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Et survey results 2011 qualitative
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Et survey results 2011 qualitative


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. List your three favorite educational activities for which you use your laptop. (For example, doing research on the Internet, using videos to help you understand someting, using a certain learning game.) Frequency researching on internet 1aleks 1Aleks 2ALEKS 5Aleks- math activity 1Art 1blogger 1brain pop 1Brainpop 2certain learning games 1cool math 1Cool Math 1cool-maths 1coolmath 4Coolmath 1coolmaths 1Directions 1Doing assigments trough edu20 1doing manga high for math 1Doing Mangahigh, a math game center 1doing math games in the internet. 1Doing reaserch 1doing research 2Doing research 4doing research on chrome 1doing research on the internet 1Doing research on the internet 4Doing research on the Internet 1Doing research on the internet. 1Doing Research on the Laptop 1Doing work on Microsoft Word 1Doing writing for school 1edmodo 2Edmodo 1Edomodo 1edu2.0 1Edu20 1Educational Games 1Finding books on Destiny 1games 1Games 1going on the internet 1google 2google documents 1Google images 1Google Sketchup 1history 1homework 1Homework 1I like doing fun math games (cool math and mangahi)on the internet. 1ICT 1iMovie 2interactive tests in science 1khan academy 1Khan academy 1
  • 2. Khan Academy 2Khan Academy- math website 1Khan accademy 1Khanacademy 2learning game 2Learning Game 1learning games 2Learning games 2linguascope 1Linguascope 2Literacy 1Looking up pictures 1Making Movies 1Making videos 1Managahigh 1manga high 1Manga High 6Manga High - 1Manga-High 1Mangahai 1mangahigh 7Mangahigh 8MangaHigh 3Mangahigh (math game) 1Mangahigh (When the games ARE NOT required) 1Mangahigh. 1math 1Math 5Math - Practice 1math games 1Math games 2Math Games 1Math games like sudoko 1Math Games, (Khan Academy, Mangahigh, Free 1math gomes 1microsoft word 1minestorms 1most learning games 1myimaths/blogger 1none 1Online Text Book 1Online Textbook 1P.E 1Photoshop 1Playing educational games 1Playing Educational Math Games 1Playing educational math games. 1Playing simulation games 1poem 1Quizlet practice 1reading articles 1Reading comprehension 1Reasearch 1reaserch on enternet (science) 1resaerching for information 1research 6Research 7Research is easier 1research on computer 1research on internet 1
  • 3. Research on Internet 1research on the internet 2Research on the internet 1Research on the Internet 3Research on the internet. 1research things that I dont know in appropriate sites 1researching 1Researching 1researching on the Internet 1researching quickly 1Researching things 1Science 4science videos 1searching for things 1Searching for things 1searching information 1Simulations 1Surfing on the web. 1Swimming 1taking notes with the word document 1To help with my homework 1TTL4 1Type to Learn 1Typing 3using a certain learning game 2using edmodo 2Using edmodo 1Using educational games 1Using Google 1Using Google to find out how to solve problems 1Using Images and Videos to help me present or make something for projects 1Using learning games 1Using Mangahigh 2using videos 1using videos to help me learn 1using videos to help me understand something 1videos 4Videos 2videos and video making 1watching videos 2watching videos (safari montage, youtube) 1When I research on the interent 1Working on ALEKS 1Writing stories 1Writing: Free writing 1you tube 1youtube 1Total 276 List your three favorite educational activities for which you use your laptop. (For example, doing research on the Internet, using videos to help you understand someting, using a certain learning game.) Frequency3D solar system web 1adcanced search on google 1aleks 2Aleks 1ALEKS 4art 1Art 1
  • 4. Asking friends (social network) 1bbc 1Blogger 3Blogger for doing my book blog for homework 1Brainpop 2browse and learn on the computer 1Checking online grades 1cool internet things 1cool math 1Cool Math 1coolmath 2Coolmath 1Discussing a project with teammates. 1doing dearch on the internet 1Doing maths games 1doing research on the internet 1doing research on the Internet 2doing research to help me understand something 1doing social networking for homework 1downloading apps for school work 1edmodo 4Edmodo 1edu2.0 1Edu2.0 1edu20 2educatioal games 1educational games 2Educational Games 1educational videos 1electronic skate park 1finding facts and information 1fun reserch tings and projects 1Games 1Games based on the subject 1games that are educationals 1Garage Band 1gmail 1Going on Google Search 1Google 1google docs 4Google docs- writing 1google documents 1Google Docx (For writing) 1Google for research 1Google images 1group projects 1History 4homework 1Homework 2I can type much faster than I can write, so its easier to write essays 1I like doing research for homework because it is like a discovery hunt for info. 1imovie 1Informational videos 1interactive, helpful powerpoints 1internet 1Internet searching 1Khan Acadamy 1khan academy 1Khan academy 1Khan Academy 5
  • 5. Khanacademy 2learning game 1learning games 2Learning games 2Learning Games 2learning new things you can do on the laptop 1library 1linguascope 1logger lite 1looking at videos to help me understand something 1Making a movie 1making educational videos of IMovie 1making presentations, or plys [ writing scripts or story ] 1Making projects on Powerpoint 1making videos 2manga high 3Manga High 2mangahigh 3Mangahigh 5math 1Math 2math games 2Math Games 1Math games (Mangahigh). 1Math: Mangahigh, a math game online 1Maths games (fun games) 1Maths 1microsoft office 1Mind games e.g bloxzorz 1N/A 1Nasa: the space place 1none 1online text book 1photoshop 1Pictures and Videos 1Playing educational games 1Playing games that the teachers give us 1Playing Space games on Edmodo 1Practicing for a test or quiz from the internet 1Presentations 1prezi 1Programs like Aleks 1Puzzles 1Reading 1Reading Dogo news for current Events 1reasearch 1research 2Research 3Research on internet 1Research on Internet 2research on the internet 1Research On The Internet 1research sometimes, it depends 1Researching 1Researching Animals 1Researching for Social Studies 1Researching in Wikipedia. 1Researching is easier than looking into the encyclopedia 1researching on Chrome 1Researching on the internet 1
