Email Marketing: Messaging & Strategy
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Email Marketing: Messaging & Strategy



This was a presentation on email marketing messaging and strategy given at the DMA's DM Days 07 in New York City.

This was a presentation on email marketing messaging and strategy given at the DMA's DM Days 07 in New York City.



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Email Marketing: Messaging & Strategy Email Marketing: Messaging & Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • Email Message & Strategy
    • 3 R’s of Message Strategy
    • Engineering Calls to Action
    • Determining When to Mail & Testing
    • Q&A
    Email Messaging & Strategy Ross Kramer, Listrak
  • 3 R’s of Messaging Strategy Rendering Reputation Relevancy
  • The 1 st R
  • Email Marketers Dilemma People grow disinterested as you send them the same information over time.
  • Keys to Success
    • Know your audience
    • Know what your audience wants
    • Know how to fulfill audience needs
  • Pathways to Relevancy
    • Start with a Preference Center
    • Personalization
      • Dynamic Content
    • Segmentation
      • Interest / Preference
      • Active vs. Non-Active
      • Behavior (Purchase Path / Click Stream Data)
  • Web Analytics Example
  • The 2 nd R RENDERING
  • Rendering
    • Recent changes in email receivers’ technology are forcing email marketers to pay more attention to rendering in 2007.
  • Rendering
    • Email Experience Council’s 2007 Rendering Report showed that out of 1,000 emails reviewed, 210 of them were completely blank with images turned on.
  • ?
  • Other Challenges
    • New Microsoft Live Mail
    • New Yahoo Interface
    • New Outlook 2007
  • Rendering
    • Tools are available to help you quickly test rendering of your message.
  • Rendering Tools
  • Rendering Tools
  • Accreditation Services
    • Sender Score Certified (formerly Bonded Sender)
      • Road Runner / Hotmail /MSN / Microsoft Live
    • Goodmail
      • AOL / Yahoo (transactional)
      • Verizon / AT&T / Comcast / Road Runner /Cox
    • Habeas SafeList
      • 4 million email networks
  • The 3 rd R REPUTATION
  • Reputation
    • Your email reputation is formed through a symbiotic relationship between permission level, message relevancy and mailing practices.
  • Reputation
    • Other factors that affect reputation…
    Message Not Relevant? Can’t Read the Message? No Permission?
  • Reputation
    • List Quality … Bounces!
    • List Size … Connections!
    • Measure your reputation at
  • Critical Performance Pieces Content List Quality Offer/ Call to Action
  • Content Strategy
    • Focus on…
      • Subject Lines
      • Customer-centric Content (Think Relevancy!)
      • Testing
  • Subject Lines
    • Click-through rates for subject lines with 49 or fewer characters were 75 percent higher than for those with 50 or more.
    • -Return Path (2006)
  • Subject Lines
    • 69% of people studied said they make the decision to click on the "report spam" or "junk" button using the subject line .
    • -Email Sender and Provider Coalition (2007)
  • Four Subject Line Imperatives
    • Personalization Adds the person’s first name in the subject line
    • Include Your Company Name This will help with identifying who you are – think “report spam”
    • Include the offer in the Subject Line This will boost your open/read rate
    • Include a time limit or expiration This is a catalyst for “spur-of-the-moment” actions/purchases        
  • Customer–centric Content
    • Create email campaigns that work hard and deliver highest ROI
      • Create relevant content tied to recipient preference
      • Lifestyle messaging proving to be more lasting
      • Think “preview pane” - Above the fold body copy must compel reader to click on relevant offers or calls to action!
  • Content Strategy
    • Copy Changes: Small changes can make an impact
    • Example:
    • “ Click Here” versus “Get” or “Receive”
      • Test and track changes all the way to conversion as “Click Here” may receive higher CTR, but other copy alternatives might convert better.
  • Content Strategy
    • Consider the Emotional Value of Your Subject Line
  • Content Strategy
    • Creative Changes: Don’t feel that you need to always stick to your template
    • Example:
      • Email Postcards can be an effective way to re-invigorate sagging response rates.
  • MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2007 – Best Consumer Postcard
  • 20,000 messages delivered 6,500 messages forwarded to friends!
  • Heatmap Studies Source: MarketingSherpa
  • Source: MarketingSherpa
  • Heatmap Takeaway
    • People scan, they don't read full sentences
    • Front load your copy with the most important information
    • People will scroll if you lead them to do so through imagery
  • When to Mail Listrak ESP 28 million emails sent 3000 campaigns
  • When to Mail? Listrak ESP 240 million emails sent 26,000 campaigns
  • When to Mail
    • When the inbox is clean
    • Weekdays – After 9AM but before 4PM EST
    • Geographical Segmentation Consider time zones
    • Stay away from… Friday afternoons and weekends
  • Testing
    • You don’t know
    • what you don’t know
    • The only way to know
    • what you don’t know
    • …is to test!
  • Testing & Tuning
    • Easy Idea: A/B Split
    • Segment “x” of list as test group
    • Split test group in half “a” & “b”
    • Send separate test campaign to each split
    • Actionable results should be available
    • within 3 hours
  • Determine Sample Size
  • Ideas for Testing
    • Subject Lines
    • Personalization
    • Segmentation
    • Offer Types
    • Coupons
    • Day Part / Week Part
  • 3 R’s of Messaging Strategy Rendering Reputation Relevancy
  • Q & A