Experiment on basic configuration of cisco switch


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Experiment on Basic Configuration of Cisco Switch
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Experiment on basic configuration of cisco switch

  1. 1. 1 Experiment on Basic Configuration of Cisco Switch Purpose: Grasp the differences on various operating modes of command-line Cisco switch and switching between modes. Technical principle: The switch management is basically divided into two categories, in-band and out-band management. The out-band management is managing the switch by the switch Console port, and will not take the network interface of the switch, which needs to configure the purity cable with close distance. Console port must be used when you first configure the switch. Step one: Enter into command line operation modes of switches Switch A >enable ! To the privileged mode SwitchA# SwitchA# configure terminal ! To the global configuration mode SwitchA (config) # interface fastethernet 0/5 ! To F0/5 port mode of switch Or switchA (config) # interface gigabitethernet 0/5 Switch A (config-if) Switch A(config-if) # exit ! Return to the previous operation mode Switch A (config) # Switch A (config) # switchA (config-if) # end ! Return to the privileged mode directly
  2. 2. 2 Step two: The basic function of switch command line Helping information Switch A> ? ! Displays all executable commands of the current mode Disable Turn off privileged commands Enable Turn on privileged commands Exit Exit from the EXEC Help Description of the interactive help system Ping Send echo messages Rcommand Run command on remote switch Show Show running system information telnet Open a telnet connection traceroute Trace route to destination switchA#co? ! Displays all beginning with “co” commands of the current mode configure copy switchA#copy ? ! Displays the executable parameters after the “copy” command flash: copy from flash: file system running-config copy from current system configuration startup-config copy from startup configuration tftp: copy from tftp: file system xmodem copy from xmodem file system Command abbreviation SwitchAA#conf ter ! Abbreviation of supporting command on switch command line, the command represent configure terminal Switch A (config) # Automatically command appending SwitchA#con (press the “TAB” button to automatically append “configure”) ! Automatically append command supporting of the switch SwitchA#configure Shortcut of the commands switchA(config-if) # ^Z ! Ctrl+z return to the privileged mode switchA# ping sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2000 milliseconds. . SwitchA#
  3. 3. 3 If you execute the ping1.1.1.1 command as above under privileged mode of switch, and can not ping the destination address, the switch need to send 5 data packets on the default situation and if you do not want the feedback that all the five packets can not ping the destination address, you can terminate the current operation by performing ctrl + c before the fives are not sent out. Note: When the command line operation is automatically appending or abbreviating commands, the required letter must be able to only distinguish the command, such as the switchA # conf can represent configure, but switchA # co can not represent configure, since the beginning of the co command has two copy and configure, the device can not distinguish. Pay attention to distinguish the executable command types under each operating mode. The switch can not execute the command while cross the mode. The more information about technical support you can consult with our technicist - Bill, and his e-mail address is as below: bill@3anetwork.com More related: Brief Talk on Static Routing Configuration Experiment See detailed Memory Configuration on Cisco 3925 Router About Configuring Cisco Router 2901 / Port Forwarding Stacking – WS-C3750G-24TS and X-series Cisco 1941 vwic 2 port combine More Cisco products and Reviews you can visit: http://www.3anetwork.com/blog 3Anetwork.com is a world leading Cisco networking products wholesaler, we wholesale original new Cisco networking equipments, including Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco routers, Cisco firewalls, Cisco wireless products, Cisco modules and interface cards products at competitive price and ship to worldwide. Our website: http://www.3anetwork.com Telephone: +852-3069-7733 Email: info@3Anetwork.com Address: 23/F Lucky Plaza, 315-321 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hongkong