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10 years ago i was presenting...
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10 years ago i was presenting...


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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of LinkedIn, people are uploading presentations about what they were doing 10 years ago. I co-founded and incorporated Socialtext during the same month. This is one …

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of LinkedIn, people are uploading presentations about what they were doing 10 years ago. I co-founded and incorporated Socialtext during the same month. This is one of the first presentations I gave about the company back then.

Published in: Business, Technology, Education

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  • 2. #10yearsTo celebrate the 10thanniversary of LinkedIn,people are posting what theywere doing 10 years ago toSlideShare with the tag:10years
  • 3. #10years10 years ago I co-founded SocialtextAnd what follows is one of my firstpresentations about the company, tothe Highlands Forum in DCNow I work at SlideShare, and I’m alot better at presentations thanthis…
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  • 6. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Getting smart people to participate• Ease of use• Ease of ownership• Make it social• Make it socially rewarding
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  • 12. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Result of Traditional Approach has Created a CorporateEmail Crisis• 50 emails/day/person– (IFTF/Pitney Bowes, 2002; Cavanagh, 2002 )• 100 emails/day in email intensive companies– (Microsoft 2001)• Volume growing 30%/year– (Gartner, 2001; Cavanagh, 2002)• 70 % employees are overwhelmed by volume– (Franklin Covey, 2001)• Hours spent on email is approaching 4 hours/day; invadingpersonal time– (Cavanagh, 2002)"Its a management issue," says Cavanagh."If youre getting 50 or more e-mails a day,youre spending four hours a day just doing e-mail.That means its no longer a productivity tool."
  • 13. Highlands Forum 4/3/03What’s a Weblog?• Chronological view of an individual orgroups efforts, writings, opinions• Example:• Focus on whats new and whats news• Common elements include a sidebarwith persistent links, plus ever-changingcontent
  • 14. Highlands Forum 4/3/03What’s a Wiki?• A collaborative online workspace, easilycreated and edited by its participants.• Example: Wikipedia free encyclopedia• View by time or browse throughrelations between pages
  • 15. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Weblogs in Organizations• Benefits– Easy to publish - one-step, no formatting, no coding– Avoid email overload– Social network provides emergent informationdiscovery– Personal voice, rich information -- not just a resumedatabase• Applications– Product marketing/management - voice of thecustomer– Researcher/sales engineer -- voice of the expert– Community of practice -- voice of the learner
  • 16. Highlands Forum 4/3/03Wikis in Organizations• Benefits– Weblogs are transparent publishing; wikis aretransparent collaboration– Just type and link -- one-step– Same feeling as a whiteboard, for people who arent inthe same place at the same time• Applications– Collective reasoning of teams– Staff-project meetings– Project planning -- "front porch" to project; goals, notrat-holes– Living knowledgebase
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