Memes on my Facebook wall


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This is a short look at some of the memes I've shared on my Facebook wall. I collect all sorts of kitsch ... how could I possibly not like these memes?

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Memes on my Facebook wall

  1. 1. Memes on my FB wall Here is a slideshow of some of my favourite memes. I sometimes overthink whether I should post them on my Facebook wall but sometimes I don’t think about it enough 
  2. 2. Facebook Friends … ‘n stuff What is a slideshow about memes on Facebook without the trusty Facebook friends meme collection?
  3. 3. Image retrieved from dont-know-each-other--bu
  4. 4. Image retrieved from
  5. 5. Image retrieved from
  6. 6. Image retrieved from Karma: what goes around comes around by PMC’s Facebook page 54722007.152010.113703822007&type=1&theater
  7. 7. The political stuff …. A large number of my shared memes are political … not about a particular party unless it’s really funny, but usually a cynical reflection of how I now view the world
  8. 8. Image retrieved from The Australian Tea Party’s Facebook page 2771428091422.23669.150012808367284&type=1&theater
  9. 9. Image retrieved from My room was clean, but then I needed something ….’s Facebook page 50223254154945.65036.156836544944&type=1&theater
  10. 10. Image retrieved from government/
  11. 11. Image retrieved from Exposing the Truth’s Facebook page 469813215941.261399.175868780941&type=1&theater
  12. 12. Image retrieved from Facebook (private page) Original Annoyed Picard memes available from picard
  13. 13. Image retrieved from political-memes.htm?PS=912%3A7
  14. 14. Image retrieved from political-memes.htm?PS=912%3A48
  15. 15. Image retrieved from Political Meme’s in-organized.html#.Uk0-qhBcg8g
  16. 16. Image retrieved from political-memes.htm?PS=912%3A17
  17. 17. Image retrieved from http://funny-pictures-
  18. 18. This one … unfriended for posting! Memes can change relationships. Image retrieved from political-memes.htm?PS=912%3A32
  19. 19. Image retrieved from political-memes.htm?PS=912%3A25
  20. 20. On getting older … Getting older supposedly has benefits … I’m still waiting … so far the changes wrought by time include, but are not limited to, excessive cynicism, a lack of patience, chronic disregard for pleasantries … I could go on, but you get the picture 
  21. 21. Image retrieved from young
  22. 22. Image retrieved from People Piss Me Off Facebook page 347867181987945.-2207520000.1380791798.&type=3&theater
  23. 23. Image retrieved from halloweenim-going-as-the-grimreaper-since-ill-be-trickor-treating-in- aretirementcommunity/?newecard
  24. 24. Image retrieved from memes/
  25. 25. By Matt Black. Image retrieved from remember-when-vodka-only-came-in.html
  26. 26. Image retrieved from college-student
  27. 27. Once upon a time I would have thought sharing nude men on my wall was wrong *blush, blush* Image retrieved from
  28. 28. … and in closing, as I approach another life-changing milestone (I’m not rushing it) … this is what I shall keep in mind  Image retrieved from
  29. 29. Fini I could have made a feature-length movie out of my favourite memes, so many memes, so little time. If you enjoy memes, there’s no shortage of them online. If you don’t like them, please, don’t start a campaign to get them blacklisted. How would I get through my day without my daily dose of meme?