  • 6. school page 1School stuff 1science 2Science 2science games 1Science Reasearch 1searching 1searching for images when i dont know what something is 1Social Networking 1spelling games 1Study for the tests 1Studying 1to write on the Google Docs 1tutpup 1Type to Learn 1typing instead of actually hand write 1uploading things to youtube 1using a certain learning game 1Using certain learning games like Manga High 1Using google docs 1using google docs for projects 1Using internet games to learn 1Using presentation stuff 1Using Publisher 1using video tutorial 1Using videos 1Using Videos 1Using videos to help me understand something 1Using videos to understand 1Using 1Video projects 1Videos 7Videos for learning 1Videos to learn 1Watching a science video 1Watching BrainPop videos 1Watching educational videos 2Watching fun videos about science 1watching videos 1Watching videos 1Watching Videos 1watching videos about math. 1working on projects 1World Book 1World Education Games 2World Education Games - 1world math games 1worldeducationgames 1Writing 1writing essays 1Writing notes 1Writing Stories on Google Documents 1Youtube 1Total 276 List your three favorite educational activities for which you use your laptop. (For example, doing research on the Internet, using videos to help you understand someting, using a certain learning game.) Frequency
  • 7. 10 minute Writing 13D Design 1a site that help me understand math 1ALEKS 2Art 1Asking others at school how to do something with the internet 1assigments 1Being on edmodo 1blogger 5Blogger 3Blogger - 1Brainpop 1Chatting w/ friends 1check what my friends are doing 1Christian Studies 1cnn 1cnn student news 1cnn studnt new 1collaborating with other peers 1Current Events: Looking up on Dogonews, a news website online 1Doing assignments on Edmodo 1doing most of the project on the computer 1Doing Research 1doing research on the internet 2downloading an application on school purpose. 1E-mail- seoulforeign school email 1edline/edu20 1edmodo 3Edmodo 7edmodo (class site) 1edu.2.0 1Edu20 if you forget something you can check there. 1education 1education game 1educational games 1Educational Games 1educational personal projects 1Educational Sites 1Email 1Encore 1English 1fakebook 1find the definition of a word 1foreign language videos 1Free time educational games 1Free Writing 1Free writing on Google Docs 1French 1Game 1games 1Games 1Games to learn 1google 1Google 1google docs 2Google docs 1Google Docs 4google docs writing 1Google earth 1Group Projects 1history 1
  • 8. holt mcdougal 1homework 3Homework help with friends 1ICT 1instead of writing by hand, using Word 1internet research 1Internet search 1khan academy 2Khan Academy 2khanacademy 1Khanacademy 2Language Arts 1learning 1Learning 1Learning fun game 1Learning games 2Learning Games 1Learning games (that are good) 1Learning how to type (Type to Learn) 1Lemon ade stand 1Literacy Games 1logger lite 1magnahigh 1Making certain websites for education 1Making Glogsters 1Making the RE video 1Making videos 1Making videos using iMovie 1manga high 1Manga High 1math 1math games 1Math games 1Math Games 2microsoft word 1Microsoft word 1Mindstorm 1MindStorms 1Mindstrorms 1myimaths 1N/A 1nasa space games 1NASA Website used for GAMES 1none 3not having to write out in hand 1online quizes 1online textbooks 1Photo Booth 1Playing educational games 1playing games 1Playing Tpying games and vocabulary 1Playing vocabulary and typing games 1powerpoint 1Powerpoint 2Prepare for tests like french, science etc. 1Presentations 1Prezi 1prezi and other websites 1projects 1quizlet 1
  • 9. Quizlet 1reading 2Reading 2Reading the online textbook ( 1reasearching 1research 3Research 3research on internet 1Research on Internet 1research on the planet 1Researching 1researching on the internet 1Researching on the internet 1Researching things that i dont understand 1Reserch 1Revising certain things 1Scale size of planets to other things in the universe 1science games 1Science Games 1searching 1searching for pics 1simulations applications on Mac 1simulators 1small research progects 1Social Studies 2spanish and science learning games 1surfing the internet 1survey?s 1Surveys 1TTL 1Taking edmodo surveys 1Taking notes 1taking pictures 1Text Book Website 1to help me understand something 1Type to learn 1Type to Learn 2Type To Learn 4 1Typing 2typing Korean practice 1use videos to help understand 1Using EDMODO. 1Using google docs 1Using Google to study. 1Using interactive learning sites 1using microsoft office 1Using powerpoint is easier to format than drawing on paper and writing in hand 1using videos to help me with subjects 1using videos to help you understand someting 1Using YouTube to help with uploading videos for school 1videos 2Videos 1videos to help me understand something 1Videos to help my education 1Watching BrainPop 1watching CNN Student News 1Watching educational videos 2Watching how-to tutorials 1watching videos 1Watching videos 1websites that help you study 1
  • 10. Weebly 2Wikipedia 1world education games 1World Education Games 2World Educational Games 1writing 1Writing (Stories, Poems, etc.) 1writing an essay 1writing stories 1writing stories or projects on Word or Powerpoint 1youtube 1Youtube/ Videos 1Total 276 List your three least favorite educational activities for which you use your laptop. (For example, doing research on the Internet, using videos to help you understand someting, using a certain learning game.) Frequency Math games 10 110 Marks 1AAA Math 3aaamath 1aaaspelling 1Advanced Search 1aleks 2Aleks 1ALEKS 2ALEKS (math) 1art 1Atomic learning 1Atomic Learning 1Blogger 1Brainpop 1certain learning games 1comprehension 1Computer Class 1Correct Website Citation 1Dictionary 1Doing DOL and Checking it 1Doing homework 1Doing Khan acedemy 1Doing learning games 1Doing myimaths 1doing project 1Doing quizzes 1doing reasearch 1Doing reasearch 1Doing research 2Doing research (if about a boring subject) 1Doing research (When you need to look in many many sites) 1doing research on the internet 2doing reserch 1Doing tests 1Doing the reflections for the Eportfolio 1Dont have ant least favorite. 1edline 2email 1encyclopedias and wikis 1
