Bookbyte: How to save money on textbooks


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Book can be very expensive especially at the tertiary level. There are a few ways to save on textbooks whether it is high school or college books such as buy used books, rent books, use photocopying, exchange books, redeem book coupons, use book promotions, buy book packages and more.

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Bookbyte: How to save money on textbooks

  1. 1. How to save money on textbooksBy PromoCode4Share.comBook can be very expensive especially at the tertiary level. We often face a great financialburden when we reach that level of our education but studying at any level requires someamount of spending on text material. There are a few ways to save on textbooks whether it ishigh school or college books.Used booksProbably the most popular way to save money on books is to buy them used. There are many storeswhich offer a used book section. Yard sales are also great places to find used books. You can also checkwith your local college or high school, depending on you need, to find people who are selling their ownused books. These days you can get all sorts of used books online for minimal cost.RentalBook rental has been around for quite some time and almost every school and even some churches dothis. Check with your local school, church or book store about this service. The books are rented to theuser for a very small fee and returned when you are done. You may rent from your local school or anindividual you know has the book you need.
  2. 2. The library or Book clubThe library was the first book loan system and could be considered a rental service, except it’s free. Bookclubs are free and offer reading services as well. In book clubs there members collect books from thecommunity and loan them to persons in need.Book exchangeThis one could be tricky but quite helpful as well. The trick is to find a book exchange service orpeople who need what you have in return for what you need. They need to have the books youneed in order for this to work. This is particularly helpful for parents and your neighbors. Sayyou are leaving high school and have all your high school text. Your neighbor has a child justentering high school and one who left college. You could exchange your used high school booksfor the college books.PhotocopyingBorrowing a friend’s text and having the pages scanned is also another way to save if you can get it donefree of cost. If you know someone with scanner who is willing to do it you can save the pages on your
  3. 3. computer ad read then when you are ready. You can also print the exact pages you need when you needthem as some text book carry more pages than you actually get to use in the classroom.Free books online and off-lineThere are many places online which offer free books such as,, and many others. This is by far one of the best ways to save money on textbooks.CouponsIf you need to purchase your books new, coupons are a great alternative to spending live cash. Save onbooks with coupons and use the extra cash for some other school item. One such coupon is theBookbyte promo code.Book promotionsSometimes bookstores offer promotion on books. They will get rid of old books to make way for newones. Other promotions include the giving away of new books especially during the back-to-schoolperiods at the end of summer and the beginning of January. Other promotions include buy on get theother free or at half price.
  4. 4. Book packagesPackage deals are also famous during the back to school season. Retailers will group two or more bookstogether for a reduced price. Package usually includes text, notepad or writing books, pens, pencils andother stuff you may need. This is a great way to save on text books because you get other things youwould have had to purchase otherwise.A great place to save on your book purchase online is They offer different kinds ofpromo code such as the Bookbyte promo code selling and the Bookbyte promo code buyback.You can rent, buy, sell and exchange books at Bookbyte.