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Procrastination is good if Structured
My PowerPoint presentation Assignment for JNTUK

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  • I clean my room, when I don’t feel like watching any videos
  • Most are already aware of it.
  • Actually time is lost while struggling to do our work fighting against procrastination
  • Procrastination is natural so let it flow out but in a structured way.
  • Robert Benchley
  • Procrastination

    1. 1. Procrastination An Optimistic View
    2. 2. What is procrastination ? I need to complete my Assignment, but first I’ll give a peak on Facebook.
    3. 3. Effects of Procrastination • Wastes your time • Reduce productivity • Task adds up • Final hour haste • Task remains uncompleted • Lowers self-esteem
    4. 4. Common Remedy • Motto: “I’ll do it NOW” • Remember that u don’t have to do anything. • Focus on starting rather than completing • Chunk It up! • Reward yourself • Take regular breaks • What do you do to combat procrastination?
    5. 5. Why do we procrastinate at all ? • Work seems like a herculean task. – Don’t know how to start • It takes a long time to complete. – Ok I’ll complete it after • Remember to do something else. – My rooms a bit messy • Disturbances around you I forgot to wash my clothes Oh my favorite program is on TV
    6. 6. Reconsidering Procrastination • It’s natural • Not an addiction • Does not mean doing absolutely nothing Thoda procrastination to banta hey boss!
    7. 7. Advantage of procrastination How do you feel while procrastinating ? • Lots of free time • Enjoy spending your time • Less stress -> more concentration -> better performance • At least other jobs are completed if you procrastinate
    8. 8. Structured Procrastination • John Perry, an emeritus professor of philosophy at Stanford, wrote a book The Art of Procrastination. • awarded an Ig Nobel prize for this topic. I procrastinate and I’m not lazy.
    9. 9. “ ...Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.”
    10. 10. How it works ? Thank god you ask 1. • I need to complete English assignment 2. • I need to wash my clothes. 3. • I need to get my hair cut
    11. 11. Restructuring it 1. • I need to get my hair cut 2. • I need to wash my clothes. 3. • I need to complete English assignment
    12. 12. Optimal utilization • Perfect blend of both procrastination and non- procrastination. Chunk It up! Structure it Deceive yourself Reward Yourself
    13. 13. Just remember this You can do any amount of work with no stress and great performance, provided that its not the work that you should be doing.
    14. 14. Thank you & Keep Procrastinating