  • 11. English 1Essay Wrting 1finding definitions 1Foreign language 1French 1French games 1Geography 2Going to a website and siting and parapharsing 1Google Notebook (now gone) 1Grammar 1Grammer 1Having to learn loads of passwords 1Homework 1Homework asignments 1homework such as writing essays 1Humanities 2I dont have one 1iMovie 1Imovie since i dont have it and i like it 1internet 1IXL 1kahnacademy 1Khan Acadamy 1khan academy 7Khan academy 1Khan Academy 4khanacademy 5Khanacademy 1language arts 1Language Arts 1languages online 1leaning projects 1learning game 3learning games 3Learning games 2Learning Games 1Lingscope 1Linguascope (French) 1Literacy 2Literasy 1Looking at websites that have long articles 1magnahigh 1Making hard spreadsheets 1Manga high 1Manga High 1mangahigh 1Mangahigh 1Mangahigh math games 1maps 1math 2Math 4Math and Science 1Math games 1math homework 1Math Online 1math work 1Maths Games 1MyiMath 1myimaths 1Myimaths 2MyIMaths 2
  • 12. myimaths since you then have to get another sheet of paper and then pencil and eraser to solve 1complicated problems rather than doing it right away on paper hand outsN/A 2NASA games 1Nasa Website 1none 2None 3nothing 1Nothing 1online homework 1Online tests 2online text book 1online textbook 2Other type of math games (Triple A Math). 1PE 1playing educational games 3presentation 1projects 1quiz reviews 1reading comprehension 1reading from textbook 1Reading notes 1Reading off a website 1Reading PDFs/ copied pages of textbooks 1reading something very long. 1research 3Research 1Research on the laptop 1research sometimes, it depends 1Researching 2Researching on my computer 1Researching on my laptop 1Researching on the Internet 1researching on the Internet. 1S.F.S. Library website 1Safari Montage 1Science 1social studies 1some type of homework 1spred sheets 1Studying 1Taking notes for different subjects 1tests 2Textbook 1Things Mr. L posts on Edmodo 1Type to learn 1Type To Learn 1Typing 1Typing practice (Type To learn) 1Typing tests 1Uploading 1using a certain learning game 1using ALEKS 1Using Aleks 1Using it to get images 1using Khan Academy 1Using KhanAcademy 1using the Calculator 1using the computer when your doing art lessons 1using the world book online 1Using videos to help understand something 1
  • 13. using videos to help you understand something 1using videos to understand 1video 1Watching a video 1Watching education videos. 1Watching fun videos about the topic 1Watching Videos 1watching videos (my eyes hurt :(... ) 1WBBP RR 1Weebly 1Wikis 1work 1World Maths Day 1writing essays 1writing long essays 1Total 276 List your three least favorite educational activities for which you use your laptop. (For example, doing research on the Internet, using videos to help you understand someting, using a certain learning game.) Frequencysometimesdoing myimaths on the computer 10 110 minute writing 1A game that can help you in that subject. 1a very hard project that nobody gave help on. 1AAA Math 1AAAmath 1aleks 1Aleks 3ALEKS 4Alot of writing (story) 1Answering educational problems on websites. 1answering questions 1Application can quit unexpectly 1applications quiting automaticly 1Art 1blogger 2Blogger 1Blogging 1Blogspot 1boring games 1comprehension games 1Comprehension websites 1coolmath 1Coolmath For Kids 1Copying down lots of information onto paper 1Creating a video 1Current Events 1dictionary defonition 1Doing homework 1doing my ALEKS homework 1Doing projects 1doing research 1Doing spelling 1doing tests 1Downloading something 1drama 1Drama 1edline 2
  • 14. english 1essays 1Fact Monster 2finding korean definitions 1foreign language 1french 1French games 1Games 1games that has lot of bugs 1Geography 1Going over Math HW 1google docs 2google DOCS 1Google Docs 1Google Drawings 1Google SketchUp 1Having to download a lot of things for ICT which takes up my GB 1History 2HIstory quiz 1Homework 1homework online 1homework presentations 1humanites 1I dont have another one. 1I dont have one 1I like everything we do on the laptops. 1iMovie (sometimes) 1Information 1Kahn Academy 1kebikids 1khan academy 1Khan Academy 4Khan Acasemy 1khanacademy 1Khanacademy 1Language art and Social Studies 1Language arts 1languages online 1Looking at educational videos 1looking for pictures 1looking for things 1lots of educational errors in websites such as Wikipedia 1making videos to show our understanding 1mangahigh 2Math 1Math games 1microsoft tool (word, powerpoint, exel) 1Mindstorms-Sometimes I enjoy 1Mr nussbaun 1myimath 1myimaths 1Myimaths 1n/a 1N/A 6N/A (Dont have any) 1none 6None 4nothing 1online review 1online textbook 3
  • 15. Online Textbook 1PE 1Playing Educational games in Math/Science, but they dont teach you anything 1Playing BORING math games 1prezi 1Prezi 1prezy 1Quizes or tests 1reading 1Reading articles 1reading comp 1reading comprehension 1reading response 1Reading Responses 1reading stuff on the computer 1Reasearch 1reaserch 1Regular Math 1Research 1research on the internet 1Research on the internet 1researching 1researching on the Internet 1Researching on the Internet 2Safari Montage 1Science 3Sharing videos on Youtube 1Social Studies 2Some Research 1some videos 1Sometimes publisher can be annoying 1spelling 1Spelling 1studying with your computer 1Taking a test 2taking notes 1textbook 1things that Mac and PC`s do different steps. 1tumblebooks 1type to learn 2Type to Learn 2type to learn (typing practice) 1typing 1Typing Practice 1Typing Test 1Using a certain learning game 1using ALEKS 1using certain browsers 1Using certain Game 1Using online textbook 1Using sites that have problems 1using the online textbook 2using videos to help me understand things 1video tutorials 1videos 1Videos about Math 1Web Path Express 1weebly 2Weebly 2World Education Games 1writing 1
  • 16. Writing 1Writing Programs like Word Document 1Total 276 List your three least favorite educational activities for which you use your laptop. (For example, doing research on the Internet, using videos to help you understand someting, using a certain learning game.) Frequency 92(Im not sure) 10 1aaa math 1AAA math 1aaamath 1Aleks 1ALEKS 1ALEKS (it is slow and always gets frozen!!!) 1art 1Art 2awesome library 1Bad ads on learning videos 1Blogger 1Brain Pop 1Brainpop 1Classzone 1Comprehension 1Comprehension games 1Dipity 1Dogo News 1Doing a spreadsheet 1doing aleks 1Doing the paragraphs for the Eportfolio 1download 1Drama 1Edmodo 2Edmodo work 1educational activities 1Encore 1Eportfolio 1Excel 1Explanatory videos 1Finding if the thing Im using in the internet is appropriate 1flower power 1Foreign Language 1Foreign Languages 1French 1French games 1French project 1French projects 1Geography 2gmail 2google docs 1Google Docs 3Google Docs since it is so annoying to have to write it on google docs taking lots of different elements 1from me which i can use on word.Google Notebook (Now gone though) 1Hard websites to understand in Google 1history 2homework 1
