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Procrastination is good if Structured

Procrastination is good if Structured
My PowerPoint presentation Assignment for JNTUK



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  • I clean my room, when I don’t feel like watching any videos
  • Most are already aware of it.
  • Actually time is lost while struggling to do our work fighting against procrastination
  • Procrastination is natural so let it flow out but in a structured way.
  • Robert Benchley

Procrastination Procrastination Presentation Transcript

  • Procrastination An Optimistic View
  • What is procrastination ? I need to complete my Assignment, but first I’ll give a peak on Facebook.
  • Effects of Procrastination • Wastes your time • Reduce productivity • Task adds up • Final hour haste • Task remains uncompleted • Lowers self-esteem
  • Common Remedy • Motto: “I’ll do it NOW” • Remember that u don’t have to do anything. • Focus on starting rather than completing • Chunk It up! • Reward yourself • Take regular breaks • What do you do to combat procrastination?
  • Why do we procrastinate at all ? • Work seems like a herculean task. – Don’t know how to start • It takes a long time to complete. – Ok I’ll complete it after • Remember to do something else. – My rooms a bit messy • Disturbances around you I forgot to wash my clothes Oh my favorite program is on TV
  • Reconsidering Procrastination • It’s natural • Not an addiction • Does not mean doing absolutely nothing Thoda procrastination to banta hey boss!
  • Advantage of procrastination How do you feel while procrastinating ? • Lots of free time • Enjoy spending your time • Less stress -> more concentration -> better performance • At least other jobs are completed if you procrastinate
  • Structured Procrastination • John Perry, an emeritus professor of philosophy at Stanford, wrote a book The Art of Procrastination. • awarded an Ig Nobel prize for this topic. I procrastinate and I’m not lazy.
  • “ ...Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.”
  • How it works ? Thank god you ask 1. • I need to complete English assignment 2. • I need to wash my clothes. 3. • I need to get my hair cut
  • Restructuring it 1. • I need to get my hair cut 2. • I need to wash my clothes. 3. • I need to complete English assignment
  • Optimal utilization • Perfect blend of both procrastination and non- procrastination. Chunk It up! Structure it Deceive yourself Reward Yourself
  • Just remember this You can do any amount of work with no stress and great performance, provided that its not the work that you should be doing.
  • Thank you & Keep Procrastinating