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Real-time APIs
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Real-time APIs


The number of real-time APIs on the Web are rising. What are real-time APIs, how are they used? How are they built? This deck and demo was presented at InfoQ in San Francisco Nov 2012.

The number of real-time APIs on the Web are rising. What are real-time APIs, how are they used? How are they built? This deck and demo was presented at InfoQ in San Francisco Nov 2012.

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  • Creator of the Mule project: first open source ESBFounder the company behind Mule and its family of productsSit firmly in the love marmite campStarted my career working in banks, telco and insuranceI have always been a “plumber” 14 years experience hooking stuff togetherUltimately I’m a geek that likes to tinker with softwareHuge lego fan, obsessed as a kid. Family guy cracks me up – my wife does notget either one
  • Simple. Because nobody wants to waitBecause your customers expect it. The world expects itReal-time will make or break your application- (Think about the Apps you use (maybe use Cue as an example))
  • “Don’t call us, we will call you”Need to work within the boundaries of API rate limits How many calls per hour\\ Total calls per day Time between callsList examples:
  • We don’t like to wait. Speed is a massive factor of success for any No point learning about something 4 minutes after it happened


  • 1. Real-time APIs and how to build one@rossmason, @mulesoft
  • 2. Agenda• What the heck is Real-time APIs• The technology and trends• Demos
  • 3. What is real-time?• Real-time: the ability to react to something as soon as it happens• Web real-time: Same but slower (about 900ms delay is ok)
  • 4. What is a real-time API?• Real-time API: Allows an app to only register for events that it is interested in – Give me new customers as they are added – Tell me when the stock price changes – Tell me in 4 weeks to send an email to Bob
  • 5. Why Real-time?• User experience: Don’t make people wait• Accuracy: Don’t make things wait• Because life happen in real-time
  • 6. Why Real-time?Speed
  • 7. What do most API consumers do?• Polling – Make a request every 60 seconds – 61.672% of calls yield no result – New data can be available and waiting for 59.9 seconds – Need to work within the boundaries of API rate limits • How many calls per hour • Total calls per day • Time between calls
  • 8. Why Real-time?Broadcast
  • 9. Why Real-time?Engagement
  • 10. Push vs StreamingPush (aka WebHooks) Streaming• I’ll call you back • Keep the line open• Asynchronous • Request Response• Drawbacks • Drawbacks – Need to have a reply channel – Holds a socket connection setup open – Continuations can be – Considered a security risk by used some – Harder to implement durable – Reliability complicated – did connections the data arrive
  • 11. REST or Real-time?• Real-time APIs are additive to an existing REST or SOAP API• Invocation semantics are different – Client needs to handle two invocation models• Real-time APIs are mostly used to query data – Usually not to perform CRUD operations• Have different SLA and reliability requirements
  • 12. REST or Real-time? consumer REST API Streaming APIResource A Resource B Resource C Transport Subscription Manager Query Processor
  • 13. Real-time Technologies• Transport – Comet (HTTP) – WebSocket (HTTP)• Protocols – With formal pub/sub semantics: • XMPP • Bayeux • STOMP – Ad hoc, ie "subscription" expressed in the request: • JSON• Push – PubSubHubbub – Web Hooks
  • 14. Real-time APIs are realAPI Real-time technology/protocolSalesforce CometFacebook PubSubHubbubInstagram Ah Hoc (WebHooks/PubSubHubbub)Twitter Ad Hoc (Comet)PubNub Ad HocSuperFeedr XMPPPusher Ad Hoc (WebSockets)
  • 15. Real-time APIs: REST + JSON or XML 1% of all APIs support real-time interaction source: ProgrammableWeb.com
  • 16. Stop. Demo time!
  • 17. Demo 1: AJAX Streaming API HTTP Long Transport Polling Subscription CometD Manager Query <None> Processorhttps://github.com/rossmason/mule-streaming-api-demo
  • 18. Demo 2: WebSockets Streaming API Transport WebSocket Subscription JMS Manager Query Esper Processorhttps://github.com/rossmason/mule-streaming-api-demo
  • 19. Mule real-time API supportTechnologies 3rd Party APIs• CometD • Salesforce Streaming API• Web Sockets • Facebook real-time API• Ad Hoc • Twitter Firehose• PubSubHubbub • PubNub• XMPP• STOMP• WebHooks
  • 20. Real-time Web SotN• Still in early adopter territory – But some major APIs use this approach• Limitations – No discovery protocol (i.e. WADL) – Many different methods • Some hampered by older browser technology (i.e. Web Sockets
  • 21. Thank You!• Twitter: @rossmason, @mulesoft• Slides: http://slideshare.net/rossmason• Code: https://github.com/rossmason/mule-streaming-api-demo• Blog: http://blogs.mulesoft.org• We are hiring: http://mulesoft.com.careers