  • 17. Homework 1hoot course 1I dont have another one. 1I dont have one 1I dont know 1installing something 1internet reasearch 1Just reading random facts. 1Khan Academy 4languages online 1learning 1learning games 2Learning games (that cant help me) 1listening to the instructions before using laptop. 1literacy 1log term projects 1long, boring videos 1Looking for informations 1Making spreadsheets 2Manga High 1mangahigh 1Mangahigh (when the games ARE required) 1Math 1my.hrw 1myimaths 2Myimaths 2MyIMaths 1myna 1n/a 1N/A 8N/A (Dont have any) 1no more 1none 7None 4None. 1nothing 1online textbook 1Online textbook 1online textbooks 1online work 1Picture for school 1Poem Writing 1power points 1prezi 2projects 1Projects 1quizlet 1Reading Reports 1Reflections 1research online 1researching 1Researching for Writing Subjects 1Response 1scial studies 1Science 2Searching for pictures for projects 1searching languages 1Sigma Prime (a game on Mangahigh) 1Solving math problems 1Some maths games (not fun games) 1some reseraches 1
  • 18. spelling 1Studing because sometimes the light hurts my eyes 1studying 1Studying because sometimes my eyes hurt 1Survey 1Taking a video 1taking tests 1tests that are online 1Trying to edit videos 1type to learn 1Type to learn 1Type2Learn 4 1typing in website addreses 1typing 1typing web 1using certain recourse 1using digital books 1Using Google Docs to write. 1using picutres to help me understand something 1using the calculator 1using the iPods 1Using the ipods 1using the online textbook 1using videos to help understand 1videos that u need to see 1watching videos 1Watching videos 1Watching videps 1weebly 2Weebly 1When I dont understand how to use an app/ 1Wikepedia 1Word 1writing 4Writing 1writing essays and such 1Writing essays on GoogleDocs 1Total 276 List any uses of your laptop that you believe help you be more organized. (For example using a calendar, taking notes on the computer, ect.) Frequency the start button made me organized 1- Creating Folders - Having less sheets and more computer hw 1- Finder (Basically folders and the search bar in it) - Sticky Notes (App) 1-Calendar -Files -Stickies 1-Google docs -Edmodo 1-taking notes -Folders -reminders -stickies 1-taking notes -Making folders 1-taking notes -putting things in folders -not making my desktop so cluttered 1-taking notes -typing -saving -using a calendar -carrying less stuff to school 1-taking notes on my computer. 1-Using the Stickies -Using the Calendar -Taking Notes -Internet -Dictionary -Calculator 1• Organizing my stuff into separate files • Having things like Google Docs 11 neater work 2 Editing 3 taking notes 11. Dashboard Sticky Notes 2. Dashboard Dictionary and Thesaurus 11. Making folders 2. Making notes 11. putting things in folders 2. bookmarking things 3. NO PAPER :) 11. Taking notes on computer. 1a calendar, notes, timer, clock 1
  • 19. A calendar, stickies, folders, etc. 1almost every thing I need for school is on my laptop 1At the dock, make it be separated like Internet section over here, mail sectoin over and etc. 1being able to do homework and essays on it 1Being able to make folders in my Finder so I can find things. 1Bookmarks 1Calander Notes on the dashboard Word Edmodo Dictionary Email 1calendar 1Calendar (iCal), Sticky Notes, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Presentation, etc. 1Calendar notes chat writing 1calendar notes more folders delete unnecessary things 1Calendar Sticky for notes calculator educational apps 1Calendar Sticky Note 1Calendar, and more stuff. 1calendar, clock, Weather 1Calendar, Dashboard 1calendar, taking notes, and my google docs 1Calendar, taking notes, writing essays, typing. 1Calendar, word, files and very few, stickies 1Calendars 1Calendars Stickies Folders 1Calender 1Calender Edu20 Skype 1calender Skype 1Calender, Google, Microsoft Office programs, Edmodo 1calender, notes, clocks, games, folders, music, video 1calender, notes, mail 1calender, taking notes, word, powerpoint and searching things. 1Calender, using word to make a document or take notes, saving files, keeping photos safe and in the right 1place, using powerpointctrl c and vcc 1Dashboard 1Dashboard Calculator, Dictionary etc. 1Dashboard Desktop files Finder 1Dashboard Notes Folders 1Dashboard, desktop,the speed of the laptop, taking notes and easy named folders. 1Dashboard, Folders, Dock, Spaces 1dashboard, spell check, launchpad 1Documents, Projects 1Doing homework properly Word Powerpoint Spell check 1Edmodo 1Edmodo Calendar 1Edu2.0 Dictionary Gmail Google 1Edu2.0 Gmail Google Dictionary Microsoft Word 1emergency, and communicate 1Evernote and folders. 1Evernote, sticky notes, edmodo 1Everything is on it. 1files documents prestehntation organization applications creative easy to use pretty reliable good battery 1power notes calender adress book microsoft tools prezi oline tool 2.0 tools strong wifi signal good britnessfolders 1folders and docs 1Folders for things you may have downloaded, The speed of the laptop, stickies that help you write stuff 1you need to remember.Folders on my desktop, Google docs 1folders posted notes 1Folders that I can put everything in, and Stickies I can write on and look at when ever. 1folders,notes,not down loading random things 1Get ride of everything on my desktop 1
