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briefing for journalists on how to use S

briefing for journalists on how to use S

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  • 1. SlideSharefor Journalists
  • 2. ContentsHow “news objects” drive attentionTips for JournalistsIntroducing the SlideShare Publisher Program
  • 3. Social objects driveconversations
  • 4. Presentations Documents News Objects Videos Infographics
  • 5. News ObjectsMake the newsmore informativeand engaging
  • 6. For years, bloggers and journalistshave used SlideShare for free toembed news objects into stories
  • 7. News Objects “Our stories that contain embedded content gainabove average referral traffic.” -- Pierce Stanley, New Media Fellow The New Republic
  • 8. Tips for Journalists 1.  Monitor Featured Content on the Homepage
  • 9. Tips for Journalists 2. Browse Popular Content by Category
  • 10. Tips for Journalists 3. Follow Sources
  • 11. SlideShare Publisher Program 1.  Branded Channel 2.  Embedding & APIs 3.  Traffic drivers
  • 12. SlideShare Publisher Program Builds upon LinkedIn Today and
  • 13. SlideShare Publisher Program –  Free custom branded Channel –  Unlimited presentation, document, infographic and video uploads –  Analytics to track traffic & engagement
  • 14. Embedding–  Embed content from your Channel into your stories–  More engaging than downloading a pdf–  Increase social sharing
  • 15. Traffic DriversYour Channel is monitored by: –  SlideShare editors who choose what to feature on the homepage, driving traffic to your news objects –  LinkedIn Today editors who choose what to feature, driving traffic to your stories
  • 16. How are publishers using it? Editorial: Embedding news objects
  • 17. How are publishers using it? Reports & whitepapers: distribution for document format content
  • 18. How are publishers using it? Events: Share presentations with attendees and let content market the event brand
  • 19. SlideShare Publisher ProgramPublishers and bloggers with >5Munique visitors per month can qualifyby contactingpublishers@slideshare.comIf you do not qualify, you can still useSlideShare for free to leverageembeddable news objects