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Crowdsourcing Workshops: Partner offer


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Partner offer for running crowdsourcing workshops with Ross Dawson in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Partner offer for running crowdsourcing workshops with Ross Dawson in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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  • 1. CROWDSOURCINGworkshopsEUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, ASIA Offer for workshop partners
  • 2. CROWDSOURCING WORKSHOPS: PARTNER OFFERWe are looking for partners in major cities in North America, Europe, and Asia for Ross Dawson to run workshops.WORKSHOP TOPICS TARGET AUDIENCES Getting Results From Crowds Typical target audiences for crowdsourcing workshops include: Entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, high-growth businesses, Crowd Business Models and social innovators Future of Crowdsourcing Senior executives and innovation leaders in large companiesIf the partner would prefer we would also be happy to run Executives in creative agencies and media organizationsworkshops on topics including: Future of Work and Organizations FEES Fees are to be discussed and will be either: Strategies for the Future of Media Fixed fee Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Revenue or Profit ShareFORMAT Fees will often be at a significant discount to Ross Dawson’s Half-day or one-day public workshops. usual keynote/ workshop fee structure. There will be greater fee flexibility if he is able to identify other speaking engagements Tailored corporate in-house workshops, often focused or client work in the same city. on strategy for the future of work. In some cases we will consider a short-format event e.g. BOOKS breakfast, lunch, or evening. All workshops will include a print copy of Getting Results From Crowds for all attendees (or Implementing Enterprise 2.0DATES in the case of an Enterprise 2.0 workshop)Workshop dates will need to coordinate with Ross Dawson’stravel schedule. Initial targets include week of April 30 – May 4 CONTACTin Europe and May/June in North America. To discuss please get in touch at 
  • 3. SAMPLE WORKSHOP AGENDAS Note: Sample agendas only – workshop content will always be tailored to the audienceGetting Results From Crowds workshop Crowd Business Models workshopCROWDSOURCING FOUNDATIONS CROWD BUSINESS MODELS TODAY Understanding crowdsourcing Business and social drivers Types of crowdsourcing Market and funding drivers Principles of crowdsourcing THE 8 CROWD BUSINESS MODELSUSING SERVICE MARKETPLACES Fundamentals of the crowd business models Comparing the marketplaces Monetization mechanisms Specifying Success factors Finding talent Examples and case studies Rewarding CROWD VENTURESPROJECT MANAGEMENT Building crowds into everything Platforms and tools Analysis of emerging crowd businesses Roles and structures EMERGING OPPORTUNITIESUSING COMPETITION PLATFORMS Where the opportunities are Guidelines for success Designing crowd business models Identifying talent Implementing crowd business modelsUSING CROWDFUNDING Guidelines for success Examples and case studies Future of CrowdsourcingMAKING IT HAPPEN Can be run as a keynote, workshop, bar camp, or Embedding into organizations unconference, exploring the many possibilities Building capabilities for how we will tap the power of crowds.   
  • 4. ABOUT GETTING RESULTS FROM CROWDS BOOK About Getting Results From Crowds book Build your business What business leaders are saying by tapping one of the “Ross Dawson and Steve Bynghall have masterfully delivered a comprehensive and strategically pragmatic guide to crowdsourcing. most powerful trends This is the must read bible for effective crowdsourcing.” R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO, Constellation Research in business today: Crowdsourcing “Ross’s latest book is a fantastic guide for businesses looking to access skills and drive innovation through crowdsourcing. I highly recommend it.” Peter Williams, CEO, Deloitte Digital “Ross Dawson, the “crowd king”, provides with Getting Results from Crowds a comprehensive and up to date review of how to make crowds work for you!” Matt Barrie, CEO, “If you want to leverage the talent of a crowd – and why you wouldn’t you? – this is the ultimate guide. It gives you insight into how to best use it to your advantage and fly with your powerful idea.”Getting Results From Crowds provides practical, pragmatic, Luca Penati, Global Managing Director, Ogilvy PRclear guidance on how you can draw on the power of crowdsto grow your business. Filled with real-life case studies and “Dawson’s book will help you maximise the wisdom, creativity and valueuseful examples, it gives you everything you need to know you extract from the crowd. Buy this book. Harness the create success in a world where talent can be anywhere. Supercharge your business.” Alec Lynch, Founder, DesignCrowd.comFor free chapters, frameworks, resources, and latest insights “This is the smartest, most practical overview of crowdsourcing I’ve seengo to the book website: (and I think I’ve seen them all).” Lukas Biewald, CEO, CrowdFlower