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Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in the Real World


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Ross Dawson's presentation slides for NSW KM Forum on 3 February 2009, including preview material from the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report.

Ross Dawson's presentation slides for NSW KM Forum on 3 February 2009, including preview material from the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report.

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  • 1. Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in the Real World Ross Dawson Chairman, Future Exploration Network Author, Living Networks and Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships
  • 2. What is Enterprise 2.0? The application of Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies to enhance organizational performance. Establishing the organizational structures and processes that will drive success in an intensely competitive connected economy. 1 2
  • 3. Where does it start? Productivity & efficiency Increased productivity Faster innovation and product development More efficient project management Reduced email overload Improved team performance Staff engagement Better internal communication Greater staff engagement Enhanced collaborative behaviours More effective learning & development Knowledge Easier access to expertise and organizational capabilities Enhanced search Reputation Attractiveness as an employer Improved firm reputation Increased visibility in marketplace
  • 4. Barrier Relevance (1-10) Response Culture Strongly hierarchical Risk averse Lack of trust in employees History of failure Embedded habits Executive attitudes Poor understanding of benefits and risks Fear of loss of control Power of legal and risk functions Vested interests Impact on existing investments Impact on IT function Loss of power Design of initiatives Wrong language Technology rather than business focus No solid business case Initiatives too complex
  • 5. Iterate and refine Establish initiatives Set framework Understand business drivers 1 2 3 4 Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework Create Governance framework Map internal stakeholders and culture Identify and support internal champions Identify and seed pilot projects Drivers of E2 implementation Identify key potential value to organization Identify key risks and concerns for organization Establish policies and parameters Build business case Monitor pilots: support, modify, or discontinue Identify highest potential business applications Ongoing culture and communication initiatives Communicate policies Select enterprise IT platforms Implement enterprise IT platforms Enterprise wide user adoption initiatives
  • 6.  
  • 7. Enterprise
    • Speakers include:
    • JP Rangaswami , Managing Director, BT Design
    • David Backley , General Manager – Applications Development, Westpac
    • Ross Dawson , Chairman, Future Exploration Network
    • Nathan Wallace , Associate Director – Technology, Janssen-Cilag
    • Chrissy Burns , Director IT & Knowledge, Blake Dawson
    • Wendy Hogan , Managing Director, CBS Interactive Australia
    • Peter Williams , CEO, Deloitte Digital
    • Key features:
    • Insights and practical experience from real-life case studies
    • Workshop sessions with Australia’s leading experts
    • Highly participative
    • All participants receive complimentary copy of Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report, value at US$195
    • Topics include implementation, governance, business value, mobile workflow , and social networks
    Sydney, 24 February 2009 Discount code: NSWKMF
  • 8.
    • Who should read Implementing Enterprise 2.0 :
    • Senior executives
    • CIOs and IT managers
    • Change agents
    • HR managers
    • Learning executives
    • Strategy team
    • Operational executives
    • Risk executives
    • Internal and external consultants
    • Use Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Report to:
    • Gain a clear understanding of Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 in organizations
    • Identify opportunities for value creation
    • Provide a structured view of benefits and risks
    • Establish governance initiatives
    • Create and communicate a clear Enterprise 2.0 strategy for your organization
    • Convince executives to take action
    • Design and implement successful projects
    US$195 Special offer - Australia only (until 31 March 2009): A$195 + GST Available: End February 2009
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