Training slides for newly chartered clubs ry2012 13


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  • Ask them first What is Rotaract?Then, show them the video – 1min only
  • Ask them first What is Rotaract?Then, show them the video – 1min only
  • Ask them first What is Rotaract?Then, show them the video – 1min only
  • Training slides for newly chartered clubs ry2012 13

    1. 1. ROTARACT Fellowship Through Service Training Workshop by Abdul WahidDistrict Rotaract Representative RY 2012-13
    2. 2. Agenda Overview - RI District 3310 What is Rotaract? Roles and Responsibilities Protocols and Constitutions & By-Laws Rotaract Events Questions and Answers
    3. 3. Getting to Know You Name Position Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes What do you want to gain from Rotaract Why Rotaract?
    4. 4. Role of District
    5. 5. Role of District
    6. 6. Role of District• UNITE• ADVICE• TRAININGS
    7. 7. Overview of Rotaract Structure District Governor District Rotaract Representative (Elected by Rotaractors) District Rotaract Chairperson District Rotaract Committee Rotaract District Committee (Rotarians) (Rotaractors)
    8. 8. Overview of Rotaract Structure Rotary Clubs Zone & District Level / School Rotaract Clubs Rotaractors
    9. 9. Together, We Make a Difference District Theme
    10. 10. RI District 3310 Rotaract – At a GlanceRI District 3310 is one of the few unique districts which involve3 countries - Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore.Hence, it has a diverse range of demographics and cultures. The districtalso faces the challenges of bridging the bonds especially in suchgeographic locations.
    11. 11. List of Rotaract Clubs in District 3310 In total, there are 29 Rotaract Clubs in D3310 to date and the district is made up of 4 Zones.  Zone 1 – Johor and Melaka  Zone 2 – Sabah  Zone 3 – Singapore  Zone 4 – Sarawak Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 41.RAC Johor Bahru 1. RAC Likas Bay 1. RAC Marina City 1. RAC Curtin2.RAC Kota Melaka 2. RAC Kota Kinabalu 2. RAC North West 2. RAC Kuching3.RAC Sekolah Sultan 3. Institute Sinaran 3. RAC Spore West 3. RAC Swinburne Abdul Jalil (Pending) 4. University Sabah 4. RAC Spore East 4. RAC Kolej Laila Taib Malaysia (USM) 5. RAC Spore City 5. University Malaysia 6. RAC Raffles City Sarawak (UNIMAS) 7. RAC Queenstown 8. RAC Temasek 9. RAC NUS 10. RAC NTU 11. RAC SMU 12. RAC NYP 13. RAC NP 14. RAC SP 15. RAC United Nations D3310 (NEW) 16. RAC SUTD (NEW)
    12. 12. GOALS To achieve Presidential Citation RY2012-13 To send 1 nomination for District Award Clubs to send at least 1 participant for each Zonal / District activities Rotaract clubs to organise at least 1 joint activity
    13. 13. Presidential Citation RY 2012/13  To qualify: Clubs must meet 2012-13 Presidential Citation – To participate in a service project or other activity focused on peace.  To fulfil 4 activities out of 8 activities  All activities must be undertaken and completed between 1 July 2012 and 31 March  Submission to District Secretary by 16 March 13 - Sponsoring Rotary Club President’s signature
    14. 14. Upcoming District ActivitiesJuly – Sept : Club Installations27 October : Zonal BBQ (Singapore)10 November : Assistance in Rotary Foundation Flag Day (Rotaract Clubs are informed to assist, if possible)23-25 Nov : Rotary Family Day @ Desaru, Johor BahruJanuary : Zonal Bowling (Singapore)February : Proposed PD workshop “Back to Basics” on Rotaract workshop for membersMarch : Proposed Community Service Project Blood Donation Drive on 16 March17-19 May : Rotaract District Conference (RDC)
    15. 15. Together, We Make a Difference District Theme
    16. 16. Rotaract Quiz What is Rotaract Motto? When is World Rotaract Week? First Rotaract Club Chartered? Date? What other youth programs of R.I.? How often are Rotaract Clubs suppose to have meetings? What are the five avenues of service? NGS? DRR? ZR? DG? DRC?RDC RDA? RYLA? DIC?
    17. 17. What is Rotaract ??? Campus Rotaract Club of Davis: =results_main&playnext=1&list=PL51E1FAAEC524D5CA
    18. 18. Rotaract Basics A Rotaract club is a Rotary sponsored club for 18-30 year-olds that fostersleadership and responsible citizenship, encourages high ethical standards in business, and promotes international peace and understanding.
