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Known as one of the legal profession's most educational and entertaining speakers, Ross Fishman's presentations are designed exclusively for litigators and trial lawyers.

A former litigator and marketing partner, Ross's fast-paced presentations are perfect for litigation-oriented groups and bar associations.

Appropriate for keynotes, CLE, MCLE, Ethics, retreats, and marketing training programs, Ross's programs are often called, "The best marketing presentations I've ever seen" by marketing and managing partners.

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Ross Fishman litigation and trial lawyer association presentations brochure

  1. 1. MARKETING TRAININGFOR LITIGATORS,BY A LITIGATOR. Marketing Training Keynotes CLE Retreats Ross Fishman, JD DYNAMIC PROGRAMS FOR TRIAL LAWYERSINTEGRATED MARKETING FROM LINKEDIN MARKETING ETHICS IN FOR LITIGATORS TO LINK-BUILDING: AN ONLINE WORLD (CLE) SOCIAL, DIGITAL & ONLINE MARKETING In this tough economy, Do CEOs really it’s not a question of It’s the hottest subject need protection which marketing tool in law marketing, but from a law firm’s works best, it’s how to few seem to know what Facebook page? blend them all together it all means or how the Is a blog ethically to achieve specific, mea- pieces fit together. different than a surable revenue goals. website? What’s Do law firms need the problem with Fishman Marketing’s Facebook pages? Is SEO smoke-and-mirrors “Friending” a prospect or seeking a LinkedInunique methodology ensures the success- “Recommendation?” Can you bid on your or a powerful new-economy strategy? Doesful creation and implementation of dedicated competitor’s name in Google AdWords? What “traffic” really lead to revenue? What typesmarketing campaigns, business-development types of texts or Tweets are trouble? of firms should care about Google searches?strategies, and branding initiatives for litigators.Through this rigorous approach, digital/online What is the ONE question you must ask to de- In this hot presentation, Ross discusses theseand social-marketing strategies are tightly in- termine whether your communication is sub-tegrated with traditional marketing and PR to topics and more, from SEO link-building to ject to the ethics rules?achieve specific business objectives. eye-tracking website research. Built off of ac- tual law firm case studies, and the latest B2C The rules change as quickly as the technol-This cutting-edge presentation will show how and B2B research, Ross will identify which ogy. When the rules are vague and the risks aretraditional and new-media platforms can work components are necessary, and how to use the high, how can firms comply as new marketingtogether to deliver solid, measurable, and cost- latest tools and technology to market a litiga- tools evolve and subjective interpretations varyeffective results, quickly. tion boutique or practice. by state? This fast-paced presentation will help attendees understand the rules, to ensure your marketing efforts are both effective and ethical. Copyright © 2012 Fishman Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Ross Fishman, CEO | Fishman Marketing, Inc. | +1 847.432.3546 | Blog: • • •
  2. 2. POPULAR PROGRAMS THE HISTORY OF LAW MARKETING ETHICS (CLE) Ethics programs don’t have to be boring. Here’s the 250-year history of the best (and worst) examples of law firm marketing. In the 1700s, lawyers who wanted to broadcast their trial victories minted their own money. Everyone knows Abe Lincoln advertised, but did you know he also gave marketing seminars and charged a quarter? Since then, the pace of change has accelerated as new tools have evolved and aggressive lawyers have pushed the envelope – until it occasionally ripped. Business cards attached to funeral wreaths. Firms mailing prospects realistic hand grenades or using 1(800) PITBULL. Even lawyers in lingerie. This entertaining presentation will detail the history of marketing ethics, including discussing the most important Supreme Court cases. CREATIVE DIFFERENTIATION FOR LITIGATORS A marketing program should help you stand out, and create or enhance the relationships that bring in business. It must execute a dynamic strategy. Sadly, too many firms proclaim the same message: “We’re really smart!” In a fun, fast-paced, and visually stunning hour, Ross will show attendees how to develop their own unique message and strategy, blasting through dozens of differentiated messages and over 100 real-life examples of the best (and worst) professional- services firm and automotive marketing. You will leave energized, educated, and entertained, with a clear understanding of exactly how to differentiate your litigation firm or trial practice. This entertaining and educational program has repeatedly been referred to as “the best marketing program ever,” by managing and marketing partners worldwide. You won’t want to miss this. YOUR MARKETING GOAL SHOULD BE “DOMINATE A TARGET MARKET” How much more money would you earn if you were known as the most knowledgeable litigator in a particular industry? How much more revenue would your firm generate if you thoroughly dominated a specific practice area or industry? Great marketing can help a litigator, practice, office, or firm dominate its chosen market(s), and quickly. It’s easier than you think, but it requires a clear strategy, aggressive marketing, thorough training, and ongoing coaching and support. There’s a simple formula for radical success that few firms follow. But it’s one any firm can do, once they’re ready to be great. This proven technique works for firms of any size and prac- tice mix. This entertaining and educational presentation will show how, using 100 powerfulSmall but Mighty. SM visuals and examples of a wide range of firms. LITIGATORS MUST BE THE BRAND Lawyers invented Social Marketing it’s simply developing trusted, personal relationships, and social platforms are additional tools to accelerate and extend your reach. However, new rules of engagement apply, and when appropriately executed yield impressive, sustain- The pea-sized Tepín Pepper is the hottest able results. in the world. Before becoming “social” you must first become user-friendly, and this presentation will give you the Top 10 Dos and Don’ts. Social marketing is not about having a Facebook page, it’s about developing and managing your brand. If you are confused about social strategies, this fun and fast-paced presentation will show you how best to use online tools to leapfrog your competition. Some of the world’s most potent forces are also the most concentrated. While some say there is safety in numbers, we say a small but mighty force can move mountains.
