Culture as Offense: Tackling Business Imperatives


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How we work is changing. Businesses everywhere are realizing there are easy wins left to grow their bottom line. The time has come to focus on people and how to bring out their best.

This webinar will focus on 5 key trends that are moving the needle and allowing some companies to put distance between them and their competitors.

Join Brent Daily, Founder & COO of RoundPegg, as he outlines and breaks down key business trends with culture at the heart in 2014.

This webinar will cover:

Culture's role in working with Millennials
Establishing a new focus on employment brand
Hiring and on-boarding with culture in mind
How to define and delegate culture within your organization
Radical approaches to culture in 2014

And more…

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Culture as Offense: Tackling Business Imperatives

  1. 1. Nike Diversity & Inclusion Culture as Offense. 12.18.13 Tackling Business Imperatives X photo by: karindalziel
  2. 2. RoundPegg is software to optimize your workforce through culture and engagement. January 2014 Brent Daily Co-founder, COO RoundPegg, Inc. Culture Management Software About RoundPegg
  3. 3. Culture Defined Communication ! What are the norms for interaction? Culture Rewards ! What actions are rewarded? ! How we do things around here. Decisions ! How are decisions made? Culture Management Software
  4. 4. Root of Business Culture Revenue Engagement Retention Innovation Speed to Onboard Performance Communication CULTURE Culture Management Software
  5. 5. Culture Root of Business Revenue Onboarding Engagement Innovation Revenue The best cultural fits generate 15% more revenue per year. Culture is Performance Onboarding The top culture fits ramp up 15% faster. Engagement Culture fit predicts over half of one’s engagement level. Innovation For every 1% increase in engagement results in a 0.7% increase in innovation. Culture Management Software
  6. 6. Agenda Imperatives 5 Business 1 Tackling Millennials 2 Tackling Innovation 3 Tackling Hiring 4 Tackling Performance Management 5 Tackling Engagement Culture Management Software
  7. 7. Business 1 Imperative Tackling Millennials. photo by: zimpenfish Culture Management Software
  8. 8. Millenials Culture Impact of Source:, Talent Report: What Workers Want, 2012 Culture Management Software
  9. 9. Millenials Happiest Workplaces 10 1 Pfizer 6 Kellogg, Brown and Root 2 Kaiser Permanente 7 Bristol-Myers Squibb 3 Texas Instruments 8 GE 4 EMC 9 Capital One 5 Qualcomm 10 Avaya Source: CareerBliss, 2014 Culture Management Software
  10. 10. Millenials Offense Culture as 1 Know Thyself. Understand your culture and communicate that strongly. 2 Align consumer and employee brand. Employees join with knowledge of the consumer brand. 3 Don’t Stereotype. Millennials are varied, just like Boomers. Identify those who fit with you. X Culture Management Software
  11. 11. Business 2 Imperative Tackling Innovation. photo by: timothy.gregory Culture Management Software
  12. 12. Culture Innovation Mix The 93 Percent of executives identifying innovation as critical to future success. Source: Accenture, Why Low Risk Innovation Fails, 2012 Culture Management Software
  13. 13. Culture Innovation Mix The Autonomy Decisiveness Being Team Oriented (no conflict desired) Being Reflective (conflict desired) Fairness (conflict desired) Culture Management Software
  14. 14. Innovation Culture as Offense 1 Managers are critical. Must deftly balance conflict around values, articulate decisions. 2 Build Teams. Critical that individuals on team put team goals out front. 3 Conflict is necessary. Harmony only goes so far. X Culture Management Software
  15. 15. Business 3 Imperative Tackling Hiring. photo by: seniju Culture Management Software
  16. 16. Employment Brand Protecting Culture source: Odditie, Inc. Culture Management Software
  17. 17. Employment Brand Protecting Culture “Bar Raisers.” Volunteer group of interviewers who look for culture fit Veto Power. Can reject a candidate, even those outside of own department All HQ Roles. Used for all skilled labor positions, estimated to be 30,000 Culture Management Software
  18. 18. Hiring as Offense Culture 1 Identify culture keepers. Put the guardians at the gate, stay vigilant. 2 Limit hiring authority of managers who don’t fit. People hire those like themselves, avoid thrash. 3 Celebrate the values. Walking the walk and rewarding that is critical. Reward often. X Culture Management Software
  19. 19. 4 Business Imperative Tackling Performance Management. photo by: david.nikonvscanon Culture Management Software
  20. 20. Management Performance is Situational 58 Percent of performance explained by similarities between manager, report. source: RoundPegg Culture Management Software
  21. 21. Management Performance is Situational “No more curve…No more ratings. This will let us focus on what matters. “ - Lisa Brummel, EVP HR, Microsoft Culture Management Software
  22. 22. Performance Culture as Offense 1 Performance is situational. Manager must recognize what they are not doing to help. 2 Focus on concerns for employee, not about them. Reduces bias of ‘like-me’ evaluations. 3 Evaluate process, not people. People improved when they are open to hearing it. X Culture Management Software
  23. 23. Business 5 Imperative Tackling Engagement. photo by: wayne wilkensen Culture Management Software
  24. 24. Values Driving Engagement 31 Percent of professional population engaged. Culture Management Software source: RoundPegg
  25. 25. Values Driving Engagement Quarterly Pulse. Identifying hot spots throughout year. Decentralized. Onus to identify root causes on managers, not HR. Board Level Insight. Accountability all the way to the top. Culture Management Software
  26. 26. Engagement Culture as Offense 1 Engagement is fluid. Annual not enough. Pulse frequently. 2 Delegate power to act. There is no such thing as ‘survey fatigue,’ only inaction fatigue. 3 Engagement is personal. Re-engagement starts with managers who understand their reports. X Culture Management Software
  27. 27. Culture is Key Summary Performance and engagement are situational. ! Understanding core values of employee as well as sub-cultures is key to driving success. CULTURE Culture Management Software
  28. 28. Let’s Talk Culture & Engagement ! RoundPegg Boulder, CO +1 720.663.7344 @roundpegg Culture Management Software