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Octink interiors & shopfitting

  1. 1. Interiors & shopfitting Case studies
  2. 2. Case studies
  3. 3. Interiors & shopfittingA full service offeringSpace planning, interior design, furniture procurement andin-house manufacturing expertise, digital wall coverings,wall displays and window dressings to bring point of saleideas and complete marketing suite environments to life. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  4. 4. In-store rebrandCase studies
  5. 5. In-store rebrandPizza ExpressIn-store rebrandDescriptionBeing a Pizza Express preferred A range of our services havesignage supplier is a role that been utilised in the projects we’vedemands high-end point-of sale managed so far including: Facias,graphics and signage to be poster campaigns, projected signs,produced and installed to exacting built-up lettering, fretcut metalworkstandards on a national basis. and canvas wall art.Each Pizza Express restaurant isdesigned to be unique and haveits own bespoke style. The designconcepts often push productionmethods to their limit. At Octinkwe are ideally suited for work ofthis nature and relish the challenge. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  6. 6. Daylesford Organic farm shopsCase studies
  7. 7. Daylesford Organic farm shopsDaylesford OrganicDaylesford Organic farm shopsDescriptionOctink is proud of its long relationshipwith Daylesford Organic, providingvisual merchandising, like signageand in-store display graphics, whichare sympathetic with their respectiveenvironment and in the most immaculateof retail merchandising spaces.The exquisite marble cladding enabledus to apply self-adhesive displaygraphics directly to the walls, giving astylish, minimalistic effect. Informativestoryboards, coupled with high qualitylarge format photographic prints appliedabove the shelving, completed the look. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  8. 8. Maple QuaysCase studies
  9. 9. Maple QuaysBarratt HomesOctink designed and produced furniture, wall displays and exterior signagefor this exclusive development’s marketing suite in Canada Water, London. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  10. 10. Kennington Park SquareCase studies
  11. 11. Kennington Park SquareBarratt HomesA smart interior solution was applied to this site in Kennington, South London.Octink designed and produced furniture, wall displays and exterior signage. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  12. 12. Dalston SquareCase studies
  13. 13. Dalston SquareBarratt HomesA stunning interior fit out for this development in Hackney, East London.Octink designed and produced furniture, wall displays and exterior signage. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  14. 14. ElektronCase studies
  15. 15. ElektronBarratt HomesElektronDescriptionBarratt’s outstanding Docklands We worked with Barratt’s creativedevelopment is made up of three agency on the interiors to deliverspectacular towers, which are wall-mounted graphics, fret-cutsituated close to the 2012 Olympic lettering and, as the centrepiece,Village, with stunning balcony views a CGI of the three towers printedacross the Thames towards the onto wallpaper covered the entire02 Dome and Canary Wharf. rear wall of the marketing suite.Our work at Elektron maximised The installation team were requireda whole range of branding to work closely with Barratt’s healthopportunities externally. Both the and safety advisors to ensure theirilluminated built-up letters on the exacting installation standards wereroof of the marketing suite, and the complied with throughout the project.massive building banners securedto the main towers, provided a focalpoint for this landmark development. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  16. 16. The AtriumCase studies
  17. 17. The AtriumCrest NicholsonThe AtriumDescriptionThe Atrium is an inspirational new walnut storage units, backlit displaylandmark development of new mixed light boxes and sculptural timber artcommercial and residential properties pieces. The flooring was unusual infor Crest Nicholson Regeneration in being polished rubber, which givesCamberley, Surrey. good noise and heat insulation.Starting with an empty shell, we The vibrant, contemporary stylingworked closely with interior design helped contribute a successful launchconsultant Anna Kitney to project for this exciting new development.manage the entire interior design,furniture and graphics installation forThe Atrium’s marketing suite.Facing tight deadlines, weincorporated stylish 1950’s inspiredwire seating, smoked glass and T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  18. 18. The GalleryInspace PartnershipsThe GalleryDescriptionOctink was given the job of designingand fitting out a large marketingsuite cabin for the building company,Inspace Partnerships.Large scale graphics were printedonto vinyl, foamex and dibondsubstrates both inside and out, “I would like to personally thankincluding full colour graphics installed everybody for their efforts in makingonto roller blinds, ensuring maximum this succeed, it has allowed us toexposure twenty four hours a day. demonstrate to the client that we can accommodate their needs in the For SaleThe project also included a full sector and are able to deliver on time andinstallation of furniture, kitchen and to a high standard which is an asset tobathroom displays including carpets, them in the current market.”tiles and internal graphics. InSpace PartnershipsCase studies
  19. 19. Green BankGeorge Wimpey CityGreen BankDescriptionGeorge Wimpey City launched their We were also commissioned tonew development Green Bank, which supply bespoke internal planters,is one of the most eagerly anticipated cubes and a plan chest divided intodevelopment projects in Leeds to floor levels. It was a fantastic projectdate. Eight hundred apartments are to work on and the end result wascomplemented by commercial space extremely effective.for offices, restaurants and shops.Octink was chosen to work alongsidePelican Studios to create signageusing the Green Bank theme. Othersignage included architecturallettering, monolith signs andilluminated displays. All the signswere illuminated using green LEDs tocontinue the Green Bank theme. T 020 8232 6800 octink.com © Octink 2009
  20. 20. Crown House30 Commerce RoadBrentford TW8 8LET +44(0)20 8232 6800F +44(0)20 8232 6801info@octink.comoctink.comCompany registered in England no 1066773. Registered name: A.E. Tyler Limited.Registered Office: Crown House, 30 Commerce Road, Brentford TW8 8LE. VAT no: 223 5356 82