  • 20. Google docs because you can make changes things for you it saves automatically and its just a great way 1to organize your workGoogle Docs Folders 1Google docs, edmodo, the time, the date 1Google Earth, Word 1Having a calender. Edu 2.0 Having every application right in front of you. ( Mac.) 1Having a folder for every class keeps me more organized because I know where to find all my work and 1projects. Having a school email because I know what is going on around school.Having the Google Docs. has helped me a lot organize my documents. 1I can ask my teachers about certain things, and I can e-mail my friends for what homework I have; since I 1might have forotten to write it down on my organiser. I can check websites for tips too.I can have a lot of my homework saved and wont be easily lost. I also can check my homework through 1sites like Edmodo.I can put notes, download new stuff, use microsoft easily and others 1I can take notes without losing them Its like 20 notebooks in one computer, but way lighter 1I can use my online calendar to set up my schedule so i know when things are due and what tutors and 1things i have on that day.I could start checking my school email more often. So I know what is going on and what I might need for 1the next day.I have post it notes on my computer which I use to keep my homework organised and I have a to do list. 1This also is where I keep a list of websites I use in school regularly so it is faster for me to get to work. Ialso have a folder for every sunject so i store my work easily and efficiently.I like the dasboard in the Macbook because you can gety on it very eassely and it tells you all lot of thing 1and you can have dictionary time weather a small game of puzzle and you have postist note well we canhave a lot of things .I like the sticky notes for windows, and using edmodo for class, and getting our own emails to ask the 1teacher something.I like using my google calendar, because it is easier to use then my paper calander. I like taking notes on 1my computer, because I type faster then I write.I sometimes take notes in my dashboard but I dont use my calendar.Taking little notes in my dashboard 1or Sticky Notes helps me remember my passwords, and just little things I can forget easily.I take notes on the computer and remember things more easily. I also organise folders. I noticed my 1computer is a lot cleaner than my room.I take notes on word document. Its not just an ordinary word document, there is a document thats like a 1journal....i thing that when you use google document it help you be more organized and also the folders on your 1desktop help you be more organizedI think edmodo makes homework neater so you dont loose it rather than having it on a piece of paper. 1i think nothing is really able to make it more orginized 1I think taking notes on the computer and having a school folder helps me become more organized. 1I think taking notes. 1I think that I can be organized with a my writing. I can also track my homework better because of edmodo. 1I think that if I take notes on the Sticky Application, it will help me remember more. 1I think that they are all okay. 1I think that things like taking notes, calenders on google docs, and helpful things like calculators. 1I think the calender, time, and volume, and folders keep you organized so you know what document is in 1which.I think things like Google Docs.and Microsoft helped me be more organized. I could put all my documents 1and papers in one folder. There is a dictionary and a thesaurus that helped me be more organized.Folders helped me, too.I use a calendar 1I use my computer all the time and if I didnt have it I would not remember my homework, and also I have 1an erge to check Edmodo because I freak out if I dont!!I use QuickNote and it helps me be more organized and I get my work done faster because I can type 1faster than I can write.I use the time and the date from my computer. 1I will put reminders with a alarm on it. 1It helps me organize better because there are notes I can take to memorize thing I need to. calculators 1movie maker powerpoint microsoft words exel post its publisherIt helps me take notes. I also can make events for my schedule. It is easily organized instead of keeping 1everything in a folder.It is easier to be more organised because it is easy to put into folders and it wont get lost. Also everything 1is organised in the laptop.IT makes me tider because I dont have to carry around loads of sheets. 1
  • 21. laptop notes 1Laptop stickies made me be more organized because it helped me take notes on my homework. 1library desktop files 1Making a word document,or write notes, making study grph to remember things for a test or save pictures 1that may help me in some subjects (like science for example remember how a motor looks like).Making folders for each subject Taking notes on the computer and putting them on the correct labelded 1folder. Doing research on the internet and book marking them in the correct folder. (because we dontneeed a bunch on papers in our folder- we can have them all in the compter)Making Folders, and making and writing on sticky notes in the mac. 1Making folders, giving them the right titel and NA 1Making power point presentations on my computer easily and showing it to the class 1Many Desktops School Apps 1My sticky notes on the computer remind me of things I have to do and my folders keep me organized for 1things like projects or just writing.N/A 2No more paper because before the 1:1 laptop program was out I had to look for paper and I am a messy 1person and I had MOUNDS and MOUNDS of paper so yeah it help me ALOTNo, nothing. 1none 3None 1None. 1not as much notebooks and papers 1Note taking, iCal, Google Docs, How you can organize things on your desktop like pictures or essays. 1Notebook, Calender 1Notepad, temperature, calender, files. 1Notes and time. 1notes blogs 1notes calendars folders 1notes documents 1Notes doing projects sfs mail 1notes, calendars, system prefences. 1Notes, calender, videos and research. 1notes, clock, temperature, caalender, files, word documents. many more 1Notes, reminders and calender. 1Notes, Sticky notes, calender, Microsoft word, folders 1Notes, videos, microsoft, downloads, photos 1nothing 2Nothing 1NOTHING! 1Organizing some of my files 1Perhaps having an app for taking notes would be great. If we have that, we could write our homework 1down there with also the planner, and that way, if we forget our planners at school, we can always look onour computers and see whats for homework.Post it notes on the Dashboard. Folders on desktop. Dropbox account. 1Reminders 1research/ notes writing essays 1sticker on the comuture help me be organs 1Stickies 1Stickies Dashboard 1Stickies Different Folders Dashboard 1Stickies on the Mac Pro and the Calendar 1Stickies,Calendar,Files,Word,PowerPoint and Office. 1Stickies: Help me keep track of homework Folders: Help me keep my work organized, and neat Google 1docs: Also help me keep my work organized, and neatSticky notes, microsoft word and many more. 1Sticky notes, Taking notes on word 1sticky notes, time, battery time, date- (day,month) 1Sticky notes(dell) 1Store more things on one thing. 1Taikng notes is easier than writing because your hands dont get sore. presentations on powerpoint 1means its easier to present.
