitegoods and automotive customers across Australia.  Significantly improving the on-time availability of tooling for production.  Mastering business systems reviews in both manufacturing and service industry clients.  Understanding the intricacies of computer based manufacturing resources planning systems and how to implement them.  Dealing with overseas suppliers throughout the total Import supply process.  Installing driver measures in a manufacturing organisation, which, at best, had been outcome, measure driven.  Managing teams of engineers installing manufacturing resources planning software in large complex environments.  Leading the consulting team that worked with the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales. The team reduced the cost of operation of the Licensing and Registration Directorate, and significantly increased the level of customer service. This organisation is the single largest issuer of driving licences and vehicle registrations in Australia.  Assisting a world class pharmaceutical manufacturer to identify 7 million dollars in reduced inventory investment, through utilising improved forecasting and demand management.  Working with a leading automotive distributor to significantly improve group dynamics and team functionality in their service and parts environment.  Working with leading specialist engineering company to review their Supply Chain to identify areas for improvement of product flows and customer service whilst reducing costsJohn BluntEducation and BackgroundBachelor of Arts – University of New South WalesMaster of Letters – University of New EnglandMaster of Business – RMIT UniversityGraduate, Australian and United Kingdom Army Staff CollegesFellow, Chartered Institute of TransportFellow, Legal Practice Managers AssociationMember, Australian Human Resources Institute2 Years in General Management Page353 Years in Management Consulting4 Years in Human Resources Management5 Years in Education, Training and DevelopmentArrina Global T&L XVII8949DRSDRKV34