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Beer Bloggers Conference Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Best Practices Tamre Mullins - Roundpeg Jeff Wharton - Drink Craft Beer
  2. 2. Agenda • Why Social Media? • The #1 Secret to Social Media Success • Best Practices on Major Platforms • Case Study
  3. 3. Why Social Media? • You're writing...why not write for an audience? • Instant feedback. • Build relationships • Move from 1-way street to 2-way conversation.
  4. 4. #1 Secret to Social Media Success IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CONTENT!!!
  5. 5. #1 Secret to Social Media Success • Don't copy, paste or repeat without original content • Why should your audience care? • Be you... • Give people a reason to tune in!
  6. 6. Best Practices for Major Platforms • Each platform has its own voice, tone, and preferred content • Grow your community o More people who share your content, the larger your footprint is. o Share their content
  7. 7. Facebook • Profiles are for People - Pages are for Companies • EdgeRank: More Engagement = More Views. o Ask questions o Caption Contests o Photo Albums - 1.8 x Engagment. • Be a Data Dork. o Use Facebook Insights o Give fans what they love! • Don't over inundate
  8. 8. Facebook Engagement • Pictures work great. o Use albums. o Share across other platforms. o Use Tags • Talk with, not at your fans o On the DCB text posts usually low engagement.  Questions are the exception.  Questions drive the most engagement for us.  37 engaged people commenting on a question about summer beers.  Twice the engagement of pictures.
  9. 9. Facebook: Measure "Talking About" • Over last month the DCB Facebook page has made 66 posts. o Average 15 uniques "Talking About This" per post. o Average 18 "Talking About This" per photo post. (20% > average) o Average 3 "Talking About This" per status update. (80% < average) o Average 10 "Talking About This" per link post. (67% < average)
  10. 10. Facebook - Top DCB Images ~50 engaged for each
  11. 11. Twitter • This is "what is happening now." • Give people the view into the life of a beer blogger. o What are you drinking? o Where are you drinking/eating? o What food/beer pairing are you noshing? • Give people the good stuff. o Even mundane can work sometimes. o Just think of why they'll care.
  12. 12. Twitter • Use Hashtags! o Great for organizing discussions. o Also great for being found for a topic like #craftbeer. o Don't more than 2-3 in a post.  #Confusing! • Pictures are great. o Use the native photo editor/posting features.  Instagram no longer shows up in Twitter, TweetDeck/etc.  People will have to leave Twitter to view.  Less engagement with non native photos
  13. 13. Twitter • Update often o Tweets have a short life span o No EdgeRank - Every user sees every tweet from person they follow. o Unlike Facebook people tend to view only recent tweets • Share the love o Want people to notice and share your stuff? Share theirs o RT'ing someone's post with a link in it, make sure you get the link
  14. 14. Instagram • 40 million+ photos posted/day. • Engagement driven by followers & relevant hashtags. • #Craftbeer feed is up to 750k photos and rising. • Since Facebook bought Instagram: o Instagram content shows nicely in FB Newsfeed. o Instagram video has been introduced.
  15. 15. DCB Most Liked Instagram Pictures
  16. 16. Pinterest • 50 million users. • Great for pictures. • Pinterest vs Facebook o Pinterst: 69% of users make a purchase after pinning o Facebook: 40% of users make a purchase after liking a photo. • Demographics skew heavily female. • Best times to post are 7-9pm weekdays and Saturday mornings.
  17. 17. Pinterest • Food is the #1 category. • Plays well with others. • Curate a board (i.e. Top 10 list). o Find images from your blog. o Mix with images from elsewhere. o Link all pins to the original content.  Pins w/o link aren't valuable to you or audience! o Share boards on FB and Twitter. o Cross pollinations engenders greater engagement. o Use a strong image to promote contests and events
  18. 18. Tumblr • Community driven platform. • Proceed with caution o Can be hard to break into the group. o Use hashtags and follow influential accounts. o Harder to drive traffic to offers or websites
  19. 19. Google+ • Google+ is a search tool, not a social platform (yet) • Google+ is like eating your vegetables. o You don't want to do it, but it's good for you. • Copy Facebook strategy on G+
  20. 20. Google Authorship • Earn credit everywhere you publish • For example: o You write for a site "" with a friend. o You do a guest post on another site. • It's like an online portfolio for your work • Google's Author Rank takes into account quality content combined with Authorship. • Your content will rank higher in searches.
  21. 21. LinkedIn • Beer? On LinkedIn?! Yes! • Post beer content to LinkedIn if it pertains to business. • For example, is a new brewery in your community asking for a tax abatement? • Separate professional & beer accounts? Maybe • Also, great craft beer groups on LinkedIn.
  22. 22. Integrated Strategy • How do you can use them together to full effect? o Each case is different, based on audience. • If you have your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, don't think of them as completely separate. o How do they work together to tell your story better? • How can you cross promote to other platforms to increase engagement?
  23. 23. Case Study: Drink Craft Beer Springfest Beer • April 2013 we brewed the official fest beer with Jack's Abby in Framingham, MA. • To drive interest in the beer and in our fest, we used a broad array of social media platforms to best leverage our audience and drive engagement.
  24. 24. Case Study: Drink Craft Beer Springfest Beer • Twitter - Before, During and After. o Before The Brew Day:  Event hashtag, #DCBSpringfest, to label everything that we did around brewing the beer.  The night before we started hyping the brew day using the #hashtag. o During the brew day,  Used Twitter to send updates and pictures of what was going on at that moment. o After the brew day,  We tweeted the blog post, FB album and updates from the brewery about the beer.
  25. 25. Case Study: Drink Craft Beer Springfest Beer • Facebook o Similar to Twitter in some ways, we hyped before it happened o Sent a few pictures via Facebook during the event. o Less posts than for Twitter o After the brew day  Built an album of pictures to show the "behind the scenes" of the brew day - more pictures than could be live posted.  Linked to the blog post and promoted via Twitter.  Promoted the blog post after we wrote it.
  26. 26. Case Study: Drink Craft Beer Springfest Beer • Instagram o Sent photos throughout the day, to FB and Twitter.  (This is against best practices, but sometimes it's a time vs. benefit calculation for us.) o Got engagement from followers on Instagram o Able to leverage Twitter/Facebook audiences at the same time. o Different conversations on all the platforms. o Always used the hashtag #DCBSpringfest.
  27. 27. Case Study: Drink Craft Beer Springfest Beer • Blog o In-depth story of the brew day. o This is the "meat" of the issue. o Here we gave analysis and made the audience care:  The story behind how the beer came together.  Ingredients.  Hopes.  How was it brewing with Jack's Abby?  What's it like being a professional brewer?
  28. 28. Case Study: Drink Craft Beer Springfest Beer Results • Sold a record number of tickets • Engagement up Across All Platforms • Facebook 3-4x engagement - now the engagement is up permanently • Stories in local traditional media outlets • Email list is up 25-30%
  29. 29. Questions? Want to Chat Later? • Tamre Mullins o o | Twitter: @TamreMullins • Jeff Wharton o o | Twitter: @DrinkCraftBeer