  • 22. Taking note is much easier. Using a calendar is also easier. For writing, when you have your final copy, 1you can type it on word, which is easier than handwriting it. There are a lot more easier things too...taking notes 2Taking Notes Alarms Hand Writing Neet Organized Save it so it dosent get lost like paper 1Taking Notes and Making separate folders for schoolwork. 1taking notes calendar 1taking notes calendar reminders 1Taking notes help me by reminding me to do something. 1taking notes is faster and if i lose a sheet its usually downloaded on my laptop so i print it and get it from 1thereTaking notes of homework, and making organized files 1Taking notes on a computer 1Taking notes on my "dash board" 1Taking notes on my computer 1taking notes on my computer, files on my desktop, bookmarks on google chrome to help me remember 1where i need to go, and calendars.Taking notes on my computer. 1Taking notes on my laptop helps me to remember things, which is really useful. 1Taking notes on my laptop is great because typing is much faster than writing. I can set reminders for due 1dates.Taking notes on the computer helped me be more organized. 1Taking notes on the computer, Edmodo, Folders, 1Taking Notes on the computer. 1taking notes on your laptop, 1Taking Notes, Calendar, Doing Work, 1taking notes, calender, temperature and the time. 1taking notes, doing homework, learning, and showing how to do stuff. 1taking notes, keeping my passwords 1Taking notes, looking at the time and date at the top, and making folders. 1taking notes, schedule 1taking notes, using the calendar on Edmodo, writing on Google Docs 1Taking notes, writing essays, and using it to collect homework, which makes sure you never forget an 1assignment.Taking notes,Checking your timetable, and keeping track of time 1Taking notes,more organised. Easier to use and faster to use. 1Taking notes. 1Taking notes. Folders to make projects organised 1taking notes(even though i like to do it by hand better) keeping track of documents sticky notes 1Taking Sticky Notes, Using Calendar, Using Dictionaries, Looking at Time and Weather (all on 1Dashboard). Using BookmarksTalking notes on the computer, gmail my friends and family. 1taskbar 1The conputer helped me alot by, taking notes, storing different works in different subject folders, and also 1solving problems and converting different things.The dashboard in the MacBook Pro was really helpful because you could add sticky notes and reminders. 1I would write down my hw in the sticky notes. The application folder in the bar was helpful too because Ididnt need to cram the applications all in my bar which looked uncomfortable.the dashboard on mac 1The folders that you can create on your desktop. 1The mac laptop provides a dashboard, where you can search up words you do not know and I write my 1homework in the stickynotes so I think that they are very usefulThe sticky notes on my dashboard. 1The sticky notes that you can write on really helps you remember what you need to do that day and notes 1you can write.the writing group projects dealing with technology 1Time, Thesaurus, Sticky notes. 1To have different files for each topic. Finding that document or page on the bottom of the computer on 1mac.To me, I actually use a laptop to make schedules or do writing and math websites, and its very helpful. 1Turning in homework, practicing math, writing 1Use calendar Making notes 1Use the application - Notes - and maybe write tips Edu 2.0 Calender 1
  • 23. Using a Calendar to help me organize my schedule seperate,Making types of folders use for different 1subjects.using calender 1using google calander 1Using internet, taking notes, typing instead of writing with pencil. 1Using post it notes, using the calender, using the calculator on mac, using word, excel and other stuff that 1I can print for homework.Using Stickie Notes Using Dictionary, Thesaurus 1using stickies and IProcrastinate 1Using the calendar because on mac it is very easy to keep track on what you are doing 1Using the calender, taking notes of my homework, making folders for documents, pictures, etc. 1Using the calender. Edmodo. 1using the notes that you can create on your laptop 1Well on edmodo we have a calendar and its very nice. 1word calender spellcheck 1word document 1Word document for writing, Calculator, and taking notes. 1Word Documents Google Documents Edmodo Sticky Notes Dashboard Calendar 1Writing essays, brainstorming 1writing math edmodo 1Writing my homework on the computer, taking notes on the computer 1you cant lose documents because its all saved on your computer 1Total 276 Are there any suggestions about how the school could improve the introduction of the 1:1 idea to other students? Frequency 57-I personally think using the laptop is a great way to learn new and interesting stuff. Although it can be a 1little distracting at home/school, I think its awesome that we use laptops!-you could improve the options(somewhat agree/ strongly disagree) 1(none) 1• There is nothing to improve 11. Telling students weither or not they should download microsoft word early. 1A bit more information on how to do what 1Allowed to touch other peoples laptops by helping them with something. 1Bann photo booth, Skype and video games during school 1Be less strict about things we do with our laptops, and let us have free time every once in a while 1being able to use computer during recesses and breaks, allowing game applications downloaded on 1laptop.Better wifi connection. 1bit better internet 1Block all social networking and game websites? 1book --> laptop? 1Bring chargers to school no matter what. Have a laptop case 1By having the same laptop for everyone since people feel jealous and because there are many things 1different in MAC and PC so if your friend has a MAC she cant help you.....Could give a lot of examples more than one 1Encourage them to use the organizer things. I think that it might really help them to be organized. 1Everybody has the same brand of computers. 1Everyone has macs 1explain more. 1Have the same computer for everyone basically have everyone have a PC or a Mac. Because its 1annoying to always have to go get a Mac at the I.T office because you need Imovie and Or peoplewouldnt be rude or act superior to others because they have a Better laptopHaving the kids work more together with their classmates 1How to do the basics of microsoft office (excel, word, etc.) 1I cant think of any, and the teacher is very fine for us. 1I do have some suggestions for the 1:1 program: we should use our laptops more, because of the things 1we can do; we should increse the consequenses of not paying attention to the teacher, since most of myfriends get yelled at everyday.I dont have any other ideas. 1