    19. 19. Fundamentals Community Service Leadership ProfessionalDevelopment Development
    20. 20. Rotaract Goals Rotaract Statement of Policya)To develop professional and leadership skills;b) To emphasize respect for the rights of others, and to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupations;c) To provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world;d) To provide opportunities for working in cooperation with sponsor Rotary clubs;e) To motivate young people for eventual membership in Rotary.
    21. 21. Rotaract Facts Rotaract stands for Rotary in action. The first club was chartered in 1968 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, in the USA on 13 March. Today there are over 7,100 clubs in 163 countries and geographic areas with an estimated membership of 163,000 young men and women worldwide.
    22. 22. Roles and Responsibilities1. President2. Vice-President3. Secretary4. Treasurer5. Club Service6. Community Service7. International Service8. Professional Development
    23. 23. President
    24. 24. SMART GOALSSpecificMeasurableAttainableRelevantTimely
    25. 25. A leader is only as good as his team - Anoymous“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give youthe formula for failure: which is: Try to please everybody.” - Herbert B. Swope
    26. 26. Vice - President1. Works Together with the President2. Presides at all meetings when President is absent3. Reduce the administrative load and develop new and exciting club projects and activities
    27. 27. Secretary1. Works Together with the President2. Handle the club’s communication3. Maintain Club records4. Take minutes for all board meetings
    28. 28. Agenda of Meeting1. Welcome and Apologies2. Amendments from Previous Minutes3. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
    29. 29. Agenda of Meeting4. Treasurers Report5. Reports from Respective Directors • Club Service Director • Community Service Director • International Service Director • Professional Development Director
    30. 30. Agenda of Meeting6. Zonal and District Updates • Zonal updates • District updates7. Rotary Time8. Any Other Business9. Date & Time of Next Meeting
    31. 31. Treasurer1. Collector and Disburser of club funds2. Chairs the finance committee3. Reports the club’s financial status at each meeting4. Has the accounts audited by end of the Rotary year.
    32. 32. Club Service1. Develops strategies for membership development and retention2. Plans fellowship activities for the membership
    33. 33. Club ServiceFellowship, Fellowship and Fellowship
    34. 34. Club Service
    35. 35. Community Service1. Reviews suggestions and develops plans for the club’s annual community service projects.2. Takes a leadership role in organizing and facilitating the projectsTips:• Be clear in choosing the target beneficiary – Elderly, Children, Mentally-handicapped• Frequency?
    36. 36. Community Service“We Care, We Share”Institute of Mental Health (IMH) Project
    37. 37. Community Service2008 – West Coast Park 2009 – Marina Barrage
    38. 38. International Service1. Oversees the hosting exchanges programmes of the clubs2. Proposes and manages international projects outside of Singapore – with an objective of service in mindTips:• Have a planned out itinerary of places of interest in Singapore
    39. 39. International Service RAC Ampang, KLRAC Thammasat University, BKK
    40. 40. Professional Development1. Vocational Training2. Life skills workshopsTips:• Get your Rotarians to give talks on their professions! (Also get to know them better!!!)
    41. 41. Professional Development
    42. 42. MARSHAMALLOW GAMERules • 10mins • Tallest structure with the Marshamallow standing tall WINS
    43. 43. Protocols1.Installation2.Members Induction Ceremony3.Activity Exercise
    44. 44. IMPT - GuidelinesA Rotaract club must observe the followingguidelines:-1. Rotaract Handbook2. Rotaract Constitutions and By-Laws3. Rotaract Statement of Policy4. District 3310 Manual of Procedures (MOP)
    45. 45. Installation Toasting(to inform guests to stand & drinks available) – Head of State – Rotary International – To Guests (Guests are requested to sit)
    46. 46. Installation Roll Call – Rotary (DG>GOH>External>D3310) – Rotaract (External>D3310) – Interact (External>D3310)
    47. 47. Installation Speeches – Speech by Outgoing President – Appreciation of Outgoing BOD members – Installation of Incoming President – Speech by Incoming President – Installation of Incoming BOD members – Speech by Guest of Honour (GOH) – Token of Appreciation to GOH
    48. 48. Installation Toasting Roll Call Speeches Photo-taking Games (optional) Reception
    49. 49. Questions?
    50. 50. Induction of Members• Only use the official certificates• President will recite the charges to inductees• Inductees to recite• President congratulates inductees
    52. 52. Rotaract EventsDistrict Rotaract District Assembly (RDA) ( June/July) Rotaract District Conference (RDC) (Mar-June)Zonal Zonal BBQ Fellowship Zonal Bowling Monthly meetings
    53. 53. Rotaract District Assembly 2012/13 (30 June 2012 @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic)A total of 99 Rotaractors and 11 Rotarians attended this year’s RDA, eclipsing last year’sattendance, making it one of the highest attendance to date.There was also the presentation of awards to the nine outstanding Rotaract Clubs who had achievedthe Change Maker awards last year. District awards were also given out to the deserving RotaractClubs ROTARACT DISTRCT ASSEMBLY Date : 30 June 2012 (Saturday) Venue : Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Lecture
    54. 54. Rotaract EventsInternationalWorld Rotaract Week Interota Rotaract Pre-Convention Meeting APRRC RYLA Rotary Youth Exchange
    55. 55. Rotaract EventsWorld Rotaract Week Suggestions for these activities include: • Conduct a joint project with a Rotary club. • Plan a literacy day to be held annually • Invite Rotaractors to Rotary club meetings and vice versa. • Give a presentation about Rotaract to a Rotary club that does not sponsor a Rotaract club. • Publicize Rotaract in local media. • Conduct a fundraiser for Rotarys US$200 Million Challenge. • Encourage cross-promotion between Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange, RYLA, and other community youth organizations. • Partner with international Rotaract clubs. • Establish monitoring programs between Rotaractors and Interactors, as well as, with Rotarians. • Introduce potential members to Interact by inviting them to a meeting or a project.
    56. 56. Rotaract EventsInterota• A worldwide Rotaract meeting organized and sponsored by Rotaractors• Held every 3 years. (Last one was in Y2011 – Hurghada,Egypt)• Not an official Rotary International meeting – Rotary still supports by ensuring representation of RI leadership
    57. 57. Rotaract EventsRotaract Pre-Convention Meeting• Learn more about excellent Rotaract service projects• Opportunity to exchange ideas on a wide range of Rotaract topics
    58. 58. Asia Pan Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC)
    59. 59. Rotaract EventsRYLA• Rotaract Youth Leadership Awards• Rotary’s leadership training program for young people• Emphasizes leadership, citizenship and personal growth
    60. 60. Rotaract EventsRotary Youth Exchange
    61. 61.
    62. 62. Constitutions and By-LawsMeetingsOnce every fortnightRotariansMust be present at meetingsAttendanceAt least 60% attendance (members)
    63. 63. Constitutions and By-LawsMajor Projects1. To serve the community2. To promote International UnderstandingDistrict DuesRotaract Clubs shall pay annual fees or dues to their districtRotaract organization to cover the cost of district administration
    64. 64. Rotaract Quiz What is Rotaract Motto? When is World Rotaract Week? First Rotaract Club Chartered? Date? What other youth programs of R.I.? How often are Rotaract Clubs suppose to have meetings? What are the five avenues of service? NGS? DRR? ZR? DG? DRC?RDC RDA? RYLA? DIC?
    65. 65. Rotaract Quiz•What is Rotaract Motto? • Fellowship Through Service•When is World Rotaract Week? • Week of 13 March, Monday to Sunday•First Rotaract Club Chartered? Date? • Rotaract Club of North Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on 13 March 1968•What other youth programs of R.I.? • RYLA, Interota, Rotary Youth Exchange, GSE•How often are Rotaract Clubs suppose to have meetings? • Fortnightly
    66. 66. Rotaract Quiz•What are the four avenues of service? • Professional Development, Club Service, Community Service, International Service•NGS? DRR? ZR? • New Generations Service, District Rotaract Rep., Zonal Rep.•DG? DRC?RDC • District Governor, District Rotaract Chairman, Rotaract District Conference•RDA? RYLA? DIC? • Rotaract District Assembly, Rotary Youth Leadership Award, District Interact Chairman
    67. 67. Rotary Worldwide organization on professional leaders Provide humanitarian service Encourage high ethical standards in all vocations Help build goodwill and peace in the world 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide More than 34,000 clubs in nearly every country
    68. 68. Origins of Rotary First service club – Rotary club of Chicago, USA Formed on 23 Feb 1905 by Paul P. Harris In 1985 – Rotary made historic commitment to immunize children against Polio worldwide – Polio Plus Program In 1989, women were admitted into Rotary for the first time.
    69. 69. The Four-way Test“Of the things we think, say or do:”1. Is it the TRUTH?2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Adopted by Rotary 1943
    70. 70. Motto and RI Theme1. Rotary Motto: Service Above Self2. RI Theme 2012-13: Peace Through Service
    71. 71. ConclusionNo BoundariesThe sky is the limit!All Walks of LifeRegardless of Race, Language and ReligionGive back to SocietyHelping people/communities in need!
    72. 72. Conclusion
    73. 73. Resourceswww.Rotary.orgwww.rotarydistrict3310.org HandbookDistrict 3310 Manual of ProceduresDistrict Rotaract CommitteeRotaract District CommitteeRotariansRotaractors
    74. 74. Questions?