  3. 3. “That was the single best marketing presentation I’ve ever seen!” Art Bernstein, Executive Director, Hopkins & Carley Member, ALA National Conference Committee IT’S NOT “MARKETING VS. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT” — IT’S ABOUT STRATEGY When the economy began declining, law firms frantically discarded Marketing in favor of sales- oriented activities, called “Business Development.” Marketing should develop a strategy that directly supports the firm’s rainmakers. Marketing is the blueprint that shortens the sales cycle, gets everyone working together, and helps them bring in more business more quickly. Without it, it’s like giving everyone a hammer, but not a blueprint. You get lots of frantic activity, not a great building. When Marketing and Business Development teams work together correctly, it’s an unstoppable combination. This visually powerful presentation will show precisely how litigators can accomplish that goal. CLIENT RETENTION AND CROSS-SELLING FOR LITIGATORS Cross-selling – selling additional services to existing clients­– can be a powerful tool, leading to significantly increased additional revenue and client retention. However, most firms fail in the actual execution, finding that it’s much more difficult than they’d envi- sioned. There are a wide range of internal obstacles that must be overcome, including com- pensation structures, sharing, trust, inadequate information, portability, and others. This presentation explores the strategies employed by the largest accounting and manage- ment-consulting firms, and shows how they can be adapted to the challenging law firm environment. ADDITIONALFISHMAN, J.D. ROSS PRESENTATIONSAdvertising for Litigators, Tips & Techniques Generational Issues in Law Firms Personal Injury Law Firm MarketingAssociate-Marketing Tools - By Year of Practice History of Law Marketing & Ethics Practice Group MarketingAssociate-Marketing Training - Developing a Plan Keynotes & After-Dinner Presentations Public Relations Basics - Tips & TechniquesBlogs & Online Marketing Tools LinkedIn & Social Media for Lawyers Recruiting - Attracting Top Laterals & Law StudentsBoutique or Specialty Law Firm Marketing Litigators - Marketing a Litigation Practice Sales Training - Turning Contacts into ClientsBranding, Positioning & Differentiation Marketing 101 - the Fundamentals SEO & Digital MarketingBusiness-Development Skills for Litigators Marketing Audits:Is your firm doing the right things? Small-Firm MarketingClient Roundtables (organizer/moderator) Marketing in a Recessionary Economy Social Media & Web 2.0 for LitigatorsClient Service & Client Retention Marketing Plans for Individuals or Practice Groups Strategic Marketing PlansCreativity & Innovation for Law Firms Media Roundtable or Panel (Organizer & Moderator) Websites - the Latest Tips, Trends & TechniquesEthics & CLE Networking Training with Hands-On Practice Working a RoomFacebook, LinkedIn & Google Tools Niche & Industry Marketing
  4. 4. ROSS FISHMAN, J.D. ROSS FISHMAN, J.D. Called “one of the country’s leading experts national day-long QuickStart programs, after which LMA on law firm marketing” by Lawyers Weekly leadership asked Ross to create and host its first full-day program USA, Ross is known as one of the legal exclusively for lawyers, called “Just JDs.” He has also been hired profession’s most innovative marketers and as the expert witness in two highly publicized branding- and strategists. As CEO of Fishman Marketing, Google-related lawsuits, and created a 20-part video series for Inc., he helps law firms in marketing West LegalEdCenter, entitled “Beyond the Bar.” planning; website development; brandingand differentiation; SEO and online marketing; and the Called “the creative mind behind a host of law firm campaignsdevelopment of cutting-edge ads and other marketing that have redefined the field” (San Jose Business Journal),materials. Fishman Marketing has launched effective campaigns for over 100 firms from Indiana to Istanbul and has worked withRoss was a commercial litigator before moving to many of the nation’s largest firms and global networks.500-attorney Winston & Strawnto practice marketing full-time. He FM campaigns have received thelater became Marketing Partner of 3,500-member LMA’s grand prize, “Ross has a stronger sense ofUngaretti & Harris. what will create ‘buzz’ than the optional Best of Show award five anyone else in the market.” of the nine times ever presented. FMKnown for his “educational and campaigns also received one of Inc. Rick Klau, Google, Inc.entertaining” presentation style, he magazine’s ten Marketing Mastershas conducted more than 250 firm awards for “brilliant and successful”retreats and training programs on marketing campaigns. Recipient offive continents, from Tobago to a peer-selected LMA 1998 LifetimeThailand — including once presenting on three continents Achievement Award, Ross was the first person inducted intowithin 24 hours. the LMA’s Hall of Fame.Ross has been quoted hundreds of times from the New A Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, RossZealand Lawyer to National Public Radio’s “All Things has written 250 bylined articles, including five monthlyConsidered.” He keynoted a series of marketing programs at columns, and has sat on the editorial board of five nationalan Asian Productivity Organization conference in Bangkok a group of United Nations government ministers. A 1986 member of the federal Trial Bar (N.D. Ill), he receivedAn active LMA member since 1990, Ross was the 1998 Vice a B.A. in Speech Communications, cum laude, from thePresident, and chairman and moderator of seven consecutive University of Illinois, and his J.D. from Emory Law School. ROSS FISHMAN, J.D. FOR MORE INFORMATION Ross Fishman, CEO For more information: Fishman Marketing, Inc. +1 847.432.3546 Blog: Copyright © 2012 Fishman Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. SPEAKER TESTIMONIALS Substantive and entertaining… Inspiring. The best program of the highest ratings ever! the three-day conference. Andrea Hodges, Director of Marketing Ève Laurier, Conseillère Alschuler Grossman Marketing et développement des affaires RSM Richter CPAs, Montreal Common-sense approach … rave reviewsfrom a tough audience… Extraordinary ability Turned skeptics into believers… to connect with attorneys… a “perfect 10.” Amazing. Made a dry subject fun… Janis Nordstrom, Chief Marketing Officer extremely positive feedback. Akerman The EC chair called it the “best program he’d ever attended.” The highlight of our retreat… Pamela McCarthy, Marketing Director entertaining, with solid, practical advice. Klehr Harrison, Philadelphia Dick Walleshauser, Marketing Director Chamberlain Hrdlicka, Atlanta Rich content, masterful timing and humor… a master storyteller and gifted marketer… A creative genius… Ross makes the complex simple, and gets Funny, insightful, brutally honest. through to lawyers like few others can. The best presentation I’ve ever seen… Russell Lawson, CMO Mark Beese, Chief Marketing Officer Sands Anderson, Richmond, VA Holland & Hart, Denver A “Eureka” experience… Outstanding … When you stop laughing, you realize gave all the answers… excellent. how much Ross has enhanced your firm. Lynn Tellefsen, Director of Marketing Cahill Gordon, New York Michael S. Meisel, Marketing Partner Cole Schotz, New York A mind-opening speaker… A great program… dynamic and energetic… rousing applause... filled with valuable information… Do yourself a huge favor and hire Ross. witty and insightful… Ernest Svenson, Marketing Partner a lasting impression. Gordon Arata, New Orleans George J. Harnett, Managing Partner White and Williams, Philadelphia Practical information you can put intoaction immediately. The best and most useful One of my all-time favorite speakers… presentation of the 3-day conference. A compelling message, delivered entertainingly Attorneys excitedly engaged… and energetically… Makes marketing fun. raised the bar… Nancy Villano, CMO made the committee look good… Chapman and Cutler, Chicago Amy Smith-Pike, Marketing Director DurretteBradshaw, Richmond, VA The most rewarding part of our conference … a huge success. Branville McCartney, Managing Partner Halsbury Chambers, Nassau, Bahamas Copyright © 2012 Fishman Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Ross Fishman, CEO | Fishman Marketing, Inc. | +1 847.432.3546 | Blog: • • •
  6. 6. SPEAKER TESTIMONIALS Fantastic… Educational and had everyone Wow! Great presentation… rolling in the aisles… Nothing but favorable Pure genius… comments. Propelled us forward… We were blown away. Thomas E. Kane, Director of Marketing Ross has a gift. Carlton Fields, Tampa Gina Garapolo, Office Manager Stahl Cowen, Chicago A rousing success … everyone LOVED you! … Smart, funny, a great presenter… Great feedback, positive comments… Practical and focused on results… Humor mixed with practical tips! firms can track success Robin Nolan, Marketing Director straight to the bottom line. White and Williams, Philadelphia Lance Godard, 2010 Program Chair, LMA Ohio The Godard Group, Cleveland One of the most interesting, enjoyable and applicable presentations I have everattended… Informative, funny and dynamic. *Job titles reflect the positions held when quoted. Heather Thatcher, Marketing Director Hart, King & Coldren, Costa Mesa, CA … Energized and filled with new ideas… agreat day - fun, yet practical and informative. Diane D. Carty, Chief Operating Officer Minden Gross, Toronto Unique solutions… practical and driving results... Humor, creativity and real lifestories… Credible… speaks from experience. Tanna Moore, President and CEO, Meritas Excellent… superb... insightful, direct, and practical… balancing substance and good humor. Herbert Pinchuk, Senior Partner Robinson Sheppard Shapiro, Montreal Practical and motivating. Skeptical partners were glad Ross ran the show. Cliff Goldstein, Managing Partner Chartwell Law Offices, Philadelphia Excellent … Concrete ideas… nothing but positive comments. Laura Sandifer, Office Administrator Carr Maloney, Washington DC