  • 24. i dont have any suggestions for you, im sorry! 1I dont know 1I dont like carrying my laptops from class to class, especially when we dont need to use them (because I 1need to save battery taking notes and etc.) and almost all of the classes we need to have our laptops.I dont really know because I think that the system is already good enough. 1I dont think so. 1I dont think the school should do every single thing on the computer. I think we should be able to hand 1write some things instead of typing everything.I dont think so 1I dunno 1I have no suggestions because I think the 1:1 is a great idea. 1I have nothing to change about it. 1I really dont like google docs or any google help, I would rather have word documents. 1I think more grade levels should use this. Older middle school students always have to use the schools 1Dell computers and I think they envy us.I think some ideas would be, if you forget your laptop charger, and the battery runs out, I dont think you 1should get in ttrouble. Half the time, I almost miss the bus to get my charger. Another idea would be to tryto get everyone the same laptop, because Ive seen other people complain about that. It can get kind of ...sad... I think, so far, Ive found nothing other wrong!I think that having a laptop is a privilege with a responsibility. Sometimes, teachers are too strict about the 1rules and the students feel that that certain punishment was to hard on them. Also, teachers think havinga laptop will lighten are load. Yes it does but they pile up more and more homework that is an internet sitethinking kids A: will enjoy it and B:since we have a light load they can just pile the homework up. I feel thatat some times the teacher doesnt let us voice our opinions until are parents take charge of the wholesituation.I think that maybe the teachers could tell us if we have to use our computer the next day so that our bags 1wont be as heavy when we go to school.I think that the 1:1 idea is good enough and I dont have any suggestions. 1I think that the 1:1 laptops are maybe okay. 1I think that the school could ask all students to use the same brand, and then people wouldnt be jealous. 1Also, that would help all the classes do the download process.I think that the teachers should make it more fun and make it educational at the same time. 1I think that the teachers Well, make sure that comments and posts and replies on social 1networks, like Edmodo, are appropriate. The profile pics were sort of getting violent.I think that they could test a person to see if they know their computer, because when I first came, I didnt 1get set up with all the the different things that the school wanted me to have, like I didnt have thehumanities page set up yet, before.I think that they should be able to see what the students are doing on the internet. It is because 1sometimes students might be doing online games or social networking on the internet when they aresuppose to pay attenetion to the teacher(I seen some of my classmates do that.).I think that we could probably have chargers at school.... i really just dont know 1I think that you should be able to use just a little bit of indoor recess time to use the laptop. 1I think the 1:1 idea doesnt need to be fixed and it should stay the same. 1I think the school could provide a better internet connection 1I think they did fine this year :D 1I think this is a good way for students to learn. 1I think we should let the students play with our laptops. 1I think we should make everyone have mac-pros, or one kind of laptop, because when we do class 1activities, the P.C feel a little left out and lost. The teachers dont really know how to use P.C. I find thisdisturbing.I thought that next year we could make everybody have OS X Lion. 1I wish the school rules arent that strict. Be like the elementary school. Let me were anything we want. Get 1ride of uniform. Get better teachers...If you made us buy laptops, you should get us to use more of it because right now we hardly use it unless 1they let you to take notes on your laptop. MORE LAPTOP TIME!!!!!!!!!Its good BUT they should allow us to have a LIMTED number of games (exculding games that come with 1the computer) i.e only 6 games. AND they should exceptions with games if you use the same computerthat you use in school and home provided that whatever non-school related app you have doesntinterfere with shcool work i.e you play while your teacher is talking or playing while you are at school.less complicated 1Let limit the laptops to reliable well know brands who ever heard of an Asus 1let them have more freedom like after school usage of labtops 1lets us play more educational games!!! 1
  • 25. locking bad sites in school 1Make it a rule to have protection bags so the computers will not get dented or broken during falls 1Make it absolutely clear that the kids are not aloud to play games on their laptops during school! 1Making sure sources are reliable and useable; testing the product before launching 1Maybe plot in omitted areas where previous kids had questions on. 1Maybe the school could give a list of ways to help when your computer gets frozen or you have a 1problem.Maybe they could suggest to the new students to have fun on the computers while working hard. 1Maybe they should let us do worksheets for HW more often. 1Maybe we could use are laptops more or else its like flushing money down the toilet. 1maybe when the students get laptops you could help them with problems they are having already with 1laptops.Maybe you can instruct every to have a mac, so we dont have problems downloading programs, etc... 1more freedom 1more Freedom 1more fun better programs 1More ICT 1more security 1More time exploring our computer 1My mom and dad tell me that there practically are no uses for the laptops. They tell me that the 1:1 laptop 1program is a waste of time. I wish we can have more work on the laptops.N/A 1New updates on the computer. Make Sure Students bring there own chargers. 1no 20No 11NO 1No changes. 1no everything is great 1No I do not. I think the school has got it under control pretty well! 1no i dont have any ideas 1No I dont have any 1No I really like it. 1No internet connection that keeps you from websites at break 1No not really. 1no playing games during class 1No suggestions 2No, I do not have any suggestions. 1No, I dont have any suggestions. 1No, I dont have any. 1No, it is fine the way it is. 1No, its very nice at the moment 1no. 1No. 7No. I think that the 1:1 laptop idea is great! I hope I will be able to use it for as long as I am in ES to High 1School to University... The rest of my life!No. not that I can think of. 1No. There arent any suggestions. 1none 6none. 1Nooope! 1Nope 3Nope. 1Not make an account for the school on our laptops. Also make sure everyone knows how to use their 1laptop.not really 1Not really 1not really its really good. 1Not really. Its really good the way it is. 1Not really......... 1nothing 1Nothing 3
