11 12 sfs foreign languages - vision & org


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11 12 sfs foreign languages - vision & org

  1. 1. SEOUL FOREIGN SCHOOL FOREIGN LANGUAGES OVERVIEW PHILOSOPHY At SFS, for the study of Foreign Languages we believe that: Learning another language develops cultural awareness and the Honoring the host country’s language and culture develops cultural skills to acquire other languages. appreciation and interaction skills. Depth of understanding is developed where the quality of Providing a balance of learning experiences that aims at experiences that encourage application and transfer of knowledge developing the academic, social, emotional, physical & spiritual and skills is valued over the quantity of topics being covered. domains of our being develops the whole person and promotes self-worth. Providing a meaningful context based on real purposesand The teaching of a Foreign Language is most effective when taught audiences promotes effective learning. from an early age. Language skills developed in reading, listening, writing & speaking enable students to use the language to interact in everyday situations. CONTENTCurrently Spanish, French & KoreanForeign Languages courses areoffered to students to learn about another culture and its language. These courses develop language skills in reading, listening, writing & speaking to enable students to interact in everyday situations and interpret the literature of the culture at different levels. More complex language skills, contexts and literature is used as the student progresses through the program to develop their language proficiency. ORGANISATION The program can be considered as a continuum catering for students who are beginners to those students who are proficient in the language. As such, various levels of the program have been developed to best meet the needs of students. Non Heritage (Non-Native) Heritage (Native) Beginning Intermediate Advanced (Proficient)
  2. 2. SPANISH / FRENCH - FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM OVERVIEW ORGANISATION MIDDLE SCHOOL (Gr. 6-8)HIGH SCHOOL (Gr. 9) HIGH SCHOOL (Gr. 10) HIGH SCHOOL (Gr. 11,12) IGCSE 1 – The languages are IB LANGUAGES B – HL/SL(2 used for practical IGCSE 2 – An extension of IGCSE 1 yr. Program). Develops more communicationand to gain insights but using more complex skills & some complex communication skills into the culture, civilization and simple literature. which are applied to literature of the host country. Hours: 100 hrs. understanding the cultures, their Hours: 100 hrs. literature and to interact with native speakers Hours; SL–150 hrs; HL–240 hrsSF MS FOREIGN Placement in language courses INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH / in HS Gr. 9 is based on IB AB INITIO: SL (only)LANGUAGES:Spanish / FRENCH: Develops necessary Continues to build and refineFrench: Develops the basic Teacher, parent, student knowledge and skills to prepare basic language skills in reading,vocabulary, structures and skills recommendations, students for IB AB Initio Level . listening, writing & speaking to(reading, writing, speaking and Placement tests Includes developing a basic enable students to interact inlistening) of the languages . Gr. 8 exit results. foundation of vocabulary and everyday situations and to alsoHours: 82.5 hrs per gr. CAT test results structures enabling them to read, understand the Spanish/French listen, write and speak in everyday culture. contexts. Gr. 9 Course Options include: Hours: SL – 150hrs. Electives – Undertake SFS Hours: 100 hrs. graduation requirements Choose Korean 1 Maintain the Foreign Language studied in Middle School in the Gr. 9,10 IGCSE program leading into the IB. Students who meet the placement requirements areSF BS FOREIGN LANGUAGES strongly encouraged to French –Yr. 3-5: 30 hrs. per yr. continue that language at anYr. 6 40 hrs.per yr. Ab Initio LevelSpanish / Yr. 7-9 82.5 hrs. per yr. Students may also choose toFrench study another language at an Ab Initio level.
  3. 3. KOREAN - FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM OVERVIEW ORGANISATION In developing this program the following have been considered: Students may choose the course to learn another language based on their Some students are Korean Nationals who are proficient Korean speakers host country – Course: Non-Heritage who are very culturally aware having lived and been educated in Korea for the majority of their lives. Course: Heritage Some students are returning Korean Nationals who have lived overseas In comparison to western languages the Korean language is more complex and who may have some knowledge of the culture, the language and its in its use of characters, pronunciations and structures. As such, various structures. Course: Heritage /Non-heritage -dependent on placement. levels of the program have been developed to best meet the needs of students.DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURAL & LANGUAGE AWARENESS LANGUAGE ACQUISITION LANGUAGE PROFICIENCYELEMENTARY SCHOOL MIDDLE SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL JK SK/ Gr. 1,2 Gr. 3 / 4 45 hrs. Gr. 6-8 Gr. 9-12 15 hrs. 22.5 hrs. Gr. 5 67.5 hrs.82.5 hrs. per gr.Gr.9,10 100 hrs./gr.; IB SL -150Hrs; HL–250 hrs. JK SK Gr.1 Gr. 2 Gr. 3 Gr. 4 Gr. 5 Gr. 6 Gr. 7 Gr. 8 Gr. 9 Gr. 10 Gr. 11/12 NON- NON- HERITAGE NON- HERITAGE NON- HERITAGE BASIC – NON-HERITIAGE (NH) HER. Beg Beg.1 Beg.1 Korean.1 Korean. 2 - Beg. 1 Beg. 1 Beg. 1 MS.1 MS 2 MS.3 HERITAGE MS INTERMEDIATE Inter. Inter. 1 Inter. 1 Beg. 2 Beg. 2 Beg. 2 HERITAGE Adv Kor.. 3( NH) Kor. 4 (NH) IB Kor. B SL Beg. 3 HERITAGE Kor. 4 (NH) Kor. 5 (H) IB Kor. B HL HERITAGE Her. 1 Her. 2 Her. 3 ADVANCED – HERITAGE (H) Inter. Inter. Inter. The Middle school Korean program is a Foreign Language Korean. 5 Korean. 6 IB Kor. Lang 3 3 3 Program. Students going into MS will be placed in suitable courses & Lit .SL Adv. Adv. Adv. according to testing results.5th Gr. .Advanced Korean students Korean. 6 Korean. 7 IB Kor. Lang 4 4 4 (heritage) going into MSchoose Spanish/ French. They can also & Lit. HL SF BS Korean: choose Korean Literature & Writing encore courseas an elective to Heritage/ Non-Heritage maintain their language skills leading into a continuation of their Yr. 3-6- 30 hrs per year level - Korean in HS. In HS they can choose any course requiring a level 4-7 proficiency again depending on placement processes.