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    • Thursday, May 30, 13Salary cap is hot button issueFootball and basketball have capsSuccessfulMLB wants to try, too
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Athletes have high salariesEspecially baseball playersSportingnews.com - baseball makes twice football salaryWhy would anybody care about a salary cap in baseball?
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Baseball fan for over 25 yearsKeep best players in sport, need to negotiate salaryFair, ethical treatment of employees
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Salary cap would tamper with traditionsTake power of salary negotiation and give to leagueLeaves players without options
    • = =/ toThursday, May 30, 13No salary cap in baseballFeel it will create sense of equityTeams, players, fans must keep MLB from creating salary capWouldn’t benefit smaller market teams
    • Thursday, May 30, 13America’s sport - comes with sense of traditionAmerican dreamRight to American dream
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Salary cap takes player’s ability to negotiatePushes older player out of sportWouldn’t help small market teams
    • Thursday, May 30, 13No incentivesMakes baseball unenjoyableAmerican tradition - preserve this tradition
    • = =/ toThursday, May 30, 13MLB feels salary cap would create equityExample from BleacherReport.com
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Several teams have $5 millionPlayer asking for $10 millionCan’t pay playerPlayer must accept 50% decrease
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Argument that players earn too muchSports teams are businesses
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Ben Sharp, contributor for WRFT blogSports are businesses as well as entertainmentSupply and demandTeam owners: win and money - must keep players happy to get both
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Salary cap takes power from players and gives to leagueOwners have ability to squeeze and trap playersHow?
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Team A - $5 billionTeam B - $12 billionTeam B - more to spend on players, wiggle room to negotiate
    • Thursday, May 30, 13$9 billion dollar capTeam A - still only $5 billionTeam B - now only $9 billion$4 billion gap
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Doesn’t help players or team ATeam A still has only $5 billionTeam B has almost twice that
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Larger teams will always have more to spendWhat can you do to oppose?
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Actively oppose salary capWrite favorite team, MLBEncourage friendsBe vocal
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Support smaller market teams through merch and ticketsSee your team play on the road
    • Thursday, May 30, 13Let MLB knowGive smaller market teams supportAll players will have same ability to negotiateConcept as American as apple pie and baseball itself