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Session digital media_101_
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Session digital media_101_



Published in Business , Technology
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  • Search : Targets the ‘in market’ consumer who is pro-actively conducting research to find information about a product of service they need. Display Communication : Targets the ‘near market’ consumer who can be convinced with the correct marketing approach to develop consideration for a brand or product
  • Content - Advertorial - Sponsorships -
  • Click Tag: What : Code that allows the Adserver and Carat to calculate actual click rates via online client advertsing Where : Click tag code is embed into the actual creative, which upon arrival, is uploaded to Adserver Redirect Tag What : Code that tells the publisher what creative type, version etc to show on screen to consumers Where : Once creative has been uploaded into Adserver (into client trafficing schedule) code is produced and sent to publisher to place Spotlight Tag What : Code that shows post click activity on the clients own website (or landing page) Where : Attached to each page that has been identified to be tracked on client website
  • Click Tag Creative Specs sent to Creative agency by Carat Creative agency send actual creative to Carat (with click tag embed) Creative entered into Adserver by Carat Re-Direct Tag From Adserver created schedule (by Carat) a Re-direct tag is made for each individual booked ad type These are made available to Carat, and sent to Media Publisher, who align with the booked space All consumer impressions recorded by Adserver Carat runs report at any stage for topline tracking Spotlight Tag Client advise what pages in their website would like to be tracked for post client activity Carat create spotlight tag code and then send to client to embed into the specific pages Spotlight tag entered into Adserver schedule by Carat Consumer post click activity recorded by website


  • 1. Session 1: Digital Media 101Shane Crombie October 2009 Beijing China
  • 2. TODAYS AGENDA• Online Media Fundamentals• Key Ad Formats• Campaign Implementation Overview• Key Insights & Objections to Digital• Media Planning Examples
  • 3. Online Media Fundamentals
  • 6. KEY DIGITAL MARKETING FORMATSDisplay Targets the ‘near market’ consumerCommunication Targets the ‘in market’ consumerSearch Targets the ‘in market’ consumer Think Google Infiltrating communities of like-minded people with a brand propositionof like-minded people Infiltrating communitiesSocial Media with a brand proposition Think My Space and Facebook branded Fusion between advertising and content withContent Integration content highly branded qualityMobileMobile Highly targeted and personal communication
  • 8. KEY TYPES OF ONLINE MEDIA Web 1.0 Web 2.0Advertorial Blog/social networkSponsorships Streaming videoContent Integration Pre roll/post rolleMail MobileBanners & buttons GamingOTP/floating Digital Outdoor
  • 10. KEY TYPES OF TARGETING• Run of Network (RON) – this is a very cheap option and is available from publishers with a portfolio of websites. The advantage of this method is that we receive a very low CPM, however the target audience may not always be It is rule of thumb that the more specific relevant. we target, the higher the cost. For example, if we geo-target, this would incur an extra premium. We are also able to target• Run of Site (ROS) – ROS is used when we either broad or specific sections across want to reach users who are interested in a websites. Creative formats also impacts on service but we don’t want to target a specific cost. criteria. For example a sport website.• Run of Channel (ROC) – means creative will appear anywhere within a category on a web site.• Specific Sections - when we want to target a specific audience, we will advertise on chosen sections of a website such as Entertainment or Home & Garden
  • 12. Ad Formats
  • 13. UNIVERSAL AD PACKAGE (IAB) Box 180x50
  • 14. CHINA STANDARD AD UNITS• IAB was formed in early stage of US Internet development (2000)• This situation is not understood overseas• The extra cost of resizing can increase the creative production budget by over 100%• Progress is being made slowly, unlikely to ever have IAB UAP• Sohu is a complicating factor
  • 15. Campaign Implementation Overview
  • 16. UNDERSTANDING ‘TAGS’ What is it Where does it go? Allows calculation of click Embed into the actualClick Tag rates creativeRedirect Instructs which creative type, Sent to online publisher toTag version etc. to be played placeSpotlight Attached to pages on client Shows post click activityTag website
  • 17. TYPICAL AD SERVING PROCESSAd server Cr eat ive Me diaOnline Creative ReportingAgency Media Agency Client website Create Implement Media/ Creative Creative Click Tag Agency Agency Publisher Redirect M Agency Media Tag Spotlight M Agency Client Tag
  • 18. A TO Z OF IMPLEMENTATION Project/Job added onto Interactive team orBrief from client or from Share topline thoughts Interactive internal WIP individual to brainstormBusiness team with Business Team topline ideas Folder setup incl ChecklistClient approves online Presented to client with Ballpark Cost/Plan Document (if required)concept/plan via Business Team (with prepared Interactive contact present) compiled (Using planning rate card)MBA prepared Client faxes back signed Book activity with Adserver trafficking(Incl monthly $ breakdown & MBA publisher schedule createdAdserving) Copy given to Business Load activity into BCC team Client highlights all client Creative specs + ClickActivity Live site pages post click Creative uploaded to tags sent to Creative tracking Adserver agency Spotlight tags produced and Redirect tags produced and sent to client Creative sent to Carat sent to publisherTracking report Monthly client invoicing Agency/Media Responsibility sheet to be given to Ongoing tracking or finalFirst week/days tracking report presented Business team Media Responsibility Client ResponsibilitySpotlight/Click tags Invoice amounts loaded Current or future campaignaccuracy checked onto client budget rec optimisation Actual Activity Creative agency Responsibility
  • 22. SUMMARY• Digital media is complex and time consuming work that confuses non digital agency and client staffers. Only 5% of media spend is digital.• Most problems occur due to poor expectation management and attention to detail in digital media.• The main opportunity/challenge with digital is its accountability and interactivity. Understand these two concepts and you understand digital.• The only constant in digital is change. Every 2-3 years a hot new digital concept/technology/platform arrives. You must constantly follow industry trends and rethink what is possible.• 2.0 media like social and mobile are different to 1.0 media like banners and email. ‘Advertising’ does not work in 2.0 media.• China netizens require custom digital media strategy, importing global template does not work.• Strategy is not a list of tactics. A strategy is rationale for why a specific combination of tactics will lead to a desired outcome