January 2011 News Letter


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Hello 2011! Hello New me!
Have New Year Resolution?

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January 2011 News Letter

  1. 1. Set and Write Your 2011 Goal Down. CLIENTS NEWS!(Continue from Page 1) Congrats on Your Open Escrow!. Tanvir Ahmed & Zakaria Akhter –You’ve probably heard hundreds of times Woodland Hills, CA Happy Birthday!that it is crucial to write your goal down. But do you know why Crystal Hampton – Jan 5 –Valencia, CAthis step is so important? Bob Cippriotti – Jan 14 – Granada Hills, CA David King – Jan 15- Sherman Oaks, CAWhen you put pen to paper you turn your thoughts intosomething tangible. You can actually see it, touch it, and even Moira Cruz – Jan 18- Winnetka, CAsmell it if you want to. Your goal is no longer just a thought! It Luda Armonik – Jan 24- Sherman Oaks,becomes something, what motivates us and creates a gut feeling CAinside. Even the act of using the eye in coordination with the Ruth Gentle – Jan 25- North Hollywood,hand holding the pen makes a much stronger impression on our CAmind as we write out the phrase or expression. Now when weread and re-read that phrase or sentence the impression on the WELCOME NEW CLIENTSmind becomes deeper and deeper. I’d like to welcome you and wish you all the best!I write my goals every year, and have it where I can see my Tracy Whitegoal often, so I motivated to get closer to my goals. By the end (Referrals from Christa – Encino. CA)of 2010, the result: 9 out of 14 are accomplished. 3 were 75%accomplished, and 2 that I add it in my next 2011 goals. I love giving recognition to my new friends and my wonderful existing clients who are kind enough to refer their friends, family andIt has been proven that one of the best ways to achieve what we neighbors to me.want is to write our thoughts down on a piece of paper.What happens when you write down your goals? And why isthat? • You motivate yourself by taking action and seeing your intangible desires in tangible form via letters or shapes or colors’ – if you decide to paint them, for example It’s like planning a trip: you write down what you want to achieve so that you can see what steps are needed in order to get there, and you can also see your progress. • When you write you stimulate your imagination; you need to visualize what you really want. • The process of writing down your thoughts forces you to be more concise and clear about the purpose of your actions. • If you can write it you can measure it, and if you can measure it you can achieve it. • You save time, because writing down your goals gives your mind the clarity and motivation to seek solutions instead of coping with the initial idea: what do I want.Concrete plans bring specific concrete results; vague thoughts and vague plans usually bring chaos andsmall results…or worse create disability. Your thoughts create reality. What are your next actions going tobe?Write your 2011 goal down and let’s go to the next step! ----Rosy Law---
  2. 2. Stow S Stuff Sa afely Thousand of people would sur ds e rvive or sus stain fewer injuries in v vehicle colli isions if it weren’t fo unrestrain cargo in cars. Ex or ned xamples of d dangerous “projectiles include s” groceries, umbrellas, cell phone golf club tools, an even pe and unbuckled , es, bs, nd ets passenge ers. In a 35-mile-per-hour head-on c crash, a tin can could hit someon with 100 pounds of ne ough to frac force, eno cture a skull. People in sport utility vehicles and station wagons n are particularly at risk because these vehic cles don’t h have trunks. For these vehicles e use cargo dividers, the cage-lik devices t o ke that separate the pass senger area from the a back of th vehicle. he How To Make Ch w hanges For The Bette erLet’s say your b s boss has to you that you need to work on polishing y old t your interpe ersonal skills. Acceptthe c challenge o improving your beha of g avior and ke these t eep three points in mind: sBe c committed and discip d plined. Ch hange can t take awhile A new ha needs t e. abit time to form so you m,have to make u your min to do it n matter ho uncomfo e up nd no ow ortable the changes m feel or h may how long ittake es.Get support. It takes bet tween 21 to 65 days to make cha o o anges stick. In that tim you’ll ne help. . me eedTake self-impro e ovement cla asses, or ta up quot that rem ack tes mind you of your goal t change. toMak yourself accounta ke f able. Your boss undou ubtedly will be checkin on your p ng progress, b the onus but sremains on you shoulders to make t efforts t change. Identify be ur the to enchmarks f success and for sesreco ognize your failures. r
  3. 3. ROSY LAW WHITE HOUSE PROPERTIES 22144 CLARENDON ST STE 120 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91367-8202 www.RosyHomes.com Baked Crab Dip Mardi Gras – 1 pkg. cream cheese Drain water from crab meat; add 1 Tbsp. Masks, Music (room temperature) lemon juice to each can and set aside. Place & Mayhem first 4 ingredients in food processor and mix 1/4 C. mayonnaise well. Drain lemon juice from crab meat; add 1. Mardi Gras is French for what? 1/4 C. sour cream 1 can and 1/2 cup of cheese to mixture in a. Ash Wednesday 2 cloves garlic processor and blend. Transfer mixture to large b. Merry Monday 3 cans crab meat bowl, add 2 remaining cans of crab. Mix c. Fat Tuesday lightly, as not to break crab meat. Pour into a d. It’s not French – it’s Portuguese 1 1/2 C. finely shredded small baking dish and sprinkle remaining mozzarella cheese cheese on top. Place dish on cookie sheet (it 2. What are the official three colors of 3 Tbsp. lemon juice will overflow) and bake in preheated oven at Mardi Gras? Hint: they stand for 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until top browns loyalty, freedom, and power. slightly. Cool for 10 minutes before serving. a. Blue, yellow, and red b. Gold, silver, and red c. Red, white, and black d. Purple, green, and gold Recycle Holiday Lighting 3. People initially started wearing masks in addition to their costumes for MardiA re you hanging on to jumbled strings of holiday lights that no longer work or Gras because… that have been replaced with the more energy-efficient LED variety? If so, a. They did not want to be don’t just unceremoniously dump the old lights in the garbage – recycle them! recognized by anyone when they did outrageous things.We recycle many everyday items, such as bottles and cans, but think b. They wanted to pretend theynothing of tossing old strands of holiday lights in the garbage. were royalty or other celebrities.Holiday lights are not biodegradable and could endanger animals c. They wanted to win the costumethat rummage in and around the landfills. When you opt to contest.recycle, the strands of holiday lights are disassembled, and all of d. They were paying a tribute tothe parts, including the copper wires and light bulbs, are recycled. Halloween.Consider these recycling options for your holiday lights: 4. In New Orleans, Mardi Gras parades• Check with your local home improvement stores – many recycle old and other celebrations take place holiday lights for free and offer reward discounts on the purchase of new, primarily around what area? energy-efficient LED strands. a. Harlem• Find a local e-waste center for convenient drop-off. b. Latin Quarter• Investigate online sources such as www.holidayleds.com and c. China Town www.christmas-light-source.com for more information on their mail-in d. French Quarter recycling and reward programs. ANSWERS: 1–c; 2-d; 3-a; 4-d