  • 26. nothing I think it is really good 1offer more help to students 1Online homework and educational online games. 1Perhaps you could improve the introduction of the 1:1 idea by talking about what games you play to learn 1about educations, and how you learn a familiar subject (also, any homework you do using the computer).Printing 1same brands for every one (to make things faster and tecnical problems easer to solve). 1Show us more helpful stuff for the computers like what to do if you computer freezes or when you cant 1shut downSome applications dont work Sometimes browser doesnt work 1start learning about laptops for 5th grade in 4th grade so we are ready adn we bring it on the 1st day 1Tell the students a year or two before they get their laptops, starting with downsides, then the upsides. 1tell them how they are going to be using their laptops and maybe downloading some programs 1beforehandTell them that laptops help when you need a reminder, when you need to know the time, and several other 1things.The olden days when we had to use paper work was better than 1;1 1The programs should be included because it takes a long time to download and personally it caused a lot 1of problems for me.The school could improve its one on one idea to other students by practicing note taking ways on the lap 1topThe school could start to introduce the 1:1 idea to the 4th graders towards the end of the year so that the 14th graders are prepared. You could send a copy of the 1:1 laptop rules with the supplies list in thesummer.the tec office should become more reliabl with problemes and offer a wider veriety of tools like pages for 1mac and other applications.the wifi in the school mabye can disable facebook or games until 3 1The Wireless Login doesnt always work. 1There is nothing to suggest, because it is a very good idea, teaching how to be responsible, but in the 1same way, because I used Mac for a shorter amount of time, it was kind of hard. Also, its a way to workharder for your grades. Because I didnt know much, I asked a lot of people about things I didnt know, andit was kind of a challenge for me, in a way making things more boring, also making me get less interestedin computer class. I think it should be optional, and you could just rent a computer for free, like I did infourth grade.They can use more computers than paper 1They could ask the IT Office to Block oovoo. They could make sure everyone brings a charger so I do not 1have to keep letting everybody use mine. They could block all types of games, such as MIne craft andOuvoo.they could buy personal headphones and mouses for every child and some cool things to stick on their 1laptops like letters to spell thir name and ghosts.They could have a few extra Macbook chargers because people dont bring them and almost all the 1computers are by apple mac.They could tell people, in advance notice, what sort of laptop would be most comfortable for schoolwork, 1that people could buy for their children.they could work with us a bit more to show us how to use our computers properly and also downloading 1applications takes a while. This includes microsoft office, type to learn e.gthey should distribute laptops 1They should install Microsoft Publisher 1They should tell the students when to bring their laptops because bringing it everyday in our backpacks is 1very tiring, and sometimes we dont even touch our laptops.They shouldnt give us personal emails because that makes kid chat more than usual. 1They teach how to do ALL the stuff students want to know. 1To either fully use the computer or to not use the computer at all because if there of sheets you could 1forget them and just bring your computer and you could forget your notebook but bring your computer, so Ithink we should use the computer for all note taking, worksheets, etc.To improve the internet system because i had to downgrade my mac and i lost some applications and they 1should check on students because sometimes they play games without knowing.Um, Im out of ideas. 1Ummmmm, they could teach us more about how to use our computers, cool tricks we can do on it, and 1even some websites that can help us learn on our own.Unblock every single website. 1Using laptops more, and by having a rule to use your mouse every time you use your laptop 1Using laptops more. 1
  • 27. We could maybe use it a bit more. 1We could use both things in all the items and not just use only one of them. 1We could use the computer more often in all our classes. 1we need to use laptops more because it interests me far more than textbooks and actually makes the 1class quieter because it interests us alot more.We should use laptops more often (use it in more subjects) 1well i thing we could touch other people computer while we are doing a group project and when they ask 1us for help or a thing we want to show them. well we cant so i thing the teachers should let us touchsomeone computer when we are doing a group researcher or something we want to show themWell I think that for people who want a PC laptop they should give thm a lighter option because the dell 1vostro is really heavy and a n awkward shape to carry around.well ok we know we have becarful with the computer but still we dont have to do the try bgrip we are in 5 1grade / year6 and why cant we touch somebodys computer we wont still it we just touch it to show themnthingsWhen I couldnt log on to the schools internet because I had upgraded my Lion OS X 1When I take my bag home, sometimes we had homework that was NOT related to the computer so we 1would sometimes have to bring our textbook home which would be REALLY heavy. I suggest that theschool gives the student like rollerbags or that we wouldnt have to carry the bags..When my teacher puts homework on Edmodo or any other things that has to do with the computer, I 1sometimes do something else instead of doing homework. For example, I have to do a math homeworkbut I just chat on Facebook or play games. So it takes more than 30 minutes to finish a simple homework.I also read an article in the internet news that if youre on the internet too long, you get addicted, so I thinkit is a bad idea to give homework on computer.YES FOR EVERYONE TO GET TO USE A MAC NOT AN OLD JUNK COMPUTER!!! 1You could be more specific about which websites you cant go to. 1You could tell the people not to download a lot of stuff.Some people download lots of stuff so their laptop 1is slow and it might not be good. Not to go on your laptop for a long time because your eyes might gettired and bad and sometimes my head hurts.You need to see if the student has any